Sound messed up on handbrake converted file only on Apple TV

I just bought a new Apple TV yesterday, and hooked it up to my flat screen.  So far almost everything's ok with the following exception:
I have a few videos on my desktop PC (Windows 7) which are in AVI, and so iTunes can't play them.  I used Handbrake to convert them to a format that iTunes likes.  I can play them on my desktop through iTunes without problem.  However, when I try to play them using Airplay on my Apple TV the sound is messed up: the dialog track is extremely low volume, while the music accompaniment is normal..  If I raise the volume on my TV so that I can hear the dialog, the music comes blasting through.  Has anyone else encountered this problem with Handbrake converted videos?

I figured out my problem!  It wasn't handbrake (well maybe not).  I have a Denon 1909 receiver, and the Apple TV was plugged into that.   I was misled by the fact that some videos I played seemed to work fine.  It turns out that the receiver has at least 6 different sound modes.  Each one apparently applies a different filter.  There are two (I don't know the difference): one labeled "Direct" and the other "Pure" which seem to work ok.  I found that the problem wasn't just movies: I tried directing output from Wunderradio app on my iPhone (this lets me stream a lot of radio broadcasts) and it had the same problem: music ok, but human voice almost inaudible.  It seems that the setting that I had used Dolby.  Doesn't HDMI protocol have an indication of how the digital audio is encoded?  If it does, you'd think that the receiver should only try to "unDolby" a stream if it were encoded with Dolby.  For now, my problem appears to be solved.

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    I am having the same problem.
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    hi all,
    new user here. a couple of quick questions.
    1. is there a user manual document that i can print pages out of? i accessed the help from adobe air but i cannot find a way to print and copy paste results in irrevocably messed up formatting.
    2. i moved to mac about four years ago and am in the last throes of organizing my data. is there a way to easily convert .mov, .avi., .cel,  or .mp4 files to mac recognizable formats (i know in a couple of cases the file itself must be corrupted and it is not an issue of the file format).
    3. can anyone help me understand a good way to /store/ my various files in a database? right now i have some in aperture but since i have pdf and mov and mp4 and all manner of slideshows/videos this is a bit perplexing and hard to manage.
    thanks in advance and apologies if these questions are in the wrong place or too "newbie".

    hi todd.
    i think you are focusing on semantics to a point that is unhelpful to me as a new user. i can't tell if this is just an inability to see the real intent of the question (which seems obvious to me but i am a new user so it may not be) or if it is deliberate. If you snip portions of my questions and pull them out of the context of the OP it is going to be difficult for me to arrive at a good solution (which is why i am posting).
    i deal with /very/ complicated files all the time and it is obvious that one uses software in most cases to view and/or use the files. currently i run two Mac OS's, two native Windows OS's and four virtual machines. it is obvious that it is not the OS that is opening the files. however, tools such as Quick Look (Mac OS) are very helpful for seeing files without opening them (and this is only available on Mac OS), then there are software tools such as Aperture (which is Mac Only as far as I know) and various Adobe products (which function slightly different on different OS's but again as far as i know).
    the question i am posting is WHAT software do folks use to view their files on Mac OS, WHAT software to they use to convert their files to "mac friendly" formats (and if this works well) and WHAT format do they convert files to (or if they deliberately do not convert due to loss of some kind of data or performance issues) and IF they are using AME to do the conversion.
    this seems like a pretty straightforward question and other than suggest i read read the user manual (i'm waiting for a "RTFM"...) or to post elsewhere i am having a hard time finding any good information in your responses. maybe i am not asking questions directly enough or you are a pro level user and you are having trouble understanding newbie questions, i am not sure.
    what i am trying to do is to avoid reading up on Codex and having all manner of conversion software on my Mac or five different software programs loaded onto my computer to read all the various file types. the reason i have to do this is because AVI (for instance) is a PC based format that only works well on PC AFAIK. i would also very much like to avoid using FInder to store all this data so that it is organized in a way i can be productive. all of this should be pretty hard to misinterpret. i mean, it is no secret that reading video files created on a PC is a bit of a mess on the Mac is it?
    when you turn around my post and instead ask four questions of your own - starting with the directive that i first answer "1. what application am i using to view video files?" i think you are missing the point of the question. i am /storing/ mov and m4v videos in Aperture because this is the program that CREATED them and i am using whatever program opens (or tries to open the files when i click on one of the seven file formats). i am doing this because these file formats came over from a PC and because they are just sitting in finder in folders named according to the FILE TYPE. the folders are named according to file type because they are not organized anywhere and i can't get a streamlined workflow to open them and store them.
    THIS is why i asked you if you could give me a quick explanation of what to do when i try to open a file and it - for instance - opens in AME. i am in the AME forum and as a new user i simply get a LIST OF FILES in this software which i never used before and i just want to get them out - or converted - so i can move forward with other tasks. i am not even sure this software is going to be useful to me other than converting one file format to another. pointing me to a 100+ page manual when i don't even know the term that the software uses to do this task or what task i am trying to accomplish (or even why the file was opened in this software!!) seems a tad passive-aggressive for my taste and it certainly does not help me get off the blocks with moving forward with Adobe Suite Products...
    i don't want to sound ungrateful for an honest attempt at helping a new user but can you directly answer one of the questions and not try and rephrase what you think i should be asking? alternatively, if you are genuinely confused by the question (again i am a new user) can you ask me to clarify instead of telling me what you think i should be asking...? i ALWAYS find this works better when i am the OP.

