Sorting iphoto albums into album title order

I've only just got my mac and there are somethings I'm struggling with...I'd like my photo albums in iphoto to be sorted by album title but can't seem to do this.  An earlier answer said to right click in the albums area, but the only option I get if I do that is to paste.  I'm sure it must be very simple really, can anybody help me please..?  Thank you

Control-lick on any album and you should get this contextual menu:

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  • Can not sort by album title in cover flow. I'm going crazy!

    I own a LOT of trance music compilations that come in packs of 3 cds. Coverflow only seems to sort by Artist name, and in my music collection each cd from the came compilation might start with a different artist, resulting in the 3 parts of the same album being scattered all over cover flow because of the varying artists.
    Is there ANY way possible to make cover flow sort by album title only? PLEASE! I want to use this feature, but its pretty annoying for my type of music collection.

    Well I have learned a little bit that helps. I discovered that I can highlight all of say Disc 1 in a compilation, and then right click on the selections and select Get Info. From here, I can flag all the songs as part of a compilation. Then I would do the same for Disc 2, and so on. This resulted in each CD component of an album getting grouped together in Coverflow, though albums that are not compilations ruin the alphabetical flow.
    At least now my Disc 1, Disc 2 and Disc 3 of the compilations are next to each other, and not scattered all over, even if there is still no alphabetical order by album.

  • Sorting by Album Title _only_

    I just upgraded to iTunes I am trying to arrange my library by album title only; not by artist or album artist. iTunes doesn't seem to like my organization plans, because on some albums it subdivides the album by artist. These albums are generally soundtracks. Some of them are organized the way I want, and others are not.
    Here's what I've tried in vain so far:
    1. Copy-and-paste the same album name to all tracks.
    2. For a couple tracks, I went to "get info," "Sorting" and deleted all the info on this tab except for the album title.
    3. In the main library pane, I right clicked on "Album" and selected "Sort ... Album by Title."
    None of these three things have worked. I googled my problem and all I found were suggestions on how to sort by album artist.
    So, can any of you kind people help me out?
    Thanks in advance,

    No, in fact, I deselected "part of a compilation" because I thought it was screwing up my organization scheme. Maybe I acted hastily -- I'll give it a try.

  • Sort iPhoto Albums NOT Folders

    I know that in iPhoto you can sort FOLDERS, but I want to sort the ALBUMS INSIDE of a Folder.
    I have not been able to find any answers to this question on the web. Any help would be great.

    TD, There are folders on the left and then under Parrotheads there are albums. The albums are what I would like to sort. I can sort the folders without a problem.

  • How to upload from iphoto to icloud in title order using photo share (not photo stream)?

    I can get the albums within iphoto (V9.6) into title order, however when they are uploaded to icloud (photo share, not photo stream) they lose that order. Can the photo shared images on the icloud web link be uploaded/or organised into the order that I have painstakingly created?

    December 2014 Case Resolved by midnorthcoast
    I found Old Toad's remedy presented by Tedious Tom here Keeping desired order of photos when sharing on iCloud
    After labelling (titling) each of the 300 or so images carefully in numerical order I wanted to be sure that that's how they would be viewed once uploaded from iPhoto to Photo Share (not Photo Stream).  Note that I didn't want the ensuing iCloud weblink to be automatically emailed to others. I wanted to email the link personally. I find the automatic invitation's presentation confusing in regard to having to register to view the images or simply clicking the less obvious link. Plus I wanted the invitation to be more personal.
    Here's how I did it:
    Transferred images from Finder to their own album within iPhoto
    With the album open, made sure images were in title order,  View/Sort Photos/By Title
    Selected all images
    Followed Old Toad's advice (except I changed from 1 minute to 1 second),  Photos/Batch Change/Set Date/Add 1 second between each photo
    Shared with iCloud,  Share/iCloud
    Dialogue box comes up, Clicked on New photo stream
    Another dialogue box,  filled in one of my email addresses (not my iCloud identity), unticked Subscribers Can Post, ticked Public Website, clicked Share
    Opened iCloud within iPhoto and waited until finished uploading
    Highlighted the album, clicked Info, copied the weblink shown under Public Website and pasted into personal email invitations

  • How do I get my iPad 3rd Gen to sort Music album titles under an artist's name alphabetically instead of chronologically?

    Hey all,
    I've been trying to sort my iPad Music app. Under an Artist, albums are sorted chronologically, not alphabetically. As a result, albums without a year attached to them are shuffled to the top, and the rest are put at the end of my music library. Half of the albums under one artists do not have a year with them so my whole library is out of order. How do I get my albums to sort alphabetically by title?

    The large text size makes your post almost impossible to read.
    Excessive use of bold or capitals (also) makes posts difficult to read.
    You can drag most of the column headings left or right, or right-click on the header to turn columns on or off.
    Once you've used File > Display Duplicates or Shift > File > Display Exact Duplicates you can use File > Display All or the Display All button at the bottom of the list to restore the display.
    For general advice on organising your library see this article on Grouping tracks into albums.

