Slowdown In Starcraft 2

Hi guys, I really need some advice on this. I have a 15 inch Macbook Pro, 2.66 Ghz i7 with 512mb GT330M. I installed Starcraft 2 on my MBP and with the graphics settings set at its recommended settings, which is high, I started the game with such ease and smoothness. But after a few minutes of play, it gets laggy, and really choppy, and ultimately unplayable. So I decided to call Apple Support and they asked me to perform the SMC reset and also the command-option-P-R thing as well. As soon as I've done that, it got a bit better at least. However, everytime I start the game, it will be super smooth and after a few minutes, it will again get laggy, but not as laggy as before. Can anyone help me out on this? What should I do next? Thanks for your time guys.

Just wanted to add my experience with SC2 on a Mac. I know I don't have a MacBook Pro, but just wanted to add that this is also occurring on my iMac 08.
I played the beta on High and Ultra settings without any issues, however when I tried to play the retail game on High settings it would continually get slower the longer I played. I would get the message I should lower settings at which point I do from High to Medium then to Low. Even at Low Settings I would get the message I should lower my settings.
At this point I used bootcamp to go over to my Win 7 OS and installed the game and was able to play on High Settings without any issues whatsoever. I have noticed video card issues whenever Bootcamp is running on a Mac, in the sense that using bootcamp to go from windows back to mac my video card would be running at 2-3 fps on mac side. Usually a restart fixes that problem.
Some system info:
3.06ghz intel core 2 duo
4gb ram
512 mb nvidia geforce 8800gs
Mac OS X 10.6.4 the game is basically unplayable
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 via bootcamp everything works as it should
Be interested to see if someone has issues like this on a Mac w/o bootcamp setup. Also, I don't understand why in beta everything worked great and retail would make it unplayable. So it seems there is an issue that needs patching blizz side to me.

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  • Random hanging / slowdown problems for months [SOLVED]

    I have a relatively new computer -- not a clunker -- that has random slowdowns quite frequently. They will last anywhere from 10 seconds to 3+ minutes. It always starts in just one application, like firefox or pidgin, then it "spreads" to other ones. Often, I will type a "cd" or "ls" command in a terminal while the hangs are happening. They don't actually do anything until the hangup is over. This has happened on a regular basis for months.
    I've tried switching applications. It happens with nothing but XFCE and Firefox running, or XFCE and Starcraft. It first started under KDE. I've tried moving from firefox to chrome and back, switching terminal emulators, nothing. It also happens under Windows, however, so I believe it's a hardware problem.
    I have no idea what it is though! I've tried:
    Switching out my Nvidia 9200 GT with the 8200 on-board graphics
    A different network card from my on-board (wired)
    Different hard disks -- the Windows and Linux installs are on different disks (one is IDE, the other is SATA)
    Swapping out my 2GiB RAM stick with two other RAM sticks (512MiB each) in every slot
    This leaves only my PSU, CPU, and motherboard as possible culprits after help from the #archlinux channel in narrowing down the above. Where do I go from here? I haven't any idea how to check the health of my motherboard and CPU, but I see no extra slowdown when I run Folding at Home on one of my cores (it's a quad). Whenever I reboot to my BIOs and look at the voltages my PSU is putting out, everything seems to be okay.
    I've had the same hardware since last Christmas when I upgraded my video card. It worked fine somewhere in July, IIRC, when this all started. Can anyone offer any help? I haven't any idea what I should do next.
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    I've tried three different graphics cards. One is a new Nvidia 9200 GT, which I just got for Christmas. Another is the Nvidia 8200, which is an onboard chipset. The most recent, which is installed right now. is an Nvidia 8800 GTX. Although it seems to happen less with the GTX, it still happens somewhat frequently. It was worst with the onboard.
    I'm wondering if I should try stripping out my HDDs and installing on an old IDE disk I have just to be sure, even though SMART says both disks are fine.
    mprime has been running for 21 hours and no issues so far, although I do have a large box fan pointed at the open CPU case and a smaller one pointed straight at the CPU
    EDIT: Another thing I've been wondering if this would be at all possible caused by my router. My router is quite crappy -- an ancient Belkin running DD-WRT, but it barely has enough RAM to do that. Everything but the essentials is turned off. Do you think this could cause it? My dad's computer, attached to the same router, is also having problems, but that computer has had the same Windows XP install since about 2002, so it's not a great benchmark. Wondering if it's worth checking out though.
    The reason I say this is because I notice the hanging / slowdown mostly start in Firefox / Chrome / Pidgin when using the network then spread to other components. Also, I am connected to it via a *really* long (200ft I think) CAT5e cable. Could this be a problem? Should I try to throw in a wireless card and see what happens? I didn't have problems with it when we first installed it, but that was a while ago. Come to think of it, it may be about the time that the slowdown started. Could that be the culprit? I'll probably try a wireless card tomorrow and see what happens.
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  • 27" iMac ATI HD 5750 Starcraft 2

    just wondering if any new imac owners also have starcraft 2 and can tell me if you can pull off ultra graphics settings at full resolution without any problems. i am looking at getting the i7, but if you have the i5 feel free to chime in too. thanks.
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    Well Apple finally had some returns so I took the leap and bought one. The first thing I installed was Starcraft 2. When I fired up the game the first thing I did was max out the resolution as well as everything to ultra. I have had no problems with bad framerate, slowdowns, etc. It runs great. Even when I spam all of my carriers and collosi under the cloak of the mothership. Not sure if the graphics update a while ago fixed everything or what but it runs perfect for me. 27" iMac, Intel Core i7 2.93 Ghz, 4 GB ddr3 1333. So for those of you considering buying it I would definitely say do it.

  • Attn: ALL APPLE PORTABLE OWNERS -Macbook Pro, MacBook Air Apple portable slowdown / kernel high CPU solution

