[Solved] A note and question about slow hostname lookups

I reinstalled Arch recently and the first thing I noticed was slow resolve times on hostname lookups.  This didn't happen on all webpages but did on about 50% of them.  This also happened on downloads from pacman %100 percent of the time.  I have done a good bit of research and most of the points led to nssswich.  One website said to try using this in nsswitch.conf:
hosts: files[NOTFOUND=continue UNAVAIL=continue] dns [NOTFOUND=continue UNAVAIL=continue TRYAGAIN=return] nis
With this it appears (after about 20 minutes of testing) that firefox lookups are again behaving normal again.  However, pacman is still having slow lookups (about 30 seconds for each package).  Does anyone know what could be the problem here.  I dont' know much about nsswitch or how it could be the problem.  Is there a way to help return pacman to regular lookup times?
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Yeah, no problem.
# /etc/hosts: static lookup table for host names
#<ip-address> <hostname.domain.org> <hostname> localhost.localdomain localhost pavilion
# End of file
# The Hosts File Project http://hostsfile.mine.nu
# Global Advert Servers Blocklist - Personal Edition
# Release 2010-1-26
# Servers Verified as up and running 2010-1-26 (by dns exploration)
# Updated sorted and maintained by Andrew Short (sh0rtie)
# Contact: [email protected]
# A big thank you to all contributers (too many to mention)
# who really have made this project a success, well done :)
# Licensed under the LGPL a copy of the license may be viewed at
# http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.txt
# This file is *extremely comprehensive* and some sites might be
# included here that you wish to visit, if this is the case you can
# deactivate the block on that site by placing a # (octothorpe)symbol
# before its entry, this will deactivate blocking on that server
# so for example # foobar.com
# will enable you to visit foobar.com or you can just simply delete
# the line that contains the site you wish to visit.
# NB:
# For some computer software updates you may need to disable
# this file in order to perform the update, if you have problems
# rename this file from "hosts" to "hosts.txt" reboot then perform
# the update and then rename this file back to "hosts" to re-enable it
# You must keep the below lines localhost 007arcadegames.com 00fun.com 00inkjets.com 00pro.com 00web.com
I use the hosts files to to block advertisements which is the stuff trailing on the end and continuing.  Think there might be a problemt here?

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  • * Buying Vado HD - 1st or 2nd gen? and question about pricing *

    I want to buy the Vado HD. I'm deliberating between the st and the 2nd gen. Can you help me with that?
    Second question, how come the 2nd gen (that supposed to be better and newer) costs less than the st gen?! (99$ for the 2nd gen and 229$ for the st gen).

    CRe: * Buying Vado HD - st or 2nd gen? and question about pricing *# To me the Vado Rev3 seems to be trying to get the same feature set as a digial Camera with HD recording capabilty....except the cameras take better stills. I have the below Canon and the Vado HD Rev.
    We don't use the vado anymore since the camera is always with us.
    Factor into the price of the Canon also purchasing a highspeed 6GB sd card.
    if you are really sold on a Vado...look at the comparison here:
    Note how they reduced the recording time of the new models to only 4gb instead of 8gb.....however, the newer units nati'vely record to MP4 which is a little easier on some software programs than the AVI container.

  • [solved] Opera,firefox and wget extremely slow (dial-up style)

    Hi there,
    this is the first time i've tried Arch Linux (64bit), so bare with me please if i've got something stupidly wrong.
    The Problem: Both Opera and Firefox are both extremly slow when opening websites. It "feels" like some kind of DNS problem, because the initial time before anything loads is quite long, but after that it goes quite quickly (though still a bit sluggish).
    But here's the catch: Ping and loading websites in links work both perfectly fast.
    For example accessing google.com in firefox: 40 seconds until page is loaded. In links about 1 second.
    Wget seems to suffer from the same problem:
    wget google.com
    --2008-12-22 03:29:23-- http://google.com/
    Resolving google.com...
    It just takes a lot of time.
    Can anyone help me with this?
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    Ok, i had a hunch:
    http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/IPv … the_Module
    Adding the line to modprobe.conf solved the Opera and Firefox issues.
    The behaviour of wget stays the same. Its still very very slow.
    Programs that seem to be affected:
    - ssh
    - openntpd
    Edit: Alright, the remaining issues were real network issues on my side. They are fixed now.
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  • Lotus Notes and Network access slow

