Song playback doesn't work in control center

The music playback doesn't work in control center anymore, any reason why?

The Help viewer preferences may be corrupted.
Open the Finder. From the Finder menu bar top of your screen click Go > Go to Folder
Type this exactly as you see it here:
Click Go
Move these files from the Preferences folder to the Trash.
Now try clicking Help from the menu bar.

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  • Installed iTunes on my laptop Windows 7 64 bit and I now have the following problems 1) iTunes volume won't adjust with the laptop volume control, only within iTunes, 2) playback doesn't work unless I click play twice and 3) the iTunes Store won't open

    Installed iTunes on my laptop Windows 7 64 bit and I now have the following problems 1) iTunes volume won't adjust with the laptop volume control, only within iTunes, 2) playback doesn't work unless I click play twice and 3) the iTunes Store won't open

    Installed iTunes on my laptop Windows 7 64 bit and I now have the following problems 1) iTunes volume won't adjust with the laptop volume control, only within iTunes, 2) playback doesn't work unless I click play twice and 3) the iTunes Store won't open

  • I bought an itunes song that doesn't work. Can I download it again or get a refund?

    I bought an itunes song that doesn't work. Can I download it again or get a refund?

    Delete the song from library including file. Then go to the iTunes Store and select "Purchased" from the Quick Links side bar on the right. Select Music tab to re-download again for free.

  • Scheduled job doesn't appear in Control center

    I am facing a strange problem. I installed OWB 10g R2 and I have my target and source both on Oracle 10g DB. I created lots of mappings, and when it came to scheduling them, I installed Oracle Workflow.
    In any of the OWB documents, nowhere it is specified that if OWB is already installed and Oracle Workflow Server is installed later, what are the steps to link them.
    Then I created a schedule and spplied them to the mapping by editing its configurations. Then as per documents I checked in Control center. But, there was no job created and so didnt appear there.
    I am wondering what can be the reason for this. I simply didn't get any documentation that tells that, what if the scheduled job doesn't get created? or how do you check from OWB whether the Oracel Workflow is properly working?
    Please provide a clue!

    Means it cannot detect any airplay devices.

  • Audio Controls not working from Control Center.  iOS 7  7.0.1

    So my audio transport controls from control center don't work on my iphone 5C iOS 7.0.1
    Works on my iPad 3rd Gen and iPhone 4S.

    Me too. A complete restore didn't help at all, either. Doesn't control itunes, Pandora, nuthin.
    Also, my bluetooth controls in my car don't work, though music WILL play via bluetooth. Can't control from the steering wheel anymore.

  • Shuffle songs position doesn't work

    My iPod doesn't work on the shuffle position, just play songs in order. Anyone could help me???

    Unfortunately it just flash an orange light on the led but it doesn't show up in iTunes or on the desktop, no error messages.
    Now, after many minutes from the connection, an "Ipod" show up in system Profiler in the "Hardware/USB" line, under "Bus USB" and this is what I can read:
      ID prodotto:          0x1301
      ID fornitore:          0x05ac (Apple Inc.)
      Versione:           1.00
      Numero di serie:          000A2700110D49C4
      Velocità:          Fino a 12 Mb/sec
      Produttore:          Apple
      ID posizione:          0x04100000
      Corrente disponibile (mA):          500
      Corrente necessaria (mA):          500
    So I start "iPod Reset Utility 1.0.4" but it says "waiting for iPod is ready", but after many minutes the situation does not change, except the intermittence of the orange led.
    And "iPod Reset Utility" does not recognize the iPod:
    Name (empty)
    Serial number (empty)
    Software version (Unknown)
    Capacity (empty), Used (empty), Free (empty).

  • When I double click home for audio playback doesn't work for movies since I synced it yesterday Why?

    When I double click the home button the audioplayback doesn't work for movies,  it did before I added and synced some items yesterday anybody know why?

    Jeanlewane wrote:
    Why, When I double click the home button and hold down the icon waiting for the red x to appear, it doesn't.?
    How to Close Apps
    Double Tap the Home Button... Then swipe the App (not the icon) Upwards... Tap the Home Button when finished.
    From Here  >
    NOTE:  You cannot delete any pre-installed iOS app.

