Smartforms - Chinees characters are not displayed properly

The chineese characters are not displayed propery when logged in EN in the logon screen, but we are able to see Chineese characters when logged in with ZH - chineese in the logon screen. This is happening for Sales order and Purchase order and for Japan also we fee see the same issue.
Ganesh Prasanna.T

It is a printer issue. The printer needs to be configured to support the Chinese chanracter set.
Normally when we are able to view the chinese characters properly in the print preview but not properly displayed on the output it is surely a printer problem.
This kind of problem we faced many times.
Kiran Sure

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    I have a pdf file which has both russian and Japanese characters in it. Before I install Japanese font pack, the russian characters were displayed properly but for Japanese characters Junk characters are displayed. But once  I installed Japanese font pack, Japanese fonts are displayed properly, but for Russian characters are displayed as junk characters. Please let us know if can display both font types simultaneously in a document or is there any work around for this ?

    What is your Reader version?
    If Reader X or earlier, did you also install the extended font pack?

  • Japanese characters are not displayed properly - Crystal Report XI

    We are upgrading reports from CR8 to CR11.
    When I preview the CR8 report I can see the Japanese Characters (Coming from Database).
    After saving the CR8 report as CR11 report, When I preview the report I cannot see the Japanese Character which I was able to see in CR8.
    Why I am seeing unknown characters in CR11? When CR8 displays Japanese, then CR11 should display right?
    Please help.
    Thanks in advance.

    These are simply community forums - not technical support as such. You may, or may not get an answer. If you do need to contact technical support, you may want to consider obtaining a one case phone support contract from here;

  • OLE Objects are not displayed properly-overlap characters and empty page

    I'm using CR4E 12 Runtime libraries to load and view reports that are created in CR designer  v10. Some of the OLE Objects (not all) are not displayed properly.
    1) A full page contains terms and conditions as ole object is not at all displayed and just shown as black image.
    2) Some data in a table (OLE Object) shown as overlapped characters.
    Any body know the reason and is there any workaround to solve this issue?
    Thankyou very much for your time.

    Your problem seems to be with the character encoding you are using for your text.  A quick google search for ColdFusion character encoding should turn up the answer.  In case you are interested in learning more: ext=ColdFusion_Documentation&file=00001201.htm
    Hope that helps!
    - Michael

  • Spanish accent characters are not displayed proper in excel file

    I have written a program which displays one report file (.xls file ) on the browser.
    This report file is in spanish language and contains few accent characters like
    ("� � � � � � �"). These characters are not displyed properly in that excel file which is opened in the browser. I have used utf-8 encoding method. I tried with some other encoding methods available. But still this problem continues.
    Kindly provide me help as soon as possible.
    Thanks and

    File is generated through a java bean at runtime and it is not stored pgysically.
    If I copy these characters from somewhere to new xls file then it will be displayed properly.
    Sample code which is used for setting headers is as below:
         protected void setContentType (
              HttpServletResponse     p_response
         ,     InstanceData          p_instancedata
              p_response.setHeader ("Cache-Control", "no-cache");
              p_response.setHeader ("Cache-Control", "max-age=0");
              p_response.setHeader (
                   "Content-Disposition", "inline; filename="
              +      p_instancedata.userId
              +      "_"
              +      System.currentTimeMillis ()
              +     ".csv"
              System.out.println("Content generator = ");
              p_response.setContentType (EXCEL_CONTENT_TYPE);
    For generating this xls file, format of data is XML. Means both request and response data will be in XML format.
    Hope this information help in suggesting any solution for this problem.

  • Chinese characters are not displayed in the Firefox bookmarks

    Chinese characters are not displayed in the Firefox bookmarks. The name looks like e.g. "??????? ????"
    Chinese character of the site name is displayed ok in the head of the browser window and there is no problem reading chinese web content. I use Firefox Portable 11 /English from in Windows XP.
    I googled and got some tips:
    1) Set your browser to recognise Chinese language internet sites.
    Windows users: Under "Tools - Options" on your browser's menu-bar add Chinese to the languages list.
    - I did this.
    2) Set your browser's "Character Set" or "Encoding" to UTF-8 (sometimes also called Universal Alphabet or Unicode).
    Encoding settings can be changed under the "View" option in your browser's menu-bar.
    - It was already set to UTF-8.
    3) Windows users: If Chinese text still does not display correctly, East Asian language support may need to be enabled.
    - This has been done when I installed Windows.
    I still don't get any Chinese fonts in the bookmark names. I can edit the bookmark name with chinese characters and then save the bookmark, it works fine. But why does not Firefox recognize the characters when saving bookmarks? Help is appreciated.

