[SOLVED] vim status line invisible/wrapped in terminal unless I resize

Hi all,
Whenever I open a file in Vim within a terminal (urxvt, Terminator, xterm) the status line at the very bottom is either invisible or wrapped onto a new line (ie "bot" or "All" will span a line) until I manually resize the window by dragging an edge - this seems to fix the issue (and Vim continues to display correctly even if I continue resizing) .  I tried changing the window geometries (in .Xresources for urxvt, and in terminator via --geoemtry) without luck.  Changing fonts (type, size) doesn't help either.
I'm running Openbox on a recent Retina MacBook Pro with nVidia drivers, with infinality-bundle installed.
The same behavior occurs under Awesome, and I tried various Openbox themes, all with the same result.   So, perhaps its a bash or nVidia issue.
gVim works perfectly though.
Any thoughts?
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The status line - the very bottom line - is either (1) below the visible portion of the terminal window - and remains so even if I page down repeatedly (urxvt) - or (2) is visible but the text appearing on it, like "bot" or "all" that are normally visible on the lower right corner, will wrap around (Terminator).  That is, I'll see "b" on the bottom right corner and then "ot" on the bottom left but a line lower.  In either case, if I manually resize the terminal window, it "catches up" and all appears correctly.
Update: when running Vim without opening a file (just "vim" from the command line), in Terminator ALL of the visible text from the startup text is wrapped (ie "Vim is open source and freely distributable" wraps onto a second line).  In urvxt, that text appears normally but the status line is not visible.  In both cases, a window resizes corrects the display.
Very strange.

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    SOLVED: Silly me I was running 'vi' which has no X support... pacman -S vim fixed it fine.
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    I just had an issue with no sound after recent updates.  Not sure it's the same problem you are having. 
    I found I had to open Audio Mixer, select Sound card: HDA Intel PCH (Alsa mixer), Select Controls, check box for Speaker and check box for Headphones.  After doing this I found the Speaker volume was set at minimum (although Master and PCM were already set at maximum).  Adjusted Speaker volume up and I finally had sound again.

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    I've had this minor nagging issue for a while that I've been trying to figure out, but I just don't know where to look.
    It is most obvious with LaTeX files (*.tex).  When I create a new file with "vim file.tex" it is recognized as a latex file and I get syntax highlighting, but it seems odd, or off.  When I close then reopen the same file, it gets "propper" syntax highlighting.
    I gather that this must be because of the two different mechanisms for matching the syntax type: filename versus content.  When the file is new, vim only uses the extension.  Once there is a latex comand (e.g., "\documentclass{article}") it recognizes it as something else and the highlighting style is different.
    It turns out just by actually elaborating exactly what the problem was, I was able to find the solution.  I looked for how vim recognizes the files, and found two relevant lines in /usr/share/vim/vim73/filetype.vim on lines 2093 and 2094.  Apparently the .tex filetype is not the same as .latex and others.  I changed it so it was, and I got the desired behavior.
    I thought about just not posting this - but it may be useful for others.

    You're right about it being overridden.  This change should be able to be placed in ~/.vimrc though.
    Well  that was foolish - I should have read the comments right below in that file.  It says exactly how to set it in vimrc.  I've now added the following to my ~/.vimrc and this is completely solved without modifying the /usr/... file.
    let g:tex_flavor = "tex"
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  • Can ichat set my status to invisible as soon as i log on?

    Is there a way to automatically set my status as invisible or away when I first logon to ichat?

    With iChat Open go to the Preferences > General Section.
    Untick the item about Changing the Login to Available on Start up.
    In the Accounts preferences untick the Box (whilst logged out) that says Login Automatically (Account Info tab)
    Now when you start iChat it will not log in a Buddy List.
    You can then set Statuses and such and manually log them in.
    Alternatively you can use the Preferences > General section to show the Status iocn (Menu Bar icon)
    You can then use this iCon to Login the front most Buddy list with the status you want.
    I saw a post recently about also opening iChat with a modifier key but I cannot remember which one it was.
    (this did the same thing)
    10:43 PM      Wednesday; February 29, 2012
    Please, if posting Logs, do not post any Log info after the line "Binary Images for iChat"
      iMac 2.5Ghz 5i 2011 (Lion 10.7.3)
     G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
     MacBookPro 2Gb (Snow Leopard 10.6.8)
     Mac OS X (10.6.8),
    "Limit the Logs to the Bits above Binary Images."  No, Seriously

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    Do you really need a JSF component for that? You can use h:panelGroup and some JS. But a simple div with some JS is also sufficient.

  • Status Line in Web Forms

    I am using the static implementation of forms. I have specified
    a console window in the forms property. I cannot see the status
    line in version 6.0 (forms are displayed in the same frame as
    static HTML). When I used version 5.0 of forms which displayed
    the Web form in a new frame I got the status line but it was
    always set to "Warning: Applet Window".
    I like 6.0 implementation of showing the form in the same frame
    but the messages in the status line is very important to my
    application. Any help?
    I tries adding "USESDI=YES" parameter to the static HTML, did
    not make any difference. The client side looks like doing MDI
    implementation because I can move my form around within the
    applet window.
    Thank You,

    Amir Razavi (guest) wrote:
    : I am using the static implementation of forms. I have specified
    : a console window in the forms property. I cannot see the status
    : line in version 6.0 (forms are displayed in the same frame as
    : static HTML). When I used version 5.0 of forms which displayed
    : the Web form in a new frame I got the status line but it was
    : always set to "Warning: Applet Window".
    : I like 6.0 implementation of showing the form in the same frame
    : but the messages in the status line is very important to my
    : application. Any help?
    : I tries adding "USESDI=YES" parameter to the static HTML, did
    : not make any difference. The client side looks like doing MDI
    : implementation because I can move my form around within the
    : applet window.
    : Thank You,
    : Amir
    I'm developing with Forms 5.0.
    With Microsoft Explorer the Frame always show the message
    "Warning: Applet Window", but with Netscape Communicator 4.5 IT
    WORKS!!! It always show the correct message.

