Slow load times on AU sites?

is anyone still experiencing slow load times on AU sites, apparently this is resolved but I just emptied my cache and checked load times on half dozen sites. Still very slow!

I just loaded and it took 17sec.
Got similar time for as well. So, although not very fast it's much better than what you’re seeing. Could be something in the node you’re being routed through.

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  • Random, excruciatingly slow load time with 7900 Elite small form factor desktops

    Hi all, I have approx 300 HP 7900 Elite small form factor machines in my environment that were deployed just over two years ago. from the time of deployment we have experienced on about 50 occasions a random, excruciatingly slow load time that take about one hour for the user to login and open their programs. there has been no rhyme or reason for it, different floors, areas of the building, etc. I searched the forum for similar probs and didn't see one like this, I hope I'm not duplicating efforts from someone else's question... One thing we have noticed is that if we re-boot while it is going through the start-up process, it seems to "make it angry" and will lengthen the overall load time. We use the 32-bit Vista Enterprise OS. This is with a "stock" build, that is to say, our standard corporate build. our security policy does not allow users to install software, by the way. Thanks so much if you can help!

    How is the issue going? Usually, this error can be caused by missing third-party NIC driver. To solve the issue, we can download the missing network
    driver and update the WDS boot image to include it.
    In addition to the article provided by Chris, the following blog can also be referred to as reference.
    Please Note: Since the web site is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this
    Best regards,
    Frank Shen

  • I just updated my RAM and I keep getting a crash report. I have a 21.5 Inch mid 2010 imac. I also am experiencing slow load times and when I try to open Final Cut it says that quartz extreme is not compatible and that I have no VRAM even though I do.

    I just updated my RAM (replaced the two 2 gig cards with two Corsair 8 gig cards) and I keep getting a crash report. I have a 21.5 Inch mid 2010 imac. I also am experiencing slow load times with Photoshop and when I try to open Final Cut it says that quartz extreme is not compatible and that I have no VRAM even though I do.
    Here is the crash report:
    Interval Since Last Panic Report:  5426204 sec
    Panics Since Last Report:          2
    Anonymous UUID:                    2DD57DDB-BB42-5614-395A-CA6225BDAFD9
    Wed Mar 20 11:36:53 2013
    panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff801aa43d8e): "a freed zone element has been modified in zone: maps"@/SourceCache/xnu/xnu-2050.18.24/osfmk/kern/zalloc.c:219
    Backtrace (CPU 0), Frame : Return Address
    0xffffff81eb0eb950 : 0xffffff801aa1d626
    0xffffff81eb0eb9c0 : 0xffffff801aa43d8e
    0xffffff81eb0eba00 : 0xffffff801aa435d2
    0xffffff81eb0ebae0 : 0xffffff801aa663f7
    0xffffff81eb0ebb20 : 0xffffff801aa67398
    0xffffff81eb0ebc70 : 0xffffff801aa6887c
    0xffffff81eb0ebd20 : 0xffffff801ad5b8fe
    0xffffff81eb0ebf50 : 0xffffff801ade182a
    0xffffff81eb0ebfb0 : 0xffffff801aaced33
    BSD process name corresponding to current thread: launchd
    Mac OS version:
    Not yet set
    Kernel version:
    Darwin Kernel Version 12.2.0: Sat Aug 25 00:48:52 PDT 2012; root:xnu-2050.18.24~1/RELEASE_X86_64
    Kernel UUID: 69A5853F-375A-3EF4-9247-478FD0247333
    Kernel slide:     0x000000001a800000
    Kernel text base: 0xffffff801aa00000
    System model name: iMac11,2 (Mac-F2238AC8)
    System uptime in nanoseconds: 1070542822
    last loaded kext at 707348380:    320.15 (addr 0xffffff7f9c53e000, size 28672)
    loaded kexts:
    at.obdev.nke.LittleSnitch    3908    320.15    3.1.0    3.0.1    1.0.0d1    1.0.0d1    34    3.5.1    404    2.2.2    5.2.5    4.9.6    600.70.23    5.4.0    2.4.1    3.2.5b3    5.2.5    1.6.1    1.6    1.5    1.7    1.9    1.6    1.6    196.0.0    4.0.39    2    196.0.0    5.2.5    3.5.1    3.5.0    5.2.5    5.2.5    3.5.1    1.7    1.7.1    1.7.1    2.5.0    3.5.1    5.2.5    4.5.5    500.15    2.2.1    1.0.2b1    3.0    5.4.0    1.6.1    1.8.0    1.1    220    1.0.0d1    7    344    1.8    28.21    1.6    2.7.2    1.4    1.0
    Model: iMac11,2, BootROM IM112.0057.B00, 2 processors, Intel Core i3, 3.2 GHz, 16 GB, SMC 1.64f5
    Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 5670, ATI Radeon HD 5670, PCIe, 512 MB
    Memory Module: BANK 0/DIMM1, 8 GB, DDR3, 1333 MHz, 0x029E, 0x434D5341384758334D314131333333433920
    Memory Module: BANK 1/DIMM1, 8 GB, DDR3, 1333 MHz, 0x029E, 0x434D5341384758334D314131333333433920
    AirPort: spairport_wireless_card_type_airport_extreme (0x168C, 0x8F), Atheros 9280:
    Bluetooth: Version 4.0.9f33 10885, 2 service, 18 devices, 0 incoming serial ports
    Network Service: AirPort, AirPort, en1
    Serial ATA Device: ST31000528AS, 1 TB
    Serial ATA Device: HL-DT-STDVDRW  GA32N
    USB Device: hub_device, 0x0424  (SMSC), 0x2514, 0xfd100000 / 2
    USB Device: IR Receiver, apple_vendor_id, 0x8242, 0xfd120000 / 4
    USB Device: Built-in iSight, apple_vendor_id, 0x8502, 0xfd110000 / 3
    USB Device: hub_device, 0x0424  (SMSC), 0x2514, 0xfa100000 / 2
    USB Device: BRCM2046 Hub, 0x0a5c  (Broadcom Corp.), 0x4500, 0xfa110000 / 4
    USB Device: Bluetooth USB Host Controller, apple_vendor_id, 0x8215, 0xfa111000 / 6
    USB Device: Internal Memory Card Reader, apple_vendor_id, 0x8403, 0xfa120000 / 3

