Soundtrack Pro 2.0.2-Uncaught exception when exporting video

I'm running STP2.0.2 on Leopard 10.5.6, 8core 2.8 Mac Pro ... and I just recently got it running
Every time I try to export video from STP2 using Compressor (cause thats the only option I think) I'm getting an error "Uncaught Exception"
I've checked the permissions on destination folder and Compressor alone works perfectly.
... help

Hi, sorry to disappoint you but i don't know the answer.
I just wanted to ask roughly how you combine video and audio in Compressor.
I finished a project in Soundtrack Pro, but then found out there's no way to bounce it as a video file?

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    Got this error when exporting video. Tried to export in different formats but same error pops up.
    Any solution to this problem would be greatly appreciated. I have PreProCS5

    Similar as the last post.. copy and paste.
    Found a simple solution;
    In Iphoto, select the movie; right click on the movie and select "copy; right click on your desktop or other folder in Finder and then select "paste Item";
    The movie will be copied to that location in its original format.
    Easy solution until Apple fixes the export movie issue.

  • Unexpected problem: uncaught exception when working with audio files in Soundtrack Pro

    Whenever I double click an audio file in the timeline to work on it, I end up getting the Error message: "Unexpected problem: uncaught exception" and Soundtrack Pro eventually crashes.  Also, this happens when I try to work with audio files in the file editor.  I have Leopard and am using Logic Studio 8.  Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks

    Didnt know how to remove the original clip from the STP arrange window - or whatever it's called in STPro.  So I could go no further in my perverse science experiment. 
    It also appeared that I could only import an aif but not a wav? 
    I gave up on STPro and did what I needed to do in Logic, which I use regularly.    
    Thank you for folowing up on this. 
    PS.  I used to use an old PowerPC version (1.0.3) of STPro and loved the way it visually showed the change in the waveform when you added each efffect.  It appears that the new version (3.0.1) does not allow you to do this anymore?  You can render or flatten the effects to see the final waveform, but then you are dead in the water and cant make changes?  
    Im such a newbie at STPro that I am probably not using it right? 

  • Soundtrack Pro 9.1.6 - Uncaught System Exception (10.7.2)

    Soundtrack Pro is no longer loading past the startup screen for me, and when I launch it via the raw application in its MacOS folder, terminal gives me this:
    Last login: Wed Jan 11 19:14:39 on ttys000
    d173-238-1-90:~ josh$ /Applications/Soundtrack\\ Pro ; exit;
    DVFreeThread - CFMachPortCreateWithPort hack = 0x16f4a00, fPowerNotifyPort= 0x16e8e50
    DVFreeThread - CFMachPortCreateWithPort hack = 0x1260db0, fPowerNotifyPort= 0x12dec80
    DVFreeThread - CFMachPortCreateWithPort hack = 0x12df870, fPowerNotifyPort= 0x1258d50
    DVFreeThread - CFMachPortCreateWithPort hack = 0x1261430, fPowerNotifyPort= 0x12dec80
    DVFreeThread - CFMachPortCreateWithPort hack = 0x1260db0, fPowerNotifyPort= 0x1258d50
    DVFreeThread - CFMachPortCreateWithPort hack = 0x1261430, fPowerNotifyPort= 0x12dec80
    DVFreeThread - CFMachPortCreateWithPort hack = 0x41cc8f0, fPowerNotifyPort= 0x41ccc30
    DVFreeThread - CFMachPortCreateWithPort hack = 0x41ccc10, fPowerNotifyPort= 0x41ccbf0
    DVFreeThread - CFMachPortCreateWithPort hack = 0x16f4a00, fPowerNotifyPort= 0x16f3190
    DVFreeThread - CFMachPortCreateWithPort hack = 0x164b760, fPowerNotifyPort= 0x16f4a00
    2012-01-11 19:22:21.663 Soundtrack Pro[12860:2903] NSExceptionHandler has recorded the following exception:
    NSUncaughtSystemExceptionException -- Uncaught system exception: signal 10
    Stack trace:  0xd922fd  0x909f059b  0xffffffff  0x97502bd3  0x97501b8a  0x96a43b2d  0x96a4bc00  0x97502ae4  0x97503fed  0x974d780b  0x97502ae4  0x97501b8a  0x96a42862  0x97502ae4  0x97501b8a  0x96a41ec9  0x96a41587  0x96a41233  0x96a41167  0x149f18  0x2b43b7  0x36118a  0x96e31eef  0x96e3217d  0x2bf863  0x974d5f49  0x92b07ff3  0x92ad2d78  0x974c1136  0x96a3dd05  0x96a3d9f8  0x96a3c518  0x96a3c22e  0x92b20548  0x974fb21a  0x974f9fcd  0x974f9da1  0x98e74045  0x98e5db67  0x98e5da54  0x98b2afea  0x96a392af  0x96a388ab  0x96a34c22  0xa3c446  0x2bc8d3  0x36c6  0x1
    2012-01-11 19:22:21.664 Soundtrack Pro[12860:2903] Uncaught system exception: signal 10
    2012-01-11 19:22:21.725 Soundtrack Pro[12860:2903] .scriptSuite warning for attribute 'script_xml' of class 'MultitrackDocument' in suite 'SoundtrackSuite': 'NSData' is not a valid type name.
    I thought it might have something to do with it trying to open the last project, so I tried reopening another project, and that didn't work. I've also trashed the preference file, which also didn't work.
    I've already reinstalled twice, and I'm not anxious to just try it again as I've already had to fix Logic Pro in Lion by replacing ProKit and BrowserKit frameworks with earlier versions. Logic works now, and it's just Soundtrack Pro, Compressor and DVD Studio Pro that don't work (not too concerned about Compressor & DVD studio though).
    There are an unfortunate number of issues with these pro apps and Lion, and I unfortunately don't have the option of going back to Snow Leopard, but I would if I had the time.