    I'm new to this environment and when I arrived I notices that all switches are trunk to one 6509 core switch, which is fine. The 6513 switch is the server farm switch and also the aggregation switch. the issue is sometimes sme users Lotus Notes and Network access is really slow, uer need spend to 5 min to log in Lotus Notes. this problem is not always happen. lots of times whne i arrive users office, everytinh is fine. i check my network, i found the root of spanning tree is not 6509 core switch. is this the reason for network slow ?
    please help me

    You will need to ensure that spanning-tree is not
    re-converging. You can do this by monitoring the logging on your switches and or syslogging. You could make the 6509 root bridge by giving it a
    lower bridge value.
    Spanning tree should converge and be stable, if it isn't then you need to make sure links are not coming up and down and that there are not deeper problems like loops etc. Make sure all your server links are switchport mode access and bpduguard. Things like that.
    Check the links to the notes server for errors, ensure that they are the correct speed and duplex.
    Use tools like ping to check round trip times to your notes server from the switch, then from an end
    Use a traffic sniffer like ethereal to ensure that the tcp conversations on port 1352 are timely)
    A badly written view can cause big delays for your notes users.

  • Request for a unlocked BIOS for GT70 0ND 202US and question about donation

    I am using GT70 0ND 202US。 The current BIOS version is E1762IMS.10R from the official MSI website.
    The features I need are basically, exchange the Fn and Win keys, disable a SATA drive.
    I also like to play around with some other unlocked features in BIOS, if you would like to provide one.
    Also a question about donation, how much I should donate?

    Tell EC version used[along with BIOS version] in BIOS Setup, system info.
    Also a question about donation, how much I should donate?
    It's up to you, its left to people to decide depend of their possibilities.
    The features I need are basically, exchange the Fn and Win keys, disable a SATA drive.
    IE like this:
    I also like to play around with some other unlocked features in BIOS, if you would like to provide one.

  • Question about Slow Motion and Running Times

    I am using iMovie '08 to help my boss make a video of the pump and suction cup assembly he has created. He asked me if I knew how to slow it down to a frame by frame type of shot. He also asked if there is any way to have a running time on the video both in real time and the slow motion shot. Can anyone help me?
    At work I am using a Mac Pro with 4 G of RAM and 2x2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel processor.

    iMovie 08 was primarily designed for SIMPLE editing.
    iMovie 06 is a free download to iLife 08 owners. (THEY WANT YOU TO HAVE IT!)
    Much has been written about the differences between iMovie 06 and iMovie 08. I have found the below link to be helpful.

  • Type of HDD in Edge E130 and question about msata SSD

    I'm interested in thickness of HDD in E130. I read that in E125 was 7 mm HDD and there is troubles with 9 mm. So, is  E130 similar to E125(E130 is next-gen of this type netbooks, but there is huge posibility that Lenovo Engineers decided not to change HDD type)? Or 9 mm hard drive will work?
    Installing msata breaks warranty agreement, doesn't it? And i have some, maybe, obvious questions amout msata SSD(i've read about installing SSD in other Thinkpad notebooks), but I need some proves for Edge E130:
    1)Speed is limited by SATAII interface?
    2)mSata drive as bootable device will work?
    Last questions are not such important, but i'll happy, if Edge E130/E135 users will share their experience
    Go to Solution.

    I bought the E130 as a travel computer, so I didn't have to travel with my X220T - which is a tank compared to this little fellow. I have the 3358-8dg model of the e130 (came with free-dos but I bought an extra 4GB Ram to up the total to 8GB). The HDD is the usual 7mm think ones as expected.
    I've had my e130 for 2 days now and I removed the HDD it shipped with and installed a 64GB mSata instead.
    Link to image
    I then installed Win7 with SP1 from a USB in UEFI mode (see this thread: http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Windows-7-Discussion/Prepare-an-usb-thumb-drive-to-boot-windows-7-or-8-i... - installed Lenovo System Update 5 and installed all drivers and software along with all windows updates.
    So, running only an mSata HD and booting from it is not a problem at all.
    My windows experience index is 4.9 due to the Graphics: Desktop performance for Windows Aero.
    The HD transfer rate is 7.9.
    The exact model of the mSata SSD I installed is: Crucial m4 SSD 64GB, mSATA 6Gb/s (CT064M4SSD3)
    I hope this helps.
    Moderator note: images totalling more than 50k converted to links per forum rules:  Lenovo Community Participation Rules Also fixed broken link.

  • Problems and Questions about JAX-WS!

