SOAP receiver adapter....structure?

Hello Experts,
i have a scenario, were i need to push data to web service, we can do proxy-pi-soap.
my question is....can i create structure at receiver side and give them to deploy?
or is it mandatory i need to use there WSDL or structure to connect n post the data to there web service?

i am not sure if this can be done. please wait for others reply.
got some questions.
even if you are sharing the xsd/wsdl who will do the development at web service side.
what is next action, once you post the data to webservice? you need a developer to build the service to implement the logic.

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  • Soap receiver adapter payload with certficate signature

    I have a requirement.. where XI calls external webservice using SOAP.
    I have configured SOAP receiver adapter, but the webservice wants the certificate authentication.. From XI we sent the certficate to external webservice and then in the comm channel I did activate the 'certficate' check box. It did not work.
    For test purpose now they have deactivated the certficate authentication in their end.. it works if they deactivate. It means there is no issue with request structure.. purely the issue is when I use the certficate.
    External webservice sent me the copy of the soap request which works for them.. <b>that has security signature inside the payload.</b>  ( I have atteched below).
    If anybody has done it have an idea how to do it please let me know.
    - <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
    - <soapenv:Header>
    - <wsse:Security xmlns:wsse="">
    - <ds:Signature xmlns:ds="">
    - <ds:SignedInfo>
      <ds:CanonicalizationMethod Algorithm="" />
      <ds:SignatureMethod Algorithm="" />
    - <ds:Reference URI="#id-24819136">
    - <ds:Transforms>
      <ds:Transform Algorithm="" />
      <ds:DigestMethod Algorithm="" />
    - <ds:KeyInfo Id="KeyId-21369792">
    - <wsse:SecurityTokenReference xmlns:wsu="" wsu:Id="STRId-29015968">
      <wsse:Reference URI="#CertId-62149565" ValueType="" />

    go through this webinar and follow the steps...It will solve your problem..

  • Usage of Module processor in SOAP Receiver Adapter

    I have scenario where I am calling an external Web Service via XI. Unfortunately I need Java Mapping to generate the complete SOAP Message (there are some special header elements required by the Web Service)  and flag 'no soap' in the SOAP Receiver Adapter. This works fine, but I have additional Web Service Calls that have the same Header logic and I don't want to use Java Mapping all the time.
    I was wondering if it is possible to use graphical User Mapping for the Business Data that goes to the SAOP Body as a payload and use Java code to generate the SOAP Message (actually the SOAP Wrapper and the Header).
    Can I do this in XI using the Module processor in the SOAP Receiver adapter or do I have to use two mappigs, one based on the Graphical mapping and another using Java Mapping? Is it feasible at all in XI?
    Thanks in advance.

    You can use Module Processor.
    1. If it is a synch call, in when the message is going from the SOAP adapter to the Webservice, you will need to manually Add the SOAP header as you want . ( you will need to create the entire SOAP mesage as the output of the Module ).
    2. When the response comes back, the same module will need to remove the SOAP header etc and pass a valid , XML message to the Graphical mapping.
    If you have a requirement that some fields of the SOAP header will be needed to be accesed in the Response mapping, then you would need to either add this field to some field in the response payload.
    Better option would be to use, Either a Java or a XSL mapping that does all the required stuff for you.

  • Dynamic URL in SOAP Receiver adapter

    Hi all,
    I have a scenario where I am using a SOAP receiver adapter to send a cXML document to some vendors. I need to change the URL based on the vendor number (passed by sender SRM system). So I have created a user-defined function and used in message mapping to assign the right URL to the variable TServerLocation. But the communication channel still prompts for a static URL which appears to be a mandatory field. Even though the DynamicConfiguration tab in Message Monitoring shows that the TServerLocation was correctly assigned, the scenario does not work when I put some dummy in the static URL field like 'dummy' or '*'. Any ideas on how to make the communication channel go for the dynamic URL field and ignore the static URL field? I have already selected the'Use Adapter Specific Message attributes' and 'Variable Transport Binding' check boxes. Am I referring to the correct variable that references the target URL? Also other than the two checkboxes that I mentioned, I am not displayed anything else under "Adapter Specific Message Attributes" section in the comm. channel.

