SSH connection through the Homehub

I'm unsure if this is the correct thread. Sorry if it isn't.
Basically I'm trying to turn off the BTHOMEHUB2's SSH server its hosting. I have an SSH server running on my home network which is facing the internet. At the moment it is setup to use a non standard port and I use port forwarding on the home hub to make it all work. The problem is I need to use port 22 and it is already being used. I cannot see what possible reason there is to have port 22 filtered on the home hub.
 Is there a way to turn this off so it can be used by my SSH server instead?
The only reason I'm curious if this can be done is because the BTHOMEHUB gives me the option to port forward SSH from port 22 as a preset application in the port forwarding options. So it must expect I can use port 22.
Thank you in advance for your help

Just as an alternative idea, it might be easier (and indeed partially more secure) if you were to change the port that your SSH server is using and have the hub port forward that port instead.

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    Yes, you can upgrade the firmware without an Internet connection.
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    Next, power down your entire network.
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    10) Open your browser and point it to This will take you to your router's login page. Leave the user name blank, and in the password field, enter "admin" (with no quotes). This will take you to your router setup page. Note the version number of your firmware (usually listed near upper right corner of screen). Exit your browser.
    If you get this far without problems, try the setup disk (or setup the router manually, if you prefer), and see if you can get your router setup and working.
    If you cannot get "Reply from ..." in step 9 above, your router is likely dead. Report back with this problem
    If you get a reply in step 9, but cannot complete step 10, then either your router is dead or the firmware is corrupt. Report back with this problem.
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    Please let me know how things turn out for you.

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    1. Checks the existence of a backend admin user ID/password in the system properties.
    2. Checks the existence of a default alias for the system.
    3. Checks the DQE connection.
    1. Backend admin user ID and password exist in the system properties.
    2. Default alias of the system exists.
    3. DQE connection failed. The system is currently being loaded. Please wait and try again.
    I re-entered admin id and password in DQE properties as per OSS note 761753.
    Still I am getting the same error.

    I did all steps mentioned by you.
    Still my issue is not resolved...

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    I  have a MacBook Pro and all of a sudden  I cannot get wireless internet connectivity to my router or any other router, I get connectivity through the ethernet port but not wireless. This was working well till this morning

    BXB1905 wrote:
    I tried the Apple diagnostics it did not work.
    What do you mean it did not work!  What were the results of the diagnostic tests?
    Have you contacted your ISP to determine if the problem is on their end?  
    Have you changed your router channel?  Sometimes this resolves wireless problems.
    Your profile confirms you are using Lion.  Check out the following: 
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    Ok, so are you saying that your Internet is or isn't working?  Does it work if you plug your computer directly into your computer and bypass the router (make sure you power cycle the modem when you do this)?  If it is working this way, then a new modem isn't going to solve a problem with your Internet not working.  If it is going slow (try running a speedtest) then you need to call your phone company to have them take a look at why your Internet is slow.  If it runs fine this way and then slows back down when you go back through your router there is something else going on.  Try unplugging both the modem and the router, let the modem fully sign back in and connect to the Internet, after it gets signed in, plug your router in, and then after it boots up fully, try running the speedtest again...See if that helps any?  Sometimes it's just an IP conflict that happens when the dynamic IP that is assigned by your Internet Service Provider changes and the change doesn't flow smoothly.