    If all you are trying to do is "bounce" the recorded audio from the 8 Track into Logic, you should not need the MMC devices (The MMC object allows you to 'remotely' control recording on the 8 track from Logic)
    How are you routing the audio from the 8 track into Logic?
    If you have Logic and the 8 track running in-sync, all you should need to do is arm a standard audio track in Logic (set to the correct audio inputs) and hit Rec.

  • When exporting video from Premiere Pro?

    When exporting a video from Premiere Pro it makes a .m4v file instead of .mp4, even though it saids in the Premiere Pro that it will make a mp4 file - and I can't use them afterwards. It has been there after I have updated last time.

    Also, make sure that you check the box marked "Export Audio" if you want a MP4 extension.

  • Quicktime Pro doesn't hold audio levels when exporting (or "sharing").

    I just upgraded to Quicktime Pro for one reason only: to add my music to an exsisiting video (that has it's own embedded dialog track) and posting to a webpage for review. Adding my music is easy. Setting the level of my music is easy. Saving and reopening with everything intact is easy. The problem is when exporting to another format. I've been choosing the preset called "Braodband Medium". It's the h.264 codec and AAC audio etc...
    After the export, my music level has been "bumped up" to 100% - drowning out the dialog track. I've tried it on 3 different Macs with the same result. Does anyone else have this problem? It seems like a glaring problem that needs fixing.

    Export your original two track file to your required settings (Broadband Medium), add (scaled to selection) your second audio track, make the volume setting adjustments (Movie Properties window) and Save As.
    QuickTime files can have up to 99 tracks.

  • User Exception when Exporting

    I am creating a transport set to attempt an export from an Oracle 9i/Application Server 10g Windows 2000 system.
    The first entry in the log when I export is:
    [24-SEP-04 16:59:08][ERROR] id = NULL context = NULL user = ORCLADMIN Exception in wwutl_dep_pagegroup.get_page_link_dependencies : User-Defined Exception
    The Export completes but fails on import.
    Can anyone tell me what this error means and how to fix it? I can log in using ORCLADMIN without any issues.

    Hmm -- the fact that you're able to store instances in the database in
    the same application certainly is surprising.
    Can you enable trace-level locking for the MetaData log channel, and
    post the output?
    Gautam Tripathi wrote:
    Hi all,
    I am evaluating KODO JDO for a possibly gigantic scale implementation. I
    am trying following code to get all available instances of the class
    "Country" defined in package jdoeval.
    Class target = Country.class;
    Extent extent = pm.getExtent (target, true);
    Query query = pm.newQuery (extent);
    //query.compile ();
    Collection result = (Collection) query.execute ();
    This piece of code code fails when it reaches query.execute(). Here is the
    exception I am getting:-
    kodo.util.UserException: Unable to execute a query on type "class
    jdoeval.Country". This class or interface is not persistent, and does not
    have any persistent implementors.
    Now, I am 100% sure that my jdoeval.Country class is persistent, because I
    have enhanced it every time I built my application using the KDO enhancer.
    I have also stored some instances of class "Country" in MySQL database
    using the same application.
    What could I be missing?
    FYI, I am using KDO as a plugin inside the Eclipse IDE.
    With thanks to all the team members for a great product.
    Gautam Tripathi

