Sort by file size and/or pixel dimensions

I am constantly frustrated by the lack of ability to sort by file size or pixel dimension. I have many versions of the same images, and often want to find the biggest one, or one of a certain size, and it's very time consuming to have to scan all the numbers in the metadata instead of being able to sort. Please add this.

DevMeta will allow you to filter/collect by width and height dimensions.
PixelCountMetadata will allow you to filter/collect by total number of pixels (width x height).
Now that I'm thinking about it, I should probably have just added the pixelcount metadata to DevMeta, but I didnt..., yet...
PS - I dont use PixelCountMetadata, since I only have originals in Lightroom. All resized copies are kept outside of Lightroom. Consider TreeSync if you regularly keep variously sized copies at the ready for various purposes... And, lastly, ExportManager will help you keep all your trees up2date, if you have more than one.
I then use ACDSee to find photos in the exported copies or run slideshows, or serve on the house net, or email...

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  • Check image details like resolution, dimensions, color mode, file format, file size and file name

    I have 1000 images in a folder, i want to check their details like resolution, dimensions, color mode, file format, file size and file name into excel with nice user interface.
    Pls help me, m just learning ABCD in VB.

    The code in the file at the link below might give you a starting point. Firstly it gives you the opportunity to list all of the properties of a file type and then you can select the properties that you want and the second utility gives you the
    opportunity to list the selected properties for all files in a selected folder.
    Download and extract the file and open the file in Excel.
    Click the first button List Meta Data for One File (Run first)
    Navigate to and Select any ONE individual photo file. (Photo files because that is what you indicated you are working with.)
    You will be presented with a list of the available properties for the file. Where the Item value is blank, that property is not recorded for the particular file. Different file types have different properties and it is also dependent on how the file
    was created but generally if all of the files come from the same source then the same properties are recorded for all files from that source.
    Now insert a Y in column D for all of the required properties. (Don't select any with the Item value blank)
    Click the second button List Selected Meta Data for all Files in a Folder (Run after selecting the required properties).
    Next select a folder where the files reside. (You might need to back up to the folder if dialog is blank because it will not show individual files because the code only allows Folders.)
    You will be presented with a report listing all of the selected properties for all of the files in the selected folder.
    The user interface is not that great but you can improve on that if you want to with a Userform as you get to know VBA a little better.
    Download the file from here.!273&authkey=!ANf8R0Xf0-h3wJ8&ithint=file%2czip
    Regards, OssieMac

  • Two step import, downsizing image file sizes and/or keeping copies?

    hi all,
    leonie was kind enough on another thread to suggest a two step import from the iphone in order to make sure that there is no accidental deletion or data loss. my understanding (i'm repeating it here myself in case i am misunderstanding) is that this routine involves 1. importing images into Aperture via the conventional import method and then 2. backing up to iTunes (to save the images) and 3. verifying (visually i think) that the images are in the Aperture database and then if so allow Aperture to delete all the images from the iPhone.
    this seems to make sense to me but i realized i had a couple of questions about general "photo hygiene" related to this kind of thing.
    1. is there some way to downsize file size after images are imported into Aperture? i take a ton of photos and only some are important to keep at a high resolution and i feel like i am stuck between having a huge Aperture database cluttered with lots of photos at high resolution /or/ turning down the file size and finding that i have an important image that is at a low resolution because i forgot to turn up the file size (i think these are in settings somewhere in my phone) before i took the photo or only realized later that it was important to have this image at higher resolution. if i could downsize while thinking about it in Aperture this seems like it would work.
    2. does anyone keep an external copy of their images outside of the Aperture database?

    hi terence,
    thank you.
    so can i ask if anyone is using an iphone and/or what setting(s) and/or resolution folks are using?
    i guess i have a bit of a dilemma in that i take a ton of photos and i only use one at a high resolution while the others can be something as insignificant as a visual note to myself. and it kind of kills me that these could be 1.2 MB in that i have a lot of them. i sort of wish there was a way to downsample imagery since a lot of these are not so important.
    anyway. yeah i guess i was wondering if folks do a referenced library or keep an extra copy as a backup (i guess i am 'embedding' images in the library but i forget what i call this in aperture) - and i have started to wonder if there is some utility to doing a referenced library or keeping a backup but this seems like overkill while at the same time a referenced library would allow me the ability to downsample images from what i can tell but i am just guessing here since i haven't tried this method.

