[SOLVED] After post trigger go to the specific item. (Oracle Forms 10g)

I have this layout
and a post trigger insert and update
                IF  :item1 IS NULL
          AND :item3 IS NOT NULL THEN
                    alert_id := FIND_ALERT('blank_alert');
                    SET_ALERT_PROPERTY(alert_id,ALERT_MESSAGE_TEXT,'Item3 must have a value.');
                    v_alert := SHOW_ALERT(alert_id);          
                    RAISE Form_trigger_Failure;
          END IF;My problem was as it fires, the cursor will be on the item1.
I've already use
GO_ITEMbut it was all illegal. The cursor must be in the item3.
Don't question me why I do not set the item3 to required and why post triggers.
It is just that. It is the requirement.
Any bright Idea? Thanks!
And even when-validate-item triggers. It must be post triggers.
Is it possible? Thanks.
Edited by: reppihsrow on Feb 19, 2013 6:02 PM

timer_id                       TIMER;
one_second                       NUMBER := 1000;
<validations . . .>
timer_id := CREATE_TIMER('timer', one_second,NO_REPEAT);
GO-ITEMBright idea! Million thanks!
Note: I have an typo error in my code. It should be
IF  :item3 IS NULL
          AND :item1 IS NOT NULL THENAgain. Thanks!

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    You should ask this in the Forms forum (this is the Reports forum) and when doing that, mention your Forms version etc. Also, explain what you mean by this:
    LOV error in blocks as no data is there in dbWhat error do you get? An LOV can return no records without a problem, so you probably did not use standard LOV funtionality.
    while clicking on buttonWhat is the code behind this button?

  • After posting a question on the community forum page, will I be notified when an answer appears?

    After posting a question on the community forum page, will I be notified when an answer appears?

    Yes, it will be in your mailbox unless you setup not to receive.

  • DB Trigger firing issue in case of oracle forms session crash

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    please check java runtime console for more issue information.
    SystemControl->Java Plugin Ver XXXX -> Standard -> Check "Show Java Console"
    In Systray, check the console for information about errors in java after the form error.

  • Displaying the Oracle Forms 10g

    Hi Everyone,
    I need help on this one.
    I am currently running Oracle Forms 10g and I want to display the Calendar object on an item in my module.
    I have attached the relevant libraries i.e Calendar and added the program units as required so in my module there are two additional data blocks that is
    DATE_CONTROL_BLOCK and DATE_BUTTON_BLOCK and I have my canvas and the DATE_LOV_CANVAS.
    What code do I had to the KeyListVal trigger to enable me to display the Calendar at runtime?

    Actually what I want to find out is how to include a
    Calendar in my Form Module at runtime.That wasn't your initial post's question, and what do you mean by at runtime??
    You need to have the objects you stated in your first post in the form to be able to show the calendar at runtime.
    If you have the Forms Demo read the help files they have explained everything in it. If not you can download it from [url http://www.oracle.com/technology/sample_code/products/forms/index.html]here

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    Please post your question in Forms Topic
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    [Step by Step install Oracle on Linux and Automate the installation using Shell Script |http://kamranagayev.wordpress.com/2009/05/01/step-by-step-installing-oracle-database-10g-release-2-on-linux-centos-and-automate-the-installation-using-linux-shell-script/]

  • Oracle Forms 10G(tabbed canvasses not working the same as in Forms 6i)

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    The Form is working prefectly fine in Forms 6i but when I converted the same form in to forms 10G it does not seem to work the same way. The tabbed canvasses are not getting displayed. I am manually having to press the execute query to get data displayed in the tabbed canvasses. I checked the parameters that are being passed and they are the same as that in Forms 6i.
    Please let me know where my 10G Form is going wrong. Appreciate your help, please send me an email on [email protected]

    Re: Oracle Forms 10G not working as Oracle Forms 6i

  • Storing an Excel File in the Oracle Table through Oracle Form (10g)

