SMQ2 failure during Initial load - Unable to interpret 9.990. as number

hi All,
I perform the initial download of customizing objects from R/3(4.6C) to CRM 7.0.
For object DNL_CUST_BASIS2 I received the "Unable to interpret 9.990.  as a number" error message.
Could you give some hints how to solve this problem?
I checked several posts with similar error messages, but none of them seemed to be related to my case.
We just implemented note 777944 to update SMOFPARSFA in CRM to neglect the unicode check.
I was able to download other customizing objects like DNL_CUST_BASIS, DNL_CUST_ACGRPB, DNL_CUST_ACGRPP, DNL_CUST_ADDR.
My next step is to debug the queue, if you have further suggestions let me know.

Please check my reply in the link
Loading DNL_CUST_BASIS2: Unable to interpret "9.990. " as a number.
Hope this will help.

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  • CRM 5.0 - Error during Initial Load

    We have connected CRM 5.0 with ECC 5.0.
    During initial load we are getting error in the outbound queue of ECC system as 'Name or Password incorrect (Repeat Logon)'.
    Any idea, why is this happening. We have double checked the user id and password entered in SM59 is correct.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Michael,
    Yes, I had checked on both the systems.
    Anyways, the problem is now solved, it seems the BASIS team did some goofup while configuring the RFC destinations. It is working now.
    Thanks for your help.

  • Sysfail error during initial load

    Got sysfail error. Checked for shortdumps and found this
    'No external system (such as CRM) connected'
    Checked the RFC. Seems ok. Any idea?
    Get the parameters for the RFC conection.
        c_stshd-mass_queue = c_stshd-mass_data.
        PERFORM get_download_params_and_queue
                TABLES t_bapistructures
                USING c_stshd-objname
    Set variables
        e_synchronous_call = gv_synchronous_call.
    Raise an error if the destination of the foreign system could not be
    found. (Only during Initial Load, Upload, Compare and Requests).
        IF gt_rfcdest[] IS INITIAL AND
           NOT i_bapicrmdh2-ref_id IS INITIAL.
          MESSAGE x050(c_) WITH
                  'No external system (such as CRM) connected'(007).
          t_rfcdest[] = gt_rfcdest[].

    The  RFC Destination for Replication & Realignment (Clt 000) isn't set because only the root admin has access to clnt000 and he's in vacation. Could that be the problem?

  • Error Unable to interpret C00 as a number while doing intial download

    Hi Guys
    When I am doing the initial download of DNL_CUST_CNDALL the following error has occurred in the Inbound Queue of CRM “Unable to interpret C00 as a number Message no. SR053”
    Can anybody suggest me how to over come?

    Here is the solution. (SAP Note 1042818 pointed me in the right direction...even though I'm not working with CRM.)
    CONVERT_OTF export parameter BIN_FILESIZE has no type and is pass by value.  You must code this parameter into your importing parameters in the calling program even if you don't use it.  The receiving variable should be of type integer.
          FORMAT                      = 'PDF'
          BIN_FILESIZE                = BIN_FILESIZE
          otf                         = otf
          lines                       = it_pdfdata
          ERR_MAX_LINEWIDTH           = 1
          ERR_FORMAT                  = 2
          ERR_CONV_NOT_POSSIBLE       = 3
          ERR_BAD_OTF                 = 4
          OTHERS                      = 5.
    I guess I figured I didn't need bin_filesize, so I didn't include in my original call...

  • Unable to interpret u3030u0081@ as a number - problem

    We've got problem with BPMs which use graphical (java) mapping. In SXI_MONITOR such processes have "Message being sent" status. In process engine workflow log it stops at mapping step with "In process" status. Technical details show that there is a tRFC call which fails with "Unable to interpret 〰@ as a number.". This is also visible in ST22. BPM without mapping works without any problems. Test mapping in integration repository works fine.
    Has anyone got any ideas?
    Kind regards,
    Michal Krawczyk

    Have you tested your mapping using the actual source message that caused the error in BPM?
    From the BPE monitor copy-n-paste the actual message into the Interface Mapping test tool.

  • TRFC Queue Error "Unable to interpret BGUA as a number"

    Hi all,
    I am getting the below error message in TRFC queue
    "Unable to interpret BGUA as a number" when i do a datamart dataload from ODS to Cube. ODS is getting data from datasource 0CO_OM_CCA_9. Can anyone help how to resolve this issue?.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Muruganand. K

    What is  BGUA ??
    I think you have mapped this field (BGUA holding infoobject) to number or key figure field.
    Check your  mapping in transformation form ODS to CUBE.
    Hope this helps.