    Attn: ALL APPLE PORTABLE OWNERS -MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini slowdown kernel / high CPU use problem and solution.
    Hey all.
    Like many of you I've got a newer Apple portable which slows down to an unusable level for an unknown reason. In my case a 13" mid 2009 Intel MacBook Pro Core 2 duo laptop. After many failed attempts to figure out what this nutty problem is I have discovered the problem, the solution and I have solved this for my own MacBook Pro. Since this fix it has been working immediately and consistently -without issue 
    I am sharing this with you in hopes that you to can fix your Apple portable yourself or so you know what to tell the Apple techs so they can quickly fix your Mac from this wacky and unfortunate kernel CPU hogging problem.
    User Software Symptoms :
    Your Apple portable computer periodically for an unknown reason slows down making everything frustratingly slow. This happens even when running previous apps that were never a problem; things that your Mac should be able to handle easily but for some reason now it can't.
    Slowdown most often happens during high CPU use such as gaming, video playback/editing, etc. or when running multiple apps (even non CPU intensive apps) at the same time.
    Possible Hardware Symptoms:
    Your computer is making more noise than it did previously.
    Your computer occasionally makes more noise but then gets quieter.
    Your computer is always extremely quiet (too quiet) even during high CPU apps -worst case scenario.
    It feels hotter than it normally does. Test: After several minutes of the slowness/high kernel CPU touch the computer to feel if it's hotter than normal.
    Looking at Activity Monitor (in the Utilities folder) shows the kernel_task is going bonkers eating up CPU but you have no idea why.
    After trying many different things to solve this problem such as :
    PR ram reset, SMC reset, fresh OS install of 10.5 and 10.6 on external hard-drives, calling and speaking to various Apple tech people who had no ideas/solutions, etc. I had no luck.
    Btw, if you're having the symptoms I've decscribed above I would not run the Apple Hardware check (read below as to why). You could fry your Mac!
    After much testing I found the problem :
    It is my belief that "recent" Apple portable computers are using low quality internal fans which soon stop working!
    Fail time period seems to be about 1.0 years to 2.5 years of use but this fail rate could vary depending on use.
    First noticeable symptoms (depending on what you notice) could be computer slowdown or your fan is making more noise than it normally does. This is your fan's lubrication slowly eroding making your fan spin slower and less smooth resulting in the louder noise and slower rpm spin speed. The slower fan spin speed means less cooling is happening for your computer. The effect on your computer is that the CPU and other chips are heating up! Overheating to be more specific. When your computer's chips overheat they get wonky and screw things up. Most often this seems to have the effect of making the kernel hog CPU resulting in a frustratingly slow user experience! Heat kills computer chips and it is extremely bad for them. Extreme overheat or repeated overheating has been said to shorten the life of computer chips or in extreme cases even fry them completely!
    The longer this goes on without being fixed your fan loses more lubrication and spins slower and slower cooling lesser and lesser resulting in your CPU heating up more and more possibly shortening the life of your Mac! Eventually your fan will stop completely and you could fry your chips! My fan stopped completely and my MBP was running very quietly, too quietly. Luckily I did not fry my chips because I was avoiding using high CPU apps because I knew something was wrong due to the massive slow down and wonkiness when I'd run them.
    Side Note:I'm a bit concerned about all those Mac mini servers which may be using the same defective low quality fans which cannot be easily serviced by their owners as they are co-located in some server facility. One positive thing is those facilities are usually well airconditioned keeping temps low.
    I suggest you do not run the Apple hardware test if you suspect your computer is overheating because the hardware test can seriously heat up your Mac! I tried running this test and my Mac got so hot I had to shut it down forcefully and I was concerned I damaged the chips. If you want to run the Apple hardware check make sure your CPU temperature is ok and that your fan works well before you run the test.
    First you need to properly diagnose this problem and see if your CPU is getting to hot and you need to see if your fans are spinning at high rpms giving proper cooling, or if they are spinning at low rpms when running high intensive apps as your CPU temp increases.
    Unfortunately Apple does not include CPU temperature reading software nor fan rpm speed software that I am aware of.
    However, There are two free ways that I know of to check your CPU tempurature and your fan speed :
    One app shows fan speed, and CPU heat, etc.
    One app shows fan speed, CPU heat and allows you to adjust your fan speed settings.
    One app is a dashboard widget, the other is a system preference.
    I suggest you download both of these to check your computer statistics.
    I am not exactly sure what proper CPU temperatures are for the different Apple computers and this will change given different CPU loads.
    My MBP doesn't seem to function properly with anything around 90 degrees or higher (celcius).
    It seems when the fan is operating normally the CPU temp should not stay above 78 degrees even under heavy load, at least with the apps I'm running in the room temperature I'm in.
    I can post back later with more specific temps under longer load, etc. but I wanted to get this post up for people to read as soon as possible so they don't fry their Macs.
    If a bad fan is your problem :
    Fix or replace your fan so it cools the CPU and other chips properly.
    I fixed my fan myself and I didn't need to buy a new one. Total cost was about $8.00 because I had to buy a #00 sized screwdriver and had it shipped to me. Price includes shipping.
    On my mid 2009 model MacBook Pro fixing the fan was incredibly easy :
    Before I started doing this I wasn't 100% this was the problem so I decided to try to fix my fan instead of ordering a new one and replacing it. As it turns out I didn't need a new fan, I only needed to clean the existing fan and relube it's axl so it could spin easier like when it was new.  It also didn't make sense to buy a brand new fan from an Apple authorized parts reseller selling me the same low quality fan for $49.00 which would probably fail in 2 years again. Prices for new comparable fans from different manufactures range from about $15.00 USD + shipping to around $49.00 USD + shipping depending on where you order them from and what brand you get.
    How to fix / replace your internal fan on a mid 2009 MacBook Pro :
    Please note : I am not a hardware technician, nor expert. If you decide to fix your Mac yourself you do so at your own risk through no fault of my own. Prior to opening up your Mac you should google around and learn how to do it correctly and safely so you won't damage your Mac. For example, it is possible for you to damage your Mac by static electricity from your body. To avoid this I believe proper procedure is that you wear a 'ground strap' (around your wrist) which  you clip to your Mac's metal body so your body will not excude a charge into your Mac. I believe the idea here is to keep your body's charge level and your Mac's similar. Since I do not have a ground strap and fixing/replacing the fan doesn't require touching any chips I did not wear a ground strap during my fan fix. What I did was periodically repeatedly touch the metal case of my MBP hoping that would be enough and it was. Avoid unecessary actions that can build up a static charge in you. Once I started the repair I did not walk around the room building up an electrical charge in my body. Walking on carpet can often build up a large charge in us so it is better to be avoided while working on your Mac. Certain clothing can build up static charges. Combing hair, etc. If you need to get up from your repair when you come back make sure you first touch the Mac's metal case and not anything inside.
    Now that we're done with the scary paranoia, below you will find some instructions on how I fixed my MBP's internal fan
    Before you begin:
    Check out someone's video (not mine) on how to remove / replace the fan (but not take it apart and repair it):
    Check out someone's web page (not mine) on how to replace the fan in a mid 2009 MacBook Pro: 1338/1
    How to repair your mid 2009 MacBook Pro fan:
    Make sure you are in a 'secure' environment. No pets, no kids running around, no drinks near the Mac, etc. 
    Make sure your computer is unplugged from it's power supply and turned off. NOT slept. Totally off / powered down.
    1. Get a size #00 phillips screwdriver (Hobby store, Radioshack, Amazon).
    2. Open up your MBP by unscrewing the bottom (yes flip it over so it's resting upsidedown). Note where each screw goes because some are different lengths. I placed each one around my MBP where they go, insuring I know their order (don't jumble them up). Note which direction your MBP is facing when it's upside down so if you spin it around while working on it you still know where the screws go.
    2b. Some recommend removing the MBP's battery but I didn't do this step. You probably should, just to be safe. Follow the online instructions from the web page I listed about disconnecting the battery.
    3. Unscrew the fan's 3 holding screws.
    4. Unplug the fan's electrical connection (lift it straight up off the board). If you need to you can try to pry it up while you lift with a non metal/non electrical conductive object like a spudger if you have one or -perhaps a pen cap. Before you remove it, look closely at how it's attached so when you put it back on you won't wonder if you're doing it correctly. There's only one way it can go because it cannot fit 'the wrong way' but looking at it closely will make you feel more confident popping it back on when the time comes.
    5. Remove the fan - it easily lifts out.
    6. Take the fan apart by unscrewing it's one screw then unlatching the  plastic clips which hold it together.
    7. Seperate the fan blades from the housing. Lift the fan blades off of the fan housing by pulling it straight out away from the housing.
    8. Clean off the dust that's gathered. A can of compressed air helps here (I didn't have one). I used a little brush from my electric shaver kit which worked well. Once you've removed all the dust from the fan and surrounding areas proceed to the next step.
    9. Reapply new lubrication. You need less than 1 drop. Be sure it covers the entire fan blade axl as this is what needs to be well lubricated. Make sure there isn't excess oil that will fly around when the axl/fan spins at high rpms. I used the only oil I had which was olive oil (for cooking!) but I do not suggest this. At the time I was doing this I didn't know my fan was the problem so I wasn't even sure I was going to relube it. You should probably use something more appropriate perhaps like 3 in 1 oil. A good idea would be to call the manufatures of these little fans and ask them. Maybe a hobby store knows of good lubricants for these purposes?
    DO NOT use things like WD 40 as it's not a long term lubricant or so I've read.
    10. Once your fan is now clean and oiled (make sure there isn't too much oil) reassmble the fan.
    Push the fan blades/axl back into the housing shaft. Give it a few spins with your finger.
    Screw together the fan housing then reclip the clips.
    11. Place the now reassembled fan back into your Mac and screw it in place (3 screws).
    12. Reattach the fan's electrical wiring by gently pushing it into place. Make sure you've got the right end facing down before you push it in place.
    13. Once your Mac's internals are clean and reassembled, place the rear cover back on your Mac and screw it in place.
    14. Double check you didn't forget anything like screws, tools, etc.
    15. Boot up your Mac and monitor the temperature and fan speed using those programs.
    Compare the previous temps/fan speed to the current temp/fan speed.
    Run a high CPU intensive app where your computer has been slowing down.
    You should now have a happy Mac
    If you have this problem and this solution fixed it for you please post in this thread letting me and everyone else know!
    Hope that helps.