    We have the below requirement in the Oracle Forms (10g).
    Database: 11g
    Application: R12
    We need to provide an upload functionality to the user, so that he can upload an excel file into the form (from the local system), this is achived.
    Now what we need to do is that we need to capture the path of the document (in the local system) and we need to store the document in a Oracle table.
    Next we need to validate the records that are being loaded and the error records should be written into one more file and that file also we need to store in an Oracle table, this is because, i need to query this error file from the table later and need to send to the user as an e-mail.
    Basically i started off with the below code just for the POC. but iam facing the error. Please help. I did not put this code in my form.
    Create Table Email_Attachments(Id_Pk Integer Primary Key,Fname Varchar2(50),Image Blob);
    Create Or Replace Directory Temp As 'C:\';
    Create Or Replace Procedure Load_File(Pi_Id In Integer, Pfname In Varchar2) Is
    Src_File Bfile;
    Dst_File Blob;
    Lgh_File Binary_Integer;
    Src_File := Bfilename('TEMP', Pfname);
    Insert Into Email_Attachments (Id_Pk,Fname,Image)
    Values (Pi_Id,Pfname, Empty_Blob())
    Returning Image Into Dst_File;
    Dbms_Lob.Open(Src_File, Dbms_Lob.File_Readonly);
    Lgh_File := Dbms_Lob.Getlength(Src_File);
    Dbms_Lob.Loadfromfile(Dst_File, Src_File, Lgh_File);
    ORA-22288: file or LOB operation FILEOPEN failed
    No Such file or directory
    ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_LOB", line 1014
    ORA-06512: at "SYS.LOAD_FILE", line 10
    ORA-06512: at line 2
    How to capture the Path from which he has loaded the file?
    How to Write the error records it to the file and store it in an Oracle table?
    Will the below table be of use to me?
    Please share your ideas as to how to acheive this.
    Thanks and Regards

    When you want to process the file, them it depends on the format. "Excel file" is a term that is used for a variety of file formats, mostly simple CSV, binary (true) XLS and XLSX.
    So to get help you have to give us more information. Since the file is already in the db you might get better answers at {forum:id=75}. The forum has a FAQ that has a whole section {message:id=9360007}.

  • F.05 - Posting Logic - How are the open items grouped?

    I am trying to understand how the posting logic works. We are on ECC 6, Classic Ledger and use F.05 for the revaluation. I am trying to revalue a Open Item managed balance sheet account, that has open items since 2009. It has  a total of 480 open items, but after reval system posts only 19 entries. I am trying to understand how SAP groups these open items, what criteria is used to group open items to different documents. The totals are matching, but I am failing to understand the how SAP combined these different open items into a smaller set that were actually posted. Can anyone please enlighten me with this logic?

    In terms of open item valuation, open items are grouped by the Vendor/customer and the transaction currency of the open item. But if corporate group of the vendor/customer are same and group vendor/customer is checked in settings of valuation method, the grouping will be based on corporate group and transaction currency of the open item.
    For example: You have 6 open items (say invoices)
    Local currency is USD
    1. Vendor ABC (GL account 160000) - 100EUR => diff 3$
    2. Vendor ABC (GL account 160000) - 150INR => diff 2$
    3. Vendor ABC (GL account 160000) - 200AUD => diff -2$
    4. Vendor ABC (GL account 160000) - 300EUR => diff 1$
    5. Vendor XYZ (GL account 160000) - 350EUR => diff 1.5$ (corporate group - A123)
    6. Vendor TTT (GL account 161000) - 200EUR => diff 0.5$ (corporate group - A123)
    If you carry out foreign currency valuation now, Assuming that each of these 6 open items gives valuation difference.
    1 & 4 will be grouped together and 5 & 6 will be grouped together.
    Once the open items are grouped, the following logic applies into each group.
    If post per line check is checked in the settings of valuation method, then each differences will be separate line item.
    If post per line check is not checked, then all the gains will be grouped as one line item and losses will be grouped as one line item.
    Edited by: Sukhbold Altanbat on Oct 25, 2011 8:08 AM

  • After upgrade SP-Crawl Error: The SharePoint item being crawled returned an error when attempting to download the item.