  • Lost pictures in sorted iphoto albums

    My wife has spent many hours moving a lot of pictures into sorted albums.  Her task was to put pictures of anyone who appeared in them into a folder corresponding to that persons name.  She came to me because now more than once pictures that she put into those folders went missing.  They are not missing from the master library, but missing from the folders that she sorted them into.  I have time machine, and restored back to a point approximately 1-1.5 hours before this event happened with no result.  Is there anyway to "recover" those sorted folders with the content she uploaded in them?  For your information, she was performing the "drag-and-drop" from the "events" folder to the predesignated folder she was intending.  Also fyi, some of these pictures were put into multiple folders due to more that one person being in a photograph.  Any info helps.  Thank you.

    Hey léonie ,
    Thank you for your response. 
    iPhoto version is 9.4.2 (710.42)
    What she typically does is sort through all of the pictures in iPhoto (we both use the same account), and if she sees people x,y, and z in a photo, she will put a "copy" of that photo in a folder for x, a folder for y, and a folder for z.  And by "copy" I mean that she clicks and drags the photo from what I believe to be from the events (it could be the "master" library that we view I'm not sure, as I don't mess with iPhoto all that often).  She checks to make sure that the photos that she is moving make it into the folder for the designated person.  She moves about this in a methodical manner, as she has 8 siblings, and therefore literally thousands of pictures.  She doesn't want to lose any of this meticulous sorting after hours of work.
    Also she just revealed to me that she had just plugged her phone into the computer (to retrieve more pictures off of it) and the computer started to run rather slow.  After that iPhoto quit unexpectedly.  It was reopened to find that the pictures were not in the folder she put them in.  She states that the time that elapsed from the phone plug in to the crash of iPhoto was about a minute or two.
    I am not home right now to test for a library corruption, and she wont know what to do if I'm not there.  I'll do so when I get home tonight.

  • Sorting iPhoto albums chronologically

    Over the years, I have created some 400-plus Albums chronologically from Events, naming them as I went and I had a built-in sense of time for related Events. One day a misdirected Reorder or Sort (?) command put all my Albums in alphabetical sequence and I lost my chronology and no way to get back to it. Can I create a Manual Sort default somehow so that I can go back to it if I accidentally sort or reorder my Albums again? I'm not even certain how it happened but I would like to understand how it works before I attempt any manual sort or reorganization. I might even use Folders if that helps.

    Not a feature - suggest to Apple - iPhoto menu ==> provide iPhoto feedback

  • Sorting iPhoto Videos into separate items in Event Library

    All my videos from iPhoto have imported to iPhoto Videos in iMovie 11 but I want to list them separately in the Event Library List - does anyone know how to do this please? 
    I have split them within the browser but unfortunately have put a few in the wrong event - have tried to split but the area is now greyed out - any help would be
    Many thanks

    But none of the 11 videos is housed in an Event. They are just 11 short videos in a row. I tried to make an empty folder to name as RISE UP, but the application would not let me do that.
    If the files have not yet been imported to iMovie '08 then select the "Import Movie..." File menu option. When the import window opens, in the lower area:
    a) Select your destination hard drive in the "Save to:" block
    b) Select the "Create new Event:" radio button
    c) Name the new event
    d) Select whether you want the files copied or moved to the new event
    Now navigate to and select the files you want to import in the upper half of the window. (You can select individual files; multiple, non-contiguous files; or a contiguous range of files.) Press import when done making your selection(s).

  • Order Iphoto album from pdf

    I've created an iphoto album and ordered...and it's great.
    I've registered it as a pdf file and after that I've cleaned all iphoto library.
    Now I'd like to order the same album...Have I to create it all over again or I can order just using the pdf file?

    You can not order from a PDF
    You can reorder up to 40 days after an order
    Can Apple reprocess a previous order?
    Apple stores the image files of book, card, and calendar orders for 40 days, and print orders for 20 days, from the date of purchase. We will be unable to reprocess an order on your behalf once the files have been removed from our servers. To ask Apple to reprint a previous order, please email us using the form below.
    Note: Reprocessed orders will ship to the same address and be charged to the same credit card listed on the original order.

  • ITunes libaray sorting ablums... skips the "The" in albums titles...

    Why in the latest version of iTunes 7 does it not sort the album titles with the word "The"??
    Is there anyway to turn this back on other than changing the setting "Sort By" field and adding the "The" back in?

    I think iTunes is hard wired to set up sorting to avoid "the", so what you suggest is the only way of getting round it.

  • Alphabetical sorting in album view broken in 3.4.0

    Upon updating to Spotify 3.4.0, I noticed that alphabetical sorting of albums, by artist or title, no longer works correctly. Neither killing/restarting the app nor deleting/reinstalling it has any effect. This is on iOS 8.3.  This is when sorting by artist. Boris, Brian Eno, Burial, Busta Rhymes, then Beyonce, back to Burial, Beyonce, then Beastie Boys. It's a total mess. Sorting by album title is in slightly better shape, but articles really screw it up.  It takes everything that starts with "The" and sticks in in between the S's and T's. Well, almost everything:  Here we've got a few stragglers stuck between T and U. None of this makes any sense and it's a real pain. Apple Music comes out tomorrow, and I'm surprised that Spotify thought it was a good idea to roll out an update with a major issue like this right before a big competitor's launch.