    I ve just been digging into SAP help, and have tried it too ... Looks like it doesnt work the way it is supposed to.
    Anotheer point i found was, in the FILE ADAPTER, when we say ADAPTER SPECIFI ATTRIBUTES , we can select the attirbutes.. This is not possible in a SOAP adapter...
    Maybe, we can only access the ADAPTER SPECIIFC ATTIRIBUTES of a SOAP adapter, but cannot set them dynamically.
    Let me know if you find something on this issue.

  • SOAP receiver adapter digest authentization

    I have scenario with SOAP receiver adapter configured as follow:
    Adapter Type: SOAP
    Transport Protocol: HTTP
    Message Protocol: SOAP 1.1
    Adapter Engine: Integration Serer
    Target URL: http://localhost:8099/webservices/test_v1_1_2
    Configure User Authentication
    User: ****
    but WS need digest HTTP authentication and SOAP adapter send in header Authentication: Basic.
    Hou can I change authentication method for SOAP protocol?

    I solved this problem by using AXIS framework. I hope that this short instruction help to someone.
    1. In SOAP receiver CC you have to set up Transport Protocol to HTTP(AXIS) and Message protocol to AXIS
    2. Now you can switch Authentication to Digest (NOW adapter will still send Basic!!!  Digest Authorization is Supported only by the following handler:
    3. On Module tabs in section Module configuration change type HTTPSender to CommonHTTPSender:
         (trp  handler.type
    4. Save and Activate
    Before you start to use AXIS framefork you have to deploy necessary library.
    This thread help:
    Re: How to install SOAP Axis adapter and where is it available  ??
    Be carefull, for digest authorization you have to linked Optional library "Jakarta-Commons HttpClient" too.
    Good luck.

  • Soap Receiver Adapter Error. Pls advice urgent

    Hi All,
    While using Soap Receiver Adapter for synchronous communication
    *My Soap Request is:*
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    <ns1:SendMessage xmlns:ns1="urn:MMWebSrvService">
    *My Soap Response from server is:*
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
    <!-- Inbound Message
    <tns:SendMessageResponse xmlns:tns="urn:MMWebSrvService" xmlns:soap="">
    <return xsi:type="xsd:int">-1</return>
    <strErrorDescription xsi:type="xsd:string">String reference not set to an instance of a String. Parameter name: s</strErrorDescription>
    How to resolve the error.

    Your xml message is not xsd compliant...see if you can generate a xml message using your wsdl with random values, compare that to your imcoming msg..and thats your issue..
    Hope that helps
    Ravi Raman
    Reward points if helpful !

  • SOAP Receiver adapter error. SOAP CALL Failed

    Hi ,
        I am implementing scenario R/3->RFC adapter->XI->SOAP REceiver adapter->Web Service (Synchronous). I am getting the error.
    SOAP: call failed
    SOAP: error occured: Connection timed out
    Message log is as below.
    Any clue ?
    Thanks & Regards,
    2005-10-31 18:59:58
    The message was successfully received by the messaging system. Profile: XI URL: http://host:Port/MessagingSystem/receive/AFW/XI
    2005-10-31 18:59:58
    Using connection AFW. Trying to put the message into the request queue.
    2005-10-31 18:59:58
    Message successfully put into the queue.
    2005-10-31 18:59:58
    The message was successfully retrieved from the request queue.
    2005-10-31 18:59:58
    The message status set to DLNG.
    2005-10-31 18:59:58
    Delivering to channel: CC_CALCULATOR
    2005-10-31 18:59:58
    SOAP: request message entering the adapter
    2005-10-31 19:03:07
    SOAP: call failed
    2005-10-31 19:03:07
    SOAP: error occured: Connection timed out
    2005-10-31 19:03:07
    Exception caught by adapter framework: Connection timed out

    Hi Mathew,
    Check if the webservice is availble??? Based on the error below, it looks like the message is timing out at the Adapter Engine level waiting for the connection to make the webservice call...