    Hi All - After the upgrade, I am getting SP-Crawl Error for certain links. I check the Crawl component has proper permission.
    Google is showing some article like
    not sure if this resolution is referring to 2010 and/or 2013. 
    I checked the registery editor. I couldn't find 14.0 under the Office Server.
    Any clue?

    I checked the web application policy the search crawl account has full read permission.
    Log Error referring the Correlation ID
    01/06/2014 13:05:06.14  w3wp.exe (0x1698)                        0x0118 SharePoint Foundation        
     Monitoring                     nasq Medium   Entering monitored scope (Request (GET:/sites/HR/Shared%20Documents/Benefits/Insurance%20Benefits/Life%20Insurance/Basic%20Life%20and%20ADD)).
    Parent No 
    01/06/2014 13:05:06.14  w3wp.exe (0x1698)                        0x0118 SharePoint Foundation        
     Logging Correlation Data       xmnv Medium   Name=Request (GET:<SiteURL>/sites/HR/Shared%20Documents/Benefits/Insurance%20Benefits/Life%20Insurance/Basic%20Life%20and%20ADD) e8b1679c-0476-70d4-9fcd-2cef5be44461
    01/06/2014 13:05:06.14  w3wp.exe (0x1698)                        0x0118 SharePoint Foundation        
     Authentication Authorization   agb9s Medium   Non-OAuth request. IsAuthenticated=True, UserIdentityName=, ClaimsCount=0 e8b1679c-0476-70d4-9fcd-2cef5be44461
    01/06/2014 13:05:06.15  w3wp.exe (0x1698)                        0x1738 SharePoint Foundation        
     General                        af71 Medium   HTTP Request method: GET e8b1679c-0476-70d4-9fcd-2cef5be44461
    01/06/2014 13:05:06.15  w3wp.exe (0x1698)                        0x1738 SharePoint Foundation        
     General                        af75 Medium   Overridden HTTP request method: GET e8b1679c-0476-70d4-9fcd-2cef5be44461
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     General                        af74 Medium   HTTP request URL: /sites/HR/Shared%20Documents/Benefits/Insurance%20Benefits/Life%20Insurance/Basic%20Life%20and%20ADD e8b1679c-0476-70d4-9fcd-2cef5be44461
    01/06/2014 13:05:06.17  w3wp.exe (0x1698)                        0x1738 SharePoint Foundation        
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    01/06/2014 13:05:06.17  w3wp.exe (0x1698)                        0x1960 SharePoint Foundation        
     Monitoring                     b4ly Medium   Leaving Monitored Scope (Request (GET:<SiteURL>/sites/HR/Shared%20Documents/Benefits/Insurance%20Benefits/Life%20Insurance/Basic%20Life%20and%20ADD)).
    Execution Time=20.5461867360237 e8b1679c-0476-70d4-9fcd-2cef5be44461
    01/06/2014 13:05:06.17  w3wp.exe (0x1698)                        0x1960 SharePoint Foundation        
     Monitoring                     b4ly Medium   Leaving Monitored Scope (Request (GET:<SiteURL>/sites/HR/Shared%20Documents/Benefits/Insurance%20Benefits/Life%20Insurance/Basic%20Life%20and%20ADD)).
    Execution Time=29.917489513332 e8b1679c-0476-70d4-9fcd-2549ba3ee9d4
    01/06/2014 13:05:06.17  w3wp.exe (0x1698)                        0x1960 SharePoint Foundation        
     Monitoring                     nasq Medium   Entering monitored scope (Request (GET:<SiteURL>nsurance%20Benefits%2fLife%20Insurance%2fBasic%20Life%20and%20ADD&FolderCTID=0x01200039DA632EEACF264685CF39D68A18F7C8)).
    Parent No 
    Any clue?

  • In which trigger can i use go_item() in oracle forms 6i?

