Sound Blaster Audigy Pro - Win7 software?

) Anyone know?
I have a soundblaster Audigy Pro card and external box.
When Creative get arround to releasing ?drivers for Win 7 will it give me the CMS software and THX Console?
If not will they be releasing software as well?

I would suggest making sure that the Li've! 24bit is cleanswept and then also cleansweeping out the Audigy 2 ZS and then reinstalling. Here is the cleansweeping instructions:

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  • Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro Ad_link Cable

    Hi,? I have the Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro and my Ad_Link cable has been damaged. I have contacted every on line auction house and everyone in and out of the United States and no one has this cable available. What I am looking for now is one of 2 things;? the specs of this cable (which is not listed in any of the documentation that came with the product, nor is it on the web-site, nor does Customer Support seem to have this information), or a comparable cable that will work in it's place.
    Thanks for any help that anyone can offer.
    A very frustrated,

    Hi Joko,
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  • Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro Prob

    Recently I've purchased the Creative Power Pack Pro 7., it included the <SPAN class=textbluebold>Creative GigaWorks 7. S750
    <SPAN class=textbluebold>speakers, and <SPAN class=textbluebold>Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro soundcard. I've installed my Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro card and setup my Sound Blaster GigaWorks S750 speakers but so far after many attempts haven't gotten them to work. I've tried all updates off the Creative site and gone through the cards settings. For some reason in the speaker settings it only lists Headphones, 2., 4. and 5. speaker settings, leaving out 7.. I've checked all plugins and hookups, and am stuck for now. I have a brand new Sony Vaio computer, so i know that my computer is not the problem. I read through all the forms and I was only able to find one other question like mine, one person answered saying that the <SPAN class=textbluebold>Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro is not compatible with 7. speakers. I have no clue why Creative would sell the Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro and GigaWorks S750 7. speakers if they are not compatible with each other. Someone please help me. Thanks.

    Hi Joko,
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  • Microphone Issue - Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro Audio C

    Hey there, sorry to post but I've got a little issue which I'm sure is me being stupid but its racking my head so here it comes. I have recently started using talk programs such as vent, skype blah blah to speak to people back home and since moving abroad I have found that now I need the mic to contact these people (which it used to fine before I arri'ved on foreign soil). On clicking on volume control and advance or properties I have nothing in recording for mic and this is where im lost. If I enable the mic on any of the programs people are hearing whatever happens to be coming out of the computer speaks such as games or a movie etc. i've just tried a full removal and reinstallation of the sound drivers for the model in my comp (Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro Audio Card).
    All my mates are saying surely you cant lose mic from the volume control but yet its gone and I have no idea how to reactivate it. People seemt o think the card is buggered but it seems fine with everything else I fire out.
    Any help on how stupid I'm being would be great.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Joko,
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  • Sound Blaster Audigy software CD probl

    For a few years now, I have been running the old Sound Blaster audigy card, and have never needed to upgrade as it's such a good card and it does everything it's required. The problem comes in the form of the original software CD distributed with the card. (I've already read the faq and have already found a solution) The software CD is very terrible, in the great many years I have had to reinstall my system for various reasons, the part where I install my audigy card software is by far the most tedious, and completely unpredictable.
    When I say tedious, the installation takes forever, even if you set the most minimum of installation requirements. On top of that, if the program in itself loses focus, it halts the installation, so no playing Freecell in the background to pass the time. Otherwise, the installation generally halts at around the 97% mark and says "updating drivers..." I've left this one night and gone to bed and it's still been at 97% over 0 hours. This one really gets me, there's no error message. So the only way around this is to ctrl-alt-del, and uninstall, and then restart.
    On the other hand, as I recently found out, installing of the playcenter that comes with the CD, often stalls the installation completely. During the install playcenter wants to know which media formats to assosiate. The problem is, it brings that screen up behind all the windows, and the only way you know it's done that is by clicking "show desktop". It's not possible to bring it to the foreground, so basically the installation has to be killed.
    But then I get to the unpredictable part, half the time the installation isn't complete, and if you open up the surround mixer, most of the information is missing, no speaker settings or EAX.
    So for a long time I looked for a remedy to this problem, often downloading the Webupdates didn't seem to always work, they too had their similar problems. And only now have I finally come up with the answer, the new OpenAL beta drivers. Completely different installation program, and works perfectly. To think an installation of the size of around 20mb has fixed such a long problem, thankyou Creative I can now chuck out this completely useless CD and replace it with the quick and very easy OpenAL beta. I thought it was supposed to be the beta products that were more buggy.
    Anyone else noticed these style problems?

