Specific rights on source-system connection?

Hi all,
we are up to connect our Solution Manager BW system to our "standard" BW system.
But due to security reasons, we only want to allow access to specific datasources from the SolMan BW system.
We tried to set up the rights for the BATCH/background-Users accordingly, but couldn't succeed in setting a specific restriction e.g. for replication of datasources or even data-load.
What we could see is that we can either restrict access in full or allow it in full...
So that's exactly the question: is there any way we can set specific rights on replication, activaction and dataload from the source-system?
Best regards,

I guess the job is related to extraction job in R/3 that relates to the BI load..
Here if this job runs on a particaular RFC user always , depending on the user u can resrtict the instance on which it is supposed to run...
Take the help from BASIS they can fix the issue....

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  • Source system connection issues

    Hello BI Experts,
    We had issues with the source system connection - from our BI system (NW 04s) to our R/3 system (ECC 6.0) .
    From RSA1, when we right click on the R3 source sytem and do a "Check", it was erroring out: "Error in source system <Logsysname1>". This Logsysname1 was different one from the actual R/3 system's Logsys name (Logsysname2) .
    To Fix this, we restored the connection by selecting the (R/3) Source system and right click and "Restore".
    After providing the passwords for the RFC users, the system again asked "The Connection <XY> is used in the <Logsysname1> Source system as a connection." And we selected the "Delete" option here. Then in the Logon screen to R/3, we provided the administrator user Id and password.
    Once the source system connection is complete, we checked the connection as mentioned above and the "Source Sytem connection is OK" now.
    (1) But now, in the transaction RSA1, the R/3 system is displayed under "BI" instead of "SAP".
    (2) When we asked our BI consultant to check the dataloads, he encountered an error: "No transfer structure is available for InfoSource <X> in the Source system. Errors in Source system".
    How can we bring the R/3 system under "SAP" now?
    If we delete the R/3 system (which is listed under BI) and recreate under "SAP", will the transfer rules will also get deleted?? How to avoid this issue?
    Please advise.
    SAP Basis.

    Please make sure that you have followed the below steps while creating the Source System
    1.     In the initial screen of the source system, choose Tools ® Administration ® User Maintenance ® Users and create a background user with a password and the authorization profile S_BI-WX_RFC.
    2.     Define the RFC destination parameters for the SAP source system in BW. To do this, choose Tools ® Administration ® Administration ® Network ® RFC Destinations in BW.
    Enter the information taken from the source system on the server name.
    u2022     Application server: pswdf090
    u2022     System ID: IDF
    u2022     System number: 90
    The destination name has to correspond to the logical name of the source system that you entered for the process step Define Logical System in the implementation guide for the source system. For user and password, enter the background user that you created in step 1.
    3.     Define the RFC destination parameters for the SAP BW in the source system. To do this, select Tools ® Administration ® Administration ® Network ® RFC Destinations in the source system. Enter the server name information taken from the BW system.
    The destination name has to correspond to the logical name of the BW system that you entered in the process step Define Logical System in the BW Customizing Implementation Guide. ALE communicates using the name of the SAP Business Information Warehouse that you defined. The defined name represents how the SAP Business Information Warehouse is identified. For the user and password, enter the background user that you defined in the BW Customizing Implementation Guide under Business Information Warehouse ® Links to Other Systems ® Link Between SAP Systems and BW.
    4.     Test both RFC destinations with the functions Test ® Connection and Test ® Authorization.
    If an error occurs during the authorization check, the background user is not permitted in this client and with this password. If an error occurs in the connection test, it means there is a network problem.
    5.     In the BW Administrator Workbench choose SOURCESYSTEMTREE ® Root ® Context Menu (right mouse button) ®Create and select the radio button for the manually creating an SAP source system.
    6.     Enter a description for the source system and the logical name of the source system that you entered for the process step Maintain Logical System in the source system implementation guide.
    If you still have any issues, let us know.