  • Error while testing Driver connection Through The EnterPrise Manager

    Hi -
    I am using OAS 10.1.3v for my application.I am using both SQL Server 2000 JDBC driver and Oracle JDBC driver for my application. I am encountering problems due to SQL Server 2000 JDBC driver.
    I tried testing for connectivity for SQL driver through the enterprise manager.(on the em console, inside home/administration/JDBC resources ). I am getting the following error :
    Unable to create :
    Missing class: Dependent class: oracle.oc4j.sql.config.DataSourceConfigUtils Loader: oc4j:10.1.3 Code-Source: /E:/product/ Configuration: in META-INF/boot.xml in E:\product\\OracleAS_1\j2ee\home\oc4j.jar This load was initiated at ascontrol.web.ascontrol:0.0.0 using the Class.forName() method. The missing class is available from the following locations: 1. Code-Source: /E:/product/ (from in /E:/product/ This code-source is available in loader global.libraries:1.0. This shared-library can be imported by the "ascontrol" application
    I tried adding mssqlserver.jar to the shared library.Still, i got the same error.
    The connection which i am trying to test, has the following entry in the data-sources.xml :
    <connection-pool name="BPELPM_CONNECTION_POOL1" max-connections="30">
         <connection-factory factory-class="" user="sa" password="" url="jdbc:microsoft:sqlserver://localhost:1433;databaseName=WE411;selectMethod=cursor" commit-record-table-name=""/>
         <managed-data-source connection-pool-name="BPELPM_CONNECTION_POOL1" jndi-name="jdbc/ExpressJDBCDataSource" name="ExpressJDBCDataSource"/>
    I also tried with native-data-source option in the data-source.xml without a connection pool like -
    description="Native DataSource"
    url="jdbc:microsoft:sqlserver://localhost:1433;databaseName=WE411 ;selectMethod=cursor ">
    I am getting the same error as above.
    Has anybody encountered a similiar problem ?
    A related post that was posted by me is :
    SQL Server Driver Problem in Oracle Application Server 10.1.3 data-sources

    thank you very much for your help. for update server's full name, may I put the mapping values  into host file in the format of  <ip address> <hostname.domain name> <hostname>, do you think it is OK?
    in the second blog you suggest there is something about Server port(please refer to the following):
    in the window machine, there should be an entry like sapms<SAP System ID> , can you please give me a full example:
    let's say my system ID is EC1,  so it would be sapmsEC1  8000/tcp, right ?
    Here you have to enter the port of your application server. By default this is 80<SAP System ID>. But your basis administrator can modify this setting, thatu2019s why you should check it in the transaction SMICM (Goto -> Parameters -> Display). For example the IBSolution Development System Erinome the port is 8000.
    You can also have a look into your services file on your machine. If you have a windows machine then the file exists e.g. here C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\services
    In this file you should search a entry like sapms<SAP System ID>.
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  • Very slow queries when connecting through the listener in Oracle

    I have a 10g database with a little table (2 columns, 9 rows).
    When i connect to the db through the listener (sqlplus system/[email protected]) and run this query : select * from table, the execution time is about 500ms
    When i connect to the db by setting the ORACLE_SID to SID (export ORACLE_SID=SID; sqlplus system/manager) and run the same query, it's 10x faster ...
    The listener is : TNSLSNR for Solaris: Version - Production
    The database is : Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
    Any ideas ?
    Thanks ... (i'm a newbie in oracle and in english ... so excuse me in advance)
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    steve80lyon wrote:
    i didn't activate wait tracing ... that's done : now i get this when running through TCP/IP connection
    PARSING IN CURSOR #5 len=70 dep=0 uid=5 oct=3 lid=5 tim=1038452661888 hv=3805331552 ad='8fa8e228'
    PARSE #5:c=260000,e=300749,p=10,cr=1047,cu=0,mis=1,r=0,dep=0,og=4,tim=1038452661879
    EXEC #5:c=0,e=84,p=0,cr=0,cu=0,mis=0,r=0,dep=0,og=4,tim=1038452662120
    WAIT #5: nam='SQL*Net message to client' ela= 5 driver id=1952673792 #bytes=1 p3=0 obj#=-1 tim=1038452662202
    WAIT #5: nam='SQL*Net message from client' ela= 50324 driver id=1952673792 #bytes=1 p3=0 obj#=-1 tim=1038452712705
    WAIT #5: nam='SQL*Net message to client' ela= 2 driver id=1952673792 #bytes=1 p3=0 obj#=-1 tim=1038452713043
    FETCH #5:c=0,e=359,p=0,cr=7,cu=0,mis=0,r=9,dep=0,og=4,tim=1038452713153
    WAIT #5: nam='SQL*Net message from client' ela= 1750 driver id=1952673792 #bytes=1 p3=0 obj#=-1 tim=1038452715077
    PARSE #3:c=0,e=23,p=0,cr=0,cu=0,mis=0,r=0,dep=0,og=0,tim=1038452715199And there we see the difference. Notice the WAIT lines, above? They aren't in your previous post, with the bequeath connection.
    I'm re-reading some docs on exactly how to "walk the clock" in reading the above. If you are interested, see if you can find a copy of "Optimizing Oracle Performance" by Cary Milsap. It goes into great detail about how to interpret these traces.
    The "ela" value is the elapsed time of the wait, in micro-seconds (1 ms = 0.000 001 second). Unless I've slipped a decimal position, you have 0.52081 sec (a whisker more than one-half second) in network wait time, that doesn't exist on the bequeath connection. That is your "about 500 milliseconds".
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  • We changed the password on our wireless and now I have interrupted connection through the relay airporter?