    I've been fiddling around in the Device Manager and it has Other Devices and under it is Multimedia Audio Controller, I can choose to either reinstall the driver udate the driver, disable it, or uninstall it. Here's what comes up on properties
    This device is not configured correctly. (Code )
    To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver.
    Help would be appreciated here. I'm a big gamer and would like to have this up and running before our first CAL Match.

  • Sound Blaster Audigy Advanced

    I purchased a Dell 705 with Vista and had the software installed and it worked nicely. I sent that laptop back because I did not like Vista and wanted XP Pro SP2 but now Dell is telling me they can not sell anymore because it is not supported. Is that true? How can I go about getting for my Dell 705?running XP Pro SP2?Thank you,

    What they are telling is total BS. What that is that you got is a software upgrade, not a hardware. Sound Blaster Audigy Advanced MB is a software that emulates your current Audio hardware only. So when you sent back your laptop, you should of kept the CD. THey are not sending you the CD anymore and you need the Key on the CD to activate the software. There is another post of someone who emailed creative and got a new key from them and they told him that the activaction was only good for 3 installs. The reason for this is because it is a software thats why you only get 3 installs. If it was a hardware, creative would have a bunch of angry people cause you?can only install the drivers for a hardware 3 times?...doesn't make any sense you know. I would never buy creative if that was true. So remember this is a software and not a hardware. So when you though you paid for?what you though was an?hardware upgrade, it was in fact only a software you were buying extra. CHEEZY!

  • Setup could not detect any Sound Blaster Audigy card on your system

    Hi from Barcelona!
    I've a Soun Blaster Audigy card (Model: SB0090)
    I tried to install the Audigy software and drivers from the original product CD but Setup was unable to find Augigy hardware and halted the installation!
    "Setup could not detect any Sound Blaster card on your system. Please ensure that your Sound Blaster hardware is properly installed before running this Setup program"
    By the way. Manually the sound drivers can be installed working only front speakers of the 5. Creative system
    I tried a clean installation of Windows XP and Windows 2000 PRO (reformatted the hard dri've) but Audigy install CD still could not find Audigy hardware.
    I've changed the card to a different PCI slot with the same results!!! Damaged?
    What is happening? I need a solution!! Many users have this problem to with other Sound Blaster cards and models...

    ADSLNEW wrote:
    It seems to be an important BUG of Creative Sound Blaster Audigy cards related with EEPROM!!!
    Yes, indeed, that is my theory as well. After much ****hing and on-line research, it seems that this problem has been around since 2002. From Creative Labs point of view, it appears they view this as "pilot error" -- the user has installed the card in a system that is not fully compliant with the latest standards -- specifically Microsofts ACPI (configuration and power management). A wide variety of configurations and/or actions seem to cause the PCI subsystem ID in the Audigy EEPROM to be erroneously overwritten -- including certain older motherboards, certain older PCI cards, and perhaps other actions.
    Once the subsystem ID in the EEPROM is overwritten and has garbage information, many or all of the Creative applications cease working and various sound problems can arise. Attempts to reinstall the driver or update to the latest driver consistently fail becuase of the dreaded "Setup could not detect any Sound Blaster Audigy card in your system..." error message.
    There appear to be four fixes:
    ) Get a replacement Audigy card from Creative, but <EM>only</EM> after you perform their prescribed troubleshooting steps to prove that the card is indeed the source of the problem. Apparently, the steps include installing the card in another PC. Apparently, Creative in Europe is more willing to replace your card than Creative in the US. It's up to Creative Labs whether or not they issue you an RMA ("Return Material Authorization").
    However, this fix will fail if the root causes of the EEPROM error are not corrected. Apparently, Creative Tech Support isn't always a foolproof source of guidance, so the burden is on you. The root cause MUST be corrected before the new card is installed, or the same problem will happen all over again. Eliminating the root cause may involve replacing your motherboard, replacing other PCI cards, or manual configuration (disabling ACPI).
    2) Reprogramming the EEPROM. This is for advanced PC owners only, because it involves desoldering the EEPROM, programming it, and resoldering (and even lifting some pins to prevent reprogramming). There are instructions on how to do this posted in the German Creative Labs discussion board, by a Russian (!). I have links for those who are interested.
    3) Removing the Creative drivers and software (using Clean Sweep procedures and third party utilities), updating again using Windows XP SP2, then physically moving the card to different PCI slots (multiple times if necessary), until ACPI Bios writes the proper information into the EEPROM. You can then reload the drivers.
    Again, the root causes of the problem must be removed or your fix will only be temporary (a day or two). This solution also seems to be very dependent on the specifics of your system (motherboard, PCI cards, etc.).
    4) Some people have had success in by-passing the step in the driver installation process where they check for the Audigy card subsystem ID, using a utility called CTZAPxx on the installation CD. Then then manually install each of the applications they need to use.
    5) Use the open source driver from the kX Project ( This driver (and associated utilities) does not depend on the detailed configuration of the card (i.e. they don't check subsystem ID) and appear to work fine even with cards with corrupted EEPROM.
    This driver is aimed primarily at computer music applications, and opens up the on-card signal processing capabilities. The downside is that the Audigy 2 ZS does not have all of it's capabilities supported <EM>yet </EM>(e.g. Dolby Digital decoding, S/PIF passthrough, possibly some game sound features, THX, 24-bit recording, support for Hyperthreading CPUs, etc.). But scanning over the discussion boards, the user community seems to be MUCH happier with the performance and support associated with these drivers than with Creative's.
    This is the direction I'm going. I'm not a big gamer and I don't really care about the latest in home theater audio performance. Basic 5. surround sound is all I care about, and I'm much more interested in computer music capabilities.
    I have also lost faith in Creative Labs as a vendor to provide the support I want and need going forward. Just imagine if the Creative Labs were running the Space Shuttle program :smileysurprised:.

