Someone,placed a window for Reading list on the left hand side of my monitor and I want it off. Any tips?

Someone,placed a window for Reading list on the left hand side of my monitor and I want to remove it. How do I do it?

That's a feature of Safari...
To open and close your Reading List, click the eyeglasses button.

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  • HT1222 How in the **** am I to get to the next email that I don't want to delete or put somewhere I can't see my email list on the left hand side??

    HHow in the **** am I supposed to read my next email when I don't want to put my previous one. Somewhere and why can't I see on the left hand side all my emails for viewing I don't want to receive some and delete ASAP but all I getting is a full view of the next one

    If you're talking about the built-in Mail on the ipad - you will always see the mailbox list in landscape view (ie turn your ipad sideways). In portrait view, you should be able to see the Inbox link at the top left of the screen if it's hidden.

  • I have an older IPOD that I'm having trouble getting new purchases on to my IPOD. I use to have a source list on the left hand side of screen where I dragged my purchases to and they downloaded.  Can't find place to check manual vs. auto sync.

    I have an older IPOD classic that I'm having trouble getting new purchases from library to IPOD. I use to have a IPOD icon in the source list on the left side of the screen. Now that is all gone. My purchases are coming up as recently purchased but can't figure out how to get them transferred to IPOD.  I also can't find how to confirm setting is for manual not auto sync as the first computer I had blew up and am now using a different one. I haven't had any of these problems prior to the updates.

    G'day Mate,
    As an avid flight simmer I bought a new soundcard my previous was
    an audigy 2 platinum ex with an external module I really liked but somehow all of a sudden I was getting a screech when using FS9 sor I opted to change to the present. Well stone the crows my soundcard was auto updated with new drivers and well you guessed it the soundcard did not show in the sound video controllers window No I have just joined this forum and it looks like3 you may have the answer for me . I am now going to do as you suggest and see what happens.
    I shall return with the outcome of my dilemma.
    Many thanks for your sound advice ( pardon the pun)
    Ret'd Viet Vet

  • When I go to a website, I get a menu of the website (a list down the left-hand side of the page) rather than the home page itself. Using internet explorer, I get to the home page. Why not on Firefox? It just started happening recently

    I updated firefox a couple weeks ago, but updating has never caused this problem.
    I installed a program to help the computer run more efficiently, called "Fix-it Essentials," and that may have caused the problem, though it didn't for the first couple weeks I used it.
    So I still can't get to the homepage of many websites and navigate as I want to.

    Simple really. The first 3 articles have steps in them, but not in this order.
    #First, with Firefox closed, remove the toolbars from Windows ''Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs''. After the window populates, look for the Toolbars; if there, click on them and click on the button to the right of it that says "Remove". Then restart your system ''Start > Shut down > Restart''
    #*Article -->
    #Second, start Firefox and check in Firefox Add-ons: '''''Add-ons > Extensions'''''. Look for Yahoo Toolbar or Babylon and try to remove by clicking "Remove" or "Disable".
    #*Article --> <u>and</u>
    #Restart Firefox by exiting (''Firefox button > Exit'' or ''File > Exit''), wait a few seconds (10-30), then click the Firefox desktop icon to start Firefox and test to see if the problem is resolved.
    The last 3 articles are for other steps to take if the above does not work to solve your problem.
    '''If this reply solves your problem, please click "Solved It" next to this reply when <u>signed-in</u> to the forum.'''

  • HT1481 I have an ipod shuffle which i need to reset as i can not sinc it on my laptop which is using windows 8, but when i open itunes i d not have the 'source panel' on the left hand side which should show up my ipod. any ideas what i need to do? please

    Hi  I have an ipod shuffle which worked well on my old pc but since i have tried to link it with my new laptop I cant get it to sinc. I have athorised the device to my laptop so i thought it maybe worth resetting it but all the info I have read tells me that to reset my ipod i need to open i tunes and on the left hand side in the 'source panel' i will find my ipod listed but when i open itunes i do not have a source panel so i cant reset it. i have spent days trying to get this problem sorted and am about to throw the thing away. I have tried to manually sinc the thing, i have installed and reinstalled the latest version of itunes, i have restarted my laptop but i dont know what to do next. any help would be very much appreciated. Many thanks in advance

    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows
    - I would start with
    Removing and Reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows XP
    Removing and reinstalling iTunes and other software components for Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
    However, after your remove the Apple software components also remove the iCloud Control Panel via Windows Programs and Features app in the Window Control Panel. Then reinstall all the Apple software components
    - New cable and different USB port
    - Run this and see if the results help with determine the cause
    iTunes for Windows: Device Sync Tests
    Also see:
    iPod not recognised by windows iTunes
    Troubleshooting issues with iTunes for Windows updates
    - Try on another computer to help determine if computer or iPod problem

  • HT1296 "Device" isn't even listed on the left hand column of my iTunes to be able to copy songs onto my iPod nano. What do I do?

    The "device" category is not listed on the left hand column of my iTunes to transfer my playlist from my MacBook to my iPod nano. When I plug the nano in the Mac, nothing different happens either. What do I do? The Help option doesn't explain what to do if the Device listing isn't there.

    iPod: Appears in Windows but not in iTunes
    iPod not recognized in 'My Computer' and in iTunes for Windows

  • When clicking a link normally - a new tab would open, but in this version a new window opens and there are 2 blue bars - the bar at the top of the browser and on the left hand side is a orange firefox button - Next time i start firefox it crashes!!!

    This window looks weird: there are 2 blue bars(the upper blue bar - normally there is 1, with the current page name and - Mozilla Firefox written in white inside of the bar) plus in the 2nd bar there is an orange firefox button, on the left hand side.
    I have already asked this question and was adviced to start in safe mode - this did not help either.
    Please help me quickliy, it is really annoying.

