Sneak Preview Slim Edition

Does this edition contain Enterprise portal ,KM and Coll.Please reply.Thanks.

Hi Pankaj,
The Slim edition does not contain EP, KM & Collaboration. It contains the SAP Web AS and NetWeaver Developer Studio and is really - as it's name implies - kind of a NetWeaver "lite" version with much smaller download file and less memory consumption.
However, the Java edition contains these additional components you mentione - and, I'm happy to report, it's back online again!
Check it out with this link (make sure you're logged in): software/sneak preview netweaver 04.htm
K. Meyers, SDN

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  • Sneak Preview Slim Edition and SLD

    I've installed the Web AS Sneak Preview Slim Edition  (corresponding to SP11) that is available at SDN. But when I tried to start the SLD accessing http://localhost:50000/sld the message "resource does not exist" appeared. The url above is definitely correct -  other administration frontends, e.g. useradmin, are reachable. Seems that SLD or at least SLD administration is not included in the slim edition. Is that true?  And if so, is there any possibility to update the missing parts?

    Gregor, thanks for your reply. As a consequence of the Sneak Preview Slim Edition limitation concerning SLD, I tried to install a Web AS 6.40 SR1 installation, downloaded from service marketplace. Things started wonderful, but eventually, in step 21 out of 22, the J2EE engine failed to start. I found this error message in startJ2e.log:
    running C:\usr\sap\J2E\JC00\exe/sapstart.exe name=J2E nr=00 SAPDIAHOST=blnn0050 -wait
    SAPSTART finished successfully on blnn0050_J2E_00, but at least one process doesn't run correctly:
    C:\usr\sap\J2E\JC00\exe/sapstart.exe=>sapparam(1c): No Profile used.
    Has anyone an idea how to overcome this failure? Which profile is missing and how to get it? Manual start using MMC does not help.

  • Installing SP15 on WAS Java Sneak Preview Slim Edition

    Does anyone know if you can install the SP15 patch over the java SP11 slim edition?
    Anyone tried it?
    Rich Heilman

    i can't find any valuable information there, to update a sneak preview from sp11 to sp15, or any other sp.
    Please refer direcctly to your information.

  • Sneak Preview ABAP Edition just released

    The Sneak Preview: ABAP Edition is now available. Kathy just announced it in the forum: Sneak Preview Update: ABAP Edition just released!!
    The link to the Sneak Preview stays the same:
    Basically this is a "slim" or "mini" ABAP installation with a compressed database component, comparable to the "slim" Java version. It's supposed to run with a minimum of 1GB but 2GB RAM is recommended.
    Feedback on this edition, like the others, should go in the SDN Code Sample/Download forum (Software Downloads).

    It would be really awesome to see the community weigh in on their experiences with this installation.
    I'm going to suggest that we find a way to reward participants for doing a good job of sharing and documenting their experiences with the installation.
    One idea would be to give a "double point" allocation.
    That means that good content contribution (articles, blogs, detailed forum posts in a separate marked thread) that articulates the substance of what a downloader does in the course of the new ABAP Sneak Preview installation: tips and tricks, installation guide details, observations and detailed opinions,  will be <u>doubly rewarded</u>.
    Hey, this is a very time consuming activity, as I am experiencing myself at present.

  • Unable to download Netweaver Sneak preview Java Edition

    Hi All,
    While trying to download Netweaver Sneak preview Java Edition, Download file 1 it first asks whether to download via coreftp on selecting yes, it gives an error dialog saying NW04SneakPrevJavaSP11.Part1.rar-File not found and a similar message for download 2 file...
    but the browser windows keeps on processing
    Unable to download
    Kindly suggest a remedy

    Following path Downloads -> Web AS -> New! Sneak Preview -> Download file 1 ,
    1.If simply click the Download 1 link ,it throws open another page with the FTP url appended but gives a Page cannot be displayed message then.
    2.If on a right click I do a Save Target As..... then it returns an error saying that
    Internet Explorer cannot download...akPrevJavaSPI11.part1.rar&df=0 from The server returned extended information
    Is there any other alternative or else what can be the problem?

  • Update sneak preview Java Edition to SP13 or SP14?