    There have been a few reports on here where Corsair RAM seems to have caused users a lot of grief with crashes.
    The recommendation on here, mostly, is to only buy RAM from or as they guarantee their modules will work and offer a no quibble lifetime guarantee.
    I'd put the original RAM back in, return the Corsair chips for a refund and re-order from one of those two companies.

  • Page not found, slow loading times CC Files

    Two weeks ago I reported that there were CC files problems like 'page not found' errors and slow loading times and pages not even showing anything. Those problems were temporarily resolved but are back as of today.
    Please fix this because for me this is not workable and I guess for many others. I've already moved part of my design files away from CC Files and am now reaching the point were I want to abandon this beta-ware altogether.
    I'm living in Europe, maybe this gives additional info. Maybe server problems only in this continent?
    Thanks for looking into this.

    So what product would you advice me to file this bug report under? There is no Creative Cloud Files entree or similar.
    I'm not sure I'm taken by Adobe support channels policies. if I tweet a complaint some employee tell me I'll be called back by support. Instead of being called back I get asked per email to report on the community forums, when I post on the forum someone tells me to file a bug report. Ehhh...
    Time to move on.

  • Yahoo! slow load time

    Does anyone know if there is going to be a firmware update to address the excessi'vely slow load times for DRMed WMA files such as those from Yahoo!Music Unlimited? I have "cleaned up" my Micro and it still takes a WMA file about 7 seconds to load if I just go to a random one, whereas it only takes about -2 seconds for a random MP3 to start playing. This is rather annoying, and I'm just wondering if the code that does the license check is being optimized.

    indo87 wrote:
    Try to convert the wma to mp3 with a program doesnt take that long.
    But it's a DRM'ed file, so it's not legal--unless you use the program I just mentioned in this thread, and it's bleeding-edge enough that the RIAA might sue them anyway.
    That delay is perhaps the only problem with 2.20.05; I didn't have quite as much a delay on DRM'ed files with 2..02. (But I also switched from a Napster To Go trial to YMU at the same time, so that might be part of it.) It's not the 30-second delay that the WMP updates in the FAQ post fix, however.

  • Slow loading time of cdn assets from mobile

    our requests to cdn got very slow in our mobile version (about 5-15 sec for picture)
    in our "regular" site the cdn is working ok. (the devices located in the same place in the same network)
    any idea?

    Is the loading time in mobile device specific to this image? Just trying to understand if there is a lag attributed to device or mobile browser performance.  I've not experienced any lag for CDN content in the mobile in the same WiFi my laptop was
    connected to.

