Sizing images in Lightroom contact sheet?

I seem to get columns, not size choices. If I make two or three columns the image size stays the same. I am trying to get the individual images bigger. Can I do this?

In Layout:  Page Grid you need to reduce the number of columns and rows.

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  • Creating specific image sizes on contact sheets

    I need to be able to create specific images size on contact sheets 1.75"x 2.25" on 24"w x ??"L paper. Anyone know how to do this?

    A script like my Paste Image roll. Paste Image Roll Script and Picture Package Support
    From my Photo Collage Toolkit
    Photoshop scripting is powerful and I believe this package demonstrates this A video showing a 5 image collage PSD template  being populates with images:
    The package includes four simple rules to follow when making Photo Collage Template PSD files so they will be compatible with my Photoshop scripts.
    Size the photo collage templates for the print size you want - width, height and print DPI resolution.
    Photo collage templates must have a Photoshop background layer. The contents of this layer can be anything.
    Photo collage templates must have alpha channels named "Image 1", "Image 2", ... "Image n".
    Photo collage templates layers above the background layers must provide transparent areas to let the images that will be placed below them show through.
    There are twelve scripts in this package they provide the following functions:
    TestCollageTemplate.jsx - Used to test a Photo Collage Template while you are making it with Photoshop.
    CollageTemplateBuilder.jsx - Can build Templates compatible with this toolkit's scripts.
    LayerToAlphaChan.jsx - Used to convert a Prototype Image Layer stack into a template document.
    InteractivePopulateCollage.jsx - Used to interactively populate Any Photo Collage template. Offers most user control inserting pictures and text.
    ReplaceCollageImage.jsx - use to replace a populated collage image Smart Object layer with an other image correctly resized and positioned.
    ChangeTextSize.jsx - This script can be used to change Image stamps text size when the size used by the populating did not work well.
    PopulateCollageTemplate.jsx - Used to Automatically populate a Photo Collage template and leave the populated copy open in Photoshop.
    BatchOneImageCollage.jsx - Used to Automatically Batch Populate Collage templates that only have one image inserted. The Collage or Image may be stamped with text.
    BatchMultiImageCollage.jsx - Used to Automatically Batch Populate Any Photo Collage template with images in a source image folder. Easier to use than the interactive script. Saved collages can be tweaked.
    BatchPicturePackage.jsx - Used to Automatically Batch Populate Any Photo Collage template with an image in a source image folder
    PasteImageRoll.jsx - Paste Images into a document to be print on roll paper.
    PCTpreferences.jsx - Edit This File to Customize Collage Populating scripts default setting and add your own Layer styles.
    Documentation and Examples

  • Hi, Haven't used bridge in a while. How to you export a selected group of images to a contact sheet?

    Hi, Haven't used bridge in a while. How to you export a selected group of images to a contact sheet?

    Exact version?  Platform?
    Please read this FAQ for advice on how to ask your questions correctly for quicker and better answers:

  • How to rearrange images in a contact sheet?

    How do I rearrange images in a contact sheet? I am trying to drag them to the square I want but nothing happens.

    No, I don't think it's possible - unless you create an image in a pixel editor (Photoshop) that is completely white, create some Virtual Copies of it in Lr, and intersperse the white images between the "real" ones.

  • Image sequence for contact sheets in Bridge CS4

    I have been used to Contact Sheet in Photoshop but am now trying the Output option in Bridge. How can I change the order the photos appear on the sheet? Most are landscape format but a few are portrait and I would like to have the portrait format images all together and I don't see a way to effect what photos go where on the sheet. Is there a way? I also could only see the first of the two contact sheets. I'm sure there is an obvious way to review all but I haven't discovered how.

    The preview in Bridge is limited to conserve resources. To see the whole thing, save the file and look at it.
    You can always quickly redo it if you want to make changes.
    Drag the thumbnails in the content pane to change the order.

  • Image rotation in contact sheet

    I've just come accross a problem when creating a contact sheet with images that were organised and rotated using Bridge.
    When creating contact sheets I like to have the thumbnails rotated the correct way up. So I deselect 'rotate for best fit' but after the process is finished I realise that the sheet has been created with the thumbnails in landscape view regardless of the images that are portrait.
    I've also tried selecting the 'rotate for best fit' but the same thing happens.
    Can anyone help me?

