Slow loading of photo pages ~~ reason why ~~

I've been looking around some of the threads on this problem. And here is the horror story I have found.
When you load a photo page it not only downloads the thumbnails but also the full size image as well!! So the web page loads all the thumbnails and all the larger copies, come on Apple!
Safari activity monitor window for the photo page load.
The thumbnail 'CMI2846_1.jpg' is only 14.8 kb but 'CIMG2846.jpg' is a massive 115 kb. The total kb of all my thumbnails is 295.3 kb, now add the total of the full size images of 2302 kb.
Now these larger images should come down after all the thumbnails have loaded and the main page has been built. I cannot say this is a good approach because if you click on a thumbnail before all the larger images are downloaded the larger image does not appear if not downloaded though the photo page cuz it's not in the Safari cache...doh!!!
When you click on an image it not only loads the image you want to see but the image before and after for the slideshow. But you clicked on an image and not the slide show button...doh!!
It also loads the slideshow.js and transitions.js, this should only happen when you click on the slideshow button...doh!! I assume this relies on all the images being in the Safari cache, if not then the slideshow is likely to fail.
Who in Apple has this bright maybe works ok on their lab LAN but in the real work people do not have the luxury of such connections to the Internet.

jesper_ray wrote:
Whenever i open photo album it takes time to open it and says updating photo can u please help me with this
It sounds as though you may have quite a few photos stored in your phone and the devices 32 Mega Bytes of RAM is struggling to cope. I would consider transferring some pictures to a PC for safe storage to give the phone a bit of breathing space.
All the best.

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    I've set up a wiki on my localhost using mediawiki (php module in Apache.)
    Safari is extremely (~15mins?) slow loading the main page, but I have no trouble loading this page in <1 sec using either Firefox or IE. I have tried the usual cleanups of Safari support files (trashing plist, cleaning up fonts, clearing history/cache, resetting Safari completely, etc.). Strangely, the file will eventually load if I let it go for more than 15 minutes. Any refresh or 'back' actions cause a new wait time to load.
    I don't seem to have any problems with other pages loading from my localhost server and I don't have any trouble loading other mediawiki pages on other servers.
    Any suggestions?

    One more interesting piece of datum:
    I also experience this very long delay when I try to load this same wiki page from Safari on a powerbook on the local network.
    However, again Firefox has no problem with the same page.

  • MBP very slow. OS upgrade the reason why?

    My 3-4 year old MacBook Pro has gotten really slow last few days. I recently had to upgrade to Snow Leopard for a software compatibility reason. And also I recently had to upgrade my Photoshop version from CS3 to CS4. All within last week or two. Could these upgrades be the reason why it's now so slow? Is there some way to 'clean up' the computer -- maybe it's bogged down with stuff. I do keep CS3 as well as CS4 because I prefer CS3 (had to get CS4 because of new camera). Thanks.