  • Short dump - Unable to interpret "USD " as a number

    I am trying to pass 'price unit' to BAPI -> BAPI_PO_CREATE1
    But while executing below statement, i got a short dump -> Unable to interpret "USD " as a number
    wa_poitem-price_unit    = wa_data-peinh
    here wa_poitem of type BAPIMEPOITEM-PRICE_UNIT, which is DEC. legth 5
    and wa_data-peinh of type CHAR, which is uploaded data from excel

    Something is uncorrect in your file or in your program
    It seems you're transfering the currency (USD) to the field for unit price: here u need to indicate which the unit price is
    The Unite Price should be = Net Price / Quantity
    The currency should be transfered in the header data: BAPIMEPOHEADER-CURRENCY

  • How to use more than one application server during initial load?

    we plan to use more than one application server in CRM during initial download in order to increase the number of parallel requests and to decrease the time for the initial load. Is there a way to allocate requests to more than one server? Is is possible via multiple rfc connections for consumer CRM in CRMRFCPAR?
    Alexander Schiffer

    Hi Naresh,
    thanks for your answer. It has solved my problem. SMLG is the transaction that I was looking for.
    Two more OSS notes that helped me to guide our basis into the right direction:
    OSS 593058 - New RFC load balancing procedure
    OSS 1413986 - SMLG: Possibility to select a favorite type for Ext.RFCs
    Thanks again.
    Alexander Schiffer

  • Sales document types during initial load

    Hi Gurus,
    Landscape - SAP R/3 4.6 c, CRM - 4.0
    We are starting the initial load for the Sales documents, item categories etc.
    For the same, for the document types in R/3, we have the same document type in CRM.
    Question 1- Do I need to configure the partner determination, incompletion log etc for the document type before the initial load or I can do it later once the data is in CRM.
    Question 2- Is it mandatory that for all the doc types in R/3, we have the respective document type in CRM? Logically yes, if yes, where can I find the mapping? For example for OR in R/3, there is a TA in CRM.
    Request someone to answer this ASAP.

    Hi Yash,
    I think the behavior is just use the same code
    of Transaction Type in CRM and Order Type in R/3.
    Since partner determiniation using different partner
    function codes in CRM and R/3, maintained or not in R/3,
    you may still need to maintain it again in CRM.
    For document, what you can do just create same document
    type (Transaction type) for R/3 and CRM. And depends upon
    you sceneario (in CRM there are several scenarios such as
    document created in CRM and transfered to R/3 Or download
    R/3 document into CRM - no transaction in CRM).
    Especially for partner, you may need to setup data
    transfer CRM to R/3 or R/3 to CRM in CRM configuration.
    And in R/3 you need to define it in tcode PIDE.
    Hope this helps.

  • Privileges getting removed during initial load

    Hi All,
    I was performing initial load,There is no error as such in initial load however privileges are removed from backend but available on IDM , any changes perform to identity all roles are provisioning to back end system.
    When i have googled it , I have found few good links( which says issue is fixed in IDM 7.2 SP8 ,however i am using SP8 but still facing same issue.
    I have attached current version of Provisioning framework which is been used .... Please let me know it is right version.
    Secondly, I have also attached script & version of IDM , Please advice on it.

    Hi Ali,
    I have seen and experienced this before.  If you are doing an initial load when the users are already in the system, you may well experience this since the load job is overwriting what your users have.
    Take a look at this blog post I wrote:  Setting Write Permissions on ABAP Initial Loads.
    I think it might help point you in the right direction.

