[SOLVED]no pos1 and end button functionalities in ZSH-shell

Hi guys,
I am wondering how I can configure zsh so that it can support position1 and end button functionalities. What I want is, for example:
when I type something, or navigate through my folder structures and recognize that there is a typo at the beginning or in the middle, I want to be able to jump to the first character or to the last character once I, for instance, corrected the typo etc...?
Is this possible?
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I have the following in my .zshrc
# bindkey
bindkey -e
bindkey "\e[3~" delete-char
# Home- und End-Keys.
bindkey '\e[1~' beginning-of-line
bindkey '\e[4~' end-of-line
what are `\e[1~` and `le[4~`? My .zshrc configuration was working pretty fine on my previous linux systems (ubuntu, opensuse, fedora etc..)
Why should they be coded differently? Can someone please explain this specific syntax?
Very interestingly - my laptop keyboard has an extra numlock => There is a fn button (for changing the function of a button) => therefore I have
- Pos 1 on 7 within the numlock
- End on 1 within the numlock
But when I turn off the numlock, I can jump to the beginning and end of the line by using 1 and 7 consequently. But I have two more extra buttons only for this pos1 and end purposes. I want to activate those buttons. And I do not know which code they have
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    Uh oh...that's a shame...hopefully the seller is reputable...
    The next suspicion is moisture intrusion, for which this applies:
    Run, don't walk, to this FAQ:
    Do everything it says, including waiting the maximum recommended time. Applying power to your BB between it getting wet and doing this process reduces the chances of success. Further, the only thing predictable about moisture intrusion into a BB (indeed, any electronic device) is that the results will be unpredictable. I've seen some come back up right away and be fine. I've seen others never work at all. I've seen still others run for a bit, and then die later. And every thing in between.
    On the other hand, you may want to see if the seller will remedy the situation...if they represented the BB as fully functional, then they misrepresented it, which would incline me to not trust them for anything. And, if they did not do all necessary steps before selling it, then you may never be able to get this device to work properly on any carrier...see this:
    KB05099 Steps to take before selling or after buying a previously owned BlackBerry smartphone
    If the seller did not conduct their steps (most importantly getting the BB PIN released from any BIS or BES systems with which it may have been associated), then it is possible that no carrier will be able to properly register it on their system for your use. Further, if perhaps the device was reported as lost or stolen, then that as well will preclude your ever being actually able to use it.
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    Good luck!
    Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!
    If anyone has been helpful to you, please show your appreciation by clicking the button inside of their post. Please click here and read, along with the threads to which it links, for helpful information to guide you as you proceed. I always recommend that you treat your BlackBerry like any other computing device, including using a regular backup schedule...click here for an article with instructions.
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  • "home" Button and "end" Button

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    I've just purchased a Apple Wireless Keyboard. Can anyone please tell me what is the actual funtion of BOTH the "home" Button (located at the left-hand-side of the 'page up' button) & the "end" Button (located at the left-hand-side of the 'page down' button).
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    Hello Forrest2828:
    Welcome to Apple discussions.
    This is the only knowledge base article that I could find that seemed pertinent. I never use those keys myself (I probably should):
    The article references OS X 10.3, but it works the same under OS X 10.4
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    In Safari, for example, say I am typing a web address and I want to go back to the beginning by hitting the 'home' button (or even right now, I just made a typo, went back and fixed it and wanted to jump back to the end of the sentence using 'end'), but this doesn't work. Again, this is not just in Safari, but even in TextEdit...Please don't tell me iMac doesn't support the 'home' and 'end' functions...I will die! lol Okay, not die, but seriously, that will be a huge headache.
    Thanks for any help!!!

    Thanks for the and
    Aloha from Big Island.
    iMac G5 Rev C 20" 2.5gb RAM 250 gb HD/iBook G4 1.33 ghz 1.5gb RAM 40 gb HD   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   LaCie 160gb d2 HD Canon i960 printer, Airport Express (2 units)

  • [SOLVED] XFCE shutdown and reboot buttons only dump out to prompt

    Recently, after an update, the XFCE shutdown and reboot buttons began not working as expected.  Both are present, and I can click them.   They seem to try to do what they should, XFCE does terminate, but I am dumped out to a shell prompt rather than the shutdown or reboot happening.   What might be a possible cause of this behaviour that I can check and correct?
    Last edited by wallenpb (2012-11-20 21:00:19)

    Are you running systemd or still a sysv/initscript setup?
    If it is the latter take into account that consolekit has been dropped. Therefore, as far as I understand it, you are not 'authenticated' and thus not allowed to either shutdown or reboot.
    Consider switching to systemd and a good start would be to comply with the 1st step of the systemd installation featured in the wiki to regain control of shutdown/reboot. Afterwards start investigating for the rest as initscripts support has ended.