    Help.  We changed the password on our airport express and I have no problem connecting to the internet, but I am having a problem connecting through our relay airport express.  My internet connection is slow and my music will only play for a couple of seconds and then it cuts out?  Any suggestions?

    Are both of your AirPort Express Base Stations (AX) the 802.11g or 802.11n model? Do you have the second AX configured to "join" the first's wireless network or to extend it?

  • LMS 4.2 is not releasing SSH connections of the devices

    We have LMS opens SSH sessions to Nexus 5000 devices as part of some jobs.
    These SSH connections are not being released by LMS as soon as jobs are completed, which leads the N5K devices to hang without any way of managing them remotely.
    We see these connections as idle on the nexus devices (which also should kill these sessions, but this is not the issue).
    We have found a known bug:
    LMS Pari jobs are not releasing SSH,telnet connections of the devices
    Telnet/SSH connections are not released by LMS
    Pari collections jobs are not releasing the connections after the Job completed
    This bug is categorized as "2 – severe" and is in "Open (Postponed)" status.
    I have a few questions, if anyone can assist:
    1.) What is the ETA to fix this bug?
    2.) Are there any other known bugs matching what we see (documented public bugs, with bug ID's, internal bugs or even undocumented bugs).
    3.) Is there any released or unreleased (even yet to be tested by TAC) patch we can use that should fix the issue?
    4.) Is there any way to adjust LMS idle timeout of SSH/Telnet sessions (I couldn't find it in the GUI, but maybe there is a way to change this parameter using a perl script or modifying one of LMS properties files)?
    Thanking in advance, Udi Dahan.

    Hello Ehud
    From N5k side we have submitted bug CSCty00044
    Currently there is no fix for it and our debelopment team is catively working on it and investigating the issue in the lab.
    To get ETA for the release I would suggest you reach your account team and check with them how fast fixed release will be available.

  • Slower connection on the Homehub 4

    I bought a homehub 4 which arrived today. I set it up and noticed the speed seems way slower - the BT speed test said about 28/16 down and up, and download speeds reflected this too.  I hooked the old Homehub 3 back up and my speed jumped back up 199/15 on the FTTP speed tester.  The homehub and network icon see my pc connected at 1000mbs on the gigE port on both hubs.
    I'm on the option 3 160/20 FTTP service and connected over ethernet.  Any ideas?

    I decided since I had more time today I'd give it another go, swapped the network cables over and immediately it's working fast on the homehub 4.  I have no idea why, or what could have made it run slower before, but it seems to be working great now..
    Download speedachieved during the test was - 176.77 Mbps
    For your connection, the acceptable range of speedsis 16 Mbps-212.83 Mbps .
    Additional Information:
    IP Profile for your line is - 212.83 Mbps
    Upload speed achieved during the test was - 19.55Mbps
    Additional Information:
    Upstream Rate IP profile on your line is - 20 Mbps
    Utterly confusing, but thanks for the help, I just hope it stays like this

  • How do I link my google contacts if I can't get my gmail to connect through the exchange

    My gmail account which was connected to the exchange and out of nowhere stop working saying that the server has failed. I have tried several things (deleting and resetting up, etc) and can't get it to work. I need to find a way to link my contacts even if I can't get gmail to work.
    Also why did my server fail all of the sudden

    You follow the instructions on google's web site and set up Card-DAV. Google has terminated support for Exchange Active Sync on non-paid gmail accounts.

  • Why does my TV only show the background image on my iMac when connected through the thunderbolt port?

    I connected my iMac to my LCD TV using an HDMI cable and then an adapter to connect to the iMac's thunderbolt port. However, I can only see the wallpaper of my iMac, but not any other application that is open. Could anyone help me resolve this issue?

    The TV is  seen as a second monitor, you need to drag content onto it. Just click this window and drag it to the left and it should appear on the TV. If you want the TV to mirror what you see on  your iMac then you have to tell got to System Preferences - Display - Arrangement tab and click Mirror Displays.

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    My itunes app has disappeared from my iphone and also my app store icon.  How do I get them back?  I have reset the home page 4 times and they do not come back.