Sony mdr v700dj

Does anyone know where I can get a replacment screw jack adapter for my Sony mdr v700dj  headphones?

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  • After working fine for several months, my iPhone 5 has started dropping bluetooth connectivity for 2 to 5 seconds at a time with my Sony MDR-1RBT headphones.  The headphones work fine with other devices.  I haven't moved to ios7 yet.  Any ideas?

    After working fine for several months, my iPhone 5 has started dropping bluetooth connectivity for 2 to 5 seconds at a time with my Sony MDR-1RBT headphones.  The headphones work fine with other bluetooth devices.  I haven't moved to iOS7 yet.  Any ideas?

    What user troubleshooting have you done on the phone? The steps are restart, reset, restore from backup, restore as new. Understand that a restore will put the latest iOS on your device. It is also possible there is a hardware fault on the device and the Bluetooth is failing. Anything is possible given the scenario you describe.
    And as far as iOS 7.x is concerned, we have 5 different iPhones here at home, all with the latest iOS, a 4, 4s, 5c, and 2-5s and all are working just fine. So, a blanket statement such as the one provided by the other poster is not completely true. Others are not having any issues at all either.

  • New Sony MDR EX8

    hey everyone,
    i was searching for reviews on the Sony MDR EX 7s and stumbled across the ! its definitely not out in Europe but im not sure in the USA. Heres the website.

    if u cant clic on it then you will have to copy and paste or u can simply type it in google.

  • Sony MDR-EX81LP He

    i have a question about these earphones cord quality i heard that the white cord is made out of a fabric kind of materaial that really isn't that durable and rips quickly or so called "dissolves" i was wondering is this true and if the black version is made out of the same material? Because i use my mp3 player alot and i want good quality sound and i finally decided to get these headphone. Please help me i need a timely answer because i am about to buy them along with another zen touch thanx for all your help.

    Cause i had the sony mdr-j20 white versions and they cord quality on that was horribile it rip in just two weeks and i use my player just for commuting and while doing school work at home. and i heard it was the same type of cord on all sony white earphones and i really dont want to loose my money again in earphones. Thats why i was wondering that probably the black was better quality than the white version but i thank you for your help , i still don't know what to choose but i hope i make the right decision , by the way do you know of any retail stores that sell these headphones because i checked all the big names like compusa, bestbuy, staples and no of them carry it and info would help so that i can actually see the earphone before i buy them.

  • Sony MDR-1RBT with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2?

    I've successfully paired my new Sony MDR-1RBT Bluetooth headphones with my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone.  However, I can't get them to pair with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet.  Are they compatible?
    I held the button for 7 seconds until I heard the sound and the red/blue lights flashed.  The Galaxy Tab was discoverable but never found the headphones.  I tried restarting the tablet, restarting the headphones, etc.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated - these headphones were too expensive to not work with all my devices. 
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    I figured this out today - I realized I had to hold the power button long enough to see a red flash and then keep holding until I hear a second tone and a red/blue flashing.  The unit paired right away when I did this.  Thanks!

  • Where can I find replacement pads for Sony MDR If240r

    Need replacement pads for Sony MDR If240r. What pads will work.
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    Welcome to the Sony Community.
    The part number for the ear pad is 324636701. Please use the following link to order replacement ear pad for the Sony MDR-IF240R headphones for delivery within the US.
    Thank you for your post.

  • Sony MDR-1RBT headphones have crackling or pops in audio when using bluetooth on my iMac - Mountain Lion

    I notice crackling noise or pops when I listen to music using my Sony MDR-1RBT bluetooth headphones with my 3.4GHz Intel Core i7 iMac running  OSX 10.8.5
    I do not hear the crackling when I listen to the headphones using my MacBook Pro 2.7GHz Intel Core i7 with OSX 10.8.5
    I also do not hear the crackling when using wired connection to the headphones.
    So it would seem that something with the Bluetooth on the iMac is the problem. But I have no idea how to troubleshoot this further.
    Does anyone have any ideas what the cause may be?
    I am pretty sure that it is not interference from another device because I can connect to my MacBook Pro in the same area as my iMac with no crackling

    Hi Michael Erb1,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.  It may also be worth resetting the NVRAM of your iMac to see if that helps with the crackling:
    About NVRAM and PRAM
    - Ari

  • Sony MDR-EX90LP Earbud Stereo Bass - What is the newest equivalent model?