  • Creating New Source System Connection

    [First post, so go easy on me!]
    I have created a source system connection in BW QA, to an additional R3 QA client, but I am unable to assign any datasources to the new this new connection. [I know that I should have created the connection in DEV and transported through, but I need this connection for a small test, that won't be used again.]
    To get round this, do I need to have my BW & R3 clients 'opened' again, then transfer the 'Application Component Hierarchy' via RSA9, then 'Replicate Datasources' in BW. If not, does anyone have any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

    You will have to transfer the BC datasources that you want to use from R/3 to BW.
    in BW, right-click your source system in the modeling tab and select replicate datasources, this will take you through to your R/3 system. Select the datasources you want to use and transfer them. Then go back to your BW system and right-click the source system and select "Transfer datasources". This should make them available.
    If when you have got through to R/3 to transfer the datasources you are told that cross-client customising is not available then I think that you will have to get the client opened up.

  • How to create file type source system connection

    Hi All,
    I have to load data from Flat files , but when i checked the source system connections File type source system connection is not present. Please guide me how can i create the same.

    Hi Apoorva,
    Goto RSA1 -> Source System -> Right Click on File Folder .-> Create -> Logical system Name as FLAT FILE -> Source system name is the description for this source -> Enter.
    Once it is created you can right click from that file and check whether it has created properly or not.
    When u r moving the objects which are created under this source, the same flat file source should have been created in the target system also. And check for the entry in the target system table RSLOGSYSMAP for the flat file when u r moving the flat file objects.

  • RSA1 - Source system connection : Change in logical system name

    Dear friends,
    Can you please tell me how can i change the logical system name for a source system connection.
    There is no change in source system & source system connection check works well, just we have decided that from current logical system name SID_100 should be changed to SIDCLNT100.
    Can i do this by running BDLS in BW for RSBASIDOC table from SID_100 to SIDCLNT100 ?

    HI Sunny,
    This is not the same problem, may be similar though..i am not getting a way.
    let me describe u in a bit more details.
    Currently, we have a working source system connection to a system SID_CLT.  there is no change in source system.
    now, can i change this system connection technical name from SID_CLT to SIDCLNT*** .. 

  • Restoring the source system connection in BW

    Hi all,
    I’ve been trying to upload data for 2 of my infocubes, and the extractions are bouncing. The message in R/3 is told me to check the connection. The RFC are fine.  But when I tried to restore the source system connection (RSA1 in BW), it sent me the following error messages:
    1.-  Basic type ZS 118 does not exist.
    2.-  The following error in the source system:
    3.-  Incorrect IDoc type ZSAB023 in the ALE definition of the source system.
    The description in each error is:
    Error #1:
        IDoc type ZS 118 could not be found.   
    System response                            
       Please enter an IDoc type that exists. 
    Error #3:
        Incorrect IDoc type ZSAB023 in the ALE definition of the source system.                                                                               
    System response                                                            
        Error when sending data to BW.                                                                               
        Enter IDoc type ZS 118 .                                               
    They told me this IDocs are created automatically by the connection. Is that true?
    How can I fix this, so that I can restore my connection and do the data extraction?
    Thanks a lot

