Special Prices for Customer with Base Price amount

Hi all
Please help to correct my Query below.  It shouldn't shows so many duplicated results with different Base Prices.  You can simply run this in any Demo Database.
SELECT T0.[ItemCode],T1.[ItemName], T4.[ItmsGrpNam], T0.[CardCode], T2.[CardName], T5.[GroupName],T3.[SlpName],T0.[Price], T0.[Currency], T0.[Discount], T0.[ListNum], T0.[AutoUpdt], T0.[EXPAND], T6.Price FROM OSPP T0  INNER JOIN OITM T1 ON T0.ItemCode = T1.ItemCode INNER JOIN OCRD T2 ON T0.CardCode = T2.CardCode INNER JOIN OSLP T3 ON T2.SlpCode = T3.SlpCode INNER JOIN OITB T4 ON T1.ItmsGrpCod = T4.ItmsGrpCod INNER JOIN OCRG T5 ON T2.GroupCode = T5.GroupCode inner join ITM1 T6 on T0.[ListNum] = T6.PriceList inner join OPLN T7 on T6.PriceList=T7.ListNum

Thanks Nagarajan for the tip.
This is my desired Query.
SELECT T0.[ItemCode], T2.[ItemName], T4.[ItmsGrpNam],
T0.[CardCode], T1.[CardName], T5.[GroupName], T3.[SlpName], T0.[LINENUM],
T0.[Price], T0.[Currency], T6.Price, T0.[Discount], T0.[ListNum] as 'Item Price
List',T1.[ListNum] as 'Customer Price List',  T0.[FromDate], T0.[ToDate]
FROM SPP1 T0 inner join OCRD T1 on T0.CardCode=T1.CardCode INNER JOIN OITM T2
ON T0.ItemCode = T2.ItemCode INNER JOIN OSLP T3 ON T1.SlpCode = T3.SlpCode
T1.GroupCode = T5.GroupCode left JOIN ITM1 T6 ON T2.ItemCode = T6.ItemCode and
T6.[PriceList] = T0.[ListNum]

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  • Special Customer Prices for Items with Period

    Hi all
    How to show the Item Price List amount from

    Hi Nagarajan
    Thanks for your reply.  Please see my screenshot below.
    My Query result for Special Prices for Customer Business Partner, double click Item row for input Period Discount is correct except I just want to show the selected Base Price amount from the standard Price list in Inventory Price List->Price Lists->Price Lists.

  • Configuring PI during Integration of Cloud for Customer with ERP

    While trying to Integrate SAP Cloud for Customer with SAP ERP using PI, while configuring PI, we need to create a Technical and Business System in SLD for Cloud for Customer. During the Technical System configuration wizard, it asks for "Technical System Identification" and "System Host Name". How do I find this? Is it on Cloud for Customer?
    Thanks and regards,
    Nikhil Da Gama Pais,
    [email protected]

    Hi Nikhil,
    I think its an alias given to the system as the system is being created as a standalone. You can give your own name for understanding purpose as I also gave my own acronym for cloud system in PI.

  • Finding custom prices for customer based on district (abap-query).

    I can find in table A601-BZIRK the District-number, which i also can find on the customer in BP in CRM (we have both CRM and ERP).
    I want to make a query in SQ02, where i enter the customer-number, and gets the list of materials they have custom prices for, based on the district number.
    Sorry bad english. Tell me if there is something more you need to know
    Points will be awarded.

    The answer to your query is 'Yes'. You need to design a 'UPDATE' metadata type custom integrator. The custom integrator shall use a parameter based view to first download data and then use a PL/SQL wrapper/API to re-upload it back. The brief steps are listed below:
    1. Create a 'UPDATE' metadata type custom integrator. Give a parameter list name, std/custom view for data download and a PL/SQL wrapper.
    2. Create a form function and associate the form function with the custom integrator created.
    3. Add the form function to the std WebADI menu for access.
    4. Define a layout for the custom integrator defined.
    4. To create a parameter use the standard integrator 'HR Standalone Query'. As a part of this integrator you can define the SQL WHERE clause (parameter based) that you will like to use with the custom/std view defined in the custom integrator definition.
    Note: You can use a max of 5 parameters only. For each parameter, one needs to define the datatype and also the HR standalone query has a size limitation of 2000 chars in 11i10. You increase this length you may apply patch - 3494588 to get 4000 chars.
    Hope this information helps.
    Nitin jain

  • Transfer price for customer

    Is there any possibility to have separate transfer price for separate custmer (with plant and material combination.)

    not possible in SAP

  • Can we release the standard price for a material whose Price control is "V"

    Hi experts,
    Could you please clarify my doubt that can we release the standard cost of a material whose price control is "V".
    Our user is trying to release the std price. But its not getting released. If the material is of ML relevant I could have checked in CKM3 for any actual data existancy. I am aware that if any actual data existing the price could not be released.
    But here this material belongs to a Non Material ledger relevant plant. So I cheked the stock overview and for any material documents if any. But this material has no stock.
    I m confused how to check the material's transactions with FI entries.
    Please help in this regard.