  • ::"setup could not detect any sound blaster audigy on your system

    Har ominstallerat WinXP PRO och tappade bort ljudet helt! Datorn kan se ( via Windows update) att det ?ren ljudenhet installerad men kan inte hitta drivrutiner, gick d?refter in p? er sida och provade f?rst med manuell nedladdning men d? kommer ett felmed upp som lyderkonstigt t?nkte jag..Provade erat eget autodetect program men d?r hittade programmet r?tt!!
    Produkter i ditt system:
    Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS
    Laddade ner och k?rde programmet och d? f?r jag medd IGEN!!....
    Era program hittar mitt kort f?r att sedan INTE hitta mitt kort...

    mrbergman wrote:
    Har ominstallerat WinXP PRO och tappade bort ljudet helt! Datorn kan se ( via Windows update) att det ?ren ljudenhet installerad men kan inte hitta drivrutiner, gick d?refter in p? er sida och provade f?rst med manuell nedladdning men d? kommer ett felmed upp som lyder:"setup could not detect any sound blaster audigy on your system"..konstigt t?nkte jag..Provade erat eget autodetect program men d?r hittade programmet r?tt!!
    Produkter i ditt system:
    Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS
    Laddade ner och k?rde programmet och d? f?r jag medd::"setup could not detect any sound blaster audigy on your system".. IGEN!!....
    Era program hittar mitt kort f?r att sedan INTE hitta mitt kort...
    I think you understand english good enough (som ni alla svenskar brukar g?ra (b?ttre ?n vi finskar i alla fall)) so I just give a link to another thread on this forum.
    This issue you're having, is quite common for Creative Audigy carrds (perhaps with OEM models mostly) if you just search this forum.
    You can use those instructions to get some drivers installed to your card. Install drivers first and then all the Creative software you need.
    You need WinRar being installed into your system to get driver package extracted. You can download it from
    Here is the link

  • Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Video Editor

    Creative Sound Blaster Audigy? 2 ZS Video Editorc Hello.
    I've recently changed from WinXP Pro SP3 x86 to Win7 Ultimate x64.
    After installing the only available driver [Beta .0.0098] and rebooting, the Device Manager still lists an Unknown Device which corresponds to the video part.
    <img border="0"><a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href=""][/url]
    In Windows XP there were always two devices listed:
    - SB Audigy 2 ZS Video Editor Audio Device;
    - SB Audigy 2 ZS Video Editor Video Device.
    I've tried to do the steps mentioned here <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href=""][/url] with both old and more recent XP/Vista 32/64 drivers and I still can't get the device installed and VidCap properly running.
    Thanks in advance.