    What is the most recent Sony Earbud model that is closest to the Sony MDR-EX90LP Earbud Stereo Bass Earphones?
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    Hi CedricKlein,
    Please check the link below for further assistance.
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  • Sony MDR-EX71 In-Ear Earphones good

    I saw in this forum queit alot using this Sony MDR-EX7 In-Ear Earphones
    but also many mention it spoil easily....
    I getting a new earpiece and plan to buy this mdr ex7 to attact to my zen mirco so need some users comments.

    I've been using mine since I had the Nomad Jukebox .
    And I've been recommending it to everyone since the old fourm days.
    So I don't think comments that it breaks easily are true.
    I've coiled it round my all players and it still sounds as good.
    It's been coiled round my JB, Nomad IIc, Muvo .5G and now my Zen Micro 5G.
    So it's been quite a journey for for this little Sony and I will definitely get another Sony when this one finally gives up the ghost.

  • Sony MDR-EX71

    hey everyone,
    i heard that the sony MDR-EX7 are a-m-a-z-i-n-g but all i hear are good things about it. So i was wondering if you could tell me if theres ANYTHING wrong with the Sony MDR-EX7?
    much appreciated.

    The sound quality isn't exactly the best in the world but they're still alot better than the rubbish earphones that come with most portable mp3 players. They simply have a fuller/richer sound, clear treble, decent mids and totally awesome bass, very much like a subwoofer; something that most supplied earphones can't even come close to reproducing. They perform best with music such as hip-hop, dance and heavy rock mainly due to the ear flapping bass. That said, they still sound great with more gentle music, although classical seems to sound the worst with the EX7s. For ?25 the sound is very good and totally enjoyable.
    The only problems I have with them is the length of the wires, they seem to be designed for giants! The 'neck chain' is poorly implemented and interferes with your clothes too much and can annoyingly pull on your earbuds due to the excess wire. The rubber texture of the wire seems to cause too much friction, especially when its placed underneath your jacket. Also, due to the "in ear" design (for better sound isolation), you get 'microphonics' which basically means that you can hear yourself crunch on food while eating, or hear any vibrations that travel up the wires. You usually get use to this after a few days, but it can be a wierd experience at first.
    Other than that, I still highly recommend the EX7s, they provide quite a major step up from supplied earphones in terms of sound quality and are not too expensi've. A good place to start if you're looking to improve your musical experience.

  • Sony MDR 1R Headphones compatability with Lumia 92...

    Would you have used the Sony MDR 1R Headphones "wired type" with Lumia 920, using Sony supplied iPhone cable. If the phones work with headphone connection on the 920. Cheers
    Mobiles sure aint what they used to be. They get better

    I would not know why not, but I have neither the 920 (use a 620) nor the MDR 1R headset (use SOny earbuds or a set of MDR V700 cans which sound just fine to me
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  • Sony Sony MDR-EX51LP vs. Sony MDR-EX7

    whats the difference between the Sony MDR-EX5LP and the Sony MDR-EX7SL. i've looked at the specs and besides the price, i dont really see the difference. also if any of you have owned one of them please tell me how they are. thanks

    Here's a pic of the ex5sp and ex7sl. The ex5 in this pic are the SP which has a short cord and a straight plug instead. The LP have a regular length cord with a L plug.
    Looks like the differences are:
    Ex7 has a nice silver reinforced cover at the Y of the headphones that says MDR-EX7 on it. They also come with a seperate extension cable with a L plug at the end of it. So you can use them without the extension in a remote or add the extension for regular length without a remote. The newer EX7sl also come with a hard plastic silver box to put the headphones in (instead of the soft bag pictured here). The 5's don't come with a case (only the headphone protector thingy).
    The 5's are available in 3 colors instead of just black and white like the 7s are.
    BTW. The ex7s are $29.7 USD with free shipping at in the US. Great deal!
    <IMG src="">