    Hello guys ,
    Haven't come here for a long time , feeling so good backing here.
    so guys ,when i using the netbean6 to develop the web service ,i across the folling problems ,can somebody tell me ...thx!
    1 when i trying to build the web service client by the way os ,
    * ***static drag and pull the xxport to my code area(netbean6) ,here i haven't problems .
    ** static proxy @WebserviceRef (wsdlLocation="....?wsdl") xxxService it always notice me that can't find the class.
    **** dynamic proxy ,when i coding the web service ,using the
    @Webservice(Name="",targetNamespace="", wsdlLocation="http://localhost:8080/xx/xxService?wsdl") here i met the wsdlLocation errer,throws the finenofind exception .......
    2.questions :
    when do i need to use the JAXB ? and when i want to send the image or files do i need to using the SAAJ ?
    3 BTW, any URL to learn more about the WS?
    Many thx!

    Thx, nikos2008, i watch the link you recommanded , it really help ,
    but the point is i am using netbean6 to build the web service ,so i dont'
    need the wsimport or wsgen , isn't it ?
    ok ,so i will describe it more clearly ...example "SOA using Java web service "
    @WebService(name = "RequestOrderPort",
    41 targetNamespace = "http://www.example.com/req",
    42 __wsdlLocation = "http://localhost:8080/oms/RequestOrderService?wsdl")__*
    *"-----if i code the wsdlLocation ,i will throws the nullpointException "*
    43 public interface RequestOrderPort {
    45 @WebMethod
    46 @WebResult(name = "Order", targetNamespace = "http://www.example.com/oms")
    47 @RequestWrapper(localName = "requestOrder",
    48 targetNamespace = "http://www.example.com/req",
    49 className = "com.example.req.RequestOrder")
    50 @ResponseWrapper(localName = "requestOrderResponse",
    51 targetNamespace = "http://www.example.com/req",
    52 className = "com.example.req.RequestOrderResponse")
    53 public OrderType requestOrder(
    54 @WebParam(name = "CUST_NO",
    55 targetNamespace = "http://www.example.com/req")
    56 String custNO,
    57 @WebParam(name = "PURCH_ORD_NO",
    58 targetNamespace = "http://www.example.com/req")
    59 String purchORDNO,
    60 @WebParam(name = "ccard", targetNamespace = "http://www.example.com/req")
    61 BUSOBJCCARD ccard,
    62 @WebParam(name = "item", targetNamespace = "http://www.example.com/req")
    63 List<BUSOBJITEM> item)
    64 throws InputFault
    65 ;
    67 }
    by "deploy and undeploy the web service " in netbean6 to deploy the web service to GlassFish.
    web service client
    If you are not running inside a container, you cannot use the @WebServiceRef
    for injection, but you can still make use of the generated service
    class RequestOrderService,
    RequestOrderService service = new RequestOrderService();
    64 RequestOrderPort port = service.getRequestOrderPort();
    65 (new Tester()).runTests(port);
    ----- what does it mean of "not inside a container "  but if i use this method ,i can success in using the WS
    2: You can use several methods to get a proxy instance. In this section, we
    look at three of them. The most elegant approach involves dependency
    injection specified by an annotation
    31 @WebServiceRef(RequestOrderService.class)
    32 public static RequestOrderPort port;
    it notice me can't find the RequestOrderPort
    3.you can construct a proxy instance for the SEI dynamically by
    configuring an instance of the javax.xml.ws.Service class at runtime.
    Creating a Proxy Instance Using a Dynamically Configured Service
    77 URL wsdlURL = new URL("http://"+hostName+":"+portVal+"/chap06-endpointendpoint-
    78 QName serviceQName =
    79 new QName("http://www.example.com/req", "RequestOrderService");
    80 QName portQName =
    81 new QName("http://www.example.com/req", "RequestOrderPort");
    82 Service service = Service.create(wsdlURL, serviceQName);
    83 RequestOrderPort port =
    84 (RequestOrderPort) service.getPort(portQName, RequestOrderPort.class);
    85 (new Tester()).runTests(port);
    BTW,Is this the 3 ways to use the web service ?
    Thx, hope this time i make you understood it...