    No I didn't change anything deep beneath the hood. My problem didn't apply to the URL, but to the name of the link or bookmark header or whatever you would like to call it. (When hitting Ctrl + D there is a Name field). I only got ???????? instead of chinese characters in the name. Also for e.g. ...but maybe all China is not in the whitelist either. ;-) But anyway, this was not the real problem for me.
    Apparently I was wrong as after a reboot of the computer it worked. The solution seemed to be to add Chinese to the language list. I don't know why it was not enough to restart Firefox?
    Now I only have problems to show chinese characters in the name field of my external link manager... But I guess it is not an issue for Mozilla.

  • Elements Organizer 8 - some WMV are not displayed properly in the Play Video but are in Play Vide

    Elements Organizer - some WMV are not displayed properly in the Play Video but are in Play Vide on Full screen. What's the problem? Wrong codec?

    Because WMV's can contain a lot of flags, like DRM, they can exhibit odd behavior, indeed.
    Usually, AV files will display in their native resolution, i.e. in their set Frame Size/Aspect Ratio and with their set PAR (Pixel Aspect Ratio), but sometimes those flags are missed, or are altered by other programs.
    Remember, WMV's are designed to be streaming delivery-only, and are not intended, or designed to be edited. Most NLE's (Non Linear Editors) will allow them to be edited, but will require extra processing to do so. As is mentioned, WMM is designed around editing that delivery-only format, but most others are not.
    There are many other formats/CODEC's, that ARE designed to be edited by the vast majority of NLE's, such as DV-AVI Type II's.
    The best workflow is to NOT bring WMV's into the mix, unless one is using WMM exclusively. Converting those to an easily editable format/CODEC will always be the best course of action.
    Good luck,

  • Pages are not displaying properly

    I am using EP 7.0 SP 7.0. Some of the pages (like new ivew creartion page, Identity management page under User Administration etc.) are not displaying properly. The background is showing totally white and only the buttons and text are visible.
    Though these pages were working fine before.
    Is there any configuration change which is causing this?
    Any suggestion ??????

    SAP recommends to use fully qualified domain names, when using the portal.
    For example, to enter into the portal use ", instead of "http://machine_name/irj/portal". 
    Failing to do so may lead to inconsistency in communication on client side between the page and iViews.
    Srinivasan T
    <b>helful answer=>points</b>

  • Pictures and texts are not displayed properly

    Hello Apple users,
    I've the 15 inch Macbook Pro with retina display, running Mountain Lion. I have noticed that when I chat with my friends in Facebook, the texts in the chat window are not displayed properly. This also happens when flipping through photos that were uploaded in Facebook. Also, pictures are not displayed properly in other websites. For example, today I was reading the news in the Guardian when I noticed that the top bar and a picture weren't displayed properly. The top bar should have showed News, Sports, Comment, Culture, Pensions, etc. all in the same line. Also look at the photo titiled "Should building socities do buy-to-let?" I took a screenshot from the guardian and you can see the photo here:
    Do you guys have any suggestions how can I fix these issues?
    Thanks for reading and your help

    From the Safari menu bar, select
    Safari ▹ Preferences ▹ Extensions
    If any extensions are installed, disable them and test.

  • Images are not displaying properly i.e Broken

    images are not displaying properly i.e Broken .they are not opening in any website even in facebook

    Hi Himanshu,
    Tools>Internet Options>Advanced tab, click the "Reset" button.
    Close all open IE windows and then start IE and try again.
    Post consumer questions about IE to (Help>Online Support menu from IE.)... at the answers forum you have to select what version of windows and IE you are using with your question...
    which you did not stipulate here.
    You can also choose at answers your preferred language and receive an answer in your preferred language.
    Also include with your questions to answers, the FULL address of any websites you are having problems with... so that the support engineers can visit and test the web page...
    Just saying Facebook is not sufficient as when you say 'pictures' are not displaying...perhaps you mean 'video' pictures... also websites like Facebook have different addresses for different parts of the world.
    eg. or
    This forum is for questions from System Administrators who manage 100's of computers that use IE with IEAK and GPO.