    I have the exact same problem and would very much like to know if there are 64bit drivers available.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Probl

    Alright, so here's the scoop on my problem. I have a pre-built computer, an e-machines T4892 that I have been upgrading on my own. I added a Radeon 9800 PRO graphics card and that works just fine. Today for a late birthday present I got the Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Sound Card I asked for. Before installing it I had the integrated audio of Realtek AC'97 Audio. I believe I removed those drivers but I'm not quite certain, I want to Add/Remove Programs and removed Realtek AC'97 Audio and it's now gone. Yet when I go into C:\Drivers\Audio the Realtek Icons are still there plus the Installation icon. So when I started up my computer after I put the card in, I bought this card from by the way, the things in the bottom right hand corner that tell you you have new hardware popped up and all of that, it asked me to install from a specific location such as the installation cd or an advanced location, I clicked specific location because I put in the CD. It said it could not find it. So I just shrugged and went double clicked on the icon for the D: dri've and the autorun started. I installed the drivers and the Music player I forget the name. Everything was good, so I restarted my computer. When I log into my account (this is a shared computer) everything starts up fine except about 5 seconds later I look at my taskbar and Audigy.exe pops up and all of a sudden my computer restarts. I continued to log into my account and this kept on happening. So when I logged in for the last time I quickly did CTRL+ALT+DEL and went to processes, endeded audigy.exe and I was able to keep my computer on, this is currently how I am running. So I decided the audio driver was probably out of date so I went and downloaded the new drivers and restarted my computer. When I logged into my account, there's usually a windows sound that plays, that did not play, and 5 seconds later the computer restarted again. Plus when it restarted in the bottom right hand corner a little box would come up saying a Multimedia Audio Controller has been detected and it would come up and say Install the Software automatically (Recommended) and Install from a list or specific location (Advanced), before it would restart. So now I'm stuck with the problem of my computer restarting if I don't quickly end audigy.exe and I have no sound. If you could help me that would be great.

    I've been fiddling around in the Device Manager and it has Other Devices and under it is Multimedia Audio Controller, I can choose to either reinstall the driver udate the driver, disable it, or uninstall it. Here's what comes up on properties
    This device is not configured correctly. (Code )
    To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver.
    Help would be appreciated here. I'm a big gamer and would like to have this up and running before our first CAL Match.

  • Sound blaster audigy 2 zs...NO SOUND! he

    i've got a sound blaster audigy 2 zs...had it for two years...this morning, all of the sudden, it doesn't all...i've tried uninstalling/reinstalling, speakers are fine (i've had to use the built in audio from my motherboard...NOT the greatest!)...anyone have any ideas, hints, ect. me?:angry:

    My Mobo=D875PBZ
    perryjp20, After about 25 hours of troubleshooting, finally got my system up 'n running again, including the Soundcard. After a lot of wrong guesses for a "quick fix," simulated re-building the PC from the ground up:
    Flashed back to an earlier BIOS (P27, mid-2004). Took out the ATI and Audigy soundcard, disconnected all dri'ves. Booted & shutdown. Added ATI card and monitor, then one 300 gig HD and DVD dri've, then formatted HD via installation of XP Pro, installed original Intel chipset drivers, and XP Pro SR and and set-up 2d partion on HD, installed ATI drivers (originals out of the box), then added Audigy card and its drivers (originals out of the box), then plugged in formatted 2d HD (250 gig). In the process now of adding the rest of my software and games. Shutdown and re-booted at each phase and monitored temps and voltage through BIOS at each phase to attempt to detect any problem with power supply or overheating -- saw no problems.
    Will update ATI drivers soon, but reluctant to re-install Win XP Pro SR2.
    Don't know what caused the failure of first the soundcard then the system "lost" the ATI card, then HD was corrupted. I was using the Firewire port of the Audigy card (connected to Canopus ADVC) when the sound started cracking/cutting-in-and-out and then went out altogether and the entire system went belly-up. Perhaps that Firewire port is bad? Other leading suspects: BIOS (which I had updated a couple of months ago) or perhaps the system had a worm or virus that Trend Micro did not pick up.