  • 10 problems and questions about the 8220

    I have come to a point where I am a bit more frustrated about my new phone than actually enjoying it, my previous phone was an XDA Orbit running on WM5, as such I guess I came to expect a lot more from the phone than is good for me...
    I just got an upgrade from O2, and since the Bold was not in stock I was sent this one.
    Anyway, here goes:
    1. SMS Message-folders: Is there any way I can create folders for my messages? Say for example: "SAVED-Bob", "SAVED-Steve", etc? At the moment I only have one main SMS folder displaying everything and I really do not want to save messages in the same "Saved messages" folder under 'Applications'
    2. Deleting multiple messages: According to the help, pressing the alt-button while rolling over the messages will select the messages I want, then pressing the menu button I would need to select "delete selected messages". Well, that doesn't seem to work. If I press the alt-button all I will achieve is the trackball going to the top or the bottom of the messages. Could anyone point me into the right direction?
    3. Sent emails: Why is there no "sent" messages folder? I would have expected that with a blackberry (that is said to be an office-email-phone) I have some sort of Outbox and Sentbox?
    4. Memory card: How can I use it? The only reasonable explanation I got from the phone that I had a memory card was when I took a picture and it told me that these would be stored on the MicroSD card. But how can I as a user access it? How can I create folders on there? How can I save items such as notes on there? And if I put up a folder on the memory card with a number of word documents, PDFs and text notes, how can I access these?
    5. Security: How can I lock folders such as messages or email (say for the sake of the argument that I would be using the same password for both of them) so that whenever I want to access my SMS messages I need to enter a code?
    6. Image-editing: How can I edit an image after I took it to get it to a smaller size? I was using TwitterBerry to upload an image I just took to my twitter account, but it just sat there uploading the image (which was a 1600x1200 image) for about 10 minutes (with WiFi connected) and did not do anything.
    7. Message preview: I don't want to see the whole message on my phone! Is there no way I can just display the "New Message" icon with the sender, but not previewing the message on the outer screen when the phone is closed?
    8. Trackball problems: the trackball does not seem to be sitting 100% in the middle of the recess, instead it is squinted a little to the right. It isn't a massive problem, but if I can see white light coming through on the left and not on the right I do not really think this is a "feature". It works and everything, but it just doesn't look properly / right
    9. Hinge a bit wobbly? The hinge has a bit of movement when closed (not when opened), is a movement of 2mm normal?
    10. Full phone backup: Can I make a full backup of my 8220 using any piece of software (the software that came with it hasn't been touched yet) to fully backup my phone and contacts for easy import into another Blackberry should I need to return this one for #8 ad #9?
    Thank you all very much for your time and help on this, I would really like to enjoy the phone, but at the moment I just can't and I have already spent so much time importing my contacts properly that I really don't want to consider changing phones...
    Go to Solution.

    The good news! You should have doc's to go on your phone with device OS 4.6:
    The other news: as a BIS user you will not have the sent and received personal folder setup that you
    do on Outlook. A BES phone maintains a connection to the MSexchange server that allows you to have full
    function with the BB. On BIS however, You can save email messages to the saved folder, you can hide or display the sent messages in the main message queue, you can save sent emails. However the are saved in only one folder.
    Please remember to resolve your thread. Put the check mark in the green box that contained your answer! Thanks  
    Click Accept as Solution for posts that have solved your issue(s)!
    Be sure to click Like! for those who have helped you.
    Install BlackBerry Protect it's a free application designed to help find your lost BlackBerry smartphone, and keep the information on it secure.

  • Much better- and question about constant fan noise

    i couldn't start anew thread a few minutes ago. I replied to 2 threads, then the startanew thread iconmagically appeard! I am not making it up.
    any way- i posted a while back about noise. I thought it may be the hard drive. But definatley it sounds like the fan(s) in my MBP dual core
    my MPB was silen when i first bough it. then a few month in it got noisy. Now thw fans are on all the time.
    anyone else with a MPB that is just noisy? this *****! macs are almost always quiet. this is annoying acually. and it is non stop! i can't recal a moment when the fns were not winding like tiny air craft jet engines! LOL wel, it's not that funy actually.
    the noise does change in pitch on occasion. sort of like they slow down a tiny bit. other wise they just hum away.
    I had a G-4 I mac- SILENT! then a dual G-5 tower- it was quest until it roared up on a task, then it roared with power then got quiet again.
    but this tiny mpbis just noisy!
    Well, i hoope it is the fans, not the HD. It prettty much sounds like fans, and constant.
    but considering theroom temp is abou 68 in here, whywould the fans be on? and non stop?
    we live in a cold climate, so it's not a 100 weather.
    any help with the fans and perhaps a test or a way to turn them down? does my system think the core is hot?
    thanks for any help

