Solaris Express And This Message

I downloaded Solaris Express V10 (2/06), when I booted laptop using Solaris CD1, the process of the setup stuck on this secreen:
SunOS Release 5.11 Version Sun_31 32-bit
Copyright 1983-2005 Sun Microsystems, Inc.Use is subject to license terms
Configuring devices.Is this something related to CD itself ? or something elase ?
Then I have been advised to use verbos booting arguments
I inserted the CD1, the GRUB menu is displayed.
Solaris Serial Console ttya
Solaris Serial Console ttyb (for lx50, v60x and v65x)1- I chose option 1
2- e---for edit, the following text are displayed in the GRUB menu:kernel /boot/multiboot kernel/unix -B install_media=cdrom
module /boot/x86.miniroot3- I chose option 1 as well.
4- I added this:
kernel /boot/multiboot kernel/unix -B install_media=cdrom -v -m verbose
5- The output is long message, the end part of this message is:
ata1 is  [email protected],0  / [email protected],1 [email protected]
                 Ultra DMA mode 5 selected
                 Ultra DMA mode 2 selected
                 Ultra DMA mode 2 selected
                 Ultra DMA mode 2 selected
Winlock0 is /pseudo/winlock@06- Screen stuck with this message.

You are still in the middle of an active forum thread
over there.Thanks for jlliagre (Senior Member in the other forum) who used to answer most threads (the one that you pointed).
He (Senior Member) pointed me to another link, which is this :
I thought (not sure) my problem is easier than sinking into the link above (may be CD problem)
Why abandon that one, when you seem to be making progress over there?I am not giving up that one.

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