SQL Developer 3.1.07 does not show a Tables entry under the Navigator

Installed SQL Developer 3.1.07. Under my Connections window, I log into the SYSTEM account. There is NO tables entry. SYSTEM has access to all tables in the database. It's the same behavior for other database users as well.
I re-installed SQL Developer 3.0.04 and a Tables entry DOES appear for the same SYSTEM user connected to the same database.

Hi J,
I was under the impression that regardless of the Java version that my environment variables are setup to use,
the installation of SQL Developer (when you install with a JDK), that the JDK version installed with SQL Developer
is the one that is used.Exactly correct, unless you decide to override it in the conf file. I needed to be certain you did not.
Anyway, trying to resolve the problem, let's go back to a possibility that something went wrong with the migration of your preference settings. Here is an old thread discussing a missing Tables node in the Connection view (sometimes called the navigator tree):
Table node missing from navigator tree in 3.0.04
The poster had to rename the system directory containing these settings, then ignore the offer to migrate settings upon starting up SQL Developer again. If you never migrated settings in the first place, then I'm not sure what more to say -- probably would require additional research here in the forum. But if you did migrate settings, then try the following:
1. Export your connections (Connections node | right-click | Export Connections...)
2. Exit SQL Developer
3. Rename the directory to something else
4. Restart SQL Developer
5. Import your connections
That directory on my Windows 7 machine for the current production release is something like:
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\SQL Developer\system3.1.07.42
Hope this helps,

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    I have downloaded SQL Developer 2.1 and installed it in a different folder with the option to import connection definitions from the previous version (1.5). However, when using [Quick Migration], the connections do not appear in the dropdown. Even if a new one is created...
    Does anyone know if there is a workaround ?....
    Thank you.

    Hi Boris,
    I see the confusion.
    SQL Developer "Migration" features relate to non Oracle databases, like Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, ...
    So Quick Migrate allows you to choose a non Oracle database (connection) to migrate to Oracle.
    Moving from Oracle 10g to Oracle 11g is really a Upgrade, although sometimes the word migration is used to confuse everyone :)
    If you a upgrading an Oracle Application to Oracle 11g then there would be a specific process, check otn for this.
    If you are upgrading your own Oracle database to Oracle 11g, then there are a number of ways.
    SQL Developer itself has a Database Copy and Database Export.
    Have a read of the doc to see which one suits.
    SQL Developer Team

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    Regards !

    Add the following method in your ViewRowImpl base class:
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    Export that method to the Row Client interface, add him to the pageDef, and invoke in the executables section of the pageDef:
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    Hi Lianne Plant,
    You may check: Journal Ref2 field : AP credit note

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