Solid State Drive For Macbook Pro mid 2012

Hi Apple Users,
I would really appreciate some advice, a link would be great too.
I am using a mid 2012 macbook pro with 16gb ram. After trouble here and there, slowing down here and there to the point I'm about to crack - solution = Solid State Drive.
I use a variation of 2D & 3D Programs to design with which include photoshop, maya, modo and Mari. My laptop just can't cut it most of the time and I need whatever I can so I can get jobs done without any lag, freezing or spinning ball while my laptop tries to catch up.
I have browsed around for A solid State drive but what I found is confusing or at least I get somewhat lost in my search of plug and play. My built in hard Drive of 500gb has 350gb spare so going for a 250gb SSD seems the sensible option as I use my external HD to store my files, music etc.
I don't want to open my macbook and fiddle too much so any suggestions which are near enough 'plug and play' would be great. I am aware I will have to take the casing from my macbook but I want an SSD that -
- Fits straight into my macbook pro from out of the box
- I can use my time machine backup to put onto my new SSD without trouble and Can continue getting my design work done.
Budget wise I don't want to spend over £250 and that reminds me I would like to purchase from A uk website or retailer.
Please Point me in the right direction of what SSD to buy.
Really Appreciate your advice.

Any SSD with a SATA formfactor of 2.5" diameter and a thickness of 9.5 mm will be compatible with your MBP.  Another possibility you might explore is OWC. te
You may also may find this informative:
SSDs are indeed expensive, but is is not my place, nor anyone else's, to tell you how to spend your money.  To dismiss your query by expressing personal bias is a disservice to you and the purpose of these forums.
I have installed in my MBP a Seagate SSHD (hybrid), 1 TB in capacity.  The cost is a very modest premium compared to a conventional HDD.  Boot and shutdown times are dramatically faster than before but it will not give the same performance as a SSD in processing resource intensive applications.  This is simply to give you an additional alternative to consider.

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    I want to upgrade my internal drive but I don't know how to do that. I have already purchased a WD 1TB internal hard drive. However, I contacted apple support and they said if I try to upgrade the hdd myself, then the warranty of the macbook would be void. I am from India . I currently have a Macbook Pro mid 2012,13 inch.
    Also, do i need to download a setup of Yosemite before changing the hdd?
    Please guide me
    Thanks and Regards
    Abhineet Arora

    You know what the impact will be on the warranty terms.  If you want to install it yourself, look at this video:
    It is not very difficult.  You will need a #00 Phillips and a #6 Torx drivers.

  • Solid State Drive for Macbook Pro?

    Just wondering how many people have experience with 3rd-party (not Apple installed) SSD's in Macbook Pros? I was looking at picking up one of the refurbished 13" Macbook Pro's (2.4ghz c2d + 4gb ram) and then add in a Solid State Drive. I'm considering getting a 240GB SATA2 SSD (OCZ), which is about $400. Just wondering if anyone has some hints, tips, or articles online that they'd refer to regarding this... and the benefits of doing this specific to Mac OS X.
    Philip P

    I am using OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 240GB SSD in my MacBook pro and I love it.

  • Wanted: suggestions to 250GB Solid State Drive for MacBook Pro 2,53 GHz 13"

    Before installing Snow Leopard I've decided to update my MacBook with a 250GB Solid State Drive. If anyone have suggestions for at good pick, I'd be most happy to hear about it. Thank you kindly.

    You could look here and see what others may have tried.

  • Suggestions to 250GB Solid State Drive for MacBook Pro 2,53 GHz 13"

    Before installing Snow Leopard I've decided to update my MacBook with a approx. 250GB Solid State Drive. If anyone have suggestions for a good pick, I'd be most happy to hear about it. Thank you kindly.

    You want to get a "Mac compatible" drive or you're going to run into saturation bottlenecks.
    MacOSG: MacOS X is having trouble handling SSD hard drive speeds
    Dave M.
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    Macsimum News Associate Editor  Creator of 'Mac611 - Mobile Mac Support'
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  • Sandisk 120GB Ultra SATA 3Gb/s 2.5" Solid State Drive for macbook pro

    hi all!
    has anyone installed this SANDISK 120 GB ULTRA SATA 3GB/S 2.5 INCH SSD in a macbook pro?
    is it a good SSD? any wise advise will be really helpful.
    many thanks to all

    After several months of procrastination due to frustrated troubleshooting, I'm finally up and running.
    Long Story Short,
    Finally figured out how to update the firmware but still experienced the crash/eject/drive mounting error.
    After two instant messanger communications with SanDisk support, they agreed to take back my SSD Ultra 240, and for my trouble they replaced it with the SanDisk Extreme 240.
    (I honestly don't know what the difference is between the two)
    Still I needed to update the firmware on my new drive, which again was a big hassle, but after burning a new disc per their instructions (refer to my previous link) and attempting to update on my MacPro (2008 8-Core), and then successfully on my MacBook Pro (2008?), I was able to update the firmware.
    Conclusion, avoid SanDisk for a Mac machine.  OCZ and Crucial SSD's all worked out of the box.
    Now that I have all three 240 SSD's working, I'll keep you posted if any cause further difficulties.