    Based on your post, you're using the InDesign contact sheet.
    Bridge does not rotate the image. It sets a metadata flag. Photoshop recognizes this flag, InDesign CS3 does not (I haven't tried it in CS4 yet).
    I will be writing a new version of the contact sheet script over the next few weeks.
    The features I will be adding:
    Ability to save multiple dialog settings
    Improved dialogs
    Heed rotation metadata
    Bring back the ability to include subfolders

  • Printing one image on a contact sheet with different gamma settings

    I am currently using Aperture 1.1, and I would like to print out a contact sheet of one image (each with a different gamma setting) to my Epson R800 printer. Any idea on how to do this? Also, I seem to be somewhat limited in my printing options, is it possible to print out say two or three images on one sheet?

    Not without actually duplicating the intended images for the print.

  • Lightroom Contact Sheet save????

    Just started in lightroom (Win XP). Cannot find any way to save a contact sheet??? Am I stupid??
    Thanks in advance, Nigel

    > Am I stupid?
    Probably not, but you're in the wrong forum!

  • Creating multiple images to a contact sheet?

    Good morning.
    I'm wanting to create an 8-1/2" x 11" sheet of individual snapshots of scrapbook pages created in PSE6 - as do photographers with photoshoots.   I'd like the snapshots to be  larger than thumbnail size in order to more easily view details of each individual page that will be published in book format.
    Please advise the steps to take to do this task, if possible.  I'm using PSE6 and Windows Vista Business OS.
    Thank you.
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    There are several ways to do this. The least difficult is to go to File>print, and in the dialog select "type of print", select picture package, and there are various options in the drop down. Your version of PSE may have it arranged in a slightly different way, but it is there.
    I copied down a tutorial that is used by the scrapbooking folks. It is more labor intensive, but once set up, yields a great result. In essence, you create your own templates, and populate them.
    Open a new, blank file (File>new>blank file) and set width & height in the inch size of your paper stock (8.5x11"), resolution 300px/in, background white (can be any color)
    Access the rectangular marquee tool, and in the the tool's option bar select "Fixed size", and put in 3.75x2.75", for example. Turn on the grid and snap to grid via View>grid & snap to grid. You can configure the grid via Edit>preferences>Guides and grids if you want to.
    Duplicate the background layer, and create the first box by clicking with the rectangular marquee tool. Position the box, then fill it with 50% gray (Edit>fill selection, and under contents select 50% gray.) Select>deselect gets rid of the marching ants
    Repeat for the next box. You should now have a document containing two rectangular boxes filled with 50% gray.
    Select the first box that you wish to fill (with the picture) with the magic wand tool. On the tool's option bar be sure that contiguous is checked. You should see "marching ants" around the selection, indicating that it is active.
    Open picture 1, go to Select>all, Edit>copy, then go to your layout as completed in step #5, and Edit>paste into selection
    Your image will be larger that the rectangular box, but you can drag it around to position the person that you wish to display. CTRL+T will allow you to resize the image with the corner handles, and to maneuver it
    Repeat for picture 2 with the 2nd box.
    In step #4 you can set up the number and size of the boxes best suited to your purpose

  • Contact sheets - show version number or name in emailed images

    My goal is to email contact sheets of an assignment to clients. I think I have worked this out by using the contact sheet facility in the print menu then saving as a PDF. If there is a better way I'd love to know. What I need now is to have the version number or caption name attached to each image so the client can identify an image. Help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    This works Kirby, thank you. The challenge now is getting a a large number of images onto a "contact sheet" that still look good but don't create a massive file that might overwhelm a client's computer. If I use the 72 res the photos are crappy. The 150 dpi gives reasonable quality but 6 images create a 10 MB file. There must be a way to get reasonable quality images into a reasonably sized file for emailing. Any thoughts?

  • Contact sheet only shows single image; need multiple duplicates

    I'm trying to print an image using the "Contact Sheet" setting. I need to output a page containing multiple instances of one single image. When I select the image and select "Contact Sheet," it shrinks the single image down and sticks it in the top-left box of what should be a page full of that single image ... but it's only creating a single instance of the image, and the rest of the blocks on the contact sheet are blank.
    I'm ready to put my fist through the monitor. Please help before it's too late. Thanks.

