Single-User Mode Copying Files/System Does not Boot Past Apple Logo Screen

I have a Macbook 2.0GHZ, 2GB RAM, that recently tried to download a secuirty and keynot update. Following the download the system will no longer boot past the Apple Logo Screen with the spinning wheel. I do not have access to a OS disk yet or to a firewire cable either. I've have seen posts from others that describe how to use traget disk mode to reinstall the secuirty update manually and then they can boot their computer. Safe mode will not work. I did boot into single-user mode and run the disk utility there and it says my HD is OK. Since I do not have a firewire or an OS Disk, I am wondering if there is a way to copy those files i need to a USB pen stick then install them onto the computer via single-user mode, considering this is the only way I can boot and manipulate the machine at this time. If this is not possible please let me know so I can find a way to scrounge up a firewire cable or disk. Thank you in advance for any assistance.
Ted K

Thanks to Limnos and BDAqua I know you guys have helped others with these kind of problems from the other posts I read. I just want to list what I did exactly in case anyone wants to try to do this with a usb drive or does not have access to a boot disk or firewire cable.
1: Install security update on a pen drive
2: Boot in single user mode, CMD-S on startup
3: /sbin/mount -uw /
4: mkdir /Volumes/usb (usb can be any name, name of usb drive or anything you want)
5: ls /dev (you need to get the drive listing for the usb drive to mount it appropriately, it should be disk#s# but this is close to what the HD and Cd drives are listed as so you may need to list once before you put the usb stick in and once ater. I had issues inserting the usb drive in single-user mode and it would freeze up the root drive)
6: /sbin/mount_msdos /dev/disk1s1 /Volumes/usb (this mounts the usb drive, i had to use msdos because of how my usb drive was formatted, you may need to check your usb drive format, hfs is the apple format for usb drives but it did not work for me)
7: cp /Volumes/usb/SecUpd2009-001Intel.dmg (this copies the files from the usb drive to the root drivel, at this point you no longer need the usb drive)
8: hdiutil mount /SecUpd2009-001Intel.dmg (this mounts the disk image)
9: cd /Volumes/"Security Update 2009-001" (after i mounted the image this is how it appeared in the Volumes directory, you might need to do ls /Volumes to get the name, the quotes are important to get the whole file directory changed)
10: installer -pkg SecUpd2009-001Intel.pkg -target / (this installs the acutal update, i used the SecUpd2009-001Intel.pkg and it worked though I think you might be able to use "Security Update 2009-001" with quotes as well.)
11: reboot
i hope this helps anyone looking to do this. Thanks again to those who helpes and all the other posts that had information that helped me identify and then fix my issue! I still love my mac.

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    How do I reformat the Mac when it does not even go beyond the white screen during startup? My Mac did not come with any recovery or installation disks. Are my unbacked up files gone for good?

    PochAstudille wrote:
    How do I reformat the Mac when it does not even go beyond the white screen during startup? My Mac did not come with any recovery or installation disks. Are my unbacked up files gone for good?
    Since you are able to get into Recovery Mode (Command+R), you can erase/format your Mac via Disk Utility.
    Your files/data might be OK. One way to get your data off since you have no back up would be to have another Mac and connect the two via a Thunderbolt cable or even an ethernet cable (I think), then restart your 'bad' Mac into Target Mode by restarting and pressing the T key. Then go onto the 'good' Mac and see if you can copy the data files you want over to it.

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    Cheers and thanks in advance. Chris

    Please carefully read Apple's Mac OS X: Gray screen appears during startup advice letter for how to troubleshoot this issue.
    Good luck!

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    Earlier this evening I was installing the aperture 3.0.2 and iMovie 8.0.6 updates onto my MBP and the system refused to install the Aperture update so I decided to shut down and restart the mac and when I saw the familiar Apple logo spinning I was distraught to see it would go no further. I then did what ay learned apple user would do and reset the PRAM and let it chime 4 times, just to be safe, and I restarted holding shift - the grey bar finished but it still would not load. I luckily have a Carbon Copy Clone of an old hard drive for this machine before I upgraded (much too outdated to copy back over - I would lose Final Cut Studio 3 and Aperture 3 etc...) which I was successful in booting into (and am using now) to do a disk utility > repair permission and repair disk. Both had no errors and I was sincerely confused. I attempted to boot it once more before I started to freak out. Needless to say I freaked out. I booted in single user mode and ran the checkdisk within that TWICE before typing exit and it did the rest of the verbose boot which then hung on "AirPort: RSN handshake complete on en1" This is the end of what I know to do - so with that I hand it off to you... any help is appreciated a and will definitely be attempted.

