[SQL Developer 3.0.04] Cannot Drill Down

In my connections tab, once I can connect, I see a list of database objects with expandable plusses. However, when I click on a plus, I don't get anything under it (e.g., a list of tables). I'm going against an Oracle 11 normal database.
Is there a setting I've missed in the tool, or is this my security access. I seem to be able to execute the SQL I need.

Hi Gary,
You have described a variation on theme that can be found in many posts on this forum. You may want to try out the most common fixes:
1. Make sure you are not pointing to a Java 7 jdk in your sqldeveloper.conf file. Using the latest jdk1.6.0_xx update is recommended.
2. Try restarting SQL Developer after removing its system directory (but only after first backing up your connection information!).
3. Rather than (2), alternately you could download the latest SQL Developer (, unzip it into an empty directory, and start it up.
If you decide to go with (2)
A. Back-up the connections by right-clicking on the Connections node, select Export Connections..., then follow the Export dialog.
B. Exit SQL Developer.
C. Either delete or rename the system directory. On Windows 7 for SQL Developer, for example, it can be found at:
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\SQL Developer\system3.0.04.34D. Launch SQL Developer and import your connections.
If you decide to go with (3), you can either migrate settings from an earlier SQL Developer install or not. If not, doing (2A) may be convenient if you prefer to import connections rather than re-enter them manually.
One of these approaches usually resolves the issue.
Gary Graham
SQL Developer Team

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  • Cannot drill down SSIS Packages

    I am running SQL SERVER 2005 with SP4. The issue what i am facing is as follows
    I have two users. 1.  UserA 2. UserB
    1. UserA -> with sysadmin privilege 
    2. UserB -> msdb (dtsadmin) privilege
    Both the users can view the SSIS package under msdb folder but cannot drill down (+ icon) or open the package. Can any one help me on this?

    now another issue raised. The ssis package is encrypted with password. (SQL SERVER 2005=>SSIS => MSDB folder=>package) when i right click the package and try to export the package its prompting for password. But the developer or i dont have idea
    about the password
    Lets be little generous on forums, Dinesh. Katherine made a polite request to share your solution for initial problem for the benefit of community members.  Instead of giving slight hint of the solution, you directly said, "another
    issue". Please be generous and provide the first solution.
    Coming to your another issue:
    First of all without password, it will not be decrypted. What you will have to do is, while exporting say cancel (when prompted for password) and save it to the file system. Then launch BIDS and add it to the new project. All the sensitive info will be lost.
    If it is small to medium size package, you may end up creating it from scratch.
    Thanks, hsbal

  • Cannot drill down from 2nd lowest level to lowest level of hierarchy

    In my item master hierarchy, I cannot drill down from the 2nd lowest level (Product Class) to the lowest level (Item Detail).
    When I add another level between these 2 levels, then I can drill down from Product Class to this new level, but I cannot drill down from this new level to the lowest level.
    Also, if I set the preferred drill path at any level to drill down to the lowest level, it instead drills down to next level down intead of of drilling to the lowest level.
    Any thoughts as to why I would not be able to drill to the lowest level of this hierarchy?

    OK, next check, any security in place on the presentation columns which would make the lowest level column unavailable to the user account?
    Are you running the report as Administrator?