    only about 13% is a peak ap. nothing major, nor a lot of stuff. but nothing consuming 30 40 or more percent or anything. Nothing running except safar in this case, activity monitor.nothingexcessive like 10 aps , whihc i have done in the past as we know the macs can handle it
    well, nothing seems out of the ordinary.
    I included a pic from that FAN CONTROL AP- well was going to, but not sure how.
    any way my stats from it are:
    base speed, 1500 rpm (on both actually)
    ower threshhold 122F
    upper 176F
    current temp at that moment was 101F
    can someone compare their fans to mine and their temp- i assume it is the cpu core temp.
    any way, not sure what is a safe range, nor why my fans are running non-stop.
    just noisy? but like i said they do occilate a little ans slow and the hum gets deeper then they go back to normal which is a slightly higher pitch.
    as for that iStat pro ap. i opened it and it just made my application dock bar flash then the dock came back. The Istat pro didn't open.
    Um- it looks like a widget. I may have taken my widget ap of some time ago. I hve yahoo widgets on. but not sure how to get that istat to work. I can't even recall the name of the apple widget program.
    thanksfor help on tracking this noise down-
    are any of your guys's fans really noisy? is this common? mine is just non-stop but if my settings are off or if there is areason, then I can adjust it from there. just want to know what the "normal range" or operation of the fans are. but man they are noisy for a mbp. and they WERE QUIET when i first got this laptop.
    thanks again

  • Please do not post questions about Adobe software in this forum

    Hello, welcome to the forums.
    What you may not realise is that each Adobe product has its own specialist forum, and it's very important to choose the right one. This forum isn't about products, it's about comments on the forums themselves.
    So, please go back to http://www.adobe.com/support/forums.html and choose the right forum. But first, make sure you know the name of your product.
    When you look at the list of messages in a forum, there is a box above that describing what the forum is for. Take care to read it carefully, or you may put your message in a forum where there are no experts who understand your question. Also, check to see whether there are any "FAQ" (Frequently Asked Questions) sections in the product forum, and search for previous discussions about the question you wish to ask before starting a new one.

    this is maybe because users are directly forwarded to this forum when looking for a contact in the otn-contact page. i suggest to change the contact-site and the direct the users to the "forums home" page.

  • "Don't import duplicates" and question about the Last Import folder

    Ever since the last time I uploaded clips and made movies with them, I have shot new footage. I never erased the clips that were in the Sanyo VPC-HD2000A.
    This morning I uploaded the clips to my iMovie '11, including image stabilization. (Bypassed iPhoto '11 completely, on purpose.)
    What caused me concern while the clips were uploading is that there were no prompts about +"only new clips, no duplicates"+ to be imported. There was one set of options saying "Importing checked, or Import checked," but the problem was that I saw nowhere that any of the clips in the box (I will call it the Sanyo Box) could be checked. Selected, yes, but checked, no. I tried to select all of the newly shot footage, but that was impossible. It was only possible to select one clip at a time.
    I did not interrupt the file transfer because I did so once last month and it caused me problems.
    I ended up with 36 files uploaded and imported.
    _In the iMovie '11 Events Library, the Last Import folder contains clips that were uploaded last month to iMovie. If I am to understand the label, "Last Import" does not mean, "And also stuff from a previous import."_
    I realize that having duplicates of clips can be solved by deleting clips, but I really want to know what is going on and also what ought to be going on. Shouldn't the Last Import folder contain only those clips that are in the most recent upload?
    And why was there no prompt for all duplicates to be disregarded and not imported?
    Did I possibly bollix up the preferences in my Sanyo VPC-HD2000A and did I accidentally tell it not to ask whether or not I want to import duplicates?
    I can see that someone could say, "Make sure you delete all old clips before you shoot new footage," but that is an "of course." I need to know what happens when you keep clips in the camera and want to import only the new clips.

    In LR3 it would ALWAYS pick up the duplicates if I inserted a card I'd just imported.
    With no change to my workflow I'm now having instances of the same files being imported multiple times.

  • Q: How to properly shutdown part/all of VDI? and question about disk space

    Hi again. I was able to get the VDI to work, but yesterday I changed the ARC parameter both in the storage and the xvm server (not sure in which is needed to be changed) and restarted both machines, to my surprise, the templates and the cloned VM had disappeared, so I was wondering if there is a proper way to shut down parts or the whole VDI? is there a sequence? and, of course, how to then turn everything back online ...
    How to make things permanent or at least, to export them so one can then import them back after the reboot?
    I did not find this in the documentation, the vdi3.pdf, if it is somewhere else, plz provide me with the link.
    I was curious that I could not see the space being used in the storage server:
    [email protected]:~# df -kl
    Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
    VDisksPool 202890010 19 202889991 1% /VDisks
    rpool 58603340 78 58603262 1% /rpool
    [email protected]:~# ls -l /VDisks/
    total 0
    but acording to the VDI page, the storage is being used at 3%:
    Number of Storages: 1
    Total Capacity:200.32 GB
    how to check this? where is the space being used?
    thanks in advance
    Edited by: Velithion on Jul 8, 2009 8:05 AM