    The drive had over 350GB available. Yes I suppose I would be able to but I am unable to locate one. If someone is certain a OS replacement install would fix things I am willing to go buy one...

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    I am having a major problem with my MacBook Pro and it just wont boot past the apple loading screen at all
    I have tryed al lot of ways to fix this and it just wont work
    It does not go into safe mode, it does not boot from cd, the PRAM thing wont work, verbose mode or the comand + s mode wont work
    I tryed clean install but it wont boot from dvd, also it will not boot in any other way
    It was working perfectly last night and i just shut it down and it does not work know.
    My friend was also trying to install Lion from his account but the .dmg for it did not open so we quit and that night i used it for my essay and finished and then i turned it off and next day in the morining it don't work

    You can take the drive out of the computer, use a $20 IDE/SATA to USB adpater to another Mac
    You can see if you can read the drive directly to gain access grab files, run Disk Utility and perhaps it can repair it.
    If you can't read the drive then there is DataRescue for a whopping $99 but it will read any deleted (but not scrubbed, encrypted or overwritten) data for recovery. Least that way you can get your files back.
    Once your data is off, Zero Erase the whole thing, install 10.6 on it with the other Mac.
    When installed in the sick mac, the hardware firmware will read the new EFI firmware, load it and you'll have the boot keys back again ON THE SECOND BOOT, it doesn't load on the first.

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    You can try searching the Internet for a 3rd-party company that will repair iPods and iPhones.
    Hardware issues caused by disassembly or unauthorized service are not covered by the iPhones warranty. This webpage: provides more details about the iPhones warranty.
    You can also find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about iPhone service here:

  • MacBook Pro does not boot past apple screen after replacing hard drive

    After replacing hard drive on MacBook Pro 13 inch early 2011 model, the screen only boots to the apple logo.  Do I need to re-install the OS?

    The problem is that the OS is not in any where else of the MacBook Pro than in the HD / SSD. If you replace the Hard Drive, then you will need to Re-install OSX into that hard drive, it's pretty easy.
    1) Power up your Macbook Pro, as fast as you can press and hold the Option key (ALT). You'll see that it opens the bootable-devices you have, you'll see a Recovery partition, click it.
    (If the Hard Drive contains data do the following)
    2) In the menu select Disk Utility.
    3) In Disk Utility go ahead and select the Hard Drive that is inside the MBP.
    4) Erase the content.
    (If the Hard Drive contains no data continue with the following jumping the last 3 steps).
    5) Select Re-install OSX.
    6) Select the Hard Drive in which you want to install it.
    Follow the steps of everything else (it should take approximately 1 hour to do the whole thing).
    Hope this helps!

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    My imac will not boot after the good chime and apple logo (i don't even get a spinning wheel).  I have held the option key down and selected the OS 10.6 disk with the same result.   I was able to erase the drive and reinstall OS 10.6 using target mode and another computer.  In target mode I can boot the other computer from the IMac HD but not the IMac.   Have also tried holding the shift key and booting into safe mode with the same result.  Additional note: I reset the PRAM and the SMU.  At first on PRAM reset it would take 45 seconds for the machine to chime again,  after OS reinstall and SMU reset, PRAM reset chimes within 10 seconds....  any help would be appreciated...

    Kind of late but your solution helped me remember what once worked for me, a few years back.
    Started iMAC in Target mode Used a firewire cable to a MacBook Pro
    Started the Macbook Pro using the option Key and then restarted with the iMac as the Hard drive
    Then I updated to 10.6.8 and allof the other updates.
    shut down and rebooted and everything was fine.
    But first I did quite a few other things before the update such as
    It all started with a DiskWarrior finding overlapped files, I have been around the block a time or two so after it found three overlapped files, I shut down diskwarrior started up disk utility did a restore of the messed up drive to another external drive,
    of course this copied overlapped files and all to the new external drive It took 24 huors or so, to back up the drive once it was done, I also tried a few times to correct the overlapped files to no avail,
    so then I started the iMac up in target mode used the MacBook to format and erase the original drive, used the 10.6.3 DVD installer to install onto the hard drive, using the macBook DVD. After I was finished with the install to the iMAC,,,,,,,,,,this is where I got the three beeps like bad ram So idid the PRAM and SMC to no avail.
    The operating system was evidently not new enough so once I did what i said at the begining of this post all went well.
    Sometimes It is tough to remember some of the stuff that you learned several years ago.
    and tired hard to forget.
    I hoped this post does not scare away to many people, I was just about done with this computer until I read your post, one of several dozen, and it all came back to me.
    Thanks a Bunch
    I hope this can help others