  • SQL Developer 4.0 EA2 -- Cannot use OpenLDAP with LDAP connect option

    I've got OpenLDAP setup to work with my Oracle clients, to serve up TNS connect strings, in lieu of having tnsnames.ora files scattered about hundreds of servers.
    This is working fine with 10g/11g, both full and instant clients, no problem.
    Now, I'm trying to configure SQL Developer 4.0 EA2 working with it, as well.
    When I attempt to do so, I'm able to select the "LDAP" option in "Connection Type", and the "LDAP Server" drop down list is correctly populated with my LDAP server, from ldap.ora.
    However, when I select it, I get the following error:
    Status : Failure -[LDAP: error code 32 - No Such Object]
    Now, I've done some research, and I monitored the slapd.log file, which shows me the following:
    Sep 18 02:43:35 einstein slapd[2779]: conn=1034 fd=16 ACCEPT from IP= (IP=
    Sep 18 02:43:35 einstein slapd[2779]: conn=1034 op=0 BIND dn="" method=128
    Sep 18 02:43:35 einstein slapd[2779]: conn=1034 op=0 RESULT tag=97 err=0 text=
    Sep 18 02:43:35 einstein slapd[2779]: conn=1034 op=1 SRCH base="" scope=2 deref=0 filter="(objectClass=orclContext)"
    Sep 18 02:43:35 einstein slapd[2779]: conn=1034 op=1 SEARCH RESULT tag=101 err=32 nentries=0 text=
    Sep 18 02:43:35 einstein slapd[2779]: conn=1034 op=2 UNBIND
    Sep 18 02:43:35 einstein slapd[2779]: conn=1034 fd=16 closed
    Which is a lot more detail, but reflects the corresponding error code, (32 - No Such Object).
    After doing some testing with ldapsearch, I've been able to replicate what SQL Developer is doing, and get the exact same error.
    That ldapsearch command is:
    ldapsearch -h einstein -p 389 -c -x -D "" -b "" "(objectClass=orclContext)"
    Looking in the slapd.log file, I find an identical error to what is produced from SQL Developer.
    Further, the query that SQL Developer wants to do can be successfully done with the following ldapsearch:
    ldapsearch -h einstein -p 389 -c -x -D "" -b "dc=proquest,dc=com" "(objectClass=orclContext)"
    So, it seems the problem is with the fact that SQL Developer is not supplying a search base.
    I'm no LDAP expert, and I'm really not sure where to turn next....
    Is there a SQL Developer option that allows me to set that search base?  Is there a configuration I'm missing on the LDAP server configuration?

    Well, that didn't take long.  I managed to find a solution to the problem.
    It comes down to the fact that SQL Developer doesn't supply a search base, and my LDAP server didn't have a default search base defined.
    When I edited slapd.conf (the OpenLDAP config file) and added a "defaultsearchbase" parameter, and bounced the LDAP server, everything started to work.
    I now have a working configuration with OpenLDAP and SQL Developer.
    I'll mark this discussion as closed.

  • Line Chart cannot drill down on legends and lines

    I am doing a drill down Group report which will show the Sum of Last year's Sales By Country, State and city over a period of time(by date) for throughout the year 2007. Every group will have a line chart with Data title as Sum of Last year's Sales ($), Group Title as Date and legends displaying countries (or states or cities) as USA,UK,Australia. etc.. I have same sort of line chart for State and City as well. So, I got 3 levels of groups with a line-chart displayed in every group level.
    Now, the problem is my drill down would not work on chart lines or legends as it would do for a 2-dimensional data chart like a bar-chart or pie-chart. In the Chart Expert->Data->Layout:Group ->in the On Change Of event selection I am able to specify either Sales.Country (or) Sales.country and Sales.Sales.State. Both options would not let me get the correct linechart with correct data and drill-down working as well.
    The only work-around i got is to display the line chart with legends and showing the Country(or State or City) names in a field in the Group Footer. The drilling will work on those fields, but not on the legends or lines of the line chart. This make my report showing the Country names twice once on legend (with no drill-down) and once on group-footer(with drilling ability to groups below) which is untidy.
    Have anyone tried to make a drill-down crystal report on a 3-dimensional data like this? The World Sales report in Crystal reports C:\Program...\BO\Samples\General Business\World Sales Report is the best example of how i would like to see my charts to drill down. However, they drill down across a 2-dimensional data. I am publishing this Crystal Reports in Business Objects Infoview.

    Please re-post if this is still an issue


    i need to develop report painter report with drill down for cost elments and month wise
    out should be cost elements and all months
    Please suggest how to use drill down
    Thanks and Regards

    Along these same lines. I have a user that cannot drill down into a drill down report. Let me clarify. This  report does have drill down capability as some people can drill down into it but others cannot. If a user has authorization to run a report via GRR3. When they click on an item to drill down they do not get an authorization error statement, all they get is a statment that says "list contains no data". Any ideas why some can drill down and some can't? Thanks

  • FS10N and drill down to FBL3N

    Hi all,
    When display FS10N, only showing figure for balance carry fwd, Jan 07 until Mac 07. Drill down for these period is fine.
    but starting April 07, no figure displayed and cannot drill down.
    how to update GLT0? or need to run other program?
    this is for balance sheet GL account & currently using ECC6.
    thanks in advance.

