Some home videos in iphoto wont transfer over to my ipad


Try to connect your Iphone/ Ipad to MacBook pro and it will automatic open iphoto and there are options for transfering photos and videos. Other way is to open Image Capture and select where you want to import your photos and videos and just press button Import. You can play videos just by opening the folder where you have imported your photos and videos and open it with quick time player or whatever you have.

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  • Why doesn't my music transfer over to my iPad min when I sinc in iTunes?

    Why doesn't my music transfer over to my iPad mini when I sinc in iTunes?

    Hi Demo, thanks for the reply but I've solved it. Heres whet happened in case it can help some one else, when I was sinc'ing with my iPad mini through iTunes it wasn't putting my music on the device, everything else was good. After trying 5-6 times I reset the iPad and set it up as new. Originally I set it up from a phone back up.

  • HT1386 The first time I synced my iphone with my mac, I didn't realize that all of my photos from iphoto would transfer over to the phone.   Now, I need to remove some, as they are taking up too much space.  I cannot figure out how to remove them from the

    The first time I synced my iphone 4 with my mac, I didn't realize that all of my photos from the iphoto library would transfer over to the phone (more than 3,000).   Now, I need to remove some, as they are taking up too much space.  I cannot figure out how to remove them from the phone.  I tried to uncheck boxes and sync again, but I get a message that there is no room on the iphone.  I've read as many articles as I can find, but still cannot manage this.  Thanks for any help.

    Open itunes, connect iphone, select what you want, sync

  • Downloaded video from itunes wont transfer to pod

    downloaded video from itunes but it wont transfer to pod. I have a video ipod. It shows up in my library under Music Video. But I cant find it anywhere on my ipod. After other new music has tranfered fine.

    Hi i was just wondering if your problem has been sloved yet because i am having the same problem with my music video i can't find it anywhere on my ipod please let me know
    Thank you

  • Notability, App of the week, wont transfer from itunes to ipad 4

    i got the app, notability when it was the app of the week last week on my iPhone 5s and transferred it to iTunes. i restored and updated my ipad 4 to the latest version ios 7.1.1. when i try to add this app to my ipad it wont transfer but ive tried other apps and they transferred fine. do i have to purchase this app in order to transfer it to my ipad? i figured since it was free because it was the app of the week that it wouldnt be necessary to purchase it to transfer to another device?

    I figured out what was going on.  All the songs on this album had dup's in iTunes, and some of the dup's were not linked to a song.  Those are the songs that did not sync to the iPad.  I deleted the dup's out of iTunes and then checked to be sure the remaining songs had a link, and then re-sync'ed.  It worked.

  • Some recently purchased songs will not transfer over to my new ipod nano. Why is this happeneing?

    I just got an Ipod Nano 7th generation. Most of the songs that I had in my library will sync over with some exceptions. I just purchased two songs for my old Ipod touch and when I try to sync my new Ipod with my old library, those songs aren't even recognized. That's amazing considering I bought them from the Itunes store?

    Well usually syncing or dragging should work. I might be able to help but it could be a bit fiddly. You could get your music from itunes and put it into a seperate folder out of i-tunes then drag it into your ipod from there? I'm not sure but you could try.

  • Lost videos in iPhoto during transfer when computer crashed??

    I was transferring videos from my iphone 4s to my Powerbook G4 and by default it transfers to my iPhoto account. A prompt came up that the photos (and videos) were transferred sucessfully and asked me if I wanted to keep or delete the photos from my phone. I chose to delete the photos from my phone to make room. In the process of deleting the data from my phone, the computer crashed. When I opened iphoto again the vidoes and pictures that I thought were successfully transfered were no longer there. Please tell me that there is a way to recover this imformation, because it is no longer showing up on my phone and I've checked the trash in iPhoto and on my Mac and nothing is there. I've searched and searched iPhoto and it's definitely not there. This was footage just recorded and no backup on the phone or the computer was recently backed up. Please help.

    With the amount of information you've provided it's impossible to offer a potential solution.  We can't see your computer so we need to know the details of your problem and setup, i.e.:
    what version of iPhoto are you using?
    what system version are you running?
    what do you see when iPhoto opens?
    what fixes have you tried?
    where is you library located?
    did you apply any updates or upgrades just prior to the problem occurring?
    are you running a "managed" or "referenced" library?
    what type of Mac?
    how much free space on your boot drive?

  • How come my group contacts would not transfer over to my iPad when i synced iCloud but it synced with my iPhone


    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Check that you have contact syncing enabled in settings > iCloud.
    Try restarting your iPad.
    Try turning off contact syncing on the iPad and then back on again.

  • How do I take some data files off computer and transfer copies to my iPad?

    I am a writer and would like to tranfer a file of unfinished short stories to my iPad so I can work on them while on Christmas vacation. How do I do that?