    "How can I find out what is sucking up all this space and trash it."
    OmniDiskSweeper should have showed you which files are +"sucking up"+ your space.
    *A few suggestions (some of which you may have already done):*
    Empty the trash!
    Open up your application folder & go through all your apps. Trash all the apps you no longer want and/or use.
    An easier way to do this is to open the Application folder in list view & press the Command+j keys.
    In the the dialog that appears, click the "This Window Only" button & the "Calculate All Sizes" check box.
    Wait a bit until your file & folder sizes have all been calculated, then click the "Size" column to sort your apps from the fattest to the most anorexic.
    Get rid of all your photo files you don't want and/or need. Same goes for those pics off the websites you downloaded (gifs, jpegs, etc.).
    Get rid of all your music files you no longer listen too. Especially, if you already have the actual CD/DVDs or you can later re-download from a website.
    Use Spotlight to make sure you got rid of everything. You can even trash directly from Spotlight!
    Drag what you don't want and/or need to the trash. Better yet, download this neat little shareware app demo called AppZapper. It basically does all the work for you by not only trashing the apps but the apps preference files, caches & all its associated files.
    Another software that does the above is AppDelete. Best of all this software is free!
    Burn what you want and/or need onto CDs or DVDs.
    Not everyone has the luxury of purchasing an external HD and/or Mobile accounts to store their "stuff, junk, music & photos".
    You can check with your ISP to see if they offer free storage space. Most if not all do now-a-days.
    There are thousands if not millions of free storage facilities on the web also. Use your favorite search engine to search them out as they come in different storage sizes to fit your needs & wants.
    Check for duplicate fonts.
    Applications>Font Book
    Select “All Fonts”
    If you see any “black dots” next to any fonts this mean you have duplicates and/or multiple versions of these fonts.
    To clean this up, select a “black dotted” font or the Apple + click to select multiple dotted fonts;
    What the above does is turns off the duplicates & multiple version fonts. Not delete them.
    More than likely the “extras” were installed by other programs and/or other users.
    Clear out font caches
    Use FontNuke. It does all the work for you. And, best of all it’s FREE.
    Printer Drivers
    Get rid of all the printer drivers you don’t need & use except the ones for your current printer(s)/scanner(s).
    HD>Library>Printers Folder
    If you accidently threw something out that you needed for your printer/scanner it can be easily obtained from the manufacturer’s website and/or from the CD that came w/the printer/scanner.
    Garage Band
    Has about 1GB of loops stored. Get rid of some some them. You surely don’t use, like and/or need them all.
    HD>Library>Audio/Apple Loops>Apple>Apple Loops For GarageBand
    Or just get rid of the Garage Band app altogether if you don’t use it.
    Get rid of extra languages
    Strip your computer down to your “native” tongue.
    You can do this with a FREE utility called Monolingual. Another app that apparently does all the work for you. I’ve never used it. However, a lot of users here swear by & recommend it highly.
    However, there is a warning for *native English speakers*. Make sure you keep BOTH English and English (United States).
    Other Resources:
    HD Space Checkers:
    Disk Inventory X (FREE)
    WhatSize (SHAREWARE)
    OmniDiskSweeper (FREE)
    GrandPerspective (FREE - donation)
    Knowledge Base Article Mac Maintenance Quick Assist
    Scroll down to "4) Prune Through Your Files".
    Slimming your hard drive
    Rule of thumb: You should never let your hard drive get to where you have only 10-15% of space left.

  • Slow Load of my pages in dashboard

    A few days ago I'm looking that my pages of dashboards loads slower. I think one reason is because I have create a page that has 80 sections. Anyway what I see is that once the page loaded, navigation in this page is fast (changing prompts) but when I log off and come back in Oracle BI, the first load to be slow again. Is there a way to increase load speed?
    Which are the reasons that my pages load more slower than before??
    Thank you very much!

    80 Sections.. I think it is taking time to load the dashboard page because of Querying the Database for all those sections..
    For example, if you are putting a Department prompt.. BI will issue a Query to Database to load that prompt..
    To tune it, upon loading the page - go to Manage Sessions and view what are all sessions opened related to that page. Thereby try to tune them, if possible.
    Generally, it should happen only once if you are not bypassing Caching Mechanism.

  • Slow load of first page

    I have recently noticed that it seems to take a long time for safari to load the first page when it starts up. I think it started ever since I ran that huge java updater. It is really annoying because it is just that first page. After that everything is speedy like always. I also noticed that with Firefox this does not occur. Firefox loads its first page in about 3 seconds where Safari takes almost a minute. If I quit an dstart Safari again it always takes a long time for that first page. I have deleted preferences and reparied permissions and a lot of the basic things, but Safari is still taking a long time just with that first webpage that it loads. Anyone else experiencing this?

    Hello Joshua,
    Click on the Finder Icon in the Dock,
    Click on ~/Library/Caches/Safari cache
    click on Safari cache to highlight, & Get info,
    using the ⌘, key along with the "g" + "i" keys
    What is the size of the Safari cache folder?
    If it is more then 2-3 MB's ...
    Quit Safari, drag the Safari Cache folder to the trash
    * do not empty the trash, unless you know this works for you,]
    Launch Safari does it load more quickly?
    Please post back.