    Thanks for your lengthy reminder dude, I have a similar Mac with yours. I suspect its a software fault because it happens after I upgraded to Lion, 10.7.2.

  • Using additional monitor with iMac 17" Core Duo.. SLOWDOWN

    I bought the mini-dvi to vga adapter to connect my IBM 21" CRT to my iMac for dual display purposes. It works and all, but whenever it's connected my mac slows down to a crawl. I thought originally it was a RAM issue, but once I upgraded to 1GB the result was the same.
    Is anyone else noticing this, or have any solutions?
    It does this in both extended and mirror mode, btw. I'm using OS X 10.4.6.

    After messing around with the settings for a while, it seems that the problem goes away if both monitors are set the same refresh rate. I set my CRT to 60Hz and I don't see the slowdown yet.
    This probably is only a problem if you're using a CRT, since LCDs all generally use 60Hz.

  • Apps like Evernote or Starcraft 2 crashing on start after update to 10.8.2.

    Anyone else experiencing crashes of apps like Evernote or Starcraft 2 after update to 10.8.2? For me they crash every time now when I try to start them. Deleting of Evernote and installing again from AppStore didn't help.

    I tried your suggestion, but no such luck! I feel like I've tried everything. I just don't understand it. Everything was working as per usual up until I updated the software, but that can't possibly be the problem, can it? And if it is - what now?! ... This is a seriously annoying first world problem..

  • Not sure if my Macbook pro can run Starcraft

    I got a Macbook Pro for college and, being the only computer that I own, I'm not sure if its capable of running Starcraft II. Here are my specs:
    -2.7 GHz Intel Core i7
    -4GB 1333 MHz DDR3
    -Intel HD 3000 384 MB
    -OS X Lion 10.7.4
    I believe thats all the important stuff. My main concern is the GPU...but being a mac its a pain in the *** to customize any parts like you can with a PC.
    Also, I know hardcore gaming on a mac isnt the best way to go, but please spare me the lectures. I would rather just see if its capable of running it than shelling out a few hundred dollars for something that can.
    Thanks in advance!

    Thanks, that was my biggest concern actually. I read a bunch of forums and found that it can, in fact, play it very well when set to low or even medium graphics. I wasnt planning on making the graphics too high anyway because of the poor cooling system.

  • Can't play Starcraft in local netw. with my MacBook under Windows

    Hi all,
    I am experiencing a really strange problem. I have installed Windows on my MacBook with Bootcamp 1.3 and I tryed to play Starcracft with some friends in my local network. We all had the same version of the game; the strange thing is that I can see the created game but I cannot join it ("Unable to join game"). I have tryed Starcraft forums and did not find anything that could help. I think it might be the network card's drivers but I am not convincend about that. Could it be an incompatibility? or is there some kind of patch for Machintosh computers?

    *"I have installed Windows on my MacBook with Bootcamp 1.3 "*
    then you'd be better off posting your qeustion in the boot Camp discussions:

  • Menu Lag/Slowdown on the Creative Zen 32gb??

    Hey guys,
    So I recently bought a Creative Zen 32gb and for the most part it is GREAT!
    The only problem I have noticed with it so far is a noticeable slowdown or lag when browsing around the menus. By this, I mean that for instance scrolling up and down on the main menu, things will stagger and stutter and simply not flow smoothly as I navigate around. The same thing happens when I browse over album covers and suchlike in the music menu. The problem is heightened when music is playing, adding to the slowdown.
    So has anyone else experienced this problem? Or is this just standard with the Zen? More importantly, how can i fix it's!?!
    Thanks guys!

    I should also mention I have ONE album on it, so it can't be because it's full. ONE ALBUM! No joke...

  • StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Live Chat Session - Transcript