  • No sound when exporting videos to iPod

    It blows! I have bought the new iPod with video. When I export videos to iPod format in quicktime Pro, after eternal times of waiting for small videos, it results that it doesn't export them with audio. Any ideas? Any solution to this problem? How to make it faster? I cant imagine how much it will take if I convert a movie or something... Any other free software for this?
    Thank you very much.
    [email protected]

    Are you attempting to convert mpeg-1 or mpeg-2 in QT? QT does not export the sound from those formats. QT Mpeg Limitations
    If it is mpeg-1 you can use this freeware Windows app to convert to uncompressed avi. QT will read that format and will export both sound and video from it. VirtualDub
    Open the mpeg-1 in VDub and then use Save as Avi in the File menu to save the new file.
    As far as speed goes, you could try using mpeg-4 instead of H264 compression. H264 does nice work but is just plain slow.

  • Presets not included when exporting video as original

    Hello everyone. I am having a nasty issue when I try to edit and export video out of Lightroom 4.3 on Mac 10.6.8. When I export as "Original" the presets and clipping are not applied. Another user on another discussion had suggested to flag the video, but it does no good for me. It just copies the video to the folder with no preset adjustments applied. When I try to export as H.264, it sets the output to 640x480, which is undesirable, and when it does export, the video quality is completely ruined, with a sort of milky white overlay and heavy pixelization.
    What can I do to export my video as "original" with all the presets applied?

    The second part of this is the answer, the first part is irrelevant.
    ManiacJoe wrote:
    Lightroom never writes to the raw files.  Exporting as "original" gets you the original raw file. However, you can have LR output an XMP sidecar file with all the edit instructions in it, which still probably does not get you to where you want to be.
    The short answer is, to get your edits applied to the exported file, you need to pick a format other than "original".

  • IMovie error code (-50) when exporting video

    iMovie 09 suddenly started to generate the following error when sharing/exporting video:
    The project could not be prepared for publishing because an error occurred. (-50)
    Exporting using Quick Time option from the Share menu works. The other options fail with the error.
    OS is 10.7.3.
    For what is worth, I have uninstalled DivX recently.
    Any idea how to troubleshoot this?
    Thank you!

    I am having the same problem i have osx 10.7.2 and i get the error code 50 and the error code 8003  what can be done. support treats you like your oblivious to computers and know nothing.  First macbook but not first download or computer.  When using Microsoft systems you download and play so what gives here if this platform is suppose to be the best

  • Extra Audio Frames When Exporting Video

    Does anybody have the issue of extra audio frames being added when exporting a video. Every time I export, the audio adds like a 2 second handle. Very strange.

    The best advice is to tell them their work is coming back non-compliant and you can't have that.  Let them figure out why and solve it.  (That's is part of their job, after all.)

  • Uncaught exception when executing web dynpro application

    Hello all,
    I'm getting run time error exception CX_WDR_RR_EXCEPTION not caught when running web dynpro application
    The error analysis shows the custom component is locked by the user and cannot be regenerated. But I checked in SM12 for locked entries and component was not listed there.
    The program terminated in the include LWDR_RUNTIME_REPOSITORYF12
    Please suggest how to resolve the isse?

    Dear Anil,
    What type of WD is it ?
    Do you get the error when you trigger some sort of event ?
    Is it when first launch the WD ?
    Can you be more specific and share with us the code where this is dumping ?
    You can also check this link
    [CX_WDR_RT_EXCEPTION' - How to catch it?;
    Kind Regards
    /Ricardo Quintas

  • Uncaught exception when test the "HRTMC_TA_DEV_PLAN" (Development Plans)