    '''Firefox Crash'''
    Create a New Profile as a test to check if your current profile is causing the problems.
    -> Basic Troubleshooting: Make a New Profile
    -> If that New Profile works then you can recover your Bookmarks and Passwords from the Old Profile.
    -> Recovering important data from an old profile
    '''Opening Links in New Tab'''
    -> click '''Firefox''' button and click '''Options''' (or Tools Menu -> Options) -> Tabs panel -> place Checkmark on '''Open New Window in a New Tab instead''' -> click OK
    Check and tell if its working.

  • Dragging Windows the left hand side in the snap to fit that side of the page

    Before getting mountain lion, I updated my software, I had got one of the best features of Windows 7 Dragging Windows the left hand side in the snap that side of the page 24 hour later i have got mountain lion and it has go?

    I would recommend the BetterSnapTool.
    BetterSnapTool allows you to easily manage your window positions by either dragging them to one of your screens corners or to the top, left or right side of your screen. This enables you to easily maximize your windows, position them side by side or resize them to quarters of the screen. If you need more than those standard snap areas BetterSnapTool allows you to create your own, custom snap areas anywhere on your display. You can also set custom keyboard shortcuts in order to move and resize your windows the way you want. You can also customize what happens after right-clicking on one of the buttons on the top left of a window.  BetterSnapTool is very customizeable and will change the way you work with your Mac!

  • HT201269 unable to restore apps from itunes to new iphone5S. saw apps inside itunes during backupp but the apps are not on the left hand side for selection

    i just restore backup from iphone 4S to 5S however only basic apps are inside and some of the songs AND 3RD PART APPS ARE MISSING. backup from 4S apps can be seen, however apps does not appears on the left hand side of the apps page.

    Welcome to the discussions,
    did you try to transfer your purchases by right clicking on your ipod in the device list and choosing "transfer purchases"? and

  • Missing Menu Pane on the Left-Hand Side of Window

    Can anybody help me figure out how I can make the menu pane appear on the left-hand side of the iPhoto window? I can barely navigate through the application without it.

    Welcome to the Apple Discussions.
    Move your cursor to the extreme left of the iPhoto Window until it becomes a ‘+’, then click and drag right.

  • HT1386 I do not have a list of "devices on the left hand side" to select iphone from when I try to sync my phone.  I have never seen that list.   How do i get it?    I think the new itunes formate *****!!

    I do not have a list of "devices on the left hand side" to select iphone from when I try to sync my phone.  I have never seen that list.   How do i get it?
    I think the new itunes formate *****!!

    Glad it is fixed  Actually I meant to say click VIEW then show side bar but I see you got the message

  • In the app manager, I can see a snapshot of my homescreen and apps in the right hand pane but I cannot access or even search for my apps in the left hand pane.

    Hi all,
    Just as it says above, I cannot do any file transfers in iTunes for apps as the apps simply don't appear and are unsearchable. I am using an iPad 4 and the most recent iTunes, how can I resolve this?
    I've ticked the Apps box in the general settings.
    Thank you!

    If you want to do file tranfers, you want to use File Sharing in iTunes is that correct? If that is correct, you have to have apps that support file sharing or they will not appear in the file sharing window.
    You have to scroll down a bit in order to see the file sharing window in iTunes.
    However, your post is a little bit confusing. I'm assuming that you are talking about iTunes. Some detailed information would certainly help.

  • When i click on my device in iTunes there is no tab for photos on the left  hand side

    In iTunes when I click on my device(iPhone5)it shows everything underneath except for a photos tab

    If the Scanner and Camera Wizard does not start, have you tried to open it manually? You are saying that with photos in the Camera Roll, the iPhone does not show up in Computer?
    You may need to uninstall iTunes and reinstall it. However, you will need to do it the way it is described in this support document
    Then after the reinstall, connect the iPhone, let it update the USB driver and then see if it connects.

  • Why aren't the pages of my site listed in the left-hand browser column?

    I've been able to edit the homepage of my site but the rest of the pages do not appear in the browser column and I haven't been able to figure out how to find them. Somehow I stumbled into the second page, I have no idea how. Anyone have any answers out there?

    Probably the Adobe people think that we don't need that feature, because if you have called up your site, you can browse through it normally. So what do we need the pages to be displayed on the left side for. I have about 30 sites to care of. I wouldn't want such a feature. I am happy that at least I can change the site names from "title"=default to URL.



    No need for the caps.
    If iTunes prompts you to restore your phone, then that is your only choice.  Just follow the instructions iTunes gives you.
    If its not turning on, hold down the power and home buttons at the same time until the Apple logo appears.  Then you will be asked to restore your phone in iTunes.

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  • Problem in Reading a .PDF file

    HI Friends, I am reading a .pdf file from within java program using its package. I am able to read the file, but when I print the line read from file on to the screen, it all garbage. Its not in readable characters. I guess its reagrding mism

  • How do I login to a podcast page for editing

    How do I get to a podcast page that allows me to edit the details that are old and outdated? I also need to update the URL it points to.

  • I've subscription "" event ,but not work!

    Hi, I've subscription "" event,but when notification close my codes don't still work and have no exception come out ! I've try my codes by subscription "" event , and when notification

  • BW - R/3: get systemid of caller in the function module of a gen. datasoure

    Hello, we are creating a generic datasource in R/3 based on a function module. It will be used by several WI systems. Does anyboddy know a simple way how to find out the systemid of the calling BW system inside the function module of the generic data

  • Installing Itunes 8.2

    I may scream if I don't find the answer! Just got my Iphone 3GS and trying to download Itunes. Run setup and at the end comes up the error that Itunes cannot install without Quicktime. Then the error that itunes was not able to configure as Quicktime