Spry Widget SlideShow Basic (IE8 not showing all images)

Hi everyone:
I've read through the past posts, trying to find the solution so I wouldn't have to bother everyone if the solution to my problem was already here.  I couldn't find it, although I did find similar posts about this problem but no out and out solution.
My problem:
I have added the Spry Image Slideshow-Basic into an .html page.  The widget works well in Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE7!!  It does not work properly in IE8 as IE8 skips every second images...the even numbers.  It does not work on my local computer and it also doesn't work on the server.  I have uploaded all the files to the server and it still doesn't work properly.
I cannot seem to find the solution and I am reaching out to the great Adobe supporters for help.
You can see the test web page here:
There are six images in this group but it only shows numbers 1, 3 and 5.
Could someone please have a look and give me direction as to where the problem is?
Thanks so much everyone.

The problem is with the Spry.Widget.ImageSlideShow.PanAndZoomPlugin
If you leave that out, then all is well
A dirty fix is to add the following to the HEAD section of your document
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=7" />

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  • Spry Widget Slideshow Basic works on local but not on remote server

    I have tried everything imaginable and I can't make this slideshow work from the remote server.  I get the massages:
    SpryPanelSet.js requires SpryWidget.js!
    SpryFadingPanels.js requires SpryPanelSet.js!
    SpryImageSlideShow.js requires SpryWidget.js!
    SpryPanAndZoomPlugin.js requires SpryImageSlideShow.js!
    Also the opening page has a preloader image that doesn't show up until the page is saved to my cache.
    Here is the link to my website:

    When I compare your:
    to this one:
    I do not see the same file. Try uploading the correct file and check again.

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    Any idea how to get this back?  It's  really tough reviewing images when I can't even see them! 
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    Incidentally, when I create a new album in iPhoto it copies some images from the first album I created into it and I then have to delete.

    Have you tried this:
    Originally posted by adamnash on Oct 19, 2014 6:52 PM
    - I quit iPhoto
    - I launched System Preferences, went to iCloud, turned off Photo
    - I launched iPhoto
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    Chris Field wrote:
    Is this helpful? Is this even English?
    Chris ~ Be thankful it doesn't say: "_For all intensive purposes..._". This Apple doc may be clearer:
    _iWeb 2.0: Adding live web content or HTML to your site_
    Chris Field wrote:
    From the site http://iwebfaq.org/site/iWebHTMLSnippet.html:
    When you post a link, switch from Compose to Preview mode and click on the link to make sure it works — the colon in your link causes it to misdirect.
    There's no guarantee that MobileMe chat will get results...
    +"Advice is given freely because so much of it is worthless."+ ~ James Geary
    +"Advice is one of those things it is far more blessed to give than to receive."+ ~ Carolyn Wells
    ...With that in mind, another approach is to join the +Apple Developer Connection+ — the +ADC Online+ category is free, here:
    ...then you can use this to create a trackable problem report:
    And no, you don't need to be a "developer" to join — just an Apple user who wants to make sure Apple knows there's a bug and have the ability to track its resolution.

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    I greatly appreciate your help!

    Well, the images were not too big - resolution wise. What I did was I checked my remote server files and made sure that it was identical to my local files for my website. And I found out that Dreamweaver did not upload the images (the ones that go into the a href tag) into my remote server, though I "put the entire site." SO I had to upload them. And then when I checked it worked.
    Hope this is helpful.

  • Text Entry Box not showing all text

    I am creating a simple exercise where I would like the user to copy text from the course, paste it into word, and report back what the word count is.  I thought perhaps the Text Entry Box would be the best way to go, since if you click on the existing (default) text, you can copy it.  However after I place the paragraph of text in the box, and resize in the editor so that all the text shows, it does not show all the text when playing back, either previewd or published.  It only shows the last few words of the last line at the top of the box.
    Is there something I am missing?  Or, is there an easier/better way to do what I need?

    Hi all
    If this is Captivate 4, there may not be any need for a widget to do this. I'm guessing you haven't tried enabling the Scroll Bar for the Text Entry Box (TEB)?
    When I just plop a TEB on a slide, I get this in edit view:
    During playback it looks like this:
    But if I edit the TEB properties and enable the Show Scrollbar option:
    I get this in the output:
    Cheers... Rick
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