    HI Sarat
    1. You can release a std cost for material with V, but that wont serve any purpose.. The inventory valuation will happen at V alone
    Either the material should have a BOM or Routing to release the std cost and MRP view shall have Proc Type as E / X
    You can have special proc in costing view as 20 and then execute CK11N for the material....
    Some price must be there in material master which will get released as std cost (based on your valuation variant)
    2. You can check material transaction using MB51
    Ajay M

  • Display Trade Price for all Customers - Trade Price maintained at Material

    Dear All,
    I have a specific requirements, for which there is a data model as:
    1] Primary Sales: stored in an InfoCube (Level at which data is stored- Material/Customer)
    2] Secondary Sales: stored in an ODS (loaded through Flat File) (Level at which data is stored- Material/Customer)
    3] Trade Price: stored in an ODS (Custom data source) (Level at which data is stored- Material)
    4] Query to report Primary/Secondary Sales on a MULTIPROVIDER based on the above 3 InfoProviders.
    To display Trade Price at Material/Customer level in the query.
    Since the Trade Price from the source (Custom DataSource) is available only at the Material Level. I get the query result as:
    Current Result
    Material   |   Customer   | Trade Price
    100100    |   ABC          |  <blank>
    100100    |   PQR          |  <blank>
    100100    |   XYZ           |  <blank>
    100100    |    #              |  INR 5.6
    Expected Result
    Material   |   Customer   | Trade Price
    100100    |   ABC          |  INR 5.6
    100100    |   PQR          |  INR 5.6
    100100    |   XYZ           |  INR 5.6
    Request help from everyone on the same.
    Thank you.

    Some how you can do it try with using Data Functions..

  • Table for Customizing and BASIS objects

    Hi all,
    Is there any table/view which stores a list of all customizing and BASIS objects created in the SAP system (something like table TADIR for programs)?
    I should be able to query against that table and find if a particular customizing objects exists or not.

    Hi Saurabh,
    here in table SMODILOG...if u fatch data with condition...
    where ( OBJ_TYPE = 'CUSO' or
               OBJ_TYPE = 'ACGR' ) and
              OBJ_NAME <> Y*string or
              OBJ_NAME <>  z*string.
    This will get you the objects that you want.
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  • Can I use ISE IPN without posture for VPN with Base license only?

    I'm looking at ISE licensing, and both Base and Advanced licenses have VPN listed. I could not find any document that provides guideline for VPN implementation using ISE Base license only.
    1. Can I use ISE IPN (Inline Posture Node) functionality without posture assessment with ISE Base license only? (I know it has to be ISE hardware appliance, and I know that Posture assessment requires ISE Advanced license.)
    2. Do I have to use IPN for VPN deployment using ISE as the Radius server?
    3. If I do not have to use IPN for VPN, can I use ISE for Authentication and Authorization in the same way as I use ACS?
    Val Rodionov

    There is no need to consider IPN if you are not using posturing. You can use ISE much like ACS for radius authentication for vpn users.
    If posturing is down the road and your hope is to have an architecture in place and license later, then I am sure that you can use the ipn with base licensing, however I would strongle recommend working with the PDI (for partners) for help and confirmation.
    Tarik Admani
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  • Special stock for customer supplied material

    Dear all,
    We have a scenario wherein, some of the manufacuring  tools are supplied by the customerfree of cost. These are treated as non-valuated material. The requirement is to track the stock of the these materials in SAP against the customer master number.
    None of the existing special stocks seem to suffice this requirement. Kindly advise.
    Thanks and regards,

    Kesava Raju Gadiraju wrote:
    > Dear all,
    > We have a scenario wherein, some of the manufacuring  tools are supplied by the customerfree of cost. These are treated as non-valuated material. The requirement is to track the stock of the these materials in SAP against the customer master number.
    > None of the existing special stocks seem to suffice this requirement. Kindly advise.
    > Thanks and regards,
    > Amrita
    This requires both SD and MM integration.  It is a little bit involved because of the special processes for bringing in the customer provided tools you are using.  In the process they must be stored / inventoried (without value) as customer owned, kind of like consignment but not the same.  Also, do these need to have PRT functionality where their use needs to be recorded during the production process as well?
    Bill Wood - President
    R3Now Consulting