  • Sound blaster Audigy 2zs platinum setup with creative inspire 5.1 digital 5

    what should the setup be for the sound blaster Audigy 2zs platinum and the reati've inspire 5. digital 5500 because with the decoder in i only get center fl fr on games. i dont get sound from the rear speakers.but when i take the decoder out and just plug the 3 leads straight into the back of my sound card i get 5. any help plz.i done a thx sound test with the decoder in it does fl i can hear it but i can hear the center as well
    and no sound comes out on the 2 rear speakers when doing the test.but when puting the 3 cables straight into the back of the sound card i runed the test and i could hear all the speakers fine even the rear speakers any help plz is this ment 2 happen or do i have to change some settings thanks for any help plz help me thanks.

    I Have had a problem for ages. I have the Audigy 2 ZS Platinum and Inspire 5. digital 5500.
    I have copied the advice I received/didnt recieve from creative.
    Best of luck
    Dear Martin
    Thanks for your reply
    I am sorry for the problem you are facing.
    To achieve outputs from all the speaker during speaker test, you will need to have an analog connection, or digital DIN connection.
    That will be possible if you connect the three line out jacks on your soundcard, to the three audio input (analog jacks->green,black,orange) on your speaker, if it has this connection. Or, you may connect them using Digital DIN, if they have this connection.
    If you are using digital connection (coaxial, optical), there will be no way to achieve sound output from all the speakers during 5. speaker test, as they carry stereo signal.
    Best Regards
    (Mod Note: Name Removed)
    Creative Customer Support Services
    Creative Labs Europe:
    Original Message Follows:
    I understand you must be busy, so no problem.
    No I do not hear EAX when in Pro-logic mode. I only hear (depending on the game in question)
    Half life two: front left-right and centre. NO rears
    Fear: Front, left, right, & centre. No rears
    Farcry Front left, right & centre. No Rears
    When I run your speaker test HISSSSS, No Rears, no front left or right
    Beats me?
    -----Original Message-----
    From: CLE Customer Support [[email][email protected]]mailto:[email protected][/url]]
    Sent: 24 January 2006 5:44
    To: Martin
    Dear Martin
    I apologize for the delay on the answer.
    If you select Dolby Prologic mode on the decoder, are you able to listen
    the game audio, with EAX, in all of the speakers?
    Regarding to the optional bay dri've, you can purchase it from ou
    Best Regards
    (Mod Note: Name Removed)
    Original Message Follows:
    Your email was helpful, unfortunately, not for my unit, you see I would
    connected the Jack leads in by now if the inspire had Jack lead inputs
    you describe
    Please don't think I am being sarcastic, but from reading the
    below it would seem as if your department is having difficulty
    my problem.
    Also it would seem your department doesn't have the necessary technical
    information on your very own product, so to help with your dilemma I
    taken photos of the input/outputs on the Inspire unit.
    You will clearly see the inspire has no inputs other than Coaxial and
    This leaves me back to my last post. I think the solution would be for
    me to
    purchase the correct processor, which would have come with the original
    sound card had I not been a little tight on the money front.
    I have attached a photo of the sound card with the processor, I would
    to buy this processor but find myself unable to locate this product on
    web site. Would you possibly be able to send me the correct link to this
    item so I can buy this Processor Please?
    Kind regards
    -----Original Message-----
    From: CLE Customer Support [[email][email protected]]mailto:[email protected][/url]]
    Sent: 8 January 2006 0:3
    To: Martin
    Subject: RE: CLE -
    Dear Martin
    Thanks for your reply
    Your soundcard is Audigy 2 ZS
    Your speaker is Creative Inspire 5. Digital 5500
    You will need to have a 3:3 cable(with the color green, black, orange)
    to connect your soundcard to your speaker, to achieve the 5. effects
    with games.
    Below is the connection:
    - Connect line out jack of Audigy 2 ZS
    to 'Front' of Creative Inspire 5. Digital 5500 using the green color
    - Connect line out 2 jack of Audigy 2 ZS
    to 'Rear' of Creative Inspire 5. Digital 5500 using the black color
    - Connect line out 3 jack of Audigy 2 ZS
    to 'Center/Subwoofer' of Creative Inspire 5. Digital 5500 using the
    orange color connection
    Once you have done the correct connection, play the game DOOM3.
    Ensure you have selected either the EAX or surround option in the game
    Does it work?
    Best Regards
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    Creative Customer Support Services
    Creative Labs Europe
    Original Message Follows:
    You have lost me. Your sound card clearly states that I can have EAX
    surround decoding from the sound card I have purchased.
    All of the games on your web site claim to give me an environmental
    that will blow my mind, hence EAX.