    Hi Victor Tostado
    1.- Basic type ZS 118 does not exist.
    Type Transaction WE30. Check iDoc types Obj. Name :  RSSEND -> press F7
    a.) Enter 'RSSEND' in the Obj. Name field.  You will see an entry similar to the one below:
              RSSEND                          Data transfer from the source system (template)
                    [-]  E1RSSH               Data transfer IDoc: Header information
                             [+]  E1RSHIE    Data transfer Idoc: Hierarchy header information
                                    E1RSTXT   Data transfer IDoc: Texts
         b.) Enter RSREQUST in the Obj. Name field.  You will see an entry similar to the one below:
                RSREQUST                    Data request to the source system
                     [-]  E1RSRH               Data request IDoc: Header segment
                             [+]  E1RSRHI     Data request IDoc: Hierarchy
                             [+]  E1RSRTX    Data request IDoc: Texts
                             [+]  E1RSRMD   Data request IDoc: Master data
                             [+]  E1RSRIS      Data request IDoc: InfoSource
         c.) Enter RSINFO in the Obj. Name field.  You will see an entry similar to the one below:
                RSINFO                         Info IDoc
                    [-]  E1RSHIN             InfoIDoc: Status segment
                            E1RSPIN            InfoIDoc: Data packet segment
                            E1RSEIN            InfoIDoc: Error segment
    d.) If any of the above do not exist, contact your BASIS Team.
    2.- The following error in the source system:
    Type Transaction SM59. Maintain RFC destinations
    a.)     Open the RFC Destinations. b.) Find your Source System and double click on it. c.) Technical setting should contain information regarding your source system d.) Logon Information should contain source system client and name & password for you remote logon.
    3.- Incorrect IDoc type ZSAB023 in the ALE definition of the source system
    Type Transaction WE21. iDoc Processing Ports.
    receivers port is not available go to WE21 -> create port
    a.) Select 'Ports' and then 'Transactional RFC'. b.) Click on the Port # for you source system. c.) Verify description & SAP R/3 versiond. RFC Destination should be one created in SM59. If non-existent then create one.
    I) Type Transaction SE16. Data browser (for R/3 -> BW Connections)
    Enter RSBASIDOC Print out copy of all entries in table.
    II) Type Transaction SM30. Msg Types & Assignment to iDocs
    Enter 'EDIMSG' in the Table/View field. Click on the 'Enter Conditions' option for Restrict Data Range. Click 'Maintain'. Select Message Type. Then enter 'RSSEND' in "From' field. Verify that the Basic Type matches what is in your RSBASIDOC table for each of your connections. If any are missing any entries you must create them as follows: Create another session and type Transaction WE30. Enter IDoc Type (ZSBAXXX) in Obj. Name field (Suggestion: Start new type with 'ZS' + Transfer Structure Prefix + (3)#'s) Select Create. Select "Create from Copy'. Enter 'RSSEND" in 'Copy From' field Enter Description (i.e. IDoc Type for BW Development) Execute (Green Check). Repeat for other missing entries.
    Sangram Sutar

  • Source system connection in IDES ECC6.0 Version

    Hi experts,
    I have ECC 6.0 in our Company, ECC 6.0 version also have BI integrated with ECC6.0 version.
    Now my question is that is it possible to connect r/3 with BI in the same server, we have two application server, if yes Please let me know how to achieve it without changing the logical system name.
    because if we change logical system name then it gives a error message that logiacal system name has been changed for this system.
    any help in this regard would be apprecicated.

    One server can have several systems but with different client and with different logical system anem. Now if logical name is same, they source system connection is not possible. Logical system name can be changed in t-code SCC4, but please do consult basis person before doing this as this is bit sensitive.

  • How to verify the  Source systems connectivity with BWQ System.

    Hi All,
    I have diff source systems. And my requirement is to check the source systems connectivity with BWQ (BW Quality sys). please any body tell me the steps how to check the source system connectivity ?
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Manjula,
    If you encounter problems when establishing a connection to your target server, check the following:
    A message box appears while performing one of the following actions:
          Setting connection by choosing Apply to local session.
          Testing connection settings by choosing Test settings.
          Creating SAP TSQL objects
    If errors occurred, they are displayed in the respective message box.
       Check developer trace files in ST11.
      Test connection:
         For RFC related errors, check the RFC connection via SM59
         For database multi-connect errors, check if you can connect to the target SQL Server with the SQL Server Query Analyzer. Also check if the DBCON entries are correct.

  • Not able to change source system connection

    Hi, I have problems changing a source system connection from BW. BW is already connected to source system A, which is closed down, and I'd like to connect BW to source system B, which excists and can be accessed. I have tried to use BDLS, but get the message that System B already excists (new one). I try to delete it (Change view logical System), but am not allowed to do this. I get the message "must not be deleted, first delete from distribution model." And thats where I am stuck. Can anyone guide me on my way?
    Regards E!

    Comment to the last answer:
    When I try to delete in SALE I am told that the source system also excists in the Distribution Model (CUA) and can therefore not be deleted. It must be deleted in the distribution model first. I find CUA at BD64. Looks like this is the connection to Solution Manager. What are the consequences for deleting the Source System here? And will it hlep me to solve my problem, which is that I can't change my connection from Source System A to new Source System B?
    Regards E

  • Source System Connection Problem - RSAR 371

    We are attempting to create source system connections in our newly created NW2004s Dev system (sapdvbd1/BD1). We also have an existing NW2004s Dev system (sapsvbd1/BD1) which already contains the same source system connections.  The old Dev system was on a virtual machine but due to performance issues we have built another Dev system on a real server.  Is there any way to create these source system connections on both servers until everything has been moved from the old to the new?  The same source systems need to exist on both.  Thanks.