  • Really slow loading times

    Hey BT Support people,
    I have been experiencing some pretty much unusable loading times on pretty much every website that I care to load. It even takes a good 30 seconds to download a 34kb email.
    I am a web developer and know a good deal about networking e.t.c so I have tried a number of things to try and pinpoint the problem. 
    Firstly I phone BT, got the nice lady at the call centre to do a line test for me. She called back telling me the line is fine, and so it MUST be my routers. I performed a few test myself and checked the router e.t.c but most importantly I opened the command prompt and typed the following line
    Just a random address. Here were the results of my test
    Tracing route to []
    over a maximum of 30 hops:
    1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
    2 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
    3 35 ms 34 ms 53 ms []
    4 34 ms 34 ms 33 ms
    5 34 ms 34 ms 34 ms
    6 34 ms 35 ms 34 ms
    7 35 ms 34 ms 34 ms
    8 34 ms 35 ms 35 ms [109.1 59.249.78]
    9 36 ms 36 ms 36 ms [109.159.2 49.21]
    10 36 ms 35 ms 34 ms [194.72.7 .42]
    11 37 ms 35 ms 36 ms []
    12 37 ms 35 ms 36 ms []
    13 43 ms 42 ms 42 ms []
    14 43 ms 42 ms 42 ms []
    15 44 ms 42 ms 42 ms [195.69.144. 220]
    16 50 ms 49 ms 51 ms [212.227.12 0.130]
    17 52 ms 52 ms 51 ms [212.227.120 .17]
    18 53 ms 52 ms 52 ms [212.227 .121.225]
    19 53 ms 52 ms 52 ms [195. 20.247.202]
    20 54 ms 53 ms 53 ms []
    Trace complete.
    The bold section is what is happening inside BT. Now that, if you ask me is a **bleep** of a lot of bouncing around between routers. 
    The lady at the call centre assured me it has nothing to do with them but was in fact my fault. ........ As you can see in RED, is how long it took for the hop to get out my house and onto some other routers elsewhere in the world. Less than a few milliseconds. So unfortunately the call centre lady is in fact, wrong. 
    I am a little anxious to get our internet back up to speed and working again as, my job by its very nature is permanently in need of a quick internet connection, and working from home is certainly not an option if I can't even visit the BT forums without it taking 2 minutes to load each page.
    I have checked my router settings and I am getting downstream speeds of 5340kbps. plenty fast enough.
    Does ANYONE know what's going on and how to fix it? Appreciated.

    I too am finding the same. A speedtest shows consistent 16.5mbs throughput, ping 34ms. Cleared all browser caches using the inetcpl.cpl command to clear any persistant .txt files and also flushed DNS cache and ran "net stop dnscache, net start dnscache" which can sometimes resolve odd site issues. 
    No change with many web pages seeming very slow to load. If it were just an odd site then fair enough but it appears not. 
    Enough have been slow however to cause me to "google" the issue... hence finding this thread.

  • Slow loading time on my Website

    I just installed iWeb last night, and went about building a practice site. I'm finding that loading times are EXTREMELY slow.
    I've tried to reduce the size on some of my images by exporting from iPhoto and limiting pixel width, as you can see the site is still super slow. I'm wondering if other folks have experience this and have any helpful tips.
    PowerBook G4, 1.5, 1gig   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

    If you use command-shift-4, everything in that selected area gets lifted. In the case of the red image, you grab the image, it's reflection AND the white background that's showing through the reflection. If you convert this image to a .jpg and place it over a white background, there's effectively very little difference but you realize a great change in file size.
    Change the color of the page's background, and you see the difference immediately. The reflection loses it effect. Instead of being reflected over black as it would be if it were a .png, it still carries the white reflection since that's the color you lifted from the screen capture. You'd have to take the original file, reflect it, and command-shift-4 to copy a new image with the correct colored background. It's not just a white box, it's whatever color box your current background is. This is an old web trick used for when you needed the high quality color of .jpg and the transparency of a .gif. You just created all your graphics as .jpg's such that they give the illusion of having degrees of transparency (like with iWeb's reflections and shadows). Here's an image that is an example of this.
    the page it's from
    Drop that image on any background other than white to see what I mean by "white boxes around images"
    On your pages, you've composited the entire background as one big .jpg, so it doesn't apply. This one is particularly nice.
    Make the .jpg match the page background, and it doesn't require a series of .png's!

  • Slow load times for itunes u

    We have noticed that lately iTunes U for UW-Whitewater ( has been extremely slow, and sometimes even timing out.  We have been trying this from various different locations and computers.  It appears to be something on the apple side.  Has anyone else seen this?
    Apple Engineers: Any updates as to what might be going on?