    All I have done wrong is NOT buying your decoder that comes with the
    card. My mistake.
    All I want to do is re-address this issue and buy the correct
    Can you point me to the correct link on your web site so I can buy the
    correct decoder/processor?
    As for the PCM out of the above cables, this foxes me as my other
    only use Optical cabling on my Lexicon processor and from that I have DD
    7., DTS 7. and meridian 5. lossless.
    My issue is more to do with NO EAX from the rear and centre channels
    Kind regards
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    From: CLE Customer Support [[email][email protected]]mailto:[email protected][/url]]
    Sent: 6 January 2006 09:3
    To: Martin
    Subject: RE: CLE - Technical Support Request (KMM887805I6636L0KM)
    Dear Martin
    Thanks for your reply
    All commercial digital connection eg. optical or coaxial cable will only
    carry PCM stereo signal. If you want to output the signal to a surround
    5. with extra EAX environment effects, it will not be possible at all
    since it is only restricted to stereo channel signal.
    As per current industry limitations, we are bound to follow the standard
    one-signal output for all our SPDIF and Optical output jacks. This is
    something that is currently shared by all vendors for all products.
    Please note that all games are not dolby digital, even they are , it
    will require certain motherboard to encode it to dolby digital signal,
    which our soundcard does not support.
    You can only use analog connections to gain true 5. surround for
    Best Regards
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    Creative Customer Support Services
    Creative Labs Europe
    Original Message Follows:
    Hi Joong
    I don't fully understand your email, but I do get the gist of what
    saying and understand I need to connect the analogue cable to fully
    appreciate the sound in EAX.
    Would you be able to tell me what product I could buy from your
    which would marry up with the sound card I have, as I understand now
    the Inspire 5. will not do the job.
    Kind regards
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    From: CLE Customer Support [[email][email protected]]mailto:[email protected][/url]]
    Sent: 6 January 2006 04:00
    To: Martin
    Subject: RE: CLE - Technical Support Request (KMM8875697I6636L0KM)
    Dear Martin
    Thank you for the reply.
    Computer games written with support for 3D audio do not require a Dolby
    Digital Interacti've Content Encoder (DICE) to output multichannel sound,
    with no exceptions. Sound devices that support the real time encoder
    technology from Dolby will simply receive the multichannel wave file
    output and encode it in real time to a somewhat modified Dolby Digital
    bitstream. Creative does not support the Dolby Digital Interacti've
    Content Encoder on any of its sound cards.
    The only difference between a Sound Blaster card and an audio card that
    has a real time encoder, is that you can make a one-wire, digital
    connection from your audio card to your home theater receiver and enjoy
    discrete multichannel sound from the game. However there will be a
    continuous, slight delay, known as "latency", as the encoder is creating
    and transmitting the bitstream, and of course the compression scheme
    being used is "lossy" (i.e. not bit-accurate).
    If you want to enjoy 3D audio in 3D enabled PC games in multichannel
    surround sound with a Sound Blaster card, it is recommended that you
    connect the analog outputs of the sound card directly to the analog
    inputs of the receiver. This will require 3 cables for 5. surround
    sound, one for front right and left, one for rear left and right, and
    another one for front center and subwoofer. Though it requires more
    cables than a real time encoder system, it will not have any latency
    issues. When connecting PC audio to a home theater receiver, Creative's
    latest sound cards such as Sound Blaster Audigy, Sound Blaster Audigy 2
    are likely to provide higher quality audio than any Dolby Digital real
    time encode system available for the PC today.
    Please retain all the previous correspondence when replying to this
    Best Regards
    (Mod Note: Name Removed)
    Creative Customer Support Services
    Please do not use this link to submit technical queries
    Original Message Follows:
    One particular game which has "in-game" DD is Farcry; I used this as my
    benchmark disc for DD and to push my Nvidia 7800 GTX GPU's (I have tried
    on friend's machines and they get the full surround effect so I Know
    version is ok. I also have ALL of the game patches & updates.
    I would like to point out that while playing Doom 3, Half Life 2,Fear,
    McRae rally 04,FIFA 2004,Meddle of honour pacific assault, Rome, Shadow
    ops, All these games have EAX HD, which is enabled within the options
    "in-game", But I do not get ANY use out of the rear's and I might as
    listen in stereo.
    No, inspire 5500 does not automatically switch while "in-game" when DD
    is present as you would expect, but does if it was a Movie, which makes
    think the DD stream isn't getting to the processor.
    I originally thought I could put all this to rest if I could buy the
