SRM Material master search with Old material number or Manufacturing Part Number

We have requirement to search SRM material with ECC old material number or  Manufacturing Part Number. Is it possible to enable this option in SRM.
We are implementing SAP SRM 7.02.

Hi Madhan,
The quick win can be to amend product search help to do RFC to ECC for old mat number.

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  • Asset Report with old Asset Number in the Second description text field

    I have a requirement for a report in the Asset accounting.
    User wants a report where in he can see the asset details with the legacy asset number which is entered in the second description field in the Asset Master.  I executed the available reports and could not find one like that.  Please help me out.

    You have the option to ad this field to the reporting stucture.
    Wy you have ased this field and not the fields in the tab origin for old asset number?
    For extra fields in the asset see the Wiki
    for all the wiki's from asset accounting go to the link:

  • Search contract by supplying vendor or manufacture part number

    We have a requirement to keep manufacturer vendor and manufacture part
    number on purchase order.
    Vendor (purchasing): 1000010
    Vendors (Manufacturer): AAA, BBB
    Internal Material number: 71000010
    Manufacturer part number: 61000001 (AAA), 61000002(BBB)
    two contracts for 1000010, one with supplying vendor AAA, the other is
    with BBB.
    However, when trying to create a PO(ME21N), contracts can not be
    searched by supplying vendors.  If search by internal material number,
    both contracts show up and user can't tell the difference because they
    don't show manufacturer part number or supplying vendor.  Pls advice. 

    You can search your caontract by internal number and than in the document overview you can change the layout which can show the MPN mateiral number
    so based on the MPN material use rcan select the appropriate contract
    send me your mail to this forum and i will send you the scrren shot

  • Vendor Master report with address, telephone number & email ID

    Dear All,
    Kindly provide to me T Code for Vendor master report along with vendor address,Telephone number & email ID.

    Hi Rajesh .... in case customer require specific information, you can also try using sap queries (trust me it is not as difficult as it sounds but the results are just great ;-):
    Table SZA1_D0100 have the following fields
    For address check table ADDR1_DATA
    Common join should be Vendor among these 2 tables
    Hope this helps !!!
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  • Unable to activate Quicktime Pro with old registration number

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    Well I had previously had copied the registration number and pasted it and thought I could type my name correctly but something was different when I copied and pasted both as it now works. thanks

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    Why would there be any difference in iphones made after Sept 30?
    There is no reason to believe that there is anything different about the iphone made before and after this date.
    I really see no need to be concerned at all.

  • Match Code Or Trick for Old Article Number

    Hello Retail Expert,
                                  Can anybody know match-code or Shortcut to enter Article Display screen (TA MM43) directly with old Article number?
    My business people dont want to go through search help. They have always worked with Old Article Number or EAN. To enter with EAN directly I found it (i.e. (=n.) then EAN no.) but its not enough becuase only store work with EAN but DC people work with only Article number( which is now in SAP as Old article no).  I can enter Article Master Data over search help using Old Article Number. If anybody know such kind of Match code or tricks, please do let me know.
    Or any other suggestion are welcome.
    Thank you all in advance.

    Hi, You are almost right with your idea. If you access the "!Matchcode" button next to your article number field, then you will get a huge list for selection incl. the "hot keys" (e.g. N for EAN) For the old article number, the related hot key is "A".
    If you now use the hot key A in this way (is for all hot keys the same logic) =A.xxxxx (xxxxx stands for the old article number) the systemwill convert the value into the actual article number io enter the article master data.
    To sum up, guys in the Store should use =N. whereas guys in the DC are using =A.
    If you might use a scanner, the scanner could defaulted with this "hot keys" in oder to speed up the access.