    This was my reply. It was done quickly but I think it gets the point across.
    thank you Andrea for your reply,
    That's a big shame if this change was intended. To have your Albums listed in a casual order and not Alphabetically seems a huge step back for the iOS version and all of its users. It makes that menu redundant in all honesty, especially if you have over 100 albums. Why change or take away a very important part of the experience that a lot of users want?
    For instance, this morning I regrettably started my 3 month trial with Apple Music to see how this experience is. As much as I didn't want to, I felt like I should give it a try, since the main part of my experience with Spotify has changed/gone.
    They list the Albums exactly like Spotify used to (before the last update). So in Artist Alphabetical order, with the Albums underneath in alphabetical order too. This means I can scroll through all of "My Music" in alphabetical order without realising some artists are at the top or bottom and mixed in with others.
    For me, it makes no sense at all for Spotify to change this. It now looks a mess and the "Album" section to me, and others, is now useless. I now have to filter "Artists" and select that, to then select an album I want. This is not intuitive at all. As I said, it's a step backwards.
    I hope the team look at this seriously, because it could possibly put users off the experience. I for one have defended the Spotify team on forums such as Reddit, who mostly put the team down for the huge problems on the desktop version recently, saying its a step backwards for most features. I now seem a bit bewildered why the team are also doing this for the iOS version.
    I think you get my point anyway. To change something so important without explanation is madness. Your team need a lot more communication with it's users, or you could be losing quite a few of them to an alternative streaming service.
    I hope this feedback helps. If you require any more information please let me know.

  • Placing photo albums in order

    Hi all!
    First thing first, I work in a photography studio in Spain and all of our tech stuff is Apple. We love it and it goes great until.... it doesn't!
    Me and my boss use our iPads very often for presentations, we have most of our pictures (over 15 thousand) in the iPad, we have them in iPhoto organized in albums and sync them with iTunes. All was nice and smooth, then iOs 5.0 came around and we loved it, iCloud and all the other goodies are great for the office but the photo part started acting weird. All of a sudden the photo albums started having a strange random order, an order that would change every time we sync with iTunes. Having over 50 albums their order is key for smooth presentations with clients and partners. So I started calling the Apple assistance, went to the store, over and over and over and no one seemed to know why this happens until someone at the Apple store told me to delete the iPod Photo Cache folder from inside the iPhoto library and the magic happened: finally the pictures were syncing right! Phew!! But then we started realizing that every single time we sync we need to delete the iPod Photo Cache folder or the order goes nuts again..
    I tried Aperture and it's great but same problem: the albums are in the right order in iTunes when I sync them but then in the device they are in some random weird order that makes no sense.
    So the question is: can you advise a way to effectively sync pictures between the mac and the iPad so that albums appear in an order I defined my photo software (iPhoto/Aperture/MS Paint/whatever)? Is there any third-party app that would do that? ANY help will be rewarded with huuuuuge amounts of greatfulness for the rest of my life

    I'm not sure there is an order because even if I have not added any photos to my iPhoto albums, the order always changes every time I sync.
    When I do add photos to existing albums, or even great new albums, they don't follow alphabetical order like they do in iPhoto. Some albums stay where they are, others don't follow along.

  • Now that the photo gallery in MobileMe is ending, is there another photo sharing site to which existing iPhoto albums can be transferred as is, with photos in the same order and with titles, and with minimal problems?

    Now that the photo gallery in MobileMe is ending, is there another photo sharing site to which existing iPhoto albums can be transferred as is, with photos in the same order and with titles, and with minimal problems?

    No. If you don't have the album you originally used to create the galleries you can do so by dragging the photos from each gallery to a new, empty album. Then when you find the photo sharing site/option you have decided on  you can easily upload each album to the site.
    Another option is to obtain a hosting service and create iWeb photo pages for each album and future albums similar to this photo page in one of my demo sites: iPhoto Book as an iWeb Slideshow.  Or you can use the iWeb album page and have an album for each  iPhoto album on it like on this demo page: Page-7 .

  • Iphoto album sort order issue.

    Stadard iphoto album (iphoto 11) being manually sorted suddendly reverted to what appears to be a random sort order.  The order now is not by date, camera, keyword, or any other.  It appears to have set its own manual order.  How can this happen? Is there a way to revert back to the previous sort order?  Even if I had mistakenly reset the manual sort, wouldn't it default back to one of the standard sort criteria?

    want to replace the original photos in the event
    You don't have to.  If you look at the photo in the Event that tghe photo came from you'll find that it has been edited. 
    The photos in albums are only pointers to the original photo in the Event.  There's no file duplication in the process of adding a photo to an album. 

Maybe you are looking for