  • Repeat one song option doesn't work correctly

    Ok I hope I can explain this correctly.
    On my iPhone, if I want to play one song on repeat while I'm in the shower or something (maybe working out)...I start up the iPod app, and hit "play". It plays that song, but then doesn't repeat.  It moves to the NEXT song, then it repeats THAT song indefinitely.

    Hi Hannah,
    You do not say which options you have changed to try using a different language, but there are several options which do slightly different things.
    If you go into Control Panel and select "Regional and Language Options", a new window opens with 3 tabs across the top. Choose "Languages" (the middle one), then press the "Details" button. This opens another window which allows you to view and change settings including the current input language and keyboard settings.
    Changing some of these settings will not make any difference until you reboot your machine.
    I hope this helps, let us know how you get on!

  • New version of Itunes is having problems with crossfading songs, it doesn´t work.  How do I fix that?

    I installed the new version of Itunes ( and I have a party playlist in wich I need the songs to crossfade for the music to continue playing non-stop.  The problem is that even when the crossfade option is activated, it doesn´t crossfade songs.  And when it does, the last song played, keeds playing in backgroung from star, so you hear 2 songs at the same time.
    Also, I uninstalled the current version an installed an older version, but it won´t let me open the program, becouse "the iTunes Library was created in a newer vewrsion"

    It seems that this is a MAJOR issue with MANY end users experiencing the exact same problem - iTunes Crossfade is completely buggy.  Apple, get it together, seriously...your QA department should all be fired for this.
    Diego, there are numerous threads replicating your problem.
    So far, there are a few work arounds:
    One thing to keep in mind, at least what has worked for me: After you make a change to the crossfade timing, you must close out of iTunes and re-open before the new settings take place.
    Crossfade timing = 12 seconds actually equates to about 50 seconds.
    Click the slider, then use your arrow key to tick over about 20 times - this should crossfade your songs approximately 6 seconds before ending.
    Apply, then close out and re-open iTunes...
    Peruse through the link above, there are different approaches.  Maybe one will work for you.
    <Edited by Host>

  • "Would you like iTunes to choose a selection of songs?" Doesn't work for me

    Having a 4GB ipod mini and a library of more than 7,000 songs, I've had to learn to put up with changing sizes of multiple playlist before every sync until I was able to get 3 or 4 of them in my ipod the way I wanted it. So I had high expectations for the new "Automatically fill free space with songs" option in iTunes 9, but what a disappointment...what I thought this option would do for me was to let me check 3 or 4 of my playlists without having to worry about their size anymore, then iTunes would select some songs from those playlists until it filled the available space on my ipod, instead iTunes lets me know that my playlists won't fit and asks me whether I want iTunes to choose a selection of songs, then if I say yes, it just goes ahead and does a completely random selection out of my entire library, disregarding my selected playlists completely... is it just me or wouldn't it been better to fill the ipod with a selection of songs from the checked for sync playlists?

    Yes, it still works to select a number of songs and drop it onto the left hand source list either on top of where it says "Playlists" or on the edge so that it doesn't add the selection to an existing playlist. That is how I am currently building my playlists. The keyboard shortcut would speed up this process tremendously.

  • Looping playback doesn't work

    The WaveBurner manual says you can loop playback in Waveburner by dragging in the time ruler to create a cycle area (page 32 of the PDF manual). This used to work for me but no longer does. Dragging in the time ruler does zilch.
    Anyone else having this problem, or know a solution. Looping playback was very helpful for working with plug-in settings. I'm not sure when this functionality was lost. Possibly with the installation of 1.6.1?

    Hi audiophile31,
    Thanks for the solution! It's interesting to note that this only works in the TOP time ruler. The manual indicates it should work in either ruler (as I recall). And, you're right, the cursor does have to be close to the playhead.
    Hopefully Apple will update the manual...or the program to be more intuitive. NOTE TO APPLE: It would be nice if there were an option (or default) to start the loop from the start position each time you hit the play button (rather than from where you left off in the loop). This was a feature requested in another string that I thought might be accommodated using the cycle loop (except I couldn't get it to work, hence my original posting). It would also be great to be able to set up two cycle areas and alternate between them by hitting option-play or some such command. I often import multiple mixes of a song and adjust plug-ins to compare the differences. Having two cycle areas I could alternate between would be really helpful in A/Bing the changes.