  • Solid State Drive for Macbook Pro Questions

    Hey everyone, I am getting ready to purchase a new Macbook Pro, and I want to know what the Pros and Cons of getting the SSD Option, and if anyone here has any experience with the SSD drive. I guess I am just looking for if there have been any problems with them and if they are as reliable as they are marketed to be.
    Any insight here would be greatly appreciated!

    have a 128Gb ssd on my little mbp. works great. dont know of any down-side really other than initial purchase prices. Is fast and I have no apprehension about moving the notebook in any way vice a spinning HD.
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  • Considering upgrading to solid state drive for Macbook Pro 2010. What are the specific requirements?

    I am starting to experience some problems (very minor issues w speed) w my 2010 MBP. I decided to try and reformat w the install disk but it stalled on the grey screen and when I took it to the Genius Bar and they said they could do the re-install but that they think there could be a problem with the hard drive and it may crash completely after a re-install. They suggested an SSD. I found one on the iFix it site (SanDisk's top of the line X210 256 GB SSD) and am wondering what are the features I need to look for in an SSD if I go this route? Are there other parts in the MBP that will probably break in the next couple of years anyway? Will I see a big improvement in speed?

    yes, you should definately swap the drive out, but be sure that the ssd you wish to purchase will be compatable with your mac.
    yes, the mac will seem a lot faster. also give a thought to adding more ram, i believe your model is capable of quite happily handling 8g. 2 x 4g sticks.
    no one can be sure of the future, so, if your mac is running well apart from the above then dont be concerned untill a problem occurs.

  • What's a good solid-state drive for my Pro 1.1, c.250-500gb?

    What's a good solid-state drive for my Pro 1.1, c.250-500gb?

    I only in the last months learned about the XP941 as an option, and for all Mac Pro models.
    And that was in the middle of a long thread that led me to look further.
         SATA Express meets the '09 MacPro - Bootable NGFF PCIE SSD  (  1 2 3 4 5 6 ... Last Page)
    So the adapter is cheap $24-52 versus say Sonnet Tempo Pro SSD ($295) which is not even bootable in 2006/7.
    No need for $15 Icy Dock. Does not take up drive bay or any of the 6 SATA II ports.
    Yes up until last fall/winter the 840 EVO was fine, I have half a dozen ranging from 128GB up to 500GB and they work fine.
    In the past I ended up using the Sonnet card just for data (graphic library for Adobe and iPhoto) and not the system.
    Options are always good to have.

  • Adata sp900 sdd 128-GB ssd, optibay optical drive to replace superdrive, and 16 GB upgrade for macbook pro mid 2012.