    Please Deactivate the table GLT0
    SPRO-FA-****-TOOLS-Deactivate Update of Classic General Ledger (GLT0)
    For ECC6 we used different table For G/L accout

  • SQL Developer Error when connecting to Listener on Glassfish

    I am having some issues with connecting to Apex Listener via SQL Developer. I get "cannot connect to connection" when I attempt to connect.
    I do get apex pages (when I use the Glassfish default port - it doesn't seem to take the specified port which is defined as 7788 in the apex.properties at the config.dir location).
    I have defined the user via the war config (which is written to the credentials file), and added the users under default config > file realm in Glassfish.
    I wonder if anyone has had a similar issue?
    I am using the following:
    Apex Listener
    SQL Dev 3.2.09
    Edited by: Steve_Macleod on May 24, 2013 2:42 PM
    Edited by: Steve_Macleod on May 24, 2013 2:57 PM

    Steve_Macleod wrote:
    I am having some issues with connecting to Apex Listener via SQL Developer. I get "cannot connect to connection" when I attempt to connect.
    I do get apex pages (when I use the Glassfish default port - it doesn't seem to take the specified port which is defined as 7788 in the apex.properties at the config.dir location). The port specified in apex.properties is only used by Standalone Mode, the port that GlassFish uses is configured by GlassFish, not Listener.
    I have defined the user via the war config (which is written to the credentials file), and added the users under default config > file realm in Glassfish.You only need to do the former, doing the latter should have no effect, I would remove the user in the GlassFish file realm, to avoid causing confusion.
    I wonder if anyone has had a similar issue?
    Ensure you have spelt the role name correctly when setting up the user, any typos (it is case sensitive) and it won't match the role, and will therefore refuse access.
    You have disabled SSL verfication as well? (If you are not using SSL)
    If neither of those work, try turning on logging in the Listener to see if the request is even reaching Listener (It sounds like it's not even connecting TBH).
    I am using the following:
    Apex Listener
    SQL Dev 3.2.09
    Edited by: Steve_Macleod on May 24, 2013 2:42 PM
    Edited by: Steve_Macleod on May 24, 2013 2:57 PM

  • Double click to open .sql files with sql developer on mac osx

    I am trying to double click a .sql file and open it with SQL Developer on Mac OSX lion. I have associated .sql files to SQL Developer. On clicking the file it opens the SQL developer application but does not open the actual .sql file. Any ideas?

    Did you find any solution to your problem ? My SQL Developer worked fine and could open additional SQL files. Now it only opens the first one when starting SQL Developer. Additionnal files cannot be opened. Even running sqldeveloper.exe from command line with a SQL file as parameter doesn't help.
    I'm on Windows 7, 64 bit, but the environment may not necessarily be the cause.
    -- Alwin

  • Screen refresh issue with SQL Developer 1.5.5 on Vista 64 bit

    I am using the latest version of SQL Developer.
    I have screen refresh issues in sql developer. On scrolling up and down the display gets jumbled, some time screen do not display at all. Its making working with SQL Developer very difficult. I don't have such an issue with any of my other editors.
    Is this something specific to Vista? Is there any know solution to this issue.
    Edited by: user5899685 on Sep 1, 2009 11:14 AM

    Specific? Not really, but judging from the posts here Vista is more prone. It usually indicates incompatibility between Java and video drivers.
    If updating your JDK or video driver doesn't work or isn't an option, just disabling DirectDraw in \sqldeveloper\bin\sqldeveloper.conf usually works too:
    AddVMOption -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=trueHope that helps,