  • [BUG ?] PSE Organizer - Sort by file size

    When trying to sort by file size with PSE Organizer, it only takes into account the recently imported pictures.
    I have recently migrated my catalog from PhotoShop Album V1.0 to PSE Organizer without problem (or at least I solve all of them, thanks to John !).
    Now, when I ask all pictures with a file size higher than 2000 kb, I only have the files that I recently imported... Is there any solution to also include all pictures (I paid attention not to select the recent album, I show all pictures - but maybe I do something else wrong ??)

    johnrellis wrote:
    Interesting.  When you do Edit > Update Thumbnail, PSE rereads all the metadata from the file except for keyword tags. So your hypothesis that the file size information was not converted from the PSA catalog sounds reasonable.  Just one of many bugs in the conversion process.
    Yes, EDIT > UPDATE THUMBNAIL, that's what I done (sorry, I am french and I downloaded the french version, so my translation are sometimes erroneous).
    Anyway, it solve my problem, thanks to you for helping me, you finally helped me to be curious and to search the problem.

  • Options to view file size and type?

    Where can I turn on options on an image and get the file size and type?

    You can see the file type by hovering over the file in Library view and it will show the file name followed by the extension like jpg, nef or tiff.
    Alternatively in library mode go to grid view it will pixel size of the files as well as the name of the file withthe format.
    If you are not able to see that go to View>View Option.
    Check the option show header with label
    Hope thatt helps.

  • I need to export a photo at around 1meg file size,and dont seem to be able to do it in the presets can anyone help please ,I shoot on a canon 5d

    I need to export a photo at around 1meg file size,and dont seem to be able to do it in the presets can anyone help please ,I shoot on a canon 5d

    I believe Frank is referring to the end use (e.g., for print or on-screen use).
    Until he returns, I can tell you that I ran a quick test using an image from the Aperture 3 training book library which was as follows:
    Camera = Canon EOS 5D Mark II
    Master resolution = 5616 x 3744 (21 MP)
    I was able to export to a JPEG with end file size of 1 MB as follows:
    Export Presets drop-down > select 'Edit' option
    Selected preset name 'JPEG - 50% of Original Size' > change percentage value to 40% > change DPI value to '300' > click OK to set as current default > Export version to desktop.
    The exported JPEG has a resolution of 2246 x 1498 and appears on screen to have the same image quality of the original in Aperture.
    Note - I did not change the default Image Quality slider in the Export Preset dialog (which left it at 10).
    Basically, you will need to play around with the settings until you find the appropriate values to arrive at an image version you want.

  • Get Total DB size , Total DB free space , Total Data & Log File Sizes and Total Data & Log File free Sizes from a list of server

    how to get SQL server Total DB size , Total DB free space , Total Data  & Log File Sizes and Total Data  & Log File free Sizes from a list of server 

    Hi Shivanq,
    To get a list of databases, their sizes and the space available in each on the local SQL instance.
    dir SQLSERVER:\SQL\localhost\default\databases | Select Name, Size, SpaceAvailable | ft -auto
    This article is also helpful for you to get DB and Log File size information:
    Checking Database Space With PowerShell
    I hope this helps.

  • Urgent:Comparing file size and file hashcode

    Hi i am developing an EJB in which I have to dynamically pick the filename,filesize and hashcode of the file.
    In case filename exists then it should check for file size and hashcode of the file. if both of these are equal then the processing should stop.
    Could anyone provide some help in comparing filesize and hashcode of the file with itself.

    read the [File API|] .
    The file size is a long. and the hashCode is an int. [compare them - they are primitives|]

  • My mac says that it has 40 gb of movies on it but when i finder search for file size, and for file type it gives me no videos

    My mac says that it has 40 gb of movies on it but when i finder search for file size, and for file type it gives me no videos or movies. I have called apple 3 times and each time they do the same thing and then do something that takes awhile to finish so we hang up and then it never works.
    Please Help

    each time they do the same thing
    And what thing might that be?

  • When using the Save Layer Comps to PDF Script, can you change the PDF settings. I need both Smallest File Size and Press Quality?

    When using the Save Layer Comps to PDF Script, can you change the PDF settings. I need both Smallest File Size and Press Quality? Thanks in advance to the group for assisting with this matter.
    — John

    No, there isn't. The way you're using the file is not recommended. You
    should use a review tracker to avoid getting in the way of one another.

  • Logging software - shrinking file size and keeping timecode

    I recently found and downloaded the trial version of InqScribe Transcription Software (
    It seems pretty neat. You can open up and video file in the program and it read the timecode from the file and inserts it into transcript as your typing. It says it can open ANY type of video that Quicktime can view.
    Here's my dilemma - I want my clients and producer to use this program to log footage on their PCs out and about. I"m shooting with the Sony NX5 and transcoding to Pro Res LT. Obviously these files are HUGE.
    I'd like to find a way that I can shrink the file sizes and keep the original timecode. I thought h.264 would be best. I can also shrink the resolution from 1920x1080 down to something much smaller.
    I'm looking for an end product that is compatible with PCs and Macs, around 500mbs or less, and has the original TC.