  • Error during Initial Load

      I have Idm set up. I am trying to run the initial load (Use Case : SAP NW Portal). The datasource is a LDAP active directory server (Microsoft AD). I get the following error while running job.
    XML and HTML version of the log do not show. Here is the "Text" version: ____________________________________________________________________________________
    <mx:INFO>Temporary customer license. Contact SAP to get a perpetual license</mx:INFO>
    <mx:INFO>CLASSPATH directory (E:\XIM\Identity Center\.) contains no class files.</mx:INFO>
    <mx:INFO>License will expire on 30. June 2008</mx:INFO>
    <mx:PASS name="Job Initialization" title="Messages that occurred before the job was loaded" type="init" seq="0">
    <WARNING seq="1">
    <mx:TEXT>_Failed loading JDBC Driver class</mx:TEXT>
    <mx:PASS name="581C81F5-A703-4718-B063-E6A87DCD741A" title="ReadUsersFromLdap" type="Fromsource DSA" seq="1">
    <mx:ERROR seq="1">
    <mx:TEXT>fromDSA.doSearch got exception, returning false</mx:TEXT>
    <mx:TEXT>javax.naming.AuthenticationException: [LDAP: error code 49 - 80090308: LdapErr: DSID-0C090334, comment: AcceptSecurityContext error, data 525, vece
    I have set the CLASSPATH environmental variable. C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server 2005 JDBC Driver\sqljdbc_1.1\enu\sqljdbc.jar and made the entry in the Console -> Options -> Java Tab.
    Why does it still keeping looking for it in the Installation Directory (E:\XIM\Identity Center\.)
    Help Please.

      The error here was not because of the JDBC driver but an authentication error. Got past this by assigning "Domain Admin" role to the AD user used to connect to the Directory Server.

  • Perform rollback occurs during initial load of material

    Hi Gurus,
    When we try to do the initial load of materials, only some part of the materials are replicated to SRM. We have the R3AC1 filter of taking only the materials with Purchasing view. We have no other filter. Although there are 576 materials that match this filter, only 368 materials are replicated to SRM.
    One thing we have observed is that when we have a look at SM21 (System Log) we see "Perform rollback" actions. Below is the details of the log. Can anyone help on our issue?
    Details Page 2 Line 30 System Log: Local Analysis of sapsrmt                  1
    Perform rollback
    Perform rollback
    Recording at local and central time........................ 29.11.2006 23:52:59
    Problem cl
    Dialog work process No. 003
    Further details for this message type
    Module nam
    Error text
    roll ba
    No documentation for syslog message R6 8 exists
    Technical details
    System log type
    variable message data
    Error (Function,Module,Row)
    ThIRollroll bathxxhead1300

    Some of our material groups were problematic. After removing these the problem is resolved.

  • Error during initial load of object SI_CONNOBJ

    Hi All,
             I am not able to do initial load of object SI_CONNOBJ from OLTP R/3 to CRM using transaction R3AS. It is in "Abort" Status. When I am checking the relevant Bdoc generated for the same it is giving me the error as "No data records in transport structure BAPIMTCS Message no. IBSSI_CRMTO_MESSAGES010 ". Please help me in this regard.

    Hello Aishuman,
    I am not sure what your question is. Yes, of course, you must have connection objects in the IS-U system. Otherwise, what do you want do download to CRM? You must have have the middleware in general and also the adapter SI_CONNOBJ enabled in the IS-U system. I am sure you know, that an IS-U connection object is represented as an IBASE in CRM.
    Does a delta replication work (from IS-U to CRM and from CRM to IS-U)?
    Kind regards,

  • SYSFAIL error SMQ2 during initial load of PLANTs

    Hello Everyone,
    We are on CRM50 and during the process of the initial download of plants not all plants were replicated. Now we are attempting another load using DNL_PLANT and getting the following error:
    Business partner ##1 does not exist. I have not seen this error before and I am not sure how to proceed.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Hello Tiest,
    That did not seem to be the issue. I went through and validated the load objects and there was some new configuration in the sales area which I moved over. All other objects loaded correctly.
    When I executed DNL_PLANT got:
    Not all address numbers have yet been issued.
    More confused then before. Any other thoughts?
    Thanks for the help!

  • Username and employee_id are not replicated during Initial load

    In our system we want to integrate HR in ECC (via BP in ECC) with BP in CRM.
    Our system consists of SAP ECC 6.0 and SAP CRM 5.0. HR is used for maintaining our (master)data. This all works fine, but when checking the replicated data (in CRM) there's some data missing. In CRM BP there is no EMPLOYEE_ID and USERNAME while they are in ECC BP. Is anyone familiar with this problem or does anyone know where I need to search for a solution.

    Thanks four your reply, but I already applied Note 550055. I also applied Note 934372. All the settings are right and the integration works fine. It just looks as the BDoc doesn't transfer the username and employee_id (these values are empty when I look at the BDoc).
    Concerning table T77S0,  entry HRALX/USRAC should handle the creation and linking of (not-existing) users in the target system (ie. CRM) but because the values aren't transferred I can't check whether this is the case.

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