Some audio clips suddenly grayed out, waveform disappeared, not working

In CS6 on my MacBook Pro, I was all done editing several sequences and exported them via Media Encoder so that I could have video files to upload to the web. When I looked at the final video files that came out, 4 out of the 6 were missing the audio from the A1 track. I went back into the project file and found that the audio seemed to have disappeared from those particular sequences. The waveform no longer appears and it's grayed out. This is very strange since two of my sequences were fine and exported correctly.
I was able to double click the original audio source files in the project browser and the audio played fine from that. I took a clip from the source file and dragged it into the affected sequence and that particular clip's audio played fine too. The audio files are all .wav format.
I read other posts about similiar issues. I tried cleaning my media cache database. I also tried deleting preferences using Shift+Command when opening Premiere. I really don't want to have to go back and find all the audio clips and drag them in again!!

i'm afraid i don't have a useful answer for this one...
if the POD has level controls of its own (knobs, sliders, whatever), what you're seeing is generally the normal condition:
perhaps someone else has an idea why this worked before.

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    Made a 55min movie from multiple video clips and narrated with several audio recordings and added music tracks as well, suddenly some audio clips after the first 30 mins show up blank, when viewing audio waves and their volumes are set fine. Other audio clisp in between works fine thou.
    Found this after having exported and shared to iDVD, Audio wave files and Media files seems fine in the project folder/content. what happened and have could I possible recap output from these clips again?
    BTW HD ***** on sound facility and sometimes disstores sounds during playback when a project gets too large, sometime after saving project and emptying trash, it might work again for a while
    Googled around for few days now with out any solutions, any hints?

    Hi stefw,
    I assume you've already done the following:
    (1) Make sure the audio checkbox is selected for the track you want to hear. The audio checkbox is to the right of each track in the timeline viewer.
    (2) If the audio checkbox is selected, then choose View > Show Clip Volume Levels and see if the audio levels for the tracks are set to a level that can be heard"
    If so, this is what I'd try.....with your project open, start an new, empty project. Go to the original project and copy one of the clips (highlight it and then FILE....COPY.) Go to the other project and click in the second line of the timeline and click FILE...PASTE. Make sure the audio checkbox (on the far right) is selected for that line and attempt to play it in the new project. If it works, drag it back into your original project and try it from there.
    If that doesn't work, look for the. aiff files in the original project file in Finder (find the file, right click, choose "Show Package contents", then look in the media folder.) Drag that file into the new project and attempt to play it. If it works, drag it back into your original project and try it there.
    Hope it works out for you.

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    906044  -
    906044  -
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    Ganges Leaves.

    Login into XI Developement and give SE37 Transaction. Then you give SXMS_ALERT_ERROR_RECEIVE and click 'display'.
    Then you check for the methods CL_XI_ALERT HAS_ACTIVE_RULE, CL_XI_ALERT_UTIL GET_MDT_URL, CL_XI_ALERT CREATE_ALERT and make the changes according to service notes. If you dont find this methods in this function then you can try in SXMS_ALERT_ERROR_SEND.

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         plz give  solutions for my hp pavalion g series laptop some keyboard keys like t ,y and f10 not working . 
    thamking you
    Aamir Khan 

    Can you provide the full model number for your laptop?  If you don't know the full model number, see The HP Guide To Finding Your Product Model Number.
    Also, what Operating System are you using?  Windows 7, Windows 8?
    I've provided some links below for Windows 7.  First do a hardware test and see if the keyboard is functional, see Testing for Hardware Failures , and look under Component tests and do the keyboard test.  If there is a problem with the keyboard that requires service, it should come out in that test.  Also take a look at Notebook Keyboard Troubleshooting, and since you are having problems with specific keys, look at the Stuck Keys section, and try to reinstall the drivers which is the last section of that document.
    Good Luck,
    Although I am an HP Employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.

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    Here's something new. This is one,, of the many files that read out loud did not work. After reading your email, I thought I tried something new. The PDF in this link here read out loud fine in Safari and Chrome browser but when I downloaded to my computer it did not work in both  Reader or Pro v11.0.10. I have a MacBook Pro Yosemite. That is very strange.

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    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
    You have to format your Windows volume and install Windows 7. First, insert the Windows 7 DVD and hold the C key while your computer is starting. Then, follow the steps and, at partitioning step, choose your Windows volume (it's the last volume listed in your display), choose Advanced options, and format it. Then, install Windows.
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    If the left USB port doesnt work with an external mouse its seems to be a hardware malfunction of this USB port.
    The newest BIOS is already installed?
    Have you removed all USB ports from device manager and restarted your notebook?
    If you have already tried this, contact an authorized service provider. The guys can try to fix this issue and it should be covered by warranty, if you still have warranty on this notebook. :)

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