  • SOAP receiver adapter for Axis

    I used SOAP receiver adapter for Axis  like below:
    Transport Prorocol : HTTP
    Message Protocol : Axis
    Url: http://<IP>:<Port>/xxx/WebService/services/Head/yyy
    Authentication : Basic
    User: <user>
    Password: <password>
    SOAP Version : 1.1
    SOAP Action: : <method>
    Encapsulation Format : MIME
    Payload Extraction : SOAP Body
    When i drive PI message it generates error below.
    What must i do to solve this problem?
    Error message javax.ejb.EJBException: Exception in getMethodReady() for stateless bean||AFAdapterBean; nested exception is: javax.ejb.EJBException: Exception raised from invocation of public void throws javax.ejb.CreateException method on bean instance [email protected] for bean||AFAdapterBean; nested exception is: javax.ejb.CreateException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/axis/types/URI$MalformedURIException

    When i use Url with *?wsdl* it generates below (it'is very long. I give part of it)
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    - <wsdl:definitions targetNamespace="" xmlns:apachesoap="" xmlns:impl="" xmlns:intf="" xmlns:tns1="" xmlns:tns2="" xmlns:wsdl="" xmlns:wsdlsoap="" xmlns:xsd="">
    - <!--
    WSDL created by Apache Axis version: 1.2.1
    Built on Jun 14, 2005 (09:15:57 EDT)
    - <wsdl:types>
    - <schema attributeFormDefault="unqualified" elementFormDefault="qualified" targetNamespace="" xmlns="" xmlns:AdministrationTypes="" xmlns:CableTypes="" xmlns:CatalogTypes="" xmlns:ChargebackTypes=""
      <import namespace="" />
      <import namespace="" />
    - <annotation>
      <documentation>Auto-generated schema for AssetCenter web services for Head/SapTest Implementation</documentation>
      <import namespace="" schemaLocation="../../schema/Head/SAM/SAMTypes.xsd" />
      <import namespace="" ......
    <wsdl:operation name="retrieveAllBusinessAPIListByName">
      <wsdlsoap:operation soapAction="retrieveAllBusinessAPIListByName" />
    <wsdl:input name="retrieveAllBusinessAPIListByNameRequest">
      <wsdlsoap:body use="literal" />
    <wsdl:output name="retrieveAllBusinessAPIListByNameResponse">
      <wsdlsoap:body use="literal" />
    <wsdl:service name="SapTestService">
    <wsdl:port binding="impl:SapTestSoapBinding" name="SapTest">
      <wsdlsoap:address location="" />

  • SOAP Receiver Adapter using SSL - PI 7.0

    Hi all,
    i am currently faced with a .net WCF webservice integration using https via SOAP Receiver Adapter in PI 7.0.
    Can anybody tell me into which Visual Administrator view i have to import my certificate in order to get https working ?
    Thanks in advance,

    It must be the View you have created for your partners. There is usually a Trusted view where you have your own certificate. And there are other views where partners cerificates are stored. There you have to store the certificate.

  • SOAP Receiver Adapter / Scenario calling WebServices

    Hi Experts,
    I am trying to call a web service.  Configured a SOAP Receiver adapter. Message to Web Service goes fine but not shown with Checkered flag, but with icon with description "Log Version".
    In response message for the request Error Category - MAPPING and Error ID "Cannot Read Payload".
    Any ideas to clear this problem. I do have response mapping assigned to Message Interface.  Message Interface is Synchronous.
    Thanks in advance for any solutions.

    can you verify that you are getting a response..try re-routing that to tcpgw and check if content is in line with expected response.
    Ravi Raman