  • PO for goods with volatile price

    Hello gurus,
    I have got a question concerning fuel for our company cars: We have an agreement with a filling station so that our colleagues can refuel there and ‘pay’ by showing a voucher. At the end of the month the filling station will send us a collective invoice for all the fuel used in that month.
    Now, we would like to create a PO with an item per car and year and use it in MIRO to post the invoices.
    Trouble is that the fuel price is volatile and changes a lot during the year. So regularly there is no invoice with the exact price from the PO which often leads to a set payment blocking indicator for the invoice.
    Now, we would like to prevent this from happening, but only for those invoices, so we cannot simply change our tolerance levels. Of course we could change the price in the PO every month, but…
    Any ideas?

    Hi Alicia,
    In your case you can very well create an Framework order with PO document type FO .
    So that you have a value set in PO say 100000 USD
    Now you can go on doing Invoice as per the value until 100000 USD is utilized.

  • Price for Apple Extreme Base Station

    I am lookin to buy one of these, and Best Buy is the closest store to me that carries them.  The problem is why are they charging $189 for it? I can buy it directly from Apple for $179! Same goes for the Airport Express.  Apple sells them for $99, Best Buy $109? What's with the guaging, "Best Buy"?

    It's not really an "issue".  Some people would consider a slight price increase if they can walk into a real store, and go hands on with the product, plus have a place where they can go to return the item or deal with any issues encountered.  Best Buy is a company, and like any other comapny, wants to be profitable.  If the product you are interested in is selling for a higher price, then that means that there are foiks willing to pay that price. 
    I still say that if you go into the store and politely ask them to price match based upon your research, you might be pleasantly surprised.  If, on the other hand, you go into the store demading a price match and accusing the store of price gouging, then I think it's likely nou'll not get very far.
    If you find my post useful or informative, please click the icon below with the plus sign and star to give kudos. Thank you!

  • Restrict SO for products with no price

    Can B1restrict an order for those products which does not have a price? something like a warning or, an approval prior execute the order? or does B1 has the capability to set which product cannot be use? Only authorized user is enable to perform this order.

    Hi Friend,
    Actually, B1 does not have such a function to restrict all these.
    I think the best way of handling this might be using the Approval function.
    Set all these requirements in a query and trigger the Approval function when either of these requirements is retrieved.
    The manager can decide whether these documents are legal or not.
    Hope this can work as a workaround.
    However, you can also achieve this by writing into a small addon with SDK code or modify the stored procedure.(Not recommended to modify stored procedure, though.)
    Kind Regards,
    Dani Zhao
    SAP Business One Forums Team

  • Finding 5 most recent records for each customer with abnormal order amounts

    The database consists of the following tables:
    create table dbo.customer (
    customer_id int identity primary key clustered,
    customer_name nvarchar(256) not null
    create table dbo.purchase_order (
    purchase_order_id int identity primary key clustered
    customer_id int not null,
    amount money not null,
    order_date date not null
    Implement a query for the report that will provide the following information: for each customer output at most 5 different dates which contain
    abnormally high or low amounts (bigger or less than 3 times SDTDEV from AVG), for each of these dates output minimum and maximum amounts as well.
    Possible result: http://triontp.pop3.ru/333.gif

    amount Not Between stdev_amt - 3 * avg_amt And stdev_amt + 3 * avg_amt
    vice versa. 
     amount Not Between avg_amt - 3 * stdev_amt And avg_amt + 3 * stdev_amt)

  • Rip off the price for deaf with data plan!

    Check out
    I just stop by the store after I look around www site and told me cant accpet and know what total 66 per month for deaf data only with tax incl.. what lots $$  I found 34.99 on www site even i ask for manger on site and reufsed cooperation with me what hell wrong with people that I found this.. check out link..  its verizon!  34.99 is fair for deaf only!    
    reason I stop by for I-Phone 4 for my roommates birthday today but no present today   

    Actually, the $35 plan includes unlimited messaging and data, but its for feature phones, not smartphones like the iPhone. They have a similar plan that is $55 for unlimited messaging and data, but for smartphones.
    I used to have the $35 plan before getting the iPhone, then had to upgrade to the more expensive one since I was getting a smartphone. 
    Here's a link to them: http://www.verizonwireless.com/plans-0/b2c--splash--messagingplans.jsp.shtml
    (And by the way, you don't really have to be deaf to get the plan even though it says you do. I have no hearing issues and still got it.)

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    I have installed the D-Pub update and per Adobe's India support team [:-( ] I uninstalled the whole program and reinstalled it as they suggested - that did not help at all and was a complete waste of time. so does anyone know how to get the Folio pan

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