  • Song-Radio doesn't work over different (Spotify Connect) devices at same time (anymore)

    In current Versions of the Clients (Android, Windows, Spotify Connect Device (Yamaha CD-N301)) the Song-Radio function doesn't sync the Song-Radio List* (not the playlist!) correct over different devices. For example, if I start a Song-Radio on Android, the correct screen is shown on my Android Device, but in the Windows Client, I see only "a normal playlist" without the thump up/down buttons, but with the (in Radio-Modus not allowed) back button. In the other direction (starting Song-Radio in Windows and look it on Android) it also do not work. It's possible a bug - not only that it worked in older Versions - starting a Song-Radio on Windows with a Spotify Connect Device currently being the speaker (Android or Yamaha CD-N301) results in a "working" Radio Screen in Windows, but the current playing Song isn't that shown on the Radio Screen, but the Speaker Symbol on the Song in front is shown! (see attached screenshot)Starting the Song-Radio in Windows with Windows is the Speaker works. It looks like that it works also when it's switched to another device as speaker after the Song-Radio was started with Windows as the Speaker. Starting the Song-Radio in Android Device shows the correct Song on all devices - even with other devices as the speaker - but it's not shown as Radio on Windows. Possible it's just a problem with the Windows Client - but without more devices to test, I couldn't say, and when starting the post, I noticed it while listening to my Yamaha CD-N301. *: The Radio Screen where I'm able to see the current and last played songs and where I'm allowed to like/unlike (thumb up/down) the current song, and where I'm also only allowed to forward to the next song - not go back to the last ones, so the backward arrow is missing. Well, you possible know what screen I mean - it's that one called Radio :D

    emeres wrote:
    schizo-ri wrote:When I try to pair it shows it failed. Is this normal, it doesnt have to be paired? In Gnome bluetooth settings it also shows DS3 as connected but not paired.
    Wiki wrote:Now you will need to pair it with bluez.
    Are there any additional messages in dmesg or journalctl?
    Yes, from journalctl:
    bluetoothd[267]: No agent available for request type 0
    bluetoothd[267]: device_request_pin: Operation not permitted
    emeres wrote:
    Wiki wrote: Next time you hit the Playstation button it will connect without asking anything else.
     Does it do that?
    Yes, it connects.
    kernel: input: PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:12.0/usb3/3-4/3-4:1.0/bluetooth/hci0/hci0:3/0005:054C:0268.0006/input/input17
    kernel: sony 0005:054C:0268.0006: input,hidraw1: BLUETOOTH HID v1.00 Joystick [PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller] on 00:15:83:15:a3:10
    bluetoothd[267]: sixaxis: compatible device connected: PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller (054C:0268)
    upowerd[501]: (upowerd:501): UPower-Linux-WARNING **: no valid voltage value found for device /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:12.0/usb3/3-4/3-4:1.0/bluetooth/hci0/hci0:3/0005:054C:0268.0006/power_supply/sony_controller_battery_00:24:33:54:94:fb, assuming 10V

  • Song playback has stopped working!

    Sometime in the past week Itunes has stopped playing back songs. If I select the song in my library and double-click, the information is displayed in the title bar area but the song does not start to play. Pressing the "Play" button seems to do nothing.
    The failure to play a song occurs with either uploaded music in my library (from CDs I own) or from songs purchased through the Itunes store.
    Itunes will play songs from a CD (Auto-Play), so this is not a problem with my PC/Audio configuration.
    I have since uninstalled ITunes and reinstalled v4.9 but this hasn't helped. I've also deauthorized and re-authorized this computer through Apple. No change.
    There have been numerous posts in the last week of this same problem, with "that's happening to me too" responses to each one. There have been no reports of a solution.
    Is there someone else I should be posting this problem?
    Does anyone from Apple monitor these discussion groups?
    Thank you for any help.