    Has anyone updated the sneak preview Java Edition (incl. EP 6) to SP13 or 14?
    I have trouble installing SP13 (The installation of the Sneak Preview was smooth.).
    Here is what I have downloaded and did. I found 4 SP groups for EP6 on Sap services:
    - CM+Collaboration
    - IGS (where SP12 seems to be the highest version)
    - J2EE engine
    - Portal platform
    I have started with the update of the J2EE engine to SP13.
    Unfortunately it hangs at step 17 deploy online.
    Do I do something wrong here?
    Any hints are appreciated.
    Regards F.

    Hi Frank,
    I updated the WAS preview to SP13 and it was a total mess and 4 week loss of lifetime. Never tried to do it with the portal demo though.
    If the sdm hangs try the following:
    - wait 5 min, then click retry
    - if it happens again wait 5 min, then click retry
    - if it happens again wait 5 min, then click retry
    - if it happens again wait 5 min, then click retry
    (no joke)
    If this fails it will be most likely that your DB has run out of log space. The SAP system usually honors that with freezing without any apparent reason or log output. A colleague of mine has escalated this more than one week to SAP Support and event they didn't figure it out.
    Try stopping the install and the sap system. When the sdm process keeps hanging and the DB will not shut down you are 99% likely to have the log problem. Get the win mysql DB manager, login to your db (default pw: control/control) and go to configuration->log volumes. Set the log strategy to "overwrite" (on test systems) restart and it should work.

  • Sneak preview slim NW04 installation error-

    Dear friends,
    We are facing an installation error while installing sneak preview slim NW04 at the stage of MaxDB installation.
    The error is as follows.
    extracting: -rw-rr       723968 2003-11-21 17:35:16 symbols/vttest.pdb
    checking unpacked archive... failed
    cannot remove x_server service
    file "c:/sapdb/programs/pgm/vttest.exe" not found
    installation exited abnormally  at Mo, Dec 26, 2005 at 16:59:01
    The view log is as follows.
    INFO 2005-12-26 16:58:37
    Output of D:\WebDynPro\J2EE-CD\SAPDB\NT\I386\SDBINST.EXE -indep_prog c:\sapdb\programs -indep_data c:\sapdb\data -depend D:\sapdb\SPS\db -profile Server -b is written to the logfile C:\Program Files\sapinst_instdir\j2ee_wp\installdefault/sdbinst.log.
    WARNING 2005-12-26 16:59:01
    Execution of the command "D:\WebDynPro\J2EE-CD\SAPDB\NT\I386\SDBINST.EXE -indep_prog c:\sapdb\programs -indep_data c:\sapdb\data -depend D:\sapdb\SPS\db -profile Server -b" finished with return code 1. Output:
    INFO 2005-12-26 16:58:37
    Creating file C:\Program Files\sapinst_instdir\j2ee_wp\installdefault\sdbinst.log.
    ERROR 2005-12-26 16:59:01
    MDB-070020 The database installer reported an error. Some database applications are probably still running. Check the log file sdbinst.log.
    Kindly help us to complete the installation.
    siby syriac

    welcome to SDN.
    right click on mycomputer then click manage->services and application->services
    check here wehter any maxdb services are running, if so stop them.

  • Sneak Preview "Full Edition"

    Hey Folks,
    I thought that the Full Edition contains the App. Server for JAVA AND ABAP.
    Now I see that it only contains ABAP. If I will run both, Java and ABAP, do I need to download and install the Full Java Edition and the full ABAP Edition?
    Or contains the Full ABAP Edition Java, too?
    I remember that in the past there was the Info at the download page that the Full Edition contains Java/ABAP and will coming soon.
    so long!

    I have heard that people have been successful in  loading the ABAP system as well as the java system on to the same machine.  Currently, these are seperate installs.  SDN has mentioned, that a ABAP/java sneak preview is on the way.  The full java stack and the full ABAP stack are available on the download page.
    Rich Heilman

  • Sneak Preview Full Edition Availability & System Requirements

    Can anyone tell us authoratatively when the Full Edition (Java + ABAP) of the NW04 Sneak Preview will be available? And equally importantly, for planning purposes, what the minimum and recommended system requirements will be?

    In the download area you can get the Full Netweaver (ABAP + Java) for Linux. This has been available for a little while.
    Now, what you are asking is the same I've been waiting for: the Full version for Windows.
    I had expectations that it would be far down the road, but since the version ABAP was released today, I feel like we may get it soon.
    I suggest you keep watching the forums and visiting SDN regularly (like me). An estimate release date will come out sometime soon.
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  • Sneak Preview -- "Normal" Edition

    can you tell me where the differences are between the Sneak Preview Version of EP and the Version you can buy? Apart from the license of course ;-).