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  • How to Disable status line

    I want to hide status line containing 'Record 1/1' , OSC. But i want to display status line that shows 'Transaction commited' etc.
    How can i disable it?

    In order to suppress information on the status line, you must hide the entire
    console. To hide the console, set the Console Window property to <NULL> in the Form Module Properties sheet. The Console Window
    property cannot be altered programmatically at runtime.
    The console contains the status line and the message line. If the console is not displayed, then NO messages on the message line will be displayed either. All Oracle Forms Runform messages and custom messages would have to be displayed using alerts by coding the ON-ERROR and ON-MESSAGE triggers.
    Best Regards,
    Deepak Rai

  • How can I put information in the status line at the bottom of the window

    Hi, I need to put some information on the status line, like username and database name. How can I do this?
    If someone know how to do this and could show some sample code, please, put in this.
    Thank you,

    Thanks, but this put a message in the message line, and I need to put this in the status line below the message line, where are displayed messages like "enter query", "execute query", "list of values" and etc...
    Is this possible?

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    I don't know this, has anyone an answer for me?

    I doubt so (although I don´t know 100 %).
    The bottom SAP image has the same functionality as before in the right upper corner (you can doubleclick it to send support messages to SolMan system). You couldn´t change the right upper corner image.

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    Hello Gurus,
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    Is it possible to suppress this message somehow or is there a way to clear the status line manually (w/o displaying another message)?
    Help is much appreciated,
    PS: Points will be rewarded for helpful answers!

    The complete process is using three function modules. The first is the above mentioned MB_PHYSICAL_INVENTORY. Even if this function module was executed successful (BLING message appears on the status line), the other two could have run incorrect.
    For Example:
    FM 1 correct (Status message)
    FM 2 correct
    FM 3 ERROR
    So I want to display the user a complete log of the results of all function modules and the user shouldn't think 'Everything was fine!' because of the message of the first FM.
    I hope I could clarify my problem.

  • Web form status line size

    are there any way to maximize the font of the status line appears in the form??

    If it is already there, then I'm assuming that you'll have data at a particular intersection. (if that is correct) then use @RETURN i
    if (division->some member <> #Missing)
    Return the message you want to display
    continue the calc
    end if
    An example is here Oracle - Hyperion Labs......: @RETURN - Planning Business Rule validation function and @RETURN

  • N95: missing wlan status line

    I've seen several references to a wlan status line on the active standby screen. (e.g. here: http://www.knowyourmobile.com/nokian95userguides/2860/connect_your_nokia_n95_to_a_wireless_network.h... ). However, my n95 doesn't have this line, even when I connect to a wlan using the wizard. Any ideas? I have active standby on, and my software version is 21.0.016.

    Is your phone a generic, SIM-free phone or did you get it through an operator?
    Was this post helpful? If so, please click on the white "Kudos!" star below. Thank you!

  • Mail.app reading HTML messages - status line?

    Is there a status line or other field that displays the contents of an embedded link in HTML messages?
    If so, where is it, and how does one enable it?
    To be precise, what I am looking for is the equivalent to the status line that Safari displays at the bottom of a browser window where the user can view the contents of a link when the cursor is hovering over a picture or text which is a hyperlink to another document or website.
    Why I'm looking for this, is so that when reading eMail with hypertext links (HTML eMail) the destination of the link would be visible, so if someone sends me phishing email with a link that says "https://safeharbor.ebay.com/" and the actual html (which can be seen by using "View => Message => Raw Source") says something like[email protected] mple.com" it is obvious that I shouldn't click on the link. Likewise, when load-pictures is off, I can hover the cursor over the graphic and see whether the graphic is just an image (http://www.site.com/picture.jpg), or is an image with a tracker attached (http://www.site.com/cgi-bin/showpic?email=[email protected]&image=picture.jpg).
    I was hoping this would be in the new Mail.app for leopard since creating HTML mail was available, at least in limited form, and Phishing is NOT a new problem. Also, since Mail.app uses the safari rendering engine to display HTML in eMail, it make sense that it could also display link info.
    SO, does it exist? Is there some magic key combination or hidden (well hidden) menu or preference option to set to see this simple link information? I know I can do it by viewing the raw source, but that is a royal pain in the a** to read all the gobbletygook, html, css, javascript, etc. that shows up in html pages. And maybe a good percentage of Apple users don't know how to read HTML anyway, although most do know what a URL looks like.

    How does one go back and EDIT a post to fix a typo, or other grammatical or formatting error?
    (My -- strike-through -- text was not supposed to be that way, and I see I'm missing the (") quote at the beginning. I likely put in a dash or two for offsetting it, but apparently that was a formatting hint to strike it out. Arrrgh!)

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