    I have encountered the same after many trials and errors i have determined its the connection in your Sound properties.
    Go to sound in control panel and make sure the audio playback device is using the correct driver and installation.
    When itunes wasn't playing it was because my playback device was said to be using the older generic analog speakers (blahblah#2) while it needed to be using the SoundBlast Driver for playbacck

  • Auto/Hide with Flv playback doesn't work with javascript lightbox, need help?

    Hi everyone,
    i created some swf loading a flv file in a flv playback and
    check on the auto/hide parameter. When i test the movie it works
    very well. BUT, in my website, i put those swf files in Lightbox
    (javascript computed) and when the mouse goes Over the flash video,
    it shows the Skin player and when the mouse goes Out, the Skin
    player stays over the video!? Why? Does someone has an idea on how
    to force the auto/hide paramater in this case?
    Thanks for your help

    Found this post when searching for an answer, but didn't find much elsewhere so I'll post my quick and ugly solution here. I'm sure it can be vastly improved, but I didn't have much more than 5 minutes. Note - setting .visible to false just ended up causing the autohide transition to occur over and over, so instead I'm just temporarily moving the whole sprite offscreen.
    (AS3, using CS5 component... note that 'player' is the FLVPlayback instance):
    //### force 'autohide' when mouse inactive
    var timer:Timer = new Timer(1500, 0);
    timer.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, onTimer);
    var skinSprite:DisplayObject;
    var prevMouseX:Number;
    var prevMouseY:Number;
    function onTimer(e:TimerEvent):void {
      //get skinSprite if we haven't already
      if(!skinSprite) {
        var child:DisplayObject;
        for(var i:Number = 0; i < player.numChildren; i++) {
          child = player.getChildAt(i);
          if(i == 2) { //this is the skinSprite
            skinSprite = child;
      //check to see if mouse hasn't moved since last timer event
      if(skinSprite && mouseX == prevMouseX && mouseY == prevMouseY) {
        skinSprite.y = -1000;
      prevMouseX = mouseX;
      prevMouseY = mouseY;
    stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE, stage_onMouseMove);
    function stage_onMouseMove(e:MouseEvent):void {
      if(skinSprite) {
        skinSprite.y = 0;

  • Synchronization of song ratings doesn't work anymore (itunes 11.1)

    Dear support community
    Yesterday I synchronized my iPhone 4 with my iMac. Usually that works fine - I use autosync for music and apps and so far all song ratings which I made on the iPhone were transfered to the Mac with no issues.
    (e.g. I rate songs which I want to I delete off playlists with one star and then uncheck them later in tunes)
    For some reaso,  after I updated itunes to 11.1 and my phone to iOS 7.0.2 that didn't work anymore.
    I can still see the changed rating in the music app on the iPhone, but iTunes does not carry those over. I synchronized 7 times, restarted both phone and Mac, tried the wifi sync and syncronizing by cable - it does it without error - just the ratings are not copied anymore.
    I am sure it worked before - especially also since all former ratings (which I also firstly did on the phone) are still there.
    Does anyone have a good advice what might be the issue and can tell me a sollution?
    Thanks to everyone already!

    I have the same problem: Sometimes it works, sometimes not!
    iOS 8.0
    My problem:
    I use to manage my music library with itunes which i sync to my iphone (5s) and ipad (air). The devices are managed "manually", such that i just drag some albums to the device. When i rate some songs on my iphone and syncronize it later on to my itunes library, the ratings are sometimes not synced... the problem occurs also in the other direction (rating in itunes and syncing to iphone).
    As i said, the problem occures only sometimes with some songs (seems completely random).
    I had the same problem with my ipad (since 2013/11), but now since i updated to iOS8 and the latest itunes, the problem is the same with my iphone.
    Any help from Apple? In my opinion this is a software bug!

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    Where does flex builder keep refererences to the flex projects? I'm getting an error like this on FB3 startup: The folder PR System Intranet does not exist in the workspace so the reference must be somewhere else. thanks !SESSION 2009-11-02 09:47:52.

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