    "kmdguy" <[email protected]> wrote in
    news:gl852s$oif$[email protected]..
    > Hello there,
    > I'm working on a simple FLEX app which uses the built-in
    PHP wizard to
    > connect
    > to a mySQL database. I'm building the app using MAMP and
    so far all of my
    > testing is working fine. I have it performing all kinds
    of CRUD
    > successfully,
    > etc.
    > My question is how to properly go about moving all the
    necessary files to
    > my
    > off-site web host. Namely my mySQL database.
    If your database is the same version of mySQL on the MAMP as
    on the server,
    then you should be able to just export it from one and import
    it to the
    other. If not, you could try doing something similar to what
    I describe
    in the steps that start: "Download the rtf translation of the
    mySQL database
    table..." and "Open the classification.rtf you downloaded
    > And will the auto-generated PHP
    > break now that it's not running on my localhost.
    I'm not sure, but I think you might wind up having to make
    some adjustments
    to it. For instance, is the user name and password identical
    on your server
    and your MAMP installation? If not, you'll have to edit some
    of the
    connection data.
    > I've tried to find a simple
    > step-by-step guide to migrating everything here to an
    off-site host but
    > couldn't find anything specific. Only how to create a
    simple release build
    > which works fine. I'd like to do some testing before I
    get any deeper to
    > confirm that I understand how to migrate all the files I
    need to my web
    > host.
    This may well be because the type of person who writes these
    guides is
    unlikely to be using the automatically generated scripts.

  • Backing up to external drive, and questions about "clearing up" hd space..?

    iPhoto 6. Specs are below.
    I have about 7,000 photos, and I have to clear out my hd to create more space.
    I have "backed-up" my hd using "super duper" and an external firewire seagate pro drive and now need to clear out space on the internal drive on my G4.
    Here are my questions/concerns:
    How do I go about deleting my photos off of my internal hd?
    I want to continue to use iphoto, but need to delete my current photos from it, in order to free up space.
    Will I be able to get access to this drive in, say 10 years from now?
    Will it be safe to store in the closet?
    When I go to back-up iphoto, will it add my "new" pictures to the old pictures I saved?
    My concerns are longevity, and to be able to access these in the future.
    Should I be looking at another process? Back-up to DVD?
    Thanks for your help!!!!
    Feel free to ask me questions as well. These are very important photos, actually ANYONE'S photos are important......just want them safe for the future.

    You can run an entire library from that external disk:
    1. Quit iPhoto
    2. Copy the iPhoto Library Folder as an entity from your Pictures Folder to the External Disk.
    3. Hold down the option (or alt) key while launching iPhoto. From the resulting menu select 'Choose Library' and navigate to the new location. From that point on this will be the default location of your library.
    4. Test the library and when you're sure all is well, trash the one on your internal HD to free up space.
    Now, when you add new pics, that's where they will go - obviously, as long as the disk is attached to your Mac and not in the closet
    The longevity of storage is a matter of some debate. Optical media (CD & DVD) are rated in years, but none have been around long enough to know if those ratings are accurate. My solution to that problem is to burn a copy of my library to DVD twice a year, so that gets renewed every six months or so. I also upload my library to FLICKR.
    I guess the point of backing up is that it's an ongoing process, not a single event.

  • This is NOT a question about retreiving whatsapp msgs :)

    Hey guys,
    So after I realized there is no way of retreiving my whatsapp msgs and history from my stolen droid, I have another question, seemignly a more simple one:
    If I lost my phone 2.5 months ago and havn't installed whatsapp on my new phone since then (on my friend's whatsapp it still says that I was "Last seen online on 01/08/13"), so is it possible that somehow I will be able to get the messages ppl sent me from that date until now? I mean the messages would all be marked as unread and since I did not sign in from any other phone, I wonder if those msgs (only from the last 2 months) are still availible for me to receive them from a new phone upon signing in.
    Again, I am not talking about mesages that were there forever and been read before the phone was stolen, only those which nobody read after it was stolen. Would greatly appriciate if anyone knows if and how to get those precious messages.

    Probably a question you should ask the app developer or look at their support site.

Maybe you are looking for

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