    Transcript for "StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Developer Chat", Thurs July 15 2010 (Part I)
    Aaron-GS: Good evening and welcome to our StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty developer chat!
    Aaron-GS: Chris Sigaty from Blizzard Entertainment is currently online with us and he's here to answer your questions about the game! Dustin Browder will be joining us shortly.
    ChrisSi: Hello everyone!
    Aaron-GS: This chat is queued and moderated, so please allow the developers some time to review and respond to your questions.
    Aaron-GS: Please also refrain from asking complex, multi-part questions to be fair to other participants.
    Aaron-GS: The queue is now open, so ask away!
    sillyup20: Regarding future balance changes, will you guys continue to patch SC2 after release to ensure balance of all 3 races?
    ChrisSi: Yes, it's definitely important to us to ensure that the game remains balanced after launch. We will make patches as needed to address balance issues after launch
    Guest-16: For the Campaign experience, will there be variation for future play throughs?
    ChrisSi: Yes, one of the things we're really excited about with the campaign of Wings of Liberty is that players can make choices as to which missions to do next, what technologies they want to upgrade their army with, and so on. We think there's a lot of replayability in this huge campaign (29 missions) and players will get a ton of play time just with the campaign and some replayability
    Guest-46: What is the devs' relationship with the 2.0 team?
    ChrisSi: We work very closely and we're in constant contact with the team. The launch of StarCraft II and is very much a team effort at Blizzard.
    Guest-81: Will Kerrigan have a large role in Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty?
    Lamonte: How many 1v1 multiplayer maps will be available for launch? And how will user created maps get put into the 1v1 map pool?
    ChrisSi: yes she definitely plays a large role in the story. but how exactly that plays out, you'll have to play to see
    DustinB: I think it's about 10 maps in the 1v1 queue. As we see great community maps we will take them internally, fix them up to match our map making standards (if necessary) and add them to the pool.
    Guest-19: Will you be doing an overhaul of some of the SC2 sounds, in particular, the siege tank and the hydra death and the marine death sound? Many of the fans are concerned that the audio side of Starcraft 2 will not be up-to-date and on-par with the graphics, animations and multiplayer experience
    Aaron-GS: The queue has been temporarily closed to allow Chris and Dustin some time to answer questions that have already been submitted.
    Aaron-GS: Thank you for your patience.
    DustinB: The sounds you hear in the beta are largely final. We will continue to update sounds in patches and of course in our two expansion products, Heart of the Swarm and Wings of Liberty.
    Guest-73: Will you please stop nerfing Protoss? Much love from Aiur.
    DustinB: The Protoss are now only slightly ahead of the other two races according to our numbers. But I think the nerfs for the Protoss are done for now. However the community continues to learn and we will buff and nerf as needed.=)
    pureWasted: Do you have any plans to make units such as Reapers and Zerglings more viable in the late game?
    DustinB: We continue to watch the balance in the game. Zerglings and Reapers do have some uses in the late game in some match ups, and we are waiting to see if they have more use once the community learns more about the game or if they fall off user build orders all together. We will not be doing any more patches in beta and we will be waiting at least several weeks after launch before we do any additional balance patch work (unless we see something really broken). In many ways the balance is in the hands of the community now for a while. We will see what kinds of strategies people come up with, what they learn to do with what they have and we will make decisions only after we learn a lot more about how the game plays with ALL of our fans playing.=)
    Guest-64: Could you go into more detail on the Zerg campaign for Heart of the Swarm? What new features can we expect?
    Guest-82: Hello, do you plan any new changes with the mothership? Alot of people feel that it's price is not worth it. Also, how about the ultralisk? I think the ultralisk should be able to at least walk over the zerglings. Thoughts?
    DustinB: We are not going to any changes on the Mothership in the near future. Internal debate rages about this unit, I have been told by several people both inside and outside of blizzard that the unit is far too powerful. The Ultralisk needs a lot more testing before we know how good he is or is not in his current state. I have heard complaints both ways on this unit, that he is way too powerful (mostly against Protoss) and way too weak (mostly against Terrans). But we shall have to wait and see.
    Guest-93: Will there be any significant changes between phase 2 beta and the launched version?
    DustinB: We are not going to make major changes to game balance bewteen beta and launch. We will be fixing bugs and improving game perfomance and stability.
    Guest-29: With certain maps being biased to certain races, are you planning on remaking the maps or just releasing other maps to play ladder matches that are balanced?
    DustinB: There are always going to be maps that favor one race over another. We try to strike a good balance between these maps. If there is a map that is VERY unbalanced we will pull it from the match making pool (like Incineration Zone in Beta 1). If a map needs small fixes to make it better we will make those, though in most cases I think we would just put new maps into the mix.
    Guest-89: QXC wants to know if you have plans to tweak Reapers and Battlecruisers so that we see them more in competitive play
    DustinB: We do not have plans on Reapers or Battlecruisers at the moment. That may change after the game goes live and as the community gets more time with the game. I think Battlecruisers are fundamentally vulnerable in PvT and TvT (Void Rays and Vikings) though they could be tweaked to have use in TvZ.
    Guest-104: Dustin, is this really you?!​rtrait_goliath_mercenary ^^
    Guest-80: With respect to Battle.Net, will there be automated tournaments a la Warcraft 3 and if so will they have rewards such as portraits or decals?
    ChrisSi: that is a mysterious resemblance, Guest 104!
    DustinB: We do have plans for automated tournaments, but they are a little ways off. Look for these in the future. We are pretty geeked up about getting to put them in (and play them ourselves). =)
    Guest-85: What classic/new units will we play with in the campaign that didnt make the cut in the Multiplayer game? Eg; firebat, medic, what others?
    DustinB: I don't know that I remember the full list. Here is what comes to mind.=) Medic, Firebat, Vulture, Wraith, Science Vessel, Goliath.
    Guest-70: regarding balance changes, how are you basing your balance changes? do you look at the diamond league statistics in a certain region, base them off tournament play, or what? do you guys at blizzard follow the competative tournament scene and base some balance changes of tham?
    Guest-88: Do you plan to add any new units in future expansions that would be available to use online/multilayer?
    DustinB: We look at stats on all regions and all leagues. We emphasize the importance of balance in the Diamond League as well as pulling stats from our top 1% of players. These are the numbers that need to be as close to 50/50 as we can get them. We do try to make sure that Bronze players don't get much worse than 55/45 in any matchup. In addition we look at tournament play and study those games to see what we can learn about how people are playing the game now as well as how they may play it in the future. David Kim and Matt Cooper (our balance designers) spend pretty much their entire day playing games and watching others play games.=)
    Guest-122: Cross realm play.. Why did you not include it? There has virtually been no lag.
    DustinB: That's something we want to get to in the future. There are some technical and business challenges for us. We do offer our players different ways to buy and play StarCraft 2 in different areas of the world and we need to work out cross realm play so it is fair to all of our fans around the world.
    sillyup20: Will future expansions of SC2 lead to new units in the Mutliplayer?
    DustinB: Yes.=) We will add more units. How we will deal with the games growing complexity is the really interesting challenge that we don't yet have the great answer for. We don't want to have 15+ units per race in the game, so we need to think of something clever that will allow us to add new strategies to the game without making the game too complicated.
    Denthar: are the stats on the units in the campaign going to have the same stats as those in muliplayer?
    DustinB: Mostly yes, but there are some exceptions. We do have some of the units that start weaker in the campaign and get stronger as you buy upgrades for them or gain additional abilities through researching alien organisms and artefacts. In general though there are so many new and crazy units in the campaign that you will find it a very different experience from multiplayer combat.
    Guest-151: Are there any features where you won't need a persistent internet connection such as editors or campaign?
    Guest-41: Do you feel there is room for new units to come (or come back) in the future ?
    ChrisSi: There is an offline mode where you can play the campaign, skirmish against AI or challenge mode w/o needing to be connected to (Guest 151)
    DustinB: Yes, we will be dealing with the issue of new units in the expansions. I doubt we will add new units or bring back old units in patches, but anything is possible.
    Guest-166: Can we expect significant changes for each "episode" gameplay wise? (I.E. radical new unit functions, gametypes or innovative maps?)
    DustinB: We are going to do more in the expansions to add new strategies for the fans. I don't know what those will be yet.=)
    Lamonte: You said your map making standards, what are blizzards map making standards?
    DustinB: It is a long and complicated list. In many cases it comes down to simple bugs. In user made maps there are often many small mistakes like areas of the map where units can get easily stuck or trapped, or mistakes in mineral and gas placement, that sort of thing. Generally when we put a map into the matchmaking pool we clean up a few of these bugs before publishing it to Battle.Net
    Guest-124: Can we expect new Blizzard maps as well as user-submitted (turned official) maps? If you could ballpark it, how long should we expect new features & additions from Blizzard for SC2?
    DustinB: yes, we will add user made maps. I expect we will be adding features and custom maps in many of our patches between expansions and obviously we will be adding lots of stuff in the expansions themselves.
    Guest-70: as you may know, there are no 1 supply units in the zerg race at the moment and the zerg is lacking their "swarm" aspect. what are you guys looking into to bring the "swarm" back to the zerg?
    DustinB: Well the Zerglings are .5 supply.=) I know many of our Zerg players were annoyed that we made Roaches 2 supply. We just couldn't justify a 1 supply Roach when we took a look at his stats and we watched and played a ton of Beta games. It was not balanced. We really think the "swarm" aspect of the Zerg comes not from the supply cost of some of their units but from the vast amount of resources they often have at their disposal because they find it so easy to expand. In addition with Spawn Larva the Zerg can easily save up a large amount of production, allowing Zerg forces to attack with a large army, lose that army and then rebuild it very quickly and attack again with a similar force. It feels very "swarmy."
    Guest-172: Can you give us any info about Blizzards plan for E-Sports in the west?
    Guest-190: Will there be a snow tileset in the campaign?
    DustinB: No. We will be doing snow in the future. Sorry. =(
    Scytone: What is your take on EMP? Do you feel it is to strong? are there any plans to change it?
    ChrisSi: esports is very important to us at Blizzard and especially for SC2.We do plan on releasing a patch in the months after launch to address the needs of pro tournaments and eSports, so as we get closer to that we'll have more news to share about our plans for eSports overall (Guest 172)
    DustinB: EMP is necessary for Terrans right to defend against Protoss. I also think it might have more use that we are currently seeing against Zerg (but I could be wrong about that). We have nerfed its radius in the past and we can do so again if necessary. We don't believe (currently) that it is a problem.
    Guest-48: Concerning the ladder promotions system, what further clarity can you provide to us on exactly how this works? I've heard that it works based on some sort of interval system, if so, what sort of intervals? I think many people feel left in the dark on how this works and might like a 'progress bar' for promotions or something similar.
    DustinB: The Battle.Net team has been hard at work on this system throughout Beta-1 and Beta-2. It does currently check every so often to see that you are in the right league. I don't know what the current times are that it checks. I know they are talking about doing some updates to those checks so that they happen more often.
    Guest-215: WIth the new expansions, will current units change in any way?
    DustinB: Current units will change if we think of ways to make them more fun and they will change if we need to alter the balance to deal with anything new we add to those expansions.
    Guest-93: Send: Some phase 2 patches took away some of the social features on battle net. Such as being able to join a friends game simply by right clicking and 'joining game'. Or being ablbe to see other peoples friends through your current friends. Making it easier to connect with friends is really important. Do you plan on brining back these features along with others (chat channels?)
    Guest-81: Are you happy with the Ultralisk? Do you see it as a end game unit that the zerg can use effectively? Compared to the other races end-game units, does the big bug need another buff? Or do they neeed a super bug that's bigger?
    DustinB: I have only had a few great Ultralisk experiences myself. I have seen some truly amazing Ultralisk games and I have seen some total disasters. We are going to "wait and see" on him and see how he does in the coming weeks before we do anything else to him. Remember that in many cases the players find lots of clever ways to use units that don't seem at all obvious to us inside the studio.
    ChrisSi: We're goign to be watching closely how players use the social functionality in and continue to refine the system and make it easier and more intuitive to do things like invite players to games and so on. As for chat channels, there'll be a post-launch patch that will include the ability to have private chat channels. is very much a living service so you can expect that we'll constantly be making feature additions and improvements to meet the needs of players (Guest 93)
    Guest-149: Do you anticipate further tweaking terran mech or the build time of barracks and gateways?
    DustinB: If necessary. We don't have any plans today.
    Guest-177: Do you plan to rotate the map pool for the ladder, if so will user made maps have a chance to be put in the ladder map pool?
    DustinB: Yes.=) This is a popular question. We will add user maps as we become aware of them.
    Guest-200: There are rumors that there is a LAN enabled professional edition available for professional tournaments to reduce latency... Is this true and will it be available for pro-teams to practice?
    Guest-197: Will there be anymore Zerg soundscape changes before retail? – Wankey
    DustinB: I don't believe there are any changes planned before we go live. Sorry. =(
    Guest-102: Are there still plans to implement an invite only "pro" leauge above the diamond league after launch?
    DustinB: Yes. I don't have all the details, but we do plan on having a "Pro League" that works a little differently from our regular leagues.
    ChrisSi: any rumors you've heard about a "pro edition" are just rumors. We've made no official announcements about that. We will address the needs of pro tournaments and eSports in a patch in the months after the release of SC2. (Guest 200)
    AVBenedetto: Zerg player here. I will gladly trade Roaches for Lurkers in multiplayer, any chance of seeing Lurkers before the expansions?
    DustinB: Not likely, though anything is possible. It's not a Roach trade though. It's a Roach+Baneling trade. When we were testing the game with Lurkers we found that their splash and Baneling splash overlapped quite a bit. For sometime the Lurker was Tier 3 as a result (and siege range) but in that position he was easily spotted by detection (since it is so common in Tier 3) and he wasn't really a "Lurker." Also remember that without Dark Swarm, Lurkers don't have quite the same level of use that they did in SC1.
    Guest-136: Do you believe that StarCraft 2 will be able to reach a similar eSports scene success in the US and/or Europe as Brood War has had in South Korea, including multiple multimillion dollar teams and games broadcasted live on tv daily?
    DustinB: No idea. I hope so.=) It certainly is a fun game to watch (as I'm sure most of you know). What nations and communities will embrace it is largely up to our players and fans. We didn't create esports, our fans did that. =)
    spychi: how many new units have been done for campaign only?
    DustinB: I'm not sure on the exact number. I believe it's about a dozen?
    Guest-153: With updated Terms of Use for new Bnet, it was mentioned you needed Blizzard permission for any type of Esports activity. This of course makes sense, but when I personally contacted support to get the needed paper complete through email or fax. I was told they had no information on this and was given Blizzards Corp. mailing address. Can you save people who are doing Esports Livestream / Ustream showmatches the trouble and let us know how to contact to get this permission Please?
    Guest-275: Will there ever be a toggle function for Unit life bars?? Or a way to make Unit life bars smaller??
    DustinB: There is a toggle for unit life bars. We don't have a way to make them smaller. That sounds like a good suggestion.
    ChrisSi: If you're interested in setting up a tournament and getting appropriate licensing for SC2, contact [email protected]
    Aaron|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
     Private Message