    Dear All,
    We are facing an issue when we test the service "HRTMC_TA_DEV_PLAN" (Development Plans) for ESS/MSS we get the following error. This service is activated in SICF
    The URL was not called due to an error.
    The following error text was processed in the system QAS : Invalid parameter combination PLVAR/OTYPE/OBJID
    The error occurred on the application server SAPQASERP_QAS_00 and in the work process 0 .
    The termination type was: RABAX_STATE
    The ABAP call stack was:
    Function: STRUCTURE_BUILD of program SAPLRHAS
    Method: ON_START of program /1BCWDY/BE4YV9AB9Y1MZN3RKC36==CP
    Method: OVERRIDE_EVENT_OIF of program /1BCWDY/BE4YV9AB9Y1MZN3RKC36==CP
    Method: GET_UIBBS_FOR_EVENT of program /1BCWDY/8R131AGT95SAN0HYZNYO==CP
    When i see the in ST22 it shows exception " CX_HRBAS_INVALID_PARAMETER". And I have search the SAP NOTES and found the following sapnotes
    1333240, 1532761, 139078 but they are not relevant as our SAP basis release on level 6 i.e. SAPKB70106 .
    Kindly help in resolving the issue.

    Hello Blamca,
    We are facing the same above error in the Development plan link in ESS, in Qa system , the link is working fine in DEv but in the QA it is rresulting in the error. The service is activated and when tested from there also results in the same error.
    and We have just tested this occurs for specific user and not with everyone who logins inot QA Portal:(
    Please suggest how to resolve this.
    Thanks in advace
    Edited by: Pooja Gupta on Jan 16, 2012 10:11 AM

  • Uncaught Exception when opeing query

    When opening a query/workbbok there is an Exception Error like;
    An error has occured when communicating with the BI server.
    Exception CX_RSR_X_MESSAGE
    What happened?
    The exception 'CX_RSR_X_MESSAGE' was raised, but it was not caught anywhere
    the call hierarchy.
    Since exceptions represent error situations and this error was not
    adequately responded to, the running ABAP program
    'CL_RSBOLAP_BICS_SERVICES======CP' has to be
    This ia only happening in Prod server.
    Can you suggest what can be the reason and to resolve it.

    [Hello ,|]
    Please see the following OSS notes

  • Uncaught exception when I update window

    Hi All,
    I want to show a progress bar while executing script.
    and i am using the following code for that:
    var win = new Window("palette", "SnpCreateProgressBar", [150, 150, 600, 260]);
    win.pnl = win.add("panel", [10, 10, 440, 100], "Script Progress");
    win.pnl.progBar = win.pnl.add("progressbar", [20, 35, 410, 60], 0, 100);
    win.pnl.progBarLabel = win.pnl.add("statictext", [20, 20, 320, 35], "0%");;
                        while(win.pnl.progBar.value < win.pnl.progBar.maxvalue)
                                  // this is what causes the progress bar increase its progress
                win.pnl.progBarLabel.text = win.pnl.progBar.value+"%";
    But I am having following error when I run it:
    Can you please tell me why it is happening....
    Harsh S

    Yaar I am posting my code again on this portal:
    this is terrible because its not working:::
    function artboardToJPGs(size)
    var win = new Window("palette", "SnpCreateProgressBar", undefined, {borderless: true});
    win.pnl = win.add("panel", [10, 10, 440, 100], "Creating JPEG");
    win.pnl.progBar = win.pnl.add("progressbar", [20, 35, 410, 60], 0, 100);
    win.pnl.progBarLabel = win.pnl.add("statictext", [20, 20, 320, 35], "0%");
    for(i=0; i<10; i++)
                win.pnl.progBarLabel.text = win.pnl.progBar.value+"%";
            var idx, j, sizes, jpegOpt, doc, docName, dF, artBds, abName, scale, jpgFile, destinationFolder, originalImage;
            jpegOpt = new ExportOptionsJPEG();
            jpegOpt.Optimization = true;
            jpegOpt.QualitySetting = 100;
            dF=new Folder(jpgImageFolder);
            if ( !dF.exists ) dF.create();
            doc = app.activeDocument;
            artBds = doc.artboards;
            idx = artBds.getActiveArtboardIndex();
            abName = artBds[ idx ].name;
               var w= artBds[ idx ].artboardRect[2] - artBds[ idx ].artboardRect[0] ;
               var h=artBds[ idx ].artboardRect[1] - artBds[ idx ].artboardRect[3];
                var width=  100+ ( (size - w)/w ) * 100;
                var height=  100+ ( ( size - h )/h ) * 100;
                jpgFile = File( dF.fsName + '/' + fileName + size + 'x' + size + '.jpg' );
                jpegOpt.horizontalScale =width;
                jpegOpt.verticalScale = height;
                doc.exportFile( jpgFile, ExportType.JPEG ,jpegOpt );

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