  • Safari - slow loading on web pages -

    Strange: If I click on a web page, Safari begins to load the page (from the status indicator) but then doesn't finish. If I simply reload the page,...boom, the page comes up lightning fast.
    (this happens, maybe 10% of the time)
    Why is this? And what can I do about it?

    If Safari is getting very slow:
    Adding Open DNS codes to your Network Preferences, should give good results in terms of speed-up as well as added security:
    If you are using a single computer: Open System Preferences/Network. Double click on your connection type, or select it in the drop-down menu, and in the box marked 'DNS Servers' add the following two numbers:
    (You can also enter them if you click on Advanced and then DNS)
    Sometimes reversing the order of the DNS numbers can be beneficial in cases where there is a long delay before web pages start to load, and then suddenly load at normal speed:
    If your computer is part of a network: please refer to this page: and follow the advice given.
    You could also try these codes as well: &
    If you use a Router, make sure it has the latest firmware installed.
    One reason for a slowness in page loading may be the 'DNS Pre-fetching' feature of Safari 5.x
    This is described here:
    If Safari seems to hang for ages:
    If you have a lot of tabs open and/or a lot of pages running Flash, Safari can sometimes 'hang', requiring a restart of Safari. This can often be inconvenient, and as it is rarely Safari itself that is hanging but merely one of its plug-ins, usually Flash, there is a way using Terminal to restart the plug-ins (without restarting Safari and losing your tabs) by quitting the WebPluginHost process:
    Open the Terminal from the Utilities folder in /Applications and type
    killall -9 WebKitPluginHost
    Note that this command kills all Safari plug-ins, not just Flash. All plug-ins should start back up when you reload the page.
    Then go back to Safari and refresh any pages that were using the Flash plug-in. This also fixes the Beachball of Death. Try this whenever Safari gets slow or freezes. The latest versions of Flash 10.1 appear to have improved the situation somewhat, but haven't completed eliminated it.

  • Slow Loading On iWeb Pages - Really in Need of Help! (Thanks!!) :o)

    Hi Everyone!
    I have been a lurker here, learning from reading other's posts. I am in serious need of help, as I have been struggling with this issue for over a week and I can't move forward to other things until I get it resolved...
    Here's what's up: I am creating a single-page website as a landing page for a product I offer. (These are very common now in product marketing). The page is here:
    The page that is there is about the 4th iteration of the page in the quest for a faster-loading page. Everytime I test it - no matter what I do - it ends up being about a 24 second load time. Here's a sample test for review: =objectID&order=1&type=0&save=true
    Here are the things I have done to try to speed this baby up:
    1. Took my youtube video off auto-play.
    2. Optimized the site using Web Site Maestro. 27% decrease in size; no load time difference.
    3. Took out shapes and graphics.
    4. Rebuilt the site on a blank template - now it is actually a little worse!
    5. Took out the website.js file - totally messed things up.
    6. Eliminated the navigation.
    Nothing is even showing the least bit of difference in speed...and it is driving me crazy.
    Here's the thing - I have also contacted Web Site Maestro's support for help, and they said that the problem was the size of the site and the length of the page. But here's the thing - I checked the load speed of a page that is about double my page size and length, and it loads in like 4 seconds: ew=0&column=objectID&order=1&type=0&save=true
    Anyone have help/advice for me? I am so frustrated with this, as the iWeb is crazy-easy to build, but I can't have a simple one-page product page load that slow. No one is going to stay around for 24 seconds!
    I just am at the end up my rope and don't know anything else to do. I really don't want to rebuild the site again and still not see results, so any help would be hugely appreciated.
    Thanks so much in advance, and I hope you are all having a beautiful day -
    :o) Tara

