SSRS - how to get total by state

Hi, I have a tablix that has employee info listed by state it also has there salary. I am grouped on the state and on the employee and I have totals for the salary at the bottom of the tablix. Now I need to somehow get the total salary by state. How can
I do that?

Hi rqwew,
Just as Visakh and Ione suggested, we always use the steps below to add totals for a group:
In the tablix data region row (column) group area, right-click a cell in the row (column) group area for which you want totals.
Point to Add Total, and then click Before or After.
Then a new row (column) outside the current group is added to the data region, and then a default total is added for each numeric field in the row (column). For more details, please see:
If this issue is still existed, please post the screenshots about your current situation and the expected result. Then we can make further analysis.
Katherine Xiong
Katherine Xiong
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  • How to get total in ALV report in same Internal table?

    Data : Begin of it_data,
            kunnr type kunnr,
            name1 type name1,
            amt1  type btrt01, " CURR 15,2
           end of it_data.
    loop at it_data into wa_data
    Hello friends,
    I am developing one ALV report with 20 rows.
    I have filled one internal table with some fileds like amount.
    I want to get total of all amount1 in AMT1 field.
    So, How to get total of amount in same internal table in ALV report ?
    It is ok if i get duplicate rows in internal table.
    Points 'll be awarded soon.

    Hi Ronny,
    the alv output will display the sum at the last row.
    for this functionality u have do this logic.
    data: lw_fcat type slis_fieldcat_alv.
    data: lt_fcat type slis_t_fieldcat