  • Reprinting check with same check number

    How to reprint the check with same check number. In transaction FCH7, I am able to reprint the check but it gives another check number. Is there another transaction code to reprint the same check with the same check number

    Hello Sheena,
    please disregard the last answer, that works for SAP Business One...
    For your situation:
    If you reprint checks with transaction FCH7, you need to void the
    previous check (with a void reason) and afterwards the system would
    assign a new check number.
    However, if you do it through transaction FBZ5 (print form for Payment
    Document), the system will ask you, if you would like to print an
    existing check number or would like to get a new check number assigned
    (Check -> print->"Check information already exists.
    Reprint old check number or assign new check number?" => print with old
    check number).
    As per you comments, I assume that the second option (via transaction
    FBZ5), is the way you should use to reprint checks without getting
    a new check number assigned.
    Sorry for the confusion...

  • Old material number - Field in Basic Data 1 View Material Master

    Hai Techies,
    We have a field called old material number - MARA-BISMT in material master basic data 1 view. Is that field is just for reference of old material or does it have any effects in the SAP MM when using the material for purchasing or in BOM or so on.
    Could any one please highlight me the consequences of using this field to refer a old material number for the new number created.
    Thanking you in advance.

    Hello Kris,
    Number under which you have managed the material so far or still manage it,
    for example, in another system or in a card index.
    You can use the old material number to systematically search for material
    master records via matchcodes.
    Your understanding for the use of this field is correct.

  • Stock Uploading with respect to Old Material Number of Legacy System

    Hi Experts,
    Need Your valuable Inputs,
    As we are Going Go-Live in ECC6.0
    As we have already Uploaded Material Master with the New Material Number (Internal Number Range generated by system )   Material Type, Valuation Class and Moving average indicator and related Fields in Material Master in ECC 6.0.with respect to old material number of Legacy system,
    Now we need to Upload the Stocks and Values with respect to Old Material Number by Using 561 Movement Type in the New system of ECC 6.0 , This New material number and old material number Stock and its Values should match in the New ECC 6.0 . 
    As from the Old Legacy system we have only Old Material Number, Description and its stock, Value, How can we Upload the Stock with respect to Old Material Number ?
    Kindly assist your Inputs.
    Best Regards
    Javeed Ahamed

    you have to have a mapping from old number to new number.
    you can either do it already in your source or you find the number in SAP itself with an ABAP command.
    Usually the old material number is stored in field MARA-BISMT
    if you want add the number in the source, assuming its Excel, then you you can download via SE16 from MARA just 2 fields: MATNR and BISMT. in Excel you can then use the formula VLOOKUP to get the MATNR by looking it up with old number.
    if you are a little familiar with ABAP, and you load stocks by using LSMW, then you can easily get the new material number by adding an ABAP statement to find a material number by old number
    select single  MATNR from mara into wa_MATNR
    where BISMT = oldmaterial.

  • Use material number with profile serial number in SRM

    I created a material number in the back-end and I transfered it to the
    After creating and approving the PO with that material number, I tried to
    create a confirmation in the SRM and I got the error message:
    "Maintain serial numbers for total quantity".
    I do not have an a suitable field in the SRM.
    Please advice.
    Best Regards
    Eyal Weinreb

    check it up in ECC.
    even if you do MIGO, you will get same erro message.
    Note 1278707 - BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE: Message M7 175 during goods receipt
    You are using BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE to perform a goods receipt posting for a subcontracting purchase order where the materials being received are serial number managed. The BAPI incorrectly returns the error message M7 175 (Maintain serial numbers for total quantity) even though the correct number of serial numbers are being passed over in the parameter table GOODSMVT_SERIALNUMBER. This error also occurs when the serial numbers should be automatically created during the goods receipt posting (controlled by the field SERIALNO_AUTO_NUMBERASSIGNMENT in the table GOODSMVT_ITEM).
    Note 1337306 - Goods receipt for stock transport order with serial numbers
    In transaction MIGO, you post a goods receipt for stock transport orders for a material with serial number requirement and the system issues error message M7 175: "Maintain serial numbers for total quantity". On the "Serial Numbers" tab page, all you are told is that the item is not relevant for serial numbers. You are therefore unable to maintain serial numbers, even though there is a serial number requirement for this transaction/event. You can post the goods receipt in transaction MB01.
    IEN                    166     Maintain serial numbers for total quantity
    M7                     175     Maintain serial numbers for total quantity

  • List of material number with PO text from material master

    I want to get a list of materials number with PO text from material master. Can anybody help ?