  • Instantaneous hearing loss using a pair of Sony MDR-7506 headphones

    Hello Sony, I am posting here to inform you of a life changing event which occurred June 5th while I was producing music with my Sony MDR-7506 headphones on my mid 2012 MacBook Pro.  Long story short, after years of listening to music at low volume levels and being proactive about the maximum output of my devices, I was accidently exposed to three very short blasts of 115 dB SPL noise (less than a second of time total) from my headphones which has given me permanent low frequency hearing loss in my left ear, persistent tinnitus and hyperacusis.   I'd like to mention that the documentation which came with the headphones states only the following precaution related to hearing loss:  "Avoid listening with your headphones at so loud a volume that extended play might affect your hearing”.  The documentation says nothing regarding the possibility of instantaneous hearing loss, and I believe this is something that should be mentioned in an effort to keep users informed.  I was not using any speciallized hardware amplifier, only these headphones and an Apple laptop.   I personally experienced about 115dB SPL (both calculated and measured), which caused my hearing loss, but these headphones can go up to 136 dB SPL (caclualted).  Normally the headphones will have a maximum dB SPL (calculated) close to around 120 dB SPL (macbook pro for example), and this is generally considered loud, but not permenantly damaging.  The fact I have had this serious damage done at only 115 dB SPL is an indication that not all ears are made the same, and as such, users should be warned of the possibilities.  In a recent interview with Jeffery Holt, an associate professor of otology at Harvard University, he is quoted saying, “The more we learn about it, the more we realize that the safe levels are actually lower than we thought previously”.   Personally, I believe it's time to incorperate a standard by which both amplifier and receiver will communicate to help better regulate the damge that can be done.  Such a technology would ensure the saftey of the users and eliminate accidents such as these while remaining relatively simple.  Such devices exist for specialized hardware, but there is the intrinsic difficulty in matching the impedences of the receiver and the amplifier.  A small RFID chip in the headphone cable could easily relay this information to the amplifier, which would then adjust the power output to ensure hearing loss does not occur.   Although such a technology would be wonderful, it is likely not very profitable, as most consumers don't really care to think about their hearing and may even prefer to keep the volume at unsafe levels.  So, I am currently only hoping to speak with someone at Sony about these issues, specifically about the possibility of having this warning added to the packaging of the headphones. Thank You 

    Hi veita, thank you for bringing your concern to Sony's attention. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. Kindly PM me your day time phone number and your most convenient time for a call back. Thanks. - Charlie

  • Can i connect my ipad 2 (ios 6.1) with headphones sony mdr-1rbt bluetooth?

    can i connect my ipad 2 (ios 6.1) with headphones sony mdr-1rbt bluetooth?

    According to the Sony Web page for those particular eaphones, no. They aren't compatible with iOS 6.  Only iOS 5 and below. 1&tab=howto#/howtoTab
    Sony wrote:
    Are the headphones compatible with the Apple® iOS®6 operating system?
    The headphones are compatible with Apple iOS5 and lower. They are not compatible with the Apple iOS6.
    United States
    Last Modified Date:12-05-2012ID:C1032819
    You can still try though, but there's no guarantee.

  • Headphones comparison : Sony MDR-EX71SL vs MDR-EX5

    Hi folks,
    Can somebody explain me the diff between the 2 mentioned headphones : Sony MDR-EX7SL vs MDR-EX5LP.
    I've noticed many people on this forum promoting the EX7, and then SSR is often mentioning them side by side EX5/7 when making recommendation.
    I can't seem to understand what the difference is between the 2. They seem to have the same tech specs. Is it in the wiring or the supplied case?
    Background : I would be interested to get some headphones to augment my Zen Micro experience (mostly used on walk / train to work).
    thanks for helping.
    - Fred.
    ps : this is not intended as a Sony commercial ;-)

    So, anyone else has personal experience choosing between the 5 or 7? Here in Belgium, they don't seem to come cheap. I can find the 5 in a rather expensi've store for 45 EUR, and I found the 7 in a cheap store for 55 EUR. (multiply by .3 to get $ amounts).
    and yes, I would guess you can easily find an extension cord for this type of cable, especially as there's (to my knowledge) no special feature to that supplied extension cord you lost (like e.g. there's no volume controller or so on it).
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