    Hi ,
    Please check with basis or if you can ,then try to restore the source system in BI/BW.This should correct the  inconsistencies between the two systems which is being caused by different Idoc types
    Also check the table RSBASIDOC in the BI system and compare this to R/3 system ,the "basic type" field should be same.
    A restore should work,it has always worked for me.

  • Source system connection problem in BI

    Hi ,
    While checking source system connection we are getting below error
    " BI IDoc type ZSBP055 is not the same as source system IDoc type ZSBP120"
    could please guide on this .

    Hi ,
    Please check with basis or if you can ,then try to restore the source system in BI/BW.This should correct the  inconsistencies between the two systems which is being caused by different Idoc types
    Also check the table RSBASIDOC in the BI system and compare this to R/3 system ,the "basic type" field should be same.
    A restore should work,it has always worked for me.

  • RSA1 - Source system connection : No connection to system  possible

    Hello friends,
    I am creating a Source system connection from our BW system. I have already established the working RFC connection to source system which works fine, both side client is open & system is modifiable.
    Bit i am getting error : No connection to system  possible
    No connection to system  possible
    Message no. RSAR501
    Logical system  cannot be accessed.
    System Response
    Error during the retrieval of the logon data store d in secure storage
    Use transaction SM59 (for BAPI and SAP source systems) or DBCO (for database source systems) to check the RFC parameters of source system . Also check whether the system can be accessed in the network and whether the necessary application and system programs have been started.
    I have already implemented SAP note 1276270 - RSAR 501 for source system restore due to router string /H/ without success.

    Error during the retrieval of the logon data store d in secure storage
    Have you tested the remote login also ?

  • SQL Server 2005 DB as a source system connection

    Dear all,
    We are planning to connect SQL server 2005 DB as one of the source system connection in RSA1.
    Please let me know how to do and if procedure/steps doc for the same.
    please do the needful. Thanks in advance.

    Hi Mohan,
    You can use DB connect method...
    Please find following for the same.

  • BI Source System connection to ECC

    Hi experts,
    I have a BI 7.0 fresh install and I'm trying to connect ECC 6.0 client dev100 (golden client) to BI so I can activate BI Content. However, the client 100 goes to the BI folder instead of the SAP folder when I create source system in AWB. Is this normal behavior?
    I have another system client dev200 and it goes inside SAP folder when I create source system. I'm just wondering if this has something to do will my error in BI Content activation. Key figures and characteristics are activated but not DataSources, Update rules, and InfoPackage.
    Your comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you

    Hi JD,
    I think the source system connection must have been made in Bi folder. basically even BI folder shall contain BI system but if ECC system connection is made in this folder it shall not make any diffrence. You must be getting the datasources as of ECC only after replication.
    Request for points deleted. Please do not ask for points in the forum.
    Edited by: Vikram Srivastava on Jun 22, 2010 1:56 PM

  • Deleting a Source System Connection

    Hi all,
    We made some updates to a QA source system and when we try to do a 'activate and replicate datasources', errors are being thrown out. So, we decided to delete the connection and recreate the connection. I have a few questions:
    1) If I right click on the source system in BI and click delete, it is prompting for a transport request to delete transfer structures. What are the steps to follow in deleting the source system? How will I be able to rebuild the transfer structures?
    2) I deleted a couple of transfer structures. Can I roll it back? If yes, how
    Greatly appreciate your help.

    instead try to trouble shoot the issue with the source system creation.
    i don't beileve you can easily recover a deleted transfer str / rule without recovering from a backup or transporting it again from dev, once the sourcesystem issue is resolved
    i believe this source system definition has been there for a while therefore just deleting it outright is not recommended for a lot of reasons,,,,,,,

Maybe you are looking for

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