    Greetings Guys;
    We had the same issue yesterday, but the issue seemed to be affecting only the iTunes desktop application.  When I would preview using the iPad, load times were normal.  The issue seems to have been resolved this morning.
    Syd Rodocker
    Tennessee State Department of Education


    I've started to noticed increased loading time to my home menu screen whenever I'm using any application. This occurs even when I'm in the Contacts app, SMS app, or any 3rd-party app. Previously before I began to experience this slow lag time, the home menu screen would pop up as soon as I hit the home button. I did a hard reset (Erased All Content and Settings) and the problems still occurs even before I re-installed all of my applications. Anyone else experience this? I do hope the upcoming bug software fix will remedy this annoying problem, along with the lag time in the Contacts app.

    Sorry I tried to delete the other duplicate post prior to posting this one. I wasn't able to. The other posting was deleted. I'm not able to view the response. Can anyone please respond to this posting?

  • Stunnigly slow load time. It isn't my system, because both Chrome and Safari load in less han ten seconds. Firefox is too bloated.

    Folks, I don't use Firefox much anymore. Why? Because the load time has become ridiculous. Chrome and Safari both load in less than ten seconds. Firefox can take up to a minute. And usually does. It has become bloated. It has lost the intent. You say the fox is the fastest? It isn't. Either in load time or search time. Chrome smashes the fox. Simpler, cleaner, faster. Isn't that what Firefox was all about in the beginning? You folks need to take a giant back step.

    Agreed...I'm considering jumping ship. Too many crashes, hangs constantly, too many secure sites the server can longer find even though they've been bookmarked for ages, takes forever to load and plug-in issues galore. It's sad, the last 6 months have been horrendous and nothing is getting fixed with all the constant updates. No one should have to clear cookies and cache as much as is always suggested here just to get pages to load that load on other browsers with no problem.

  • Slow load times

    Hi there -
    Is there a good way to improve load times for my pages that have Edge animation?  I have a very simple slide show set up, and even with the Preloader script, it's taking many seconds to load the page.  Any thoughts?

    Hi Amy,
    Did you try the suggestions in this article?
    Edge Animate reduces runtime size by 55%, ‘Save to Custom Folders’ feature, new Preloader options, and more! « Adobe Ed…
    animation - Improving Performance in Edge Animate - Graphic Design Stack Exchange

  • Super Slow Load Times

    I am having ridiculously long load times under Logic 9.1.1... up to five minutes for some projects. This is happening in both 32 and 64 bit modes. Anyone have a similar experience or a workaround?

    I am sorry that you are experiencing that problem. based on my research I found that a user was experiencing the same problems and he/she states that it is a hard disk's latency problem.
    Read it more here:
    Let me know if you found this information helpful.
    Vicente Tulliano

  • Very slow load times on EXS24 instruments?

    Hi everyone - I have a troublesome problem..
    At the moment this only seems to happen garage band instruments loaded in exs24
    When I try to load instruments from garageband i get to enjoy the spinning wheel and about 3 minutes of load time [and this wouldnt be the first stime i would have loaded the instrument]
    When it does finally cease spinning it asks me to choose between the garage band samples, or dupe sampler files in self contained projects.
    I always pick the garageband directory..
    Is there a way to decrease the loading time?

    This tends to happen when you have more than one copy of the EXS sample on your drive network. As soon as EXS sees two of a sample, especially if there is no existing direct link in the EXS instrument, it will tend to scan your whole system for any and all potential duplicates. This can take a while.
    My only suggestion is delete the duplicate samples and make sure your instruments all contain path links to the appropriate samples. Bear in mind that if you store samples in the project folder, at least those should be found quickly, but it will not solve the problem of loading new patches into the project.
    To be able to find and get rid of duplicate samples and re-establish the links in a batch fashion, I highly reccommend EXS manager by Redmatica.

  • Slow loading time

    My problem is that last night, I was trying to upload the dave matthews band live trax vloume six to my 30 gb ipod video. When I put the disc into the computer, the track names did not show up at first. Then, I reloaded the cd, and the names where there. However, there are 3 other discs for that show, and I had the same problem. Could it be the internet conection; (we have wi-fi) Thanks

    Is the loading time in mobile device specific to this image? Just trying to understand if there is a lag attributed to device or mobile browser performance.  I've not experienced any lag for CDN content in the mobile in the same WiFi my laptop was
    connected to.

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