    The purchase order texts maintained in the material master are stored
    as SAPScript text files in tables STXH (header) and STXL (lines). For
    material master records:
    Field TDNAME = material number (MARA-MATNR).
    So you should be able to write a small report to extract the data.

  • Material number suffixing with ! for some material in material master

    Hi Friends,
      We have uploaded  material master data with BDC . but for some of materials contain ! sign at the end of the material number. Means , at the 18th charecter ! is appearing. but it does not appear in mm03 while displaying. and even while finding it from MARA if we put material number   without ! sign then we can possible to get that material. and it does not allow us to crate material with same material number withought ! sign.
    But if while creating material if we put material with ! at the 18th charecter it creates material with ! sign but while searchig from MARA if you dont put ! sign with material number we can not  get that material as output and if we create other material without ! sign it allows to create the material.
    Please can you tell me what is the reson why ! is getting added at the end of material number ... do any1 of you have faced the same kind of situation and found for what reason it is coming....
    Thanks & Regards.

    This is due to config. In our case whenever we enter 8 digit number for Eg:
    12345678 material will be created as 1234.5678 a dot will appear after every 4 digits.
    But when we actually look at mara we wont find the dot (.) .
    We can do this by config by setting perfix and sufix to the material number. actually these characters will not be stored in DB.
    It will be shown in output when the function module CONV_EXIT_MATN1_OUTPUT runs.
    check config in OMSL transaction.
    In TMCNV table check field TEMPLATE it will have the template how the material number should be in our case its ____.____
    Your case might be ________________!
    Shanmugavel chandrasekaran.
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  • Identification of old material number at plant level

    Dear All,
    We are implementing SAP for  two hospitals. In legacy system each hospital as its own material master and material number. Now in SAP each hospital we are treating as a plant. These two plants are assigned to one company code.
    So it means that there will be one unique material number for two hospitals. Now business wants their old material number (which is maintained differently for two Hospitals) at plant level in search functionality
    How can I achieve with material master

    create a class "OLDMAT" for old material number with CL03 for class type 001
    define a characteristic for old material number for each plant  with CT04 and assign it to the class  (can as well be done from within CL03). name it e.g. OLDMXXXX (XXXX = plant number)
    in MM01 select classification view and add the class. after you hit enter you get the fields to add the old material numbers
    Standard F4 help for a material number allows then to search for a material number by classification.

  • Report to find a material by a mfr part number and old material number

    Is there any standard report to find a material by a mfr part number and old material number ?
    For the moment, we are using MM03 to search articles by these selection criterion.
    Julien Girard

    As there is no stsndard report use the SQVI to find out the details, It is very simple , please follwo the below steps.
    Use Txn SQVI, enter the Quick view field say- ZMNFR and click the  create button, Enter the title in the next screen i.e Report name- Say - Manufacturer's Part No. Details, in the same screen you need to enter  MARA  for the data from table/database view, please leave the 1. data source as Table only and the radio button as Basis mode only.  Click the tick mark , you will go to the next screen,
    You will notice Quick viewer Intial screen
    Open the node general material data
    Select the Buttons besides the fields MARA-MATNR for material number, MARA-MFRPN for manufacturers part number, and MARA-BISMT for old material number. You can include any other field if you wish to have in your output. You will notice two check boxes against each field, one is for input screen field and the other is for outputf field. But currently you do not bother about and select both the check boxes or any other field you wish to have as input and output as well. Once selected all the fields afer clicking the check boxes save the total arrangement. and then in the same screen use the execute button or use F8 to find out your report input screen.
    Now enter the Material number for which you wish to know other two details in the report and execute again you will find the report output.
    Please ensure that you are maintaining both the details in material master basic data1 and purchasing  view if you wish to get  out output
    Best regards
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