    {quote:title=LarryHN wrote:}
    In the customize window when you click the settings icon ther is a pull down menu in teh resulting screen that lets you select multiple photos pre page and multiples of a photo{quote}
    Oh, how I do so wish that were the case, but when I click "Customize" and then get to the subsequent screen containing the "Settings" button, and then click said "Settings" button, I get, as previously stated, nothing but a dropdown that allows me to changes settings only for the text that one can select to accompany one's image, as shown in the screen capture found here:

  • Contact Sheet Photos

    Can you individually orient photos in a contact sheet

    The starting point here, is which way round the images appear in the Filmstrip and generally. If you want to use a button, that's set in Library, as SausalitoDog says.
    However the arrows may not appear for you. For grid view, there is an item "Rotation" that would need to be checked in the view options for how the image cells appear. For loupe view, the Toolbar has to be showing - it toggles on and off with the T key shortcut. Next, the user can select what controls appear on the Toolbar - there's a little triangular arrow at the right hand side, accessing a menu. Rotate needs to be checked there, for the arrows to show.
    Or you can use the Ctrl + [ or ] (square bracket) key shortcut after highlighting an image in the filmstrip, even while in the Print module.
    The specific orientation controls you have in Print, are firstly the shape of the containing image cell (whether it is itself portrait, landscape or square), and secondly whether Auto Rotate is checked or not (this is found in "image settings", along with Zoom to Fill).
    Often contact sheet layouts use an exactly square image cell, in which case checking Auto Rotate makes no difference, and the image always appears as seen in the Filmstrip.
    Say you wanted to force all the images on a contact sheet to appear portrait for printing, then you would need to achieve a portrait rather than square cell size, and to check Auto Rotate.
    LR always makes the image as big as it can within the constraints that you set. So:
    If Zoom to Fill is not checked, and Auto Rotate off, you see all of each image, centred and sized to fit for both width and height. With Auto Rotate on, it's the same, except an individual image will turn 90 degrees where the longer edges of the image and the cell, allow it to scale bigger that way.
    If Zoom to Fill is checked, and Auto Rotate off, you see every image enlarged so as to show no white space in the cell, cropping off the surplus on-the-fly. With Auto Rotate on, it's the same, except an individual image will turn 90 degrees where the shorter edges of the image and the cell, allow it to scale bigger that way.

  • Blank Contact Sheets!

    I'm an experienced user of Lightroom but am feeling pretty dumb - I've triple checked my settings but I can't get images to show in Lightroom contact sheets. The selected images show in Library, Develop, Slideshow, Book and Web but won't show in Lightroom 5.0. Upgrading to 5.3 doesn't help.
    Please help!

    Jerry -
    Don't know what could affect that. But how about just making a new preset of your own? If that works, delete the LR one?
    Hope this does it...

  • Want to show camera shooting data in contact sheet

    I want to be able to choose some of my camera shooting data, such as lens used, FL, aperture, ISO, shutter speed, in addition to the filename, to be listed below the photo image, on a contact sheet. Could this ability please be added to the contact sheet parameters for use and printing them out.
    Debra Gillilan

    I just wanted to second this.

  • Contact sheet border

    how can i add a border to each image on the contact sheet?

    how can i add a border to each image on the contact sheet?
    You can't do so in either Output Module in Bridge or Contact sheet II script in Ps. Both are nice features but limited options.
    And what do you mean with border?
    If it is a stroke surrounding the image itself you can create an action in PS to add a stroke to the file and for instance also reduce file size, use a save as command (to keep your original untouched and keep the same file name) to a specific folder and use this folder to create your contact sheets. With the action saved (and tested) you can select the files in Bridge, choose menu Tools / photoshop / batch and search for the new action. Hit Ok and you only have to wait a few minutes while PS is doing the work for you.
    If you mean a stroke between the images I have no idea. If you have InDesign there is a third party contact sheet script that offers more options, but I don't know very much of this script.

Maybe you are looking for

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