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    I must be losing it. I could have sworn that I tried that. It works right now, though. Thanks

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    Hello Carol,
    In CRM 2006s and CRM 2007 you can use a new configuration option that provides a popup dialog box at end contact showing all items from the activity clipboard. You can then select and remove any items that you don't wave linked (saved to) the interaction record.
    In CRM 2006s and CRM 2007 you also have a new button called "cancel" inside the business transactions that allows you to cancel a newly created (but not yet saved) transaction. (After the transaction has been saved the cancel button will revert any saved changes, but does not delete the existing document).
    In CRM 2005 and below, the only (default) option is to give a new status to accidentally created orders such as "inavlid", "to be archived", "accidentally created" or so on.
    Warm regards,

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    Also, is it me or does the Delete key on a Mac move in the wrong direction (from right to left instead of left to right)?

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities.
    The answer is the Fn key...
    Held down in addition to the Left arrow is Home, with the Right arrow key is End, with the Up arrow key is PgUp, with the Down arrow key is PgDn, and with to the Delete key is Forward Delete.
    You might find it helpful to enable the Keyboard Viewer in Hardware, Keyboard, Show Keyboard viewer in menu bar. On OS X 10.6 it displays a flag for your selected country. (Not sure about OS X Lion 10.7 though.) When enabled, click on the flag and select Show Keyboard Viewer. As you press Shift, Fn, Ctrl, Alt/Option, and Command you will see onscreen what keystrokes result, separately and in combination.

  • Changed behavior of home and end button

    I have a problem with the behavior of the Home, End, PgUp, PgDn and the arrow keys. After I upgraded to version 6 they do not work as expected.
    I have disabled every extension and the behavior is still the same...
    They work as expected in IE8.
    I hope someone have a solution.

    Make sure NumLk is not engaged, as the Home, End, PgUp, and PgDn keys are often superimposed on the numeric keypad. There should be keyboard light for NumLk.
    Press F7 to turn caret browsing on or off, you want it off. Test after changing.
    To reduce caret browsing problems, see
    : http://dmcritchie.mvps.org/firefox/firefox-problems.htm#caret

  • 7.1 having trouble hitting call and end button

    I hate the buttons and grey background on my apps in 7.1!

    Thank for the quick reply!
    There were 2 things I did wrong and both of them you pointed out.
    I left off sid in the url and did not include the jar in my
    project. Now it works!
    Thanks again!
    JDeveloper Team (guest) wrote:
    : Hi Frank,
    : couple of things to look out for
    : - >create a database connection through the connection manager
    : JDeveloper using your parameters (host ) 900 (port)
    : 2481test(sid). ( I grepped this from your error message)
    : See if the connection is successful and you are able to see the
    : deployed ejb.
    : -> second make sure you have added the client side generated
    : files as part of your project properties for the project.
    : regards
    : raghu
    : Frank Zhang (guest) wrote:
    : : Hi All:
    : : I used JDeveloper 2 to deploy the helloworld EJB sample. The
    : : deployment wnet well and I am able to see test/Hello object
    : under
    : : Published JServer Objects. However, I am having trouble to
    : : Hello thru the Client application and got the following
    : : javax.naming.CommunicationException: Unknown service:
    : :
    : : at
    : : Code)
    : : at
    : : oracle.aurora.jndi.sess_iiop.SessionCtx.<init>(Compiled Code)
    : : at
    : : Code)
    : : at oracle.aurora.jndi.sess_iiop.ServiceCtx.login(Compiled
    : : Code)
    : : at
    : : Code)
    : : at
    : : oracle.aurora.jndi.sess_iiop.ServiceCtx.lookup(Compiled Code)
    : : at
    : : Code)
    : : at
    : : Code)
    : : at javax.naming.InitialContext.lookup(Compiled Code)
    : : at Client.main(Compiled Code)
    : : Any helps are greatly appreciated!
    : : Frank

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