    Hello everyone,
    Thank you in advanced for all of the support.  This is my first post to the communities.  I just bought a 2.9 GHz core 17 processor MacBook pro mid 2012 13" with 8 GB of RAM and I am in the process of upgrading it.  When I bought the MacBook pro originally, I was told that I would never mac out the performance because I do not do a lot of photo/video editing.  This is true, but I am an academic researcher and tend to multitask often, having 20+ safari tabs open, SPSS (a statistical program), full screen mail app, full screen calendar app, and preview, iTunes open all at the same time.  I often get slow performance and error messages that state low memory.  This is why I am interested in upgrading the laptop.  I am getting ready to go to medical school and I want to have a powerful laptop.  I also want to future proof because I plan on having a dual boot system to mac OS and windows OS.
    Because I know I will be maxing out the performance of the computer, I want to take full advantage of upgrades, especially now because the cost of the components is reasonable at the moment.  The following are the proposed upgrades:
    1.  Upgrade my current 8-GB ram (2x4-GB) with 16-GB ram (2x8-GB).  I plan on using crucial RAM.
    Crucial 16-GB Ram: d=2B1KHELSPJPNN&coliid=IYGJWGQDH8LV0&psc=1
    2.  Replace my optical drive with a hard drive.  I will place a SSD into my current hard drive position and then install my current HDD into the optical drive bay with the optibay optical drive caddy.  I am doing this because I plan to use the SSD as the boot drive and my current HDD as my backup and files drive.  I am putting the SDD into the HDD because I have read it is better to place it in this bay for performance.  I will put the other HDD in the optical drive because the performance of that one will not be as important.
    Adata SSD: d=2B1KHELSPJPNN&coliid=IYGJWGQDH8LV0&psc=1
    Optibay Optical Drive Caddy: d=2B1KHELSPJPNN&coliid=I3GI8MGWAKXY79
    My questions:
    1.  Is the listed RAM appropriate and sufficient for my MacBook pro?
    2.  Is the listed SSD appropriate and sufficient for my MacBook pro?
    3.  Is the listed Optical Drive Caddy appropriate and sufficient for my MacBook pro?
    4.  Is there still a firmware problem that does not allow for SATA 3 (6Gb/s) support in the optical drive?
    5.  Would it be easier to format the new SSD outside of the MacBook using a SATA to USB adapter?
    6.  Does working on any of the listed components void my AppleCare (I plan on keeping all of the original components so I can replace them, if I ever need to see apple support)?
    7.  What is the best way to put Mavericks onto the SSD to make this my boot drive?
    8.  What is the best way to make all of my files remain on the HDD, but link to the SSD with the operating system?
    9.  Has anyone ever successfully upgraded to 16-GB RAM and used their optical drive for a secondary hard drive?
    10.  Is there any miscellaneous advice for this project?
    Please feel free to give partial answers.  I know this was a lot of information, but I wanted to be efficient in my post.  I am very appreciative of everyone who will contribute. 
    Thank you!

    rmichaud91 wrote:
    Hello everyone,
      I just bought a 2.9 GHz core 17 processor MacBook pro mid 2012 13" with 8 GB of RAM
    16 GB of RAM is the best you can do.
    The optibay HD will null  and void your warranty.

  • Solid-State Drives in Macbook Pro

    Hi there,
    I've recently started to upgrade the performance of my late 2011 MacBook Pro and have already upgraded the RAM. I am still not 100% satisfied with the performance of my MacBook pro especially when it comes to handling large HD video files.
    I've been told that this is probably due to the slow read/write speed of the flash drive that the MacBook came with on day one, and I've head that installing a Solid-State Drive (SSD) will greatly improve the perforamcne of trasnferring, and capturing video files.
    But Ive noticed there are 2 options, either removing the HDD and installing an SSD or purchasing a portable SSD and connecting to the MacBook via Thunderbolt.
    I am wanting personal experiences using both installed or portable SSD and if theres any cons to either of them.
    Thank you

    My only current dual HD macbook, is an older 2010 I have 2 conventional HD in, the optibay drive has Win7 on it as boot volume for using a lot of older Win applications I still use (micrografx).  Ive not setup a Raid 0 with the second HD.
    Testing: RAID 0 in a MacBook Pro using the Data Doubler. bler
    According to user Asatoran
    Now add to the mix, the fact that RAID0 will lose data if any one of the drives in the array fails.  You have two drives in RAID0 versus one drive in a non-RAID.  The RAID is twice as likely to have a drive failure just because you have more drives.  If you made the RAID from two SSD drives, which are more reliable than platter-based drives, then you're got something interesting.  But you're still twice as likely to have a SSD-RAID0 array failure compared to a single non-RAID SSD.  (And more than twice if it's platter-based drives in the RAID0 versus a single non-RAID SSD.)  So it's up to you to determing how much risk you are willing to take...and how much you can afford.
    Also note that some Macbook and Macbook Pro models have slower performance on the SATA port for the optical drive.  (One assumes Apple tried to save a few dollars and put in a older, slower SATA controller for the optical drive.)  I don't know exactly which models but if yours is one of those, then you may get uneven performance on your RAID0.  Whether that is noticable or acceptable to you, will depend on a lot of things that you won't  know until you try.  (e.g.: model of drive, apps you're using.)
    And it's good that "backup is easy for you."  With RAID0 for the boot volume, you're that much more likely to have a failed boot volume.  (IOW, can't boot the Mac at all, which means you'll be using that easily made backup a lot.)  Ideally, workstations that used RAID0 used them for the data, not for the OS.  For example, in video editing, the scratch disk needs to be fast, but could be RAID0 because you "threw away" whatever was on the scratch disk after you were done editing, and presumably saved/copied the final edited product to another archival drive.  But the OS was on a typical single drive non-RAID (or a RAID1 or RAID5 if necessary,) not on a single RAID0 array for both OS and data.
    In your situation, you can't separate the OS and data onto separate RAID arrays, so in general, RAID0 is NOT what you want, regardless of whether you use SSDs or platter-based hard drives.  But again, only you can determine how much risk and cost you're willing to gamble with.