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    That does not sound like Safari behavior. Are you using Safari to download, or another browser such as FireFox?
    Edit: Actually, I re-read what you wrote and saw that you said it was trying to open using MS Word. So I think the "convert file" message is coming from Word.
    Therefore, I think you have .pdf files currently set to open using MS Word. So after Safari completes the download, it is handing it off to MS Word to open, and MS Words is running and asking how to convert it to one of the formats Word supports.
    If the above sounds reasonable based on a lot of assumptions I made, you can try the following. First show any PDF file you already have in a Finder window. Right (Control) click on it, and select +Get Into+. In the Info window, look for +Open with+. In that section, if it currently set to open using Word, select either Preview (default setting) or +Adobe Reader+. Then, click the button below that setting that says +Change All+. This should change the setting so that all PDF files open with whatever app you selected that is not Word.

  • !! Sound Studio / AIFF / FCP : Poorly rendered files in timelilne

    I will try to describe my problem the best I can...
    -Imported AIFF audio files into FCP (these files were generated in Sound Studio).
    When I drag these files into the viewer, they sound fine.
    -Pulled these audio files into my time line.
    -Rendered them.
    -The rendered audio files are barely audible. When I open the rendered audio clips from my time line in the viewer, they still sound awful whereas the unrendered files, which are still in my browser, sound OK.
    Any idea why this would be happening?
    Thanks for your help and please let me know if you need more details.
    IMAC 5,1
    Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz processor
    2GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
    150 GB Drive (79.5 GB remaining)
    OS 10.4.10
    FCP 5.0
    Sound Studio 2.1
    Panasonic PVGS200 Camera
    Quick Time 7.2.0 (player version 7.2)

    Here's the info on the particular audio clip that's troubling me:
    -Audio rate: 44.1 KHz
    -Audio format: 16 bit integer
    -Data rate: 172.3 k/s
    What's strange is that I have music files with the same audio rate (44.1) that render and play normally. Only the audio format is different:
    -Audio rate: 44.1 KHz
    -Audio format: 32 bit floating point
    -Data rate: 45.8 k/sec
    Any idea how I can "convert" the troublesome audio clip? When you say " they will need to be rendered" I assume you are referring to a different type of rendering and not FCP's typical rendering (Sequence/Render/Render all)?
    Thanks for your help so far. I really do appreciate it.

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    I already tried deleted the tracks I put on it last night,

    Try doing a Clean up from Recovery mode. The sticky at the top of this (MP3 Players) forum covers the steps on how to get into Rescue Mode or you can check out the Knowledgebase article for the ste

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