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    Hi all,
    I encountered a problem booting my mid 2010 MacBook Pro yesterday. I currently run OSX Mavericks.
    The computer has been great for the last 4 years and has never encountered any major issues. Yesterday I dropped it on carpet while sitting on the couch (it was a VERY small impact) and I continued to use it for a few hours. I did a safari update that night also. I then closed the lid which would have put it to sleep. My flatmate asked for a file later that night, I took his USB and stuck it in my computer, THEN opened the lid. The computer never booted up (It was stuck on the apple logo with the spinning thing underneath it). After doing this for a minute or so the computer would turn off. After multiple attempts the same thing happened.
    I read many posts on this - I am assuming that the problem occured because I brought it out from sleep with a USB in the side. I have taken the following steps to attempt fixing the problem -
    *safe boot - no luck
    *reset PRAM - no luck
    *recovery mode boot - getting disk errors.
    In recovery mode boot I cannot reinstall a new OSX version because there is no internal HD disk mounted. It only gives me the option to install OSX to the Recovery HD, which is locked.
    Using Time Machine backup wont work as there is also no Internal HD detected to load to.
    In Disk Utility it no longer has 'Macintosh HD' - It is further labelled 'disk0s2'. I cannot verify, repair OR erase this disk.
    Can someone PLEASE assist with what I might be able to do. I need to somehow mount/unmount/detect my internal HD. I am happy to detect it and format it as I have Time Machine backups on an external HD.
    I am no mac genius although I do learn quickly. If I can get assistance It would be very appreciated. I have a feeling I can sort some issues out using Terminal although I need command assitance?!?
    Apologies for the long post although I want to outline everything I have done to attempt to isolate the problem.
    Thank you all in advance.

    Does your flatmate have a Mac as well?
    If so, you could always get a 8GB+ USB stick, download Mavericks using your Apple ID and use DiskMaker X to create a bootable installation disk on the USB stick. Then boot using the USB stick (hold down the option ey whilst booting to select it) and try to reformat your drive using Disk Utility and, if you're able, reinstall OS X on your machine and then restore from backup.
    The only hitch may be that your hard drive is dead and that you need to install a new drive. You'll know once you boot from the USB stick, though, if you can format the drive or not.
    Good luck,

  • Imac g5 will not boot past apple logo

    Two weeks ago it started up perfect with no problems , last night i turn it on , it's pixelated and will not go past the apple logo , i reset the pram, i made sure it was running on the OS , i tried to boot of of disk warrior ,nothing worked. I started it in verbose mode the pixels went away and it got hung up on airport link down in enl . I have a picture of where it got hung up , i will try and post it...okay guess i can't do that. I bought this from a friend who had pre loaded the programs i wanted so i do not have start up discs i have a copy of osx and a copy of tiger (i believe) (original programs) i am not sure what os is running on here, but if it helps its not a newer version and i run garage band 8 on it.

    How to show us a screen image.  Avoid personal identification.
    command + shift + 3   Will take entire screen.  You hear a click.
    command + shift + 4 Lets you decide what to take.  Mouse pointer changes. Move mouse to upper left corner of desire image.  Hold down left mouse key where to start image.  Drag mouse to lower left of where you want to stop image.  Release mouse.
    You will get a picture n.png file on the desktop.
    On the forum input panel you will see the camera icon.
    click on camera icon.
    another window will appear.
    Make sure you have selected the from your computer tab.
    click on Browse button
    An open file panel appears.  Select the file.
    After selection a file, I have this screen showing.
    You will have to click on Insert Image.  You may have to scroll down to see Insert Image button.

  • My macbook will not boot past apple loading screen

    Yesterday i turned my computer off before going to class, when i got back i was not able to get past the loading screen. I havent had any problems at all, many people have been saying that their macs start freezing then they have to manually shut down the computer. This usually means the hard drive is bad. but i have not had any of these problems. I am also not able to boot into safe mode. When i go into disk utility my hard drive shows up but is in grey, when i try to repair it it shows that its working but stays in the same spot for hours, i finally shut the computer down after 5 hours of it loading in the same spot. I have tried all of the commands suggested on the forums but have had no luck. I am also running lion but since their is no cd for lion would i use my snow leopard cd or the cd that came with my macbook in 2009. Sorry for the long post, thanks in advance!