    Okay, more info -
    I checked my site on a different web analyzer, and it does seem to be loading quickly - 15.66 seconds for a 56 k, but only 3.6 for T1. So that is good -
    One thing I noticed in the recommendations is that there are 6 scripts that are running, that can slow things down. I don't really know how to change that (I am pretty web-savvy, but far from a developer) Here's what they recommended on the page -
    Analysis and Recommendations from
    TOTAL_OBJECTS - Caution. You have 18 total objects on this page. From 12 to 20 objects per page, the latency due to object overhead makes up from 75% to 80% of the delay of the average web page. See Figure II-3: Relative distribution of latency components showing that object overhead dominates web page latency in Website Optimization Secrets for more details. Consider reducing, eliminating, and combining external objects (graphics, CSS, JavaScript, iFrames and XHTML) to reduce the total number of objects, and thus separate HTTP requests. Consider using CSS sprites to help consolidate decorative images.
    TOTAL_IMAGES - Caution. You have a moderate amount of images on this page (10 ). Consider using fewer images on the site or try reusing the same image in multiple pages to take advantage of caching. Using CSS techniques such as colored backgrounds, borders, or spacing instead of graphic techniques can help reduce HTTP requests.
    TOTAL_SCRIPT - Warning! The total number of external script files on this page is 6 , consider reducing this to a more reasonable number. Combine, refactor, and minify to optimize your JavaScript files. Ideally you should have one (or even embed scripts for high-traffic pages) on your pages. Consider suturing JavaScript files together at the server to minimize HTTP requests. Placing external JavaScript files at the bottom of your BODY, and CSS files in the HEAD enables progressive display in XHTML web pages.
    HTML_SIZE - Caution. The total size of this HTML file is 60492 bytes, which is above 50K but below 100K. With 50K of images and multimedia this means that your page will load in about 20 seconds. Consider optimizing your HTML and eliminating unnecessary features. To give your users feedback, consider layering your page or using positioning to display useful content within the first two seconds.

  • Slow Loading of Internet Pages

    I am new to Mac's. Just bout my MacBook Pro on Monday. So, far I like it a lot, but it seems to take forever for internet pages to load.
    I checked my download and upload speeds on and it said I had 5 meg and .75 meg, respectively.
    Why does it take so long to load?

    Don't know, but suggest running Software Update under System Preferences, installing all updates, and repeating until none show up. Once that's done, launch Disk Utility in /Applications/Utilities/, select the boot volume, and repair permissions. Restart and see if that fixes things. BTW, meg what? bits or bytes? Do note that you'll get better results checking at than at DSL reports.
    Since you're new to Macs, once you sort out the loading issue, see:
    Switching from Windows to Mac OS X,
    Basic Tutorials on using a Mac,
    Mac 101: Mac Essentials,
    Anatomy of a Mac,
    MacFixIt Tutorials,
    MacTips, and
    Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, Leopard Edition.
    Additionally, *Texas Mac Man* recommends:
    Quick Assist.
    Welcome to the Switch To A Mac Guides,
    Take Control E-books, and
    A guide for switching to a Mac.

  • Slow load of web pages

    I've noticed a slowing in the loading of my home page and others. Any quick fixes like a clean up or such?

    Mine doesn't load right away. It starts with http:// and then seem to get hung up for longer than it used to or the whole url is highlighted but it hangs again. It seems to help to either click inside the address or to hit return when it hangs with the whole url highlighted. It started doing this when I updated from 10.4.4 to 10.4.8, Tiger.
    Could it be the isp or the dsl provider?

  • Regular crashes and very slow loading of certain pages

    Basically, Firefox closes itself (crahes) VERY regularly; often after turning on the browser for less than a minute.
    Accessing my account information on is next to impossible, due to a MASSIVE increase in loading times. Same for accessing any of my email accounts. Since this loading time is so large (anywhere from 1-10 minutes), it almost always crashes before the page loads.
    I have been using Firefox regularly ever since January and have NEVER had any problems or difficulties with the browser. Problems only began occuring since Friday 6th/Saturday 7th September, 2010.
    Also, these increased loading times are similarly affecting my other browsers, including Safari and Internet Explorer. If I try and download a new browser I get a message explaining how the setup has failed every time.