    panel that would have come with the Sound card if I had not tried to
    money, but every time I search your accessories site I get completely
    it really isn't user friendly, the sub-menus are very time consuming and
    point you in the wrong direction because they are not categorised as Joe
    public would understand
    I downloaded your TEST Movies and creative demo player utility, ran it
    still no EAX HD or DD if that were present.
    I want to put this card and Processor into my boys computer (which is
    same Spec as mine and I will update to the FX series, but I am unwilling
    I cannot find a logical reason why this set-up cannot work first.
    Would it have anything to do with the pins on the Digital out on the
    card plug, the one I bought and was attached to the last email? Only
    certain channels down to the processor?
    -----Original Message-----
    From: CLE Customer Support [[email][email protected]]mailto:[email protected][/url]]
    Sent: 5 January 2006 08:09
    To: Martin
    Subject: RE: CLE - Technical Support Request (KMM8868993I6636L0KM)
    Dear Martin
    Thanks for your reply
    Your speakers are fine as you mentioned that there is sound from all the
    speakers when you are playing movie.
    May i know what game are you playing when there are no sound from the
    rear speakers?
    Have you done the appropriate settings in the game to achieve the 5.
    Is there any game patches that you will need to update?
    Does the Dolby Digital LED light up when you are playing the game?
    Please retain all the previous correspondence when replying to this
    Best Regards
    (Mod Note: Name Removed)
    Creative Customer Support Servic
    Original Message Follows:
    I am sorry; I should have said the Inspire 5. was model number digital
    S/N SW330030026.
    The inspire has these connection on the back of the processor
    >From top/back of unit
    Audio Outputs
    Audio inputs
    Audio line in
    The Din to a remotely located Subwoofer which has the speaker leads
    inputting into it. Plus power.
    Attached is the creative view of the controls menu and I have attached
    invoice I was sent, it shows the lead I was told to fit.
    As I said, I can now hear DD5. while within a movie from ALL speakers
    no sound from rears during IN GAME DD5.
    I do not use this PC for films only games.
    If you are having a digital connection, it is normal for only get only
    front left/right is you use the speaker test option.
    Speaker test only outputs from two front speakers?
    You mentioned that that you are unable to get any sound from the rear
    speakers when playing game right? May i know are you using a digital
    connection? May i know what speaker settings have been made under
    Creative Speaker settings?
    Do get back to me on the above.
    Original Message Follows:
    Operating System: Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
    Creative Model Number: SBO 350
    Computer Brand/Model: home made
    Processor/CPU: AMD 64
    Memory: Gig DDR 4
    BIOS Type/Revision: 5. 39
    System Board/Chipset: ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe
    Detailed Problem Description:
    I have the above Sound card.
    I also own Inspire 5. amp/processor
    I Wanted to save money by connecting above sound
    card to amp/processor
    Connections on sound card made life very difficult
    I contacted Creative for help. you told me to buy
    an RCA to mini jack cord which also has other connections, from your
    web site, (I tried to find
    the product number for you, but your sub-menu
    system is so poor I couldn't locate the RCA/mini
    3.5 /to phono link for you) this cord connects
    directly into the digital in, on the sound card (3.5 Mini jack) to the
    coaxial input on the
    inspire 5. amp/processor.
    I have enabled ALL sp-diff settings and digital in
    setting on every program/utility/kitchen sink and all.
    I have an SP-Diff wire from DVD burner to creative
    sound card, and yes its enabled and digital only
    is selected.
    I can play a DVD and see the inspire 5.
    automatically change from Pro-logic to Dolby
    digital when it See's an AC-3 stream.
    when I try and play ANY game you say has EAX
    ,2,3,4 I cannot get any sound from my rear
    speakers (see above in Dolby Digital ALL speakers
    work correctly)
    when I enter the set-up menu within the creative
    software you supply with the sound card and select
    5. speaker, digital only, test the speakers via
    the white noise function, all i hear is left and
    right noise. no centre, no rears.
    I phoned you tech support line, the boy on the
    phone didn't have much of a clue about your
    product and I had to tell him what connections sit
    on the inspire 5. series amp/processor.
    I want to build another PC for my son, I want to
    add the FX series sound card and amp, but i am not
    willing to buy anything until i feel you have
    helped me to solve this problem first.
    please can you help, I am at the end of my tether
    with this sound card.
    kind regards
    Martin Waite
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  • Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum creating hard re