    Gesche -
    My personal experience shows the following differences:
    1. License (as you noted)
    2. Database availability
    3. Encryption - the Sneak Preview version often works with weak encryption versus the strong encryption that is available in the standard version.
    I'm sure that there are about a dozen other differences that other SDN folks will be more than happy to elucidate.
    The net net - the standard version is different than the Sneak Preview version.

  • Uhmmm what happened to the Sneak Preview Full Edition with Java AddIn?

    Anyone knows if the anouncement of the new Full ABAP edition 2004s is also the silent dead of the Full edition with Java stack add-in? It has mysteriously disappeared from the page...



    I copied the 2 files ina folder called netweaver inside my downloads folder on one of my drives.I used winrar application to extract the files from these archived files to a folder caled netweaver but on the root.Then it created a folder called nw04sneakprevjavasp11.I have a compaq laptop running on 1.8GHZ pentium 4 with 768 mb ram.I have windows 2003 with sp1.I started the installation using the start file and it went through the initial steps and then popped an error about j2eadm user and sapservicej2e user being not there.I created the 2 users and gave them admin rights.Therafter the installation is not proceeding ahead even though of repeated attempts.I really need to play with this .Please help me.

    1. 768 mb ram is to less.
    2. Problem I assume u use windows XP home??

  • Urgent - 404 not found in senak preview NDS slim edition on windows XP

    I am new to SAP EP. I installed sneak preview slim edition on my windows XP home. I got some error during installation and it asked me to retry and when
    I clicked retry installed everything fine.My main idea is to look at portal so I read some documents and followed the precedure.
    I went into Management console and started J2E tree.. now when I type on browser "http://localhost:50000/irj/portal", it says 404 Not Found
    SAP J2EE Engine/6.40
    The requested resource does not exist.
    Details: Go to main page of this application!
    When I click on the main page ,its going to http://localhost:50000/index.html and this page opens fine. Does someone how to fix this.
    I did one simple webdynpro application from help and it worked..but I cant seem to get the portal page displayed.
    Message was edited by: Mahitha Ramineni
    Message was edited by: Mahitha Ramineni

    slim edition java dosent have portal. you need to go for full edition.

  • Regarding Webdynpro at Slim edition

    Hey guys,
    i have installed SP11 Sneak preview slim edition from SDN download.
    Now i want to work with Webdynpro. I could not see NWDS installed in my system. In my system-start-programs..i could not see NWDS installed.
    I tried
    JDTSetup..but it gives 3options and continues with finish button.
    If i try Eclipse..i could not find J2EE engine at Preferences..
    Am i doing something wrong..
    Pls guide me how to have startup with

    I solved my prob thanks.
    I tried installing SAPIDE seperately..again.

  • Sneak Preview Update: ABAP Edition just released!!

    Hello again everyone,
    I know you've all been waiting a long time for this... So, without further ado, I am very please to (finally) announce the arrival of the Sneak Preview ABAP Edition on SDN!!
    For the ABAP edition (Windows OS, that is), you need to download two big files - the ABAP installation (1.25GB) and the SAPGUI (500MB). You can find all the details and the download links on the page <a href="">Sneak Preview SAP NetWeaver 04</a>.
    The Full version is still going to take some time. I'm sorry I don't have a release date at the moment, which is why I removed the "coming soon" from the info page. Please know we're working on getting it released as soon as humanly possible.
    In the meantime, I hope you find the ABAP version worth the wait and take it for a good test drive. Let us know what you think and happy ABAP-ing!!
    Kathy Meyers, SDN
    ps. Don't be surprised if you have long download times, especially in the first few weeks after release. We expect a heavy demand for this download, which will most likely affect server performance. I apologize for the inconvenience!

    Kathleen -
    Thank you very much for giving us some good news!!!!!!!!!
    I am bit confused about the contents of the download though!!! Your announcement says it is ABAP only, but download page description says it also includes Java Engine and Developer Studio.
    So....does it mean this Web AS download package consists of both ABAP and Java Stacks with Developer Studio?
    I understand this download package is not a full edition ( does not include EP, XI, BI etc components). But is it a full Web AS (i.e., AS with both ABAP and Java Stacks).
    I would greatly appreciate your clarification.
    Thanks a lot.
    - Gopal

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