    Your plugins list shows outdated plugin(s) with known security and stability risks.
    * Shockwave Flash 10.1 r53
    * Next Generation Java Plug-in 1.6.0_15 for Mozilla browsers
    Update the [[Java]] plugin to the latest version.
    * (you need JRE)
    Update the [[Flash]] plugin to the latest version.

  • Slow loading on a page

    I have a page on my site that has many short quicktime audio clips. The page won't load. Safari actually crashes each time. Other pages with much less "stuff" have no problem.
    Is it better to use Flash?

    You can have a page of button, text or image links to open the movies in popup windows...
    ... or use a code that loads a poster image. In this case the movie doesn't download until the play button is clicked.
    QuickTime -
    Flash - second movie on this page -
    Fallback -
    "I may receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise, from my recommendation or link."

  • Slow loading specific web pages

    I noticed that my safari loads only specific websites only example apple related websits and gmail but not the rest like hotmail..etc. So i am wondering is the problem lies in the safari or might be someother problem?

    Hello again Terence,
    Disk Utility...
    Hard Drive > Applications > Utilities > Disk Utilities.
    Select the uppermost disk icon
    Select " first aid "
    Select " repair permissions "
    Re start the computer when its finished running. Some messages can be safely ignored. If you see -
    "... Repairing permissions for “Macintosh HD”
    Determining correct file permissions.
    We are using special permissions for the file or directory ./Library/Widgets. New permissions are 16877
    We are using special permissions for the file or directory ./usr/lib/php/build/acinclude.m4. New permissions are 33060.... "
    Thats OK and can be ignored.
    Open Safari. Where it says Safari in the top menu - click on it. Scroll down until you see the words; Reset Safari
    Click on that.

  • Slow loading of photo in X2-02.

    Whenever i open photo album it takes time to open it and says updating photo can u please help me with this

    jesper_ray wrote:
    Whenever i open photo album it takes time to open it and says updating photo can u please help me with this
    It sounds as though you may have quite a few photos stored in your phone and the devices 32 Mega Bytes of RAM is struggling to cope. I would consider transferring some pictures to a PC for safe storage to give the phone a bit of breathing space.
    All the best.

  • Slow loading of web pages in Safari

    Despite having excellent wireless download speed, recently many, but not all web pages have been downloading very slowly, e.g., my att home page, Google, FB, etc. I have reset Safari and removed all cookies, but nothing seems to help.  The problem is only with Safari on my MacBook. It works fine on my iPad And iPhone.  Any ideas what might be wrong?

    Hi PaulinCT,
    If you have issues with Safari performing slowly you may want to remove any 3rd party software such as plug-ins or extensions. See this article for instructions -
    Safari: Unsupported third-party add-ons may cause Safari to unexpectedly quit or have performance issues
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    Brett L 

  • Safari is Extremely slow loading pages, like Hotmail, eBay, CNN,

    For the past few days, Safari has been extremely slow loading most all pages, especially Hotmail, eBay, CNN, etc. Apple support hasn't been able to help. Hve done all the normal stuff, Reset Safari, restarted, etc.... eventually reloaded Leopard, with all updates, 10.5.2. Still slow uploading pages. Have checked network with, Download 5019 kb/s, Upload 363 kb/s. Was told by everyone I asked, these were good speeds, "normal." But it takes 20 seconds - 60 seconds sometime to upload a page. Have watched "activity monitor" under network, "data sent" goes out fast, data received seems to come back but then stalls. I'm not sure of what numbers I should be getting on the return. Any suggestions????

    READ my post, March 17, for answers. I read other post, March 15-08, by Toshinmac and March 17-08 post by Rudolf, answered by Hawaiian Starman and Klaus1. My problem decribed there, with Time-Warner/Roadrunner DNS settings. Followed advice... Problem Solved! Thanks to ALL for their input!!!! A Beachbum!

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