    Transcript for "StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Developer Chat", Thurs July 15 2010 (Part III)
    Guest-393: Do you have plans to change the custom game list? I ask this because sometimes I search for a game I like, but its not that popular. Therefore its on the bottom of the list and no one joins the game.
    ChrisSi: I can't speak to that issue specifically but if there is a major problem there we will address it in due time. As you know we are committed to patching even older games like SC and Diablo when necessary. At the moment a lot of attention is focused on this launch, so pelase be patient =) (Guest 334)
    DustinB: Again, this is an area that we will be working on in the coming months.=)
    Guest-340: Would it be plausible to see a "StarCraft HD" in the next five years? We'd all love to see the original game "digitally remastered" along the same lines as timeless movies like "Gone with the Wind", "Cassablanca" or the "Wizard of Oz". We don't enjoy them' films on ol' projector reels these days, no sir! -- We've got VCR's now! *spits*.
    DustinB: That would be pretty cool. Currently we have no plans for such a project. =(
    Guest-281: Recently, StarCraft Legacy wrote a really great article regarding the community's concerns with the new and we know that is going to evolve - but what is the reason for some of the stuff the community thinks was so basic not being included in release? What's the best way to give you guys feedback? We the hardcore, are a highly underused resource!
    DustinB: Oh, we are hearing you guys, don't worry about that.=) We are going to keep working on it as fast as we can. Stuff that isn't in there is stuff we just didn't get to. Keep sending your feedback though, and we'll try to address it as fast as we can.
    Guest-294: Will there be seasonal SC2 ladder resets, similar to WC3 and WoW arena?
    DustinB: That's the plan. Though I don't know yet when the first season is going to end.
    Guest-400: Do you plan on including good and balanced fan made maps (if made) in some of the future ladder map pools?
    DustinB: Yes. =) Also, I answered this one like ten times already.=)
    DustinB: To Guest-156 That's the plan. I don't know exaxtly what new sorting methods will be used in the future, but it's an area we can work on.
    Guest-337: Is Terrible Terrible Damage going to be a cheat code?
    DustinB: Wait and see.=)
    Guest-73: What is your favourite unit and race, and who would win in a 1v1 match between you two (directed to both)?
    DustinB: As the Game Director I don't have the luxury of having a favorite. I play Random unless I am testing something specific. Chris Sigaty doesn't get quite the play time I do. I would totally pwn that noob.
    ChrisSi: oh I think Dustin would have an advantage over me.
    Guest-156: Do you have any information for us on the custom game selection menu? Will new ways to sort through games be made available Soon^TM? The popularity system has its drawbacks.
    DustinB: That's the plan. I don't know exactly what new sorting methods will be used in the future, but it's an area we can work on.
    Guest-389: How exactly does the current Galaxy Editor differ from the version at launch?
    DustinB: We have made some UI improvements as well as stability improvements. More importantly you will have access to all the art in the campaign.=)
    Guest-298: In multiplayer games, are there any plan to implement a counter that would show the supply and resources of your allies? This is something that the community has been asking for a while. It would be extremely useful when one of your ally leave. I remember reading an interview with Dustin that said that the team thought that such a counter would be used to flame your allies but have you considered the possibility of letting players chose if they want to show the counter or not (kinda like you can...
    DustinB: It's certainly something we can talk about for a future patch. I do think there is going to be flaming no matter what we do, so maybe we can find a nice spot to put this info in the UI.
    Guest-70: The Force Field spell seems to be an extremely strong spell and in the recent patch, they have been buffed by decreasing the amount of Force Fields needed to trap or block a unit. It is even possible to trap Roaches in between 2 Force Fields. What is the reasoning for this change?
    Disease: Will the game ship with multiple languages on one DVD or at least with an option to switch the language?
    DustinB: Yeah, that buff happened because we fixed a bug where Zerglings on creep could actually "run past" a line of Zealots that were blocking a choke point. We have a new fix that will come out in our first patch that will make Force Fields work like they did before AND zerglings will still not be able to run past Zealots. In other words, we didn't do it on purpose, it just happened when we fixed something else. Sorry. =(
    Guest-284: Can we set difficulty of campaign? Or is there normal mode and then after we finish it we unlock other difficulties like Hard in WC3 if I remember correctly?
    DustinB: You can change your difficulty on a per mission basis. So if you start on Casual and it seems to easy you can start the next mission on Normal or Hard. You can play any difficulty at any time without having to beat the campaign.
    Guest-282: Will there be a way at release to customize your key binds, or at least move the F keys to a more convenient position?
    DustinB: Yes, you can do some key rebinding.
    Guest-346: I want to say a BIG "thank you" to you guys and everyone at Blizzard for making these games that millions and I want to play! And for a light-hearted question; What are we more likely to see first, the third expansion to Starcraft 2, or Diablo 3? =)
    ChrisSi: Disease -- you should buy the language version and region that you want to play in. The ability to switch language and which language you want to switch to is going to vary from region to region.
    Guest-419: Resend: Will you be conducting more chats like this one anytime soon, as it seems that direct, public communications between the devs and the community is sparse (reading our posts on the forums/fansites doesn't count, I'm referring to a two-way dialogue)
    DustinB: Thanks dude.=) As far as the race between us and D3 goes who knows? If you are a fan of our games you know how we opperate. It will be done when it's done. Not the best answer for our fans, but the right answer for the games.
    ChrisSi: Guest 419 - we do conduct Twitter chats with fans from time to time. Recommend you add yourself to the official StarCraft facebook and/or twitter accounts so you can be informed when the next one happens. Thanks!
    Guest-29: What is the most popular race being played in the beta?
    Guest-366: With regard to the Oceanic / Asia region, coming from the Philippines I am still contemplating which version to buy (right now I have better ping to LA servers). Has there been any update regarding the traceroutes on the forums, which version would Australian / Philippine players buy to experience better multiplayer experience (read: less lag). Thanks.
    DustinB: Terran. That may be because they are the default race, or because they are the most "understandable" race (they look human) or it may be because people think they are the most powerful. Not sure why.=)
    Guest-82: I really miss "20 minute No Rush" titles on custom games, with this new you can't do that, is there anyway we can impliment that? Also, any news on clan chat and general chat?
    DustinB: yeah, I hear you on the "no rush" games. I don't have a solve for you in the current UI. No news on Clan or General chat, but it is on the list of big important things we have to do, that is for sure.
    Guest-314: There appears to be a significant input delay when using keyboard commands in custom maps that is (probably) unrelated to latency that has remained since Warcraft 3. Trying to play games on using arrow keys to move for example, is impossible. Is your team aware of this issue and are there plans to fix it?
    ChrisSi: Guest 366 -- we are always trying to work with local ISPs to improve routing to servers. I'd strongly encourage you to play in the SEA region as our goal is to build up strong regional communities of players. By putting down servers in the region, we are committing to providing the best play experience for you there.
    DustinB: We are very aware. Last I heard they were working on it but it was a hard problem. I don't know if a fix is incoming or possible. We shall have to wait and see what the engineers come up with.
    Guest-211: Have you watched any SC2 beta tournaments? If so, who is your favorite player?
    DustinB: I have watched many. I don't know if it would be right for me to say my favorite.=) I like players who have good manners, play creatively and try new stuff a lot.
    Guest-470: Dustin, when i first read about the new AI, which Sc2 would introduce, I thought you would be more inventive. I would love to recommend your AI-team some readings on planning AI... I see that you already read up on steering behavior for the zerglings (which results in poor movements by ultralists, but that's another story). (Master in AI @ university of Copenhagen, Denmark)
    DustinB: Sorry if you don't like our AI. I think it's pretty challenging and does a really good job of being aggresive and keeping you on your toes. Try Insane if you have mastered Very Hard.=)
    Guest-397: Is there going to be a single-player demo like there was for the original shortly before or after release?
    DustinB: We are working on something, but it is still a little bit in the future to know exactly when we will have it ready.
    Guest-258: Will there be a way to view replays with my friends within Currently the only way (that I know) to view them concurrently is to send him the file, and we both click start at the same time =\. Its sort of a hassle.
    DustinB: One day yes, not for launch.=( It is a good feature and we are going to try to get it as soon as we can.
    Guest-364: It seems to be that in terran vs anything. terran is called the favored match up in polls and in major tournaments. even pro players changing to terran because of the imbalance. does blizzard feel there is an imbalance?