  • Infotypes special characters are not displayed correctly

    hi experts,
                  While entering names with special characters in infotypes it happens that some of them are not correctly displayed .
    can you please help me out as soon as possible

    Thank you for your fast reply :)
    The site is not online available unfortunately.
    The character encoding used by Firefox is UTF-8 (automatically detected) which is correct. I even tried manually switching to other Chinese standards, but none of them brought a satisfieable result.
    The site itself does not specify a font (the css only contains "font-family: Arial,Tahoma,Verdana;"), and the site does not provide a custom font either.
    I noticed that if i copy and paste the text into word, the characters are wrongly displayed too using the font MS Mincho (so I assume Firefox automatically selects this font to display the characters which would explain why they are displayed incorrectly)
    Ah, I now included the font "SimSun" in the css (which is installed on in windows and using this font the characters are displayed correctly in word) - and this solved he problem!
    Thanks for your help!!

  • Chinese simple characters are not displayed correctly (Old (TW? HK?) style instead of modern characters)

    We a currently trying to translate our software into Chinese and we noted that some of the chinese characters are displayed incorrectly (it seems the Taiwanese/Hongkong version is displayed instead of the modern simple character)
    The problem exists in both Firefox 3.6 as well as 4.0.1 and 4.0.2 (we did not try with other versions yet)
    The characters are displayed correctly in IE 9.x and Google Chrome 13.0.782.220 m and we are positive it is not a problem with the website itself.
    I copied part of a screenshot on:
    The bottom part is the character from the input scheme (correctly displayed) but once it is entered in firefox (top part), the left character is displayed in incorrectly.

    Thank you for your fast reply :)
    The site is not online available unfortunately.
    The character encoding used by Firefox is UTF-8 (automatically detected) which is correct. I even tried manually switching to other Chinese standards, but none of them brought a satisfieable result.
    The site itself does not specify a font (the css only contains "font-family: Arial,Tahoma,Verdana;"), and the site does not provide a custom font either.
    I noticed that if i copy and paste the text into word, the characters are wrongly displayed too using the font MS Mincho (so I assume Firefox automatically selects this font to display the characters which would explain why they are displayed incorrectly)
    Ah, I now included the font "SimSun" in the css (which is installed on in windows and using this font the characters are displayed correctly in word) - and this solved he problem!
    Thanks for your help!!

  • Ads are not displaying properly in Safari, v 4.0.5

    I am having an odd problem with display ads from our local newspaper not displaying properly on my Mac Pro in Safari. I suspect that the issue might be related to having had some AdBlock app on my system a few months ago. I removed the app and some ads display, but others are just a white block with nothing inside. Is there any way to figure out why the content doesn't load?
    The website is
    The ads I'm having issues with are the 300x250 ads in the right 3rd column, located directly below the weather info and above the "marketplace" ads.
    Any ideas or troubleshooting tips?
    Oh, why do I wanna see em in the first place? I'm an advertiser on the site and would like to see my own ads load occasionally.

    Hey ho, Grady!
    I can see all the ads on the right,
    with the exception of the very top (first) box
    which has the header of "Weather Alerts).
    It's blank, and I'm assuming you have no alerts at the present.
    All the rest of the paid for ads show.
    So, what I would do is clear my Safari cache, history, and
    in Preferences>Security, clear all the cookies from that site.
    Hope this helps.
    If you need more info just holler.
    Let us know how you're doing, OK?