  • Soap Receiver Adapter - No Response Message

    Hi, I've got the following scenario: Idoc - XI - Webservice. I've imported the WSDL from the .NET webservice and used the input and output messages in a syncronous interface.  I've setup a SOAP Receiver adapter with the Webservice details.  Everything is working fine when I call the webservice and the data is received 100% at the target system, but I am not getting ANY response back on XI.
    2008-01-24 16:41:57 Success SOAP: request message entering the adapter with user J2EE_GUEST
    2008-01-24 16:41:57 Success MP_LEAVE1
    2008-01-24 16:41:57 Success The message was successfully delivered to the application using connection SOAP_
    2008-01-24 16:41:57 Success Acknowledgement creation triggered for type: AckNotSupported
    2008-01-24 16:41:57 Success SOAP: completed the processing
    2008-01-24 16:41:57 Success SOAP: continuing to response message 83638fb0-ca8a-11dc-b36c-00145eed9500
    2008-01-24 16:41:57 Success SOAP: sending a delivery ack ...
    2008-01-24 16:41:57 Success SOAP: sent a delivery ack
    2008-01-24 16:41:57 Success The message status set to DLVD.
    2008-01-24 16:41:57 Success Acknowledgement sent successfully for type: AckNotSupported
    Has it got anything to do with the "AckNotSupported" type?  Is "AckNotSupported" the default setting for the receiver SOAP adapter?  If so, where do I change this setting?
    When I call the webservice with the exact same input using a standalone tool, I get the response message back 100%.  Any help will be appreciated.

    you are confusing between a response and an acknowledgement.
    response and acknowledgement and not one and the same thing.
    response is basically used when you send some query to the receiver system and expect a set of value(s) for your query.for e.g sending a query to a Database(JDBC) or SAP system(RFC)
    and acknowledgement is just a notification that the message was receiver by the receiver correctly,it does not returns you a set of value(s).
    now coming to your question,ALEAUDIT IDOC is generated when an IDOC is posted,since in your case you are not posting and IDOC,instead your are sending it ,i m not sure if ALEAUDIT will be generated or not,one thing that will come to your rescue is that every receiver SOAP adapter expects a HTTP response(irrespective of you explicitly asking it or not).
    a HTTP 200 means that messages were posted successfully,and HTTP 500 means application error,get this HTTP response and send it back to the SAP system,most probably you would need to use BPM for this.
    Edited by: Aamir Suhail on Jan 24, 2008 11:26 AM

  • SOAP Receiver Adapter issue

    Hello there,
    I am using a SOAP receiver adapter. The URL contains the format - https://<>/car/soap/Sync?login=username&pass=password
    Now, if I configure the channel by using the "Configure User Authentication", the data is not getting posted at target.
    But if I provide the user id / pwd in the URL, it gets posted.
    I don't want to use the user id / pwd in the URL but at the sametime, the WS team is not ready to change the format of the URL.
    Can I use "Query String" to handle that? If yes, how? If no, what options I have?
    Thanks for your precious input and time.

    Thanks Suraj!
    Have you tried this:
    url : https://<>/car/soap/Sync
    and Configure User Authentication option set
    I haven't tried it that way. I am not sure whether that will work, as WS team told me that I am required to put in the whole URL. But thanks for your suggestion, I will give it a try that way.
    also try specifying the SOAP action as per your wsdl file
    SOAP Action is not Mandatory, so I am not using that.

  • Soap receiver adapter exception

    I am using SOAP receiver adapter to access a web service that is hosted on SAP Web AS (in this case it is the integration server Web AS). I use the web services navigator to test the web service and the web service works fine. The name of the web service is 'RemoteCrossReferenceProcessor' and it has one operation 'crossReference'.
    But with the soap adapter, I am getting OperationNotFoundException in the logs and my web service is not getting accessed. Here is the server log:
    <u><i>An error occurred while processing the message security. Reason: . See trace entry 0 operation definitions using keys: Key name:'first-body-element-ns' key value:'urn:RemoteCrossReferenceProcessor'; Key name:'SoapRequestWrapper' key value:'crossReference'; #[no trace for (severity above PATH)]#[impl:5]_47##0#0#Error##Java###Transmitting the message to endpoint using connection failed, due to: NO_BACK_SYSTEM_IN_HOPLIST:#http://sapsand1:8000/sap/xi/engine?type=entry#</i></u>
    Here is adapter configuration:
    Transport Protocol:HTTP
    Message Protocol:SOAP 1.1
    Adapter Engine:Integration Engine
    Target URL: http://<server_name>>:50000/RemoteCrossReferenceProcessor/Config?style=document
    Default SOAP Action:
    I imported the WSDL into the external definition and used the messages from the WSDL for defining my interface mappings.
    I am using XI 3.0 SR1 (SP 09).
    I am out of ideas as to why the SOAP adapter is not calling my web service. Please help me with your suggestions.
    Thanks and Regards.