    DustinB: I haven't seen numbers that prove this to me yet. I have also had players tell me that Protoss are the most imbalanced. Polls we don't really respond to, we don't know who is in them or if they are accurate. If we start to see a large number of terran players dominating the high end tournaments we will certainly do something. Currently I don't feel there is an imbalance, but as always we are open to new data.
    Guest-173: Considering the limitation of 1 account per purchase of SCII, it makes it very difficult for players to play their 'off' races competitively without losing their rank for their 'best' race. If having multiple accounts is not possible because of spam, and repeatedly playing against bronze-level to feel 'pro', etc, etc, Could it be possible to implement 4 different placement match sets of 5 for each individual race? (P T Z and Random?) So we can play all of them and improve our entire SC play, sti...
    Guest-194: how come the US didnt get an open beta? I cant wait 11 more days =(
    DustinB: Yeah. I know exactly how you feel. I don't know what the fix is yet for this issue. We'll try to think of a good fix that makes everyone happy.
    Guest-347: You mentioned, in relation to the balance of TvZ, that although you feel Siege tanks might be too powerful vs. Zerg generally, the "stats" don't back that up because the win rate is close to 50/50. Taken to the extreme, isn't it possible that, say, Baneling busts are OP vs Terran early and Siege tanks are OP vz Zerg in the mid-to-late game? Therefore Zerg would win 50% of the time on Baneling busts, and Terran would win the other 50% of games that make it to the mid-game. Obviously this is an ex...
    ChrisSi: Guest 194 -- Hang in there! Sorry you didn't make it into beta but it won't be long before you can play. Hope to see you soon on!
    Guest-53: You said the campaign will be available offline and that campaign progress is kept serverside. Will users be able to earn Achievements while playing offline? Are game saves going to be saved locally or on the server?
    DustinB: Yes, that is possible. But we don't just use the stats. When we are playing, we find that experienced Zerg players are doing well in both tournaments and in high end play. And our testers and balance guys are crushing with zerg. As far as ZvT is concerned we are waiting for more data. I feel like there is a problem but we haven't seen the proof yet. We need to know what to do before we make a fix. So we are going to keep watching it.
    Guest-86: 1 ghost emp could possibly whipe out VERY MANY archons , and of all of their life but a puny 10 hitpoints, also with giving up psistorm do you even see archons as a useful unit , PvT anyways ? *P.S. how longs the Q+A gonna last ?*
    DustinB: EMP does not do 100% damage to shields. Archons have some shields remaining when they get hit.
    ChrisSi: Guest 53: If you're not connected to you can't earn achievements. And obviously if you want to access cloud file storage to save your campaign progress you'll need to be connected online to do that as well.
    Guest-363: Are there any plans to standardize the in game time with the actual game speed we play on? IE give us correct APM for the fastest setting and in game time regaurding unit build times, and other references to time that arent on the speed that is played on.
    DustinB: Yeah, this is an issue we have to address. I'm not sure what fix we decided for this off the top of my head. Sorry.=(
    Guest-454: What do you guys plan on doing about the exceeding number of smurf accounts currently occupying the Bronze league, I messed up my placement matches and now it seems like theres no way out. :[
    DustinB: We will promote you out of Bronze if you win games. It takes 30+ games in the current version of the system. Also, I highly suggest to players in Beta-2 to NOT intentionally throw their first 5 games. I now some players who have done this and then been frustrated that they can't just win their way out quickly. The system is conservative right now (though we are talking about some changes) and it will only promote you after it is pretty sure it knows where you belong.
    Guest-73: It seems that the new and improved AI heavily favours ranged units and in mid to late game, melee units become weak against them. Do you feel that this is the case and tweaking needs to be done?
    DustinB: that is not feedback that I have heard. But we can certainly look at it.
    Guest-283: Any plans to get group replay watching out in the near future? The community would love this and it would be great for team players. What about things like drawing across the replay screen, etc?
    Guest-473: Is StarCraft 2 going to be pay to play on Latin America?. Game voices are on Latin Spanish like WoW?
    DustinB: Not in the near future, but as soon as we can. That would be a ton of fun.
    Guest-340: Relic's RTS 'Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor' allows you to swap out specific units in a melee game, allowing for some greater variety in a matchup. Could we see this feature in future expansions? If not the complexity of mix & match armies, perhaps simply custom unit artwork (earned through tournaments or other promotional elements)?
    DustinB: It's a cool idea. If it makes sense we could do something like that. The most important thing for StarCraft is always going to be the game balance. That will help determine what we are and are not willing to do in the expansions.
    Guest-303: Do you feel the ladder placement system is successful? I went 4-1 in my placement matches and was placed in silver. Also, will the magic number of placement matches still be 5 after release?
    ChrisSi: Our players in Latin America still ahve the option of purchasing an unlimited play client directly from us. We do have the ADDITIONAL option (for players who want it) to buy a lower-cost box that has limited play time. You can then buy additional play time if you like. So it's up to you which way you want to go. And yes the game will be fully voiced and localized in Latin American Spanish (not Castellano).
    DustinB: We have found that 5 matches is enough to place most players somewhat close to their correct league. If we want to be more precise we have to wait until almost 35 matches to know for sure where you belong (and that's too long). So we are going to keep it at 5 and then promote as necessary. The current system is a little bit conservative with promotions. We are looking at possibly making it a little bit more aggresive with promotions for launch. But that may or may not happen depending on the work involved.
    Guest-199: Do we have to expect to servers to be laggy on the first day of release or are you guys REALLY ready for launch?
    DustinB: I hope we are ready. We have certainly put in the work to BE ready. I THINK we are ready. OK, now you are making me nervous with this question.
    Guest-397: A year or two back, I believe it was mentioned that we could mix and match tilesets (say, you could use the dirt or grass from Agria or Bel'Shir, but could also include terrain from a tileset such as Korhal or Shakuras). From what I've heard, this was not possible in the Beta. Is this one of the UI improvements you mentioned? If not, why was it removed?
    Guest-167: How is the sp campaign replayability wise? Are there incentives for doing the missions/campaign again aside from collecting achievements? Maybe branching mission paths or choices in the campaign that affect how the rest of the campaign will play out?
    DustinB: I don't think this feature was removed. But I haven't used the editor in some time. If it's out it may be a mistake.
    Guest-446: Forgive me if this has already been addressed, but will there be a SINGLE top league? I love having multiple Bronze->Platinum, but we NEED to know who is the best. Either Diamond or a new bracket above diamond should exist as single top 100 league. Please?
    DustinB: Eventually we are planning on a "Pro League" that will include the best players only.
    Guest-419: Why are the patch notes always incomplete? Why not disclose all the changes up front? Also, will you host any tournaments at BlizzCon with well known commentators in the community DJing?
    DustinB: Because we are making patches too quickly and we screwed up and forgot to put some stuff in. Sorry. =(
    AVBenedetto: Can Void Rays lose their charge when they change targets like they did ages ago? Pretty please with spidermines on top?
    ChrisSi: Guest 167: There will be some different mission branches throughout the campaign that tell the sidestories of certain characters like Tosh or Dr. Hanson. There will also be a couple opportunities there for your choices to affect the fate of certain sidestories. Between the branching mission paths and the ability to customize your army through single-player only units and tech and mercenaries, we think there's a good amount of replayability built-in to the game.
    DustinB: I think Void Rays are doing pretty well in the balance of the game right now. No plans for such a change (which is a pretty big nerf).
    Guest-132: You mentioned that larger/"pro" maps are for pro players and tournaments. Does that mean we won't be seeing any more maps the size of Lost Temple in the 1v1 ladder map pool?
    Guest-449: Are you planning on having the servers live for midnight launches in the US?
    DustinB: No, Lost Temple will be in that pool. Desert Oasis is in there too (and is pretty big). Some of the pro maps from Broodwar could almost be 3v3 maps. And they are often very technical maps with all kinds of height differences and complex layouts. They are AWESOME for pro play, but can be a little intimidating for many.
    Guest-280: What are your plans for the 1st expansion in terms of campaign and how will it be different to the hyperion stuff and how missions work in SC2 WOL
    ChrisSi: Guest 449: Yes, if you go and buy your box at midnight in the US, we're planning on the servers being ready for you to install and play when you bring that box home
    Aaron|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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  • Mac Mini Mid 2011 General system slowdown when transferring files?