    You first need an app on the iPad that supports whatever format your files are in - the iPad doesn't have a file system like a 'normal' computer, everything has to be associated with an app. If your files are in Word format then apps such as Apple's Pages and third-party apps such as Documents To Go and QuickOffice HD are three options.
    As to how you then get the files onto the iPad will depend upon which app you chose, as different apps can have different ways of copying their content to/from a computer e.g. via the file sharing section at the bottom of the device's apps tab when connected to iTunes, via wifi, email, dropbox etc.

  • Home videos transfer to ipod with no sound

    so i have a video camcorder and i made some home videos and they wouldn't copy to my ipod. so i went to my toolbar and it said convert selection for ipod or something along the lines of that and so i clicked that and a new window popped up under my devices section of my itunes tabs where the cds show up when i'm importing and it took about 2 minutes to convert. so i resynced my ipod and the video went on and so i went to watch it because i always double check these things to be sure and there's no sound to accompany the video. i guess it's not that big of a deal but it would be nice if i could find out what the problem is

    QuickTime expects video files with separate video and audio tracks, but many MPEG formats used a muxed (multiplexed) single track that contains both. Therefore, iTunes & the iPod (both of which use QuickTime) only show the video and no sound.
    iPod plays video but not audio of some exported files
    One way to work around this is to use MPEG Streamclip to convert the files to fix this issue...
    Frequently asked questions about viewing and syncing video with iTunes and iPod
    GUIDES TO: Converting Video for iPod - Mac & Window

  • Some of the home videos added to iTunes library have no sound although they play on quicktime player from my windows libraries. Any suggestions?

    I have added some home videos to my iTunes library and there is no sound on them.  The files are .MOV (film file) from my olympus camera and play perfectly OK with QuickTime player from the Windows library and from the iTunes media library. I am using Windows 8.1 and iTunes Any suggestions as to how I can fix this problem please?

    Dont worry, I found a handy little tool that I think anyone who has any problems with ipod video should try. Its in Japanese, but just set the language to english, its pretty obvious.

  • Updated software but Nano still wont transfer songs

    I just got a Nano and it wont transfer some of my songs from iTunes because "some of the songs are on outdated software". I updated my software and it still wont transfer over the songs. I only have 83 songs on the Nano and it wouldnt transfer 40. Its a 2GB.

    Welcome to the Apple Discussions!
    Are you trying to transfer songs already on your Nano to iTunes on your PC or are there 40 songs in iTunes that won't transfer to the Nano?
    If you are trying to transfer songs to iTunes from the Nano, iTunes doesn't like to work that way and you may need to look at third party software to assist you.
    If the songs are in iTunes (and play in iTunes) try right clicking on the song(s) in question and converting them to AAC or another iPod friendly format in iTunes and see if they will upload..
    Hope this helps..

  • Can't sync home videos to iphone 5, iTunes 11.1.4

    For some reason, after successfully doing this many times (I already have some home videos on my iphone 5), when I sync a 7 minute home video in 720p H264 quicktime movie format from itunes to my iphone 5, it does not appear on the iphone 5 under videos.  I have got manual sync enabled so that I can check only specific video files I want to sync.
    I have already tried:
    - checking all video types in the video app and it doesn't appear
    -  changing the video type in 'get info' to 'movie' - didn't work
    - deleting and re-importing the video file to itunes - didn't work
    - convering the video file within itunes to iphone - didn't work
    - closing itunes and turning off the phone, turning phone back on and opening itunes - didn't work
    - syncing via cable - didn't work
    - syncing via wifi - didn't work
    - unchecking the video, syncing, then re-checking the video, syncing - didn't work
    Then   I tried syncing some other home videos, and they do not appear on the iphone 5, after waiting for the sync to finish.  I guess this rules out any particular video file and suggests a sync issue.
    I have 34.16gb free space according to both itunes and the iphone 'about' settings on the iphone.  The video I want to add is only ~400mb.
    In checking some other threads, I could not find an answer.
    Your suggestions to resolve this one would be greatly appreciated...

    I also found, finally, that selecting "manually manage" for the device on the summary page in iTunes for the helped.

  • Both my phone and Itunes are completely updated, and since i last updated my itunes, it wont synch with my phone.  It wont transfer any songs to the phone.  no error messages pop up, but nothing happens. someone please help!!!!

    both my phone and itunes account are updated, and since the last update, my itunes wont synch with my phone.  im really annoyed. ive turned the computer on and off. i played with itunes alittle.  the sings on itunes wont transfer over to the phone. help me!

    uninstall itunes and install it again

  • Where to store home videos

    can I store my home videos in iphoto?
    Or is there a better place to save them?

    I agree to NOT store them in iPhoto. If you anticipate having large media (movies, music & photograph) library I'd recommend storing them on external HD's. Apple provides directions on how to move these libraries in:
    iTunes: How to move the library to an EHD
    iPhoto: How to move the Library to an EHD
    iMovie: How to move the Library to an EHD

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