    HI Dani,
    I was looking for this error and I found this post AXIS SOAP Receiver. This post says about other errors, but sugests many ideas to found the soluction, like:
    1- non-deployed all AXIS jars; (but in this case it deployed all)
    2- Exists this note for one erro in AXIS: (
    3- this document ( that have sets for header parameters. This is interesting becouse one of this parameters is obligatory but isn't filled, can occur error like "null object".
    By the way, you can check if have update to AXIS (, becouse isn't a SAP application and in other systems can have this error.
    I hope this helps,
    Romerito Silva

  • SOAP Receiver Adapter Always "Running"

    I have a SOAP receiver adapter that is working fine.  I call an MDM web service, which sends a response, but I do not need it.  I have tried a synchronous and asyncronous interface.  Both work fine.
    But...with both, the communication channel monitor in RWB always shows a Short Log of "running". 
    Is this right?  I expected that the Short Log value would reset to inactive or something.
    Processing Details...
    2009-01-28 10:13:29 Success Message successfully received by messaging system. Profile: XI URL: http://snadc80i:50000/MessagingSystem/receive/AFW/XI Credential (User): PIISUSER
    2009-01-28 10:13:29 Success Using connection SOAP_ Trying to put the message into the receive queue.
    2009-01-28 10:13:29 Success Message successfully put into the queue.
    2009-01-28 10:13:29 Success The message was successfully retrieved from the receive queue.
    2009-01-28 10:13:29 Success The message status set to DLNG.
    2009-01-28 10:13:29 Success Delivering to channel: SOAP_MDMIn_MDMUpdateRecord
    2009-01-28 10:13:29 Success MP: Entering module processor
    2009-01-28 10:13:29 Success MP: Processing local module localejbs/
    2009-01-28 10:13:29 Success SOAP: request message entering the adapter with user J2EE_GUEST
    2009-01-28 10:13:29 Success SOAP: completed the processing
    2009-01-28 10:13:29 Success SOAP: sending a delivery ack ...
    2009-01-28 10:13:29 Success SOAP: sent a delivery ack 2009-01-28 10:13:29 Success MP: Leaving module processor
    2009-01-28 10:13:29 Success The message was successfully delivered to the application using connection SOAP_ 2009-01-28 10:13:29 Success The message status set to DLVD.

    Short Log only displays the status of communication channel. So if it says running, then it would mean that the channel is in running status. When not in use, it doesn't get deactivated itself. I guess "running" is what people wait to see

  • SOAP Receiver Adapter Target system down

    Hi All,
    My scenario is SOAP Receiver adapter --- > Portal system (Target system.).
    Now team is taking restart of target system. It will take around 1 hr. So my question what will happen to the messages which is received by SOAP Receiver adapter in this time frame. ?

    Hi Rajhans ,
    All the messages during that period of time will fail with System Error ,We   have to re-send  these messages manually once the target system is up. In stead of selecting one by one you can set Multiple Selection On option to select the messages in RWB
    .Please refer the weblog  will give you some idea about the standard reports which can also be used to reprocess the messages.;jsessionid=(J2EE3414700)ID1051765250DB10924207601714756238End?blog=/pub/wlg/2728
    do you have synchronous soap receiver or async?

  • SOAP Receiver adapter with attachments not working

    I have a simple synchronous scenario like this; ABAP proxy with attachments to SOAP with attachments.
    The SOAP receiver adapter has been configured with the parameters 'Do not Use SOAP envelope' and 'Keep attachments'. We create our own SOAP envelope with custom SOAP headers, so that's the reason for the 'Do not use SOAP envelope' setting.
    When we test the scenario with an attachment then we get a timeout from PI. However, when we test the same scenario without any attachment then no errors occur.
    The external webservice has also been tested with SOAP UI and it works fine.
    Do you have any clues what the problem can be? What are we still missing in the configuration?
    We did try with the adapter modules such as PayloadSwapBean and the Message TransformBean, so far without success...
    Many thanks.

    Hi Stefan,
    The attachments are not really big, around 150KB.
    According to the other party (Oracle Service Bus) no messages with attachments have been received. In fact it seems like those messages never leave the PI server. SOAP requests without attachments are processed successfully.

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