    Hi i have a stock mac mini mid 2011, 2.5ghz i5, 4gb ram, 500gb HDD os 10.7.1 and i've noticed a general system slowdown when transferring files on 10.7 and the last 10.7.1 update ( from usb to hdd, another computer on my local network to the mini, external dvd to the mini, etc).
    I could describe the slowdown as mouse pointer movement suffers, its "laggy", application take longer to start, even menus in them from appearing, writting something on the keyboard i have to wait like 5 - 10 seconds so the words start appearing in the app (i.e. textedit).
    I wanted to know if any other new mac mini owner has had this issue and if there is any solution to this(that would not involve buying a SSD for example)?
    Im not really sure if this is a hardware or system issue but it really is getting on my nerves(i know i could just wait for the files to transfer which is what i do now but i dont think that should be), since i also have a old macbook from 2007 2.0ghz c2d, 2gb ram, 250gb HDD os 10.6.8 and have never had this problem before.
    Thanks in advanced.
    Let me know if i need to give more info on this subject.
    Edit: I forgot to mention, the funny thing is doing a time machine backup to my external HDD or transferring files from my HDD to a usb doesnt give me any kind of slowdown.

    Hi Rick, I'd see if it's reated to this, which has many symptoms...
    Try this: "sudo pmset autopoweroff 0" and "sudo pmset standby 0"

  • Lots of lockups and slowdowns

    I have recently had tons of lockups (or horrible slowdowns) on my system. Have installed nothing new, but tried to use Disk Utility. It mentioned major repair issues needed and that it couldn't fix it. So, I backed everything up that I could and reformatted (I did not zero over the drive - maybe I should've) the drive and started over. It seemed to work great for about 2 weeks and now its doing it again. I will try to open mail and safari only to sit and watch them bounce for a minute then (if) they finally open the system will just lock up. Its not that it locks up everytime, but becomes horrendously slow.
    Any ideas? I found an article that recommends running disk repair and disk permissions weekly. Is this really needed? I also read an article saying I shouldn't have jumped right to 10.3.9 - that instead, I should have downloaded all the steps and updated one at a time.
    Its pretty frustrating really. About to toss the whole thing and go to Windows (no, but I am getting pi$$ed).
    Thanks in advance.

    The zero out will map out bad blocks (could be part of your problem). It is your best chance at restoring the drive. The clicking noises bother me though. It could be your Mac trying to access bad blocks but, depending on the type of clicking noise, could also be a drive failing mechanically. In that case replacement is the only option. I would try the zero out and see how it goes if you have the time.
    I live in Oswego (Geneva's a great town!) and love making a little cash on the side, but I'm working 7 days a week and have little time on my hands. I'm also used to working on towers so an iMac would be foreign to me. Thanks for the offer though and good luck!

  • File Explorer File Enumeration Slowdown in Windows 8.1 - Why?