    Greetings. Looking for insight on what I might do to alleviate a problem I am having with a Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum sound card and dri've.
    This is the original Audigy Platinum. I am running windows XP pro with all sevice packs installed.
    Installation of this new unit went well. No hardware or software conflicts and the card and audio "dri've" worked on the first attempt. All software also installed properly.
    Unfortunately, when playing any audio through the system continuously for over a minute or so, the system begins to have trouble. This trouble is exerienced independent of what software or media type is playing the audio.
    First, the sytem will have momentary "hangs" where the audio will be interrupted by a monotone electronic beep lasting from a fraction of a second to a couple of seconds long. The audio will then resume from the point it had left off when the tone began. If I continue to play audio after these tones begin, the system will shortly thereafter go through a hard reset. (By hard reset I mean an immediate return to memory count, bios screen and then startup as if I had pressed the reset button or the power had been interrupted)
    The ONLY time this takes place is when I have been playing some sort of continuous audio.
    As I said, if anyone has experienced this and has any insight as to the cause or more importantly the remedy to to the problem, I would appreciate the input.

    No comments on this?
    Just hoping someone will be able to help me so I can use my audio files once again.

  • Help with an Older Sound Blaster Audigy Card! Computer freezing on driver upda

    Hey everyone,
    I'm new to these forums and dont know if anyone still has experience with the older cards.
    I've had a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum for about 6 years now and noticed some popping and sometimes the card began to emit a high pitched whining sound. Thus I decided to install the newest drivers (can't hurt can it's)
    However, when I finished installing the drivers, my system refuses to start. Sometimes it's at the Windows login screen, sometimes right after.
    I finally got something that may be the reason why my system is hanging. I have a message that pops up that says:
    Box Name: ReadReg Application :Version 6.0..36
    Message: Completing installation of your audio card
    ??? Please wait.
    My computer is now frozen.
    Here are my system specs if it helps
    P4 2.66Ghz
    ASUS P4S800D-X
    PNY 6800GT
    SB Audigy 2 Platinum
    GB Corsair XMS3200C2PT (2x52MB)
    Windows XP Pro
    DVD+/-RW DL
    After I did a system restore, the sound driver was missing. Said Creative Audigy in the driver section with the yellow exclamation mark. I installed the new drivers again with the same problem.
    Any help is welcome!? Thank you for your time and consideration.
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    I would:
    Pull the sound card.
    Start up.Enter the BIOS setup utility to make sure your MB recognizes the change.
    Save the BIOS
    Start again.
    If Windows works.
    Run a thorough virus scan (I hope you're running some reputable anti-virus software!!!)
    Install Service Pack 3.
    Re-install the sound card..
    I'll bet Windows finds a driver for it that works. If not, run Windows update manual and see if there's a driver update for the card.
    If none of the above helps, well... I confess, I reinstall Windows at the drop of a hat and that usually solves all problems. Do it on a Sunday so you can watch football while Windows churns.
    Power Quest Dri've image has saved me from the Windows install horror on many occasions. I think Symantec has pulled the program but there must be something similar out there. Buy it. And in the future, remember, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!
    Good luck.

  • New Critical Update for Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS (2000/XP/XPx

    <SPAN>Today ,Creative Labs have released a Critical auto update, for the Audigy 2 ZS, Audigy 2 and Audigy 4 PRO card.
    <SPAN>The critical update is a new utility application called the "Audio Console". This new application is a step in the right direction by Creative as it enables easy access to a lot of the cards functions. (speaker settings, EAX, CMSS, and the decoder can all be <EM><SPAN>tweaked</EM> using this application.
    <SPAN>For those of you, who do not use the Auto-update software you can find the Audio Console application under your products manual downloads webpage.

    (Re: Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS - No Sound? Try this:
    This is a software package created by a user, Daniel K. which includes most all of the software updates as well as the newest or second to newest driver for your card. This will install everything you need to use that card.
    Even if you had the original install Cd, this package is better, as it fixes some of the original incompatibilites with the software and includes their newer versions as well.
    The package is great. It installs fairly quickly for a package of its size. I have used it myself for quite a while so I know that it works very well.
    After installation be sure that you have at least? a two speaker set plugged into the green jack on the back of the card. Sometimes people plug their speakers into the wrong jack and then feel they have no sound for an unknown reason.

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