  • Drill Down when data is coming from a query

    Hello experts,
    I have one question regarding the drill down functionality. For sake of simplicity, let's assume we are working on a pie chart.
    i) Data is coming from a query (via the universe).
    ii) The data source is really the query itself, it is not coming from the excel sheet. In other words, the query is not first copied to the excel sheet and then fed to the pie chart. Pie chart directly uses the query binding.
    ii) When a slice in the pie is clicked, I want to copy that slice's information into a cell (basically the drill-down functionality).
    I wasn't able to achieve this functionality.  I think the problem is the 'source data' field in the 'insertion' tab. I select 'Row' as my insertion type and I also select a destination. However, when it comes to selecting 'source data' I have nowhere to point to since my source data is the query (query binding is not an option here). So, since I have no real source data, I cannot drill down and copy the values to the destination cell.
    The workaround is to copy the query data into excel first, but I don't that is an elegant solution. Is there any other way to achieve this?

    Hello David,
    You confirm that mapping the whole column would be an option, right?
    Here is why I asked this question: Let's assume I have a dashboard that displays the types of encounters in a hospital. Some examples of encounter types are: emergency, elective, newborn, etc... Currently, in the database, there is data for these 3 types. So, the dashboard contains a pie chart and each slice corresponds to the number of visits by patients for this encounter type (e.g. 450 emergency encounters, 9900 elective encounters and 32 newborn encounters).
    Tomorrow, a new encounter type could take place in the hospital and this of course has to be reflected in the dashboard. If I make the assumption that there are only 3 encounter types, then the dasboard would be missing information. So, in this case, should I be mapping the whole column to the pie chart?

  • Web analysis drill down problem

    I have a problem in web analysis. I am using EPM 11.1. Strangely, in customer dimension become not to drill down to level 0 without giving any problem. normally I can drill down customer dim. I have 4 level and in level 3 I can drill down, level 2 I can drill down, but in level 1 I cannot drill down to level 0. strangely not only the one cube that customer have, all the cubes that customer have has the same problem.
    Has anyone have any idea?

    Just check with your (essbase)administrator has set any security filters to the users having this problem
    - Natesh

  • How to start or shut down database using sql developer in windows

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    how we start or shut down database using sql developer in windows
    we are using oracle 11g release2, unix, java & oracle oracle weblogic administration
    Thanks & Regards
    Manish Kumar
    Datbase Team
    TCS Ltd.

    HI, Welcome to OTN form,
    SHUTDOWN is not a SQL statement but a SQL*Plus command . You cannot use SHUTDOWN in PL/SQL.
    Check following link:
    More Information please check OTN discussion: https://forums.oracle.com/thread/2349159
    Thank you

  • SQL Developer shuts down

    Installed a fresh copy of SQL Developer with JDK. I successfully open it and am able to test the connection from connection set up screen. After clicking on a plus next to a connection icon my SQL Developer shuts down. I can successfully navigate a DB from SQL Plus.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    found the solution to this problem in another thread. Credit to jayantp. Thanks.
    Posts: 51
    Registered: 1/4/99
    Re: SQL Developer 1.1 : cannot connect to database
    Posted: Dec 8, 2006 1:17 PM in response to: jayantp Reply
    After wating for a while, I downloaded 3rd evaluation release( Still same issue. But this time, I got it working by copying
    ojdbc14.jar and
    into sqldeveloper\jdbc\lib directory from 10.2 client jdbc/lib directory.
    With this, now the SQLDeveloper doesnot crash, and I can continue working.
    Hopefully, in next evaluation release, the error gets fixed, because, I donot know, while this copying files fixed the crashing error, what other side-effect it will cause?

  • Cannot see table in sql developer or sql plus

    I have created a record in application designer. I have then built the table. I can close the record and then find it again in application designer. But if I go to sql plus or sql developer, I cannot see it. Am I missing a step?

    You probably can see all the tables of sysadm because someone else give you proper grant for that on existing sysadm's objects.
    For the new or modified object (drop+create) you should :
    1. connect as sysadm and run
    grant select on new_table_name to your_own_user;2. connect with your own user and run
    create synonym new_table_name for sysadm.new_table_name;Then you'll be able to query that table without using schema name alias.
    Some admin have also a ddl trigger to make it automatically.
    You could also work through a role and public synonym if more than one user needs to access sysadm's objects.

Maybe you are looking for

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