  • Solid-state drive – new MacBook Pro 17 inch

    Can anyone tell me about the specs of 512 GB solid-state drive in the new 17 inch MacBook Pro – manufacturer, read/write speeds, etc.?
    Unfortunately, Apple never publishes such component information.

    Samplex wrote:
    They only thing is if you put in your own SSD disk of OWC, OCZ, Crucial, etc the hibernation doesnt work anymore and sometimes sleep mode gives problems to.
    I have an Early 2011 13" MBP with an OCZ Vertex 2 180GB SSD in the optical drive bay and 1TB WD Scorpio Blue in the HD bay.
    The most recent firmware revision (1.32) for the Vertex drives seems to solve all of the hibernation issues. The computer sleeps and wakes properly with pmset hibernation 0, 1, 3, and 25.
    My machine, however, still has 100% repeatable issues related to waking from an inactivity sleep (i.e. not user-induced), detailed here: ut-wake-from-auto-timer-sleep-problem-still-present-in-1.32
    Not as critical a problem as others, but still an annoyance when I leave the machine unattended.

  • What's the difference between flash storage and solid state drive in MacBook Pro?

    What's the difference between MacBook Pro with flash storage and MacBook Pro with solid state drive?

    A SSD is packaged like any other notebook drive. Flash storage uses a different design and layout that connects directly to the motherboard using PCIe. It is faster than a normal SSD.
    SSD vs HDD: What's the Difference? |
    what are the differences between solid state drive and flash storage ...

  • Can i use an external drive in macbook pro mid 2012?

    replaced my optical drive with new matshita UJ8A8 drive in my macbook pro 13 mid 2012. problem was prior to replacing every type of disc wold be ejected, now when disc goes in new drive makes a sound and then ejects???? any ideas? I have 16 gig of ram in pc

    I'm not sure why it wouldn't? The Apple external USB SuperDrive will not work with your machine, but there are a lot of other third-party drives out there that should have no problem. Even though you have USB 3.0 ports on your machine, any USB 2.0 external optical drive should be fine -> a slow optical drive (and they're all slow at writing and reading asa  limitation of the media, not the port) is the norm.
    If I were you, I would just check out one of the $30-50 Asus, LG, etc., external optical drives out there. It should work with any Mac.
    Good luck,
    MacBook Pro (15-inch Late 2011), OS Mavericks 10.9.4, 16GB Crucial RAM, Crucial M500 960GB SSD, 27” Apple Thunderbolt Display

  • Solid State Drive in MacBook Pro

    Hey everyone. I have a Macbook pro that I bought in April ,06 2.33 ghz and 2g of memory. I was just wondering, can and how could I put a SSD into my MacBook pro instead of my stock hard drive. What would this accomplish? As well, what are other alternatives than using the regular hard drive on my mac? I pretty much just want boot times to be incredibly fast and have my computer be a speed demon overall.
    Jake Speyer

    Jbspeyer wrote:
    I pretty much just want boot times to be incredibly fast and have my computer be a speed demon overall.
    What I've read about SSDs is that random access is faster but sustained access is slower. It isn't a panacea. You might want to read the Ars Technica speed test of the MacBook Air with SSD. Here is an excerpt:
    But what we're really interested in are the disk tests, as those tell us exactly how well the SSD performs against the 4200rpm drive in the HDD model. The overall disk test scores aren't much different—29.37 on the HDD and 34.30 on the Air. But the SSD performs a fair amount worse than the HDD model when it comes to sequential read and write tests...*the summary is: the SSD does worse in sequential disk tests and writing in general, but spanks the HDD in random disk tests and reading from the disk*... The SSD fared poorly against the HDD model when it came to encoding a 60MB QuickTime movie to iPod format—write speeds aren't high on the SSD. Unzipping the WebKit archive, on the other hand, was very quick...
    I don't really pay attention to boot times since I only restart maybe once a week. That would make my "boot time" one second, because I just open the lid and it's ready to go.
    If you want to spend a lot more money for a lot less disk space, I think all you have to do is get an SSD that fits in the bay. But of course you can't do it yourself without voiding the warranty.

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