    File enumeration in Windows 8.1 appears to be slowing down.
    Here's what I mean:
    On a freshly rebooted system (i.e., with few files in the cache), open a File Explorer window on the root folder of drive C:.
    Select all the files, then right-click and choose Properties.
    TIME how long it takes to finish, and divide the number of files enumerated by the seconds it took to do the enumeration.
    Do it again now that the data is all cached.
    I've always thought this was a decent way to gauge real world file system responsiveness, and in fact it really was a pretty good benchmark up until Windows 8.1 came along.  With Windows 8(.0) and earlier, if you saw more than 30,000 files per
    second counted up, you had a very good SSD setup.
    On the workstation on which I'm typing this, my Windows 7 x64 installation would enumerate about 30,000 files per second the first time, and about 50,000 files per second the second time, from the RAM cache.  I have a very responsive I/O subsystem.
    When Windows 8 came out the numbers were about the same, if not a little better.
    When Win 8.1 was released they dropped BIG TIME.  File enumeration was something like 3 to 1 slower.
    Now, with the updates in past months, they appear to have dropped even further!
    Right now, with a fresh bootup I am seeing just under 6,000 files per second enumerated the first time, and a bit over 8,000 from the cached data.  This is DISMAL by comparison to earlier versions.
    Thankfully, typical file system performance - as measured by how long it takes to do real work on a few files in real applications - doesn't seem to have been affected as much, but then most applications don't enumerate lots of files. 
    It seems likely that this enumeration slowdown affects real operations in Explorer beyond just this file count.
    Keep in mind I can run a Windows 7 VM or Windows 8.0 VM on this same hardware and still see 30,000 files/second enumerated inside the VM.  My hardware hasn't degraded.  The older Windows systems are still just as fast.  If
    I run a Win 8.1 VM the 6 to 1 slowdown is obvious.
    That even the RAM-cached directory data can't be run through nearly as quickly in Win 8.1 says that the slowdown is in the file system implementation.
    This isn't a question about why MY workstation is slowing down - it's not.  It's about why WINDOWS is becoming less and less efficient out of the box.  I have measured and compared progressive slowdowns in virtual machine snapshots
    ranging from a fresh, out-of-box installation of Win 8 or 8.1, to one that's been run for years.  Something's becoming less efficient IN THE DESIGN.
    Why is File Explorer taking longer and longer to simply count up files in folders?
    A corollary question is:  What else is this slowdown affecting?  Explorer doesn't seem as responsive to me as it once did.
    I'd hate to think Microsoft is slipping stuff into Windows to cause it to be slower and slower since its release date, just so they can make it look like the next version is faster.
    Detailed how-to in my eBooks:  
    Configure The Windows 7 "To Work" Options
    Configure The Windows 8 "To Work" Options

     the slowdown is in File Explorer, rather than the file system itself.
    Want some more proof?  And proof that your system is caching the data that is needed.  And proof that stuff may be being ignored by WE which should be counted...
    In an elevated cmd window at the desired drive root enter:
    D:\>dir/a/s | findstr "File(s) Dir(s)"
    The surprise for me is the way the pipe seems to work?   Is it really a separate process that doesn't have to wait for the completion of the first stage's output?
    Anyway, I might be willing to time that--in fact, it may be possible to automate its timing--but I am definitely not interested in hanging around waiting for the number of
    minutes that WE takes to be sure I get an accurate measurement--if you know what I mean.   <eg>
    And apparently that would not be a fair comparison anyway.  WE only finds 2/3 in Size of what the dir finds.  I probably need to tweak WE's Options.  Finding only 2/3 of what another procedure is finding seems suspect even if it does
    take an absurd amount of time longer.  The funny thing is that the number of files is almost the same.  So, what does that imply: that 1/3 of the Size was contained by some very few which could not be counted?
    I should probably also try to convert that pipeline to Powershell and see how it does.  That could at least check the dir measurements in one way or another.  TBD.
    BTW I think I am now on a faster processor than I had with my tx2 but this Surface 2 Pro even with 8 GB RAM still doesn't "scream" for me.  I have noticed that its firmware shuts down cores occasionally. 
    My guess is that could be due to its lack of cooling.  My tx2 always had its fans running full.  Maybe I will get a different result if I do this test in the winter than now in the middle of summer?   <eg>
    Robert Aldwinckle

  • Significant slowdown of Time Machine after upgrade to Lion; indexing problem

    After upgrading to Lion over the weekend I notice a significant slowdown of Time Machine processing.  I assumed the first backup or two would take some time but it's been a couple of days.  The process always hangs up at the "Indexing backup" stage.  It takes a couple of hours to finish.
    I found several threads relating to slowed down backups on Lion, most seem to hang at the "Preparing" stage (not the same symptom) but I did find some good diagnostic pointers.  I installed the widget to see what kind of messages were being produced and found a few dozen "Waiting for index to be ready (100)" messages at the end of the stream.  Further research - this is not a good thing :-)  It seems a couple of such messages can be ok, but this many usually indicates a problem.  I'm going to discount the possibility of a hardware failure because everything was perfectly fine up to the point I made the upgrade.  Plus the prepare and copy seem to proceed at the expected speed (I watched the most recent cycle just to be sure).
    Here is the full message log (it's still running at the moment):
    Starting standard backup
    Attempting to mount network destination URL: afp://Paul%[email protected]/Paul%20DiMarzio's%20Tim e%20Capsul
    Mounted network destination at mountpoint: /Volumes/Paul DiMarzio's Time Capsul using URL: afp://Paul%[email protected]/Paul%20DiMarzio's%20Tim e%20Capsul
    Disk image /Volumes/Paul DiMarzio's Time Capsul/Paul DiMarzio’s MacBook Pro.sparsebundle mounted at: /Volumes/Time Machine Backups
    Backing up to: /Volumes/Time Machine Backups/Backups.backupdb
    12.15 GB required (including padding), 490.69 GB available
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    Waiting for index to be ready (100)
    I further found the advice and instructions on how to run the disk utility on the sparsebundle.  I did a verify and repair, and the results came back that the drive appears to be ok (it did not say that it explicitly repaired anything).
    But the problem remains.
    I use a 1TB Time Capsule with plenty of free capacity (only half full).  The TC and my MacBook are both hardwired into the home network, networking speed has never been an issue.
    I'd sure hate to delete the backup file and start from scratch, there's over a year's worth of data there and I have, occassionally, wanted to go in there and pick up a downlevel or subsequently deleted file.
    Any advice on other diagnostics or repair options to take?  Thanks!

    After posting I decided to keep trying to slog my way through the troubleshooting guide.  Some of the steps are beyond my understanding but I did follow the advice in #D2 to delete the .Spotlight-V100 file from the sparsebundle.  That action does seem to have done the trick, the backups are now completing in normal time.  I ran a couple just to be sure.  I've verified the backups with BackupLoupe and entered the Time Machine, all appears to be in order and as expected.  The only odd side effect is that the backup volume is no longer ejected after completion but that might just be an artifact of all my mounting/de-mounting and playing with Finder.  Anyway a very small price to pay for what looks to be a working system again.
    Hopefully the good behavior will last through a few days and a few reboots :-)
    ps - if you're reading this and don't know about the troublshooting guide it's here: (thanks pondini)

  • Yosemite - Samsung 840 Pro Significant Slowdown

    I have upgraded my MacbookPro 15" Early 2011 with a Samsung SSD 840 Pro 512GB. It was performing extremely smooth and well using OS 10.9 (Mavericks).
    Last week, I have upgraded the OS X to Yosemite and now I'm experiencing frequent significant slow down (significant waiting time for disk access). Is anyone experiencing the same problem and if there's any solution out there?
    - MacbookPro 15" Early 2011
    - 8GB
    - Samsung SSD 840 Pro 512GB
    Previously installed TRIM Enabler (which disabled the Kext signing). After experiencing significant hangover time, I have disabled TRIM and reenabling the Kext. However, it doesn't help. My laptop continues to experience significant random slow down and hangover. It didn't crash but the disk access is definitely not performing smoothly. Significant slowdown appears to be more problematic when running Parallels 10.
    Thanks for your help.


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