    Resize to 480x270. The data rate before compression will be 1/16 of the 1920x 1080 image. Add H.264 Quicktime compression and you'll have a small file. Verify with the company that it can read h.264 files.
    When you do the conversion use Compressor and turn off Frame Controls when you do the resizing.The encoding will go much faster.

  • When round tripping with photoshop cc, i get a saved psd file with my original raw,the problem is these are high file sizes and taking a lot of space,can i stop this?

    when round tripping with photoshop cc, i get a saved psd file with my original raw,the problem is these are high file sizes and taking a lot of space,can i stop this?

    That's not the workflow that I use. I have my Lightroom preferences set to create TIF images when going to Photoshop. I keep the original raw file and the TIF image (usually reduced to an 8-bit image) and only export JPEG's when they are needed to send to a lab or to send to someone over the Internet. JPEG files are highly compressed. I only create them when they are needed, and they are discarded as soon as they have been used for their intended purpose. I keep the raw file and the Photoshop-created TIF in my library. This requires extra disk space. But I always have the highest quality files available.

  • Resize Video, both the file size and actual size

    Hi All,
    I am very new to Adobe Premiere (CS3). I have had it for a while but not needed to use until now. A client of mine has sent me a video that he wants on his website. But it’s 150M and 1280 * 720. Can anyone help me out with how I can resize both the file size and actual size to say 800 * 450 so it can stream it via the net?
    Like I said very new to this,

    The first thing you need to do is determine just what KIND of file you were sent, so you may start a project that matches the file
    Read Bill Hunt on a file type as WRAPPER
    What is a CODEC... a Primer
    What CODEC is INSIDE that file?
    I don't do streaming video, so you should search the help file... I **think** what you want out is a Flash file, but that is only after you know what you are going to load into the CS3 timeline

  • Those that have successfully downloaded mac lion please write the md5, sha1, exact file size and the version number, please.

    those that have successfully downloaded mac lion please write the md5, sha1, exact file size and the version number, please.

    This is how, for instance, on a flsh drive: ve

  • Need to export Movie to Quicktime Movie w/ similar file size and quality.

    Let me preface in that I am not in the video editing profession. Many times I have exported my work to the professionals. I'm sure knowing what you're doing is half of the battle. Here is my dilemma. First, I'm using Quicktime pro just to add a text track to the movie. I  then save the file as what Quicktime pro calls Movie .mov. This looks good and has the quality of the original .mov and the small data size. However, no other player than quicktime will recognize the text track. I then tried exporting from Movie to quicktime movie format (still .mov, can anyone explain the difference of the two .mov types???), but I find that the image quality is poor. Yet, in the quicktime format other players (except windows media player) recognize the text track. By poor quality I mean that I think what I have is the blocking effect. I assume that this is due to the bitrate being to low. Again, I would like to keep the file size low and managable for data storage and downloading purposes. I was hoping that in the end all video players would be able to have no issues.
    My current file sized are all less than 1MB and are of good quality.
    Just adding a small test track the Movie .mov is still less than 1MB
    The size of the image is 512x512
    I should also say that I'm a PC user with a quicktime pro windows version. I'm sure that doesn't help me one bit!! However, I believe my issues are more with the fact that I'm not experienced in compressing files and knowing exactly the right settings.
    Here is what I've tried thus far. Movie to quicktime movie
    H264 codec
    Current for fps (Which is in the original is 8fps)
    Key frames automatic
    frame reordering checked
    I've tried Automatic data rate and setting the bit rate, even at 2000kbps (the quality is low). My original movie with the highest kbps is only 1151kbps and has no artifacts
    encoding Best quality multi-pass
    custom size 512x512
    deinterlace checked

    am i correct that this 'my photo stream' process is not removing any image data?
    Yes,  as long as you have iPhoto's iCloud preference pane configures as follows:
    You're be getting the full image file, pixel dimensions, etc. which is essentially a bit by bit copy of the photo on the Phone.
    When you add tags and other metadata and export the file out of iPhoto as a jpeg with the checkboxes selected to include that metadata there will be some image compression.  However, if one chooses High or even Medium JPEG Quality one will be hard pressed to detect any image degradation unless printing very, large prints or otherwise displaying the image at a very, large size.
    I ran a test on a 1.4 MB photo from my iPhone  and compared the original to two exports, one at High and the other at Medium JPEG Quality and got these results:

Maybe you are looking for

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    While the order of my photos in my iPhoto albums is preserved on Apple TV 2 via 'Computers' it is clearly using image file names to sort if you go in via 'Internet>Mobile Me'. This is especially annoying since you can view your albums in order not on

  • How can I remove exportpdf window from my screen?

    how can I remove exportpdf window from my screen? It clutters things up and is very annoying Ed

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    Hi All, i have a doubt about scope of instance variable. if i declare a instance variable in servlet , i want to know whether it can be shared(means everywhere ) or not. thanks in advance Gopal