  • In XML Output the values of Number column tags are not displayed properly

    Our Client have been using AR Invoice Print Program for a long time and it is heavily customized. Also they are using an old version of the RDF. So we have taken the latest version of the RDF (RAXINV.rdf) for Oracle Apps by raising a SR and implement Client's old RAXINV.rdf into it.
    All was ok, but when we are running the program, the XML Output did not generate properly. For the Q_INVOICE query (G_ORDER_BY, G_INVOICE and G_INV_TERM group), the value of some of the scaler number columns are not appeared properly. The tags are coming correctly, but the value is appearing as '*', instead of the correct value. We have checked in the RDF Level (By putting srw.message and check in the log file) that those columns are having proper value. So there is no issue with the RDF.
    But because of the above mentioned problem, the some of the PDF output field values also is not generated correctly.
    I think that because of the lexical parameters which was implementing the Q_INVOICE query (&COMMON_QUERY) this issue is coming. Because the issue is only in the Q_INVOICE query group (G_ORDER_BY, G_INVOICE and in G_INV_TERM group) not in any other query group.
    There is no problem with the scaler character columns. The issue is only with the number columns.
    Also we have checked that if we hardcode the value of the number columns in the above mentioned lexical parameter, this problem doesn't appear.
    If we put TO_CHAR function to those number columns in the lexical parameter (COMMON_QUERY), then this issue get solved. But we can't do it because of performance issue and also Client won't approve it.
    Please help.
    With Thanks and Regards

    I don't know how to read the code you pasted or I would have checked this myself.
    Do your fields in the internal table reference dictionary objects or elementary types? If not using dictionary types, the column names will be blank by default. If you can't change your fields to be dictionary types, you can try this to change the column names:
    I made a method inside my local class to add the names:
            call method set_colname
              EXPORTING iv_tab = alv_tab
                        iv_colid = 'xxxx'  "fieldname from the table
                        iv_stxt = text-t54
                        iv_mtxt = text-t55
                        iv_ltxt = text-t55.
    METHOD set_colname .
              alv_cols type REF TO cl_salv_columns_table,
              alv_col type REF TO cl_salv_column.
      TRY .
    *... Change fieldnames
            call METHOD iv_tab->get_columns RECEIVING value = alv_cols.
            call method alv_cols->get_column EXPORTING columnname = iv_colid RECEIVING value = alv_col.
            IF iv_stxt <> ''.
              CALL METHOD alv_col->set_short_text EXPORTING value = iv_stxt.
            IF iv_mtxt <> ''.
              CALL METHOD alv_col->set_medium_text EXPORTING value = iv_mtxt.
            IF iv_ltxt <> ''.
              CALL METHOD alv_col->set_long_text EXPORTING value = iv_ltxt.
       CATCH cx_salv_not_found.
    ENDMETHOD. "set_colname

  • Imorted barcode graphics in FrameMaker 10 are not displaying properly in my PDFs

    I have imported barcode graphics (that were embedded in a Microsoft 1997 Word document and I don't have the original imported images) into FrameMaker 10. However, when I create a pdf and view it in Adobe Reader 10 or Adobe Acrobat 10.1.3 and then print the document, the barcodes will not scan. Some of the barcodes are code 39. If I print the FrameMaker document, the barcodes don't scan either. The barcode graphics also don't display properly in Microsoft Word, but they scan fine from the Word document and the pdf. I can get the barcodes to display properly in Word if I right-click on the barcode and select Edit Picture.
    I have tried importing the Word document into FrameMaker, making bitmap images of the barcodes in Photoshop and then importing them into FrameMaker and trying to do a special paste into FrameMaker. However, the barcodes still don't look right, print right or scan at all.
    I don't have a lot of experience with barcodes, graphics or FrameMaker, so any light that can be shed on this issue is appreciated.

    OK, to simplify this a bit, a barcode is not an exotic specie -- it's just
    a graphic file. If you embed a crisp .PNG or .PDF in FM it should print
    correctly, no matter what the subject matter is.
    What I'd do is either:
       - Select the graphics in Word and Save As Image to export them (or just
       save the Word file as HTML -- it'll write out the graphics as .JPGs, but at
       least they'll be there. Or
       - if the barcodes have a legend on them (usually numbers on the bottom
       of the code) just go to any of the online Bar Code generation sites and
       pump them in to get a fresh graphic.
       1. Save or convert the graphic to something besides a .jpg. --- a .png
       or PDF -- In Photoshop or another editing program, bump the resolution to
       300 dpi or so for print quality resolution. If necessary, convert it to
       black and white and clean up any grey edges.
       2. Import into Frame.
       3. Print to the Adobe Acrobat logical printer; don't use SaveAsPDF. Pick
       a job option that doesn't apply .jpg compression to images -- it'd be
       better not to downsample them at all.
    Art Campbell
              [email protected]
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    a redheaded girl." -- Richard Thompson
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                                                                   DoD 358
    I support, hyperlocal news for Groton MA.

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