    You can take the drive out of the computer, use a $20 IDE/SATA to USB adpater to another Mac
    You can see if you can read the drive directly to gain access grab files, run Disk Utility and perhaps it can repair it.
    If you can't read the drive then there is DataRescue for a whopping $99 but it will read any deleted (but not scrubbed, encrypted or overwritten) data for recovery. Least that way you can get your files back.
    Once your data is off, Zero Erase the whole thing, install 10.6 on it with the other Mac.
    When installed in the sick mac, the hardware firmware will read the new EFI firmware, load it and you'll have the boot keys back again ON THE SECOND BOOT, it doesn't load on the first.

  • 2011 21.5" iMac not booting past Apple logo

    A friend of mine has had a 21.5" iMac since last fall. It's a 2011 model, which came with Snow Leopard preinstalled; however, as he was eligible for the free upgrade to Lion, I took care of that from him (basically, he's been running 10.7 since day one). It's been working well ever since, and I successfully managed to install Mountain Lion on the machine just a few weeks ago.
    Just a few hours ago, Mail started acting up on his machine and I tried to help him. The symptoms, if they're at all relevant, were that a new message composition window wouldn't close if he clicked the "close window" button, and the send button was greyed out. I recommended a restart.
    Here's where things got really interesting. The computer froze on the Apple logo. That is to say, initially, after the startup chime, the Apple logo showed up with a spinner; after three or four minutes (already abnormally long), the spinner vanished, but the Apple logo stayed. We left it like that for about a half hour, to no effect. I restarted a few times using the I/O button on the back of the machine, trying to eject any CDs using the "click on restart" trick, holding down the shift key to get into safe mode (with limited success: a loading bar appeared, then nothing happened for 20 minutes, at which point I restarted again) and to zap the PRAM, to no effect. I can't hear the hard drive's head clicking back and forth, as it usually does in my iMac, and tried booting from the recovery CD. Strangely enough, the CD drive spins up, then back down almost immediately, and we're back to square one, with an Apple logo in the middle of the screen.
    At this point I'm completely puzzled; I've browed fora and message boards, and so far, nothing I've tried seems to work. My friend is reluctant to go to the Apple store, as he thinks that he'll lose all of his data that way (even though he's got a backup disk set up, with backups from just before the restart, going back about a month). Fact is, I'm not sure that there is a solution at this point, beyond taking the machine, which is still under warranty, to an Apple store.
    What would be a good course of action at this point?

    I tried starting up in safe mode. The loading bar showed up, filled up, and disappeared, and then, nothing. Just the Apple logo, for at least 20 minutes (I later restarted and tried zapping the PRAM, also without success).

  • Mid 2007 imac not booting past apple logo, osx lion

    Hello, hope someone can help, need to finish an urgent website and after resarting my imac it just hangs at the apple logo. Worked fine this afternoon and when i went to reboot this evening just would'nt have it. Tried all the usual stuff, resetting etc, tried with nothing plugged in, been in safe mode and it fixed various permissions but still no joy. 
    Any help would be great or think my client might just walk!

    Reboot the iMac and hold the Option (Alt) key on startup, choosing "Recovery HD" as your startup Disk. Once the entry screen comes up choose "Disk Utility", then select your Hard DIsk and click "Repair Disk"

  • M2nd gen will not boot past apple logo

    i also cant get it into recovery or dfu mode.

    i got it into dfu mode, restored it, and it just says waiting for ipod for the last 30mins, and the progress bay on the ipod is full.

  • Late 2007 MacBook not booting past Apple Logo

    My mac is over 5 years old at this point. The past couple days, the disc drive has been sputtering the past couple of days and yesterday it wouldn't pass the gray screen with Apple logo. I've tried resetting to no avail.

    What mac? What OS? Please describe.
    Further: this looks like a dead disk. Do you have backups?
    Do you still have the original grey discs? If yes, start form the cd: hold the C key while starting up.
    Then choose DiskUtility from the menu and do DiskRepair.
    Maybe it brings the disk to life again: start and make backups !!!!
    Then close and arrange to have a new disk installed.

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