        I have a problem with go_item.
    I tried executing go_item() in triggers like key_next_item, pre_text_item, post_text_item & when_validate_item.
    But none of them seemed to be working.
    I searched for other possibilities in the site, where i found a solution of using trigger ' when_timer_expired ' with ' when_validate_item ' ,
    but when i tried to create trigger, i did not find that trigger (when_timer_expired)  in the list at all.
    I'm using oracle form builder 6i.
    Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - Production.
    A trigger with go_item() must be created when tab is pressed.
    In which trigger can i use go_item() ??
    Thank You.

    from help:
    Restricted Built-in Subprograms
    Restricted Built-ins affect navigation in your form, either external screen navigation, or internal navigation. You can call these Built-ins only from triggers while no internal navigation is occurring.
    Restricted Built-ins cannot be called from the Pre and Post triggers, which fire when Oracle Forms is navigating from object to another.
    Restricted Built-ins can be called from the When triggers that are specific to interface items, such as When-Button-Pressed or When-Checkbox-Changed. Restricted Built-ins can also be called from any of the When-New-"object"-Instance triggers and from key triggers.
    Unrestricted Built-ins do not affect logical or physical navigation and can be called from any trigger.
    The Built-in descriptions include a heading, Built-In Type, that indicates if the Built-in is restricted or unrestricted.

  • Go-item in post-text-item oracle forms 6i

    It is not possible to use go_item in post-text-item trigger in forms 6i
    How to overcome this?

    I've never tried to force the user to do that.
    But Kevin's second solution would do it:
    Set a packaged variable and put the code in a form-level WHEN-NEW-ITEM-INSTANCECreate a package specification in the form -- I always name such a package P0.
    In the package, create a variable:  Next_Itm  varchar2(60);In your post-text-item trigger, set the package value:    P0.Next_Itm := 'BLOCK_B2.ITEM_6';In the form-level when-new-item-instance trigger:
      If P0.Next_Itm is not null then
        P0.Next_Itm := null;
      End if;

  • Oracle Forms 10g Trigger help

    Dear Techies,
    I have a query in form triggers : when User enters a cost center and transaction year n go to lines a trigger should fire and query the existing transaction if it has the same cost center and transaction year. Please check the below detail explanation.
    Headers block : transaction no , cost center and transaction year
    Lines block : project no project code task and amount
    Example : Headers : cost center : 232428 Transaction Year : 2012 Transaction no : 0000111 (Sequence generator which will effect after we enter d lines and save the form)
    Lines : Project no : 455 Project code : xyz task : 788 Amount : 15500.
    I have saved the form with above details. Next time I reopened the form and entered the same cost center : 232428 Transaction Year : 2012 (Same as above transaction) and
    when i go to lines (click) a trigger should fire and query the existing transaction (0000111) since the transaction 0000111 has same cost center and year.
    Please help me how can i achieve this.
    Thanks and Regards,

    nani chowdary wrote:
    also this error : FRM : 40654: Record has been updated by another user. Requery to see the change.
    But no body is working on this form except me.After this post, i made a form and tested. There is no problem i get. i do it in a simple form of Scott schema. Here is the code
         b number;
         if :emp.empno is null then
              if :dept.deptno is not null then
                   select count(empno) into b
                   from emp
                   where emp.deptno=:dept.deptno;
                   if b>0 then
                   end if;
              end if;
         end if;
    end;May be you have any other trigger which change the state of the form and caused this problem. Check that.
    Hope this helps

  • Requirement specification for Oracle 9i & 10g database.

    I had a query as to what are the software & hardware requirements for Oracle 9i & 10g. I know of 9i for Windows only at the moment, it requires around 10MB hard disk space & 256 RAM. So, similarly, i wanted to know for other platforms. I hope, my question is clear.
    Please, help in solving the doubt.

    i don't think that you should worry about minimum hardware specifications as now a days hardware is very cheap and also the minimum configuration new machines available in market are with p4, 256 mb ram, 80gb hdd, etc.
    But still for knowledge minimum requirements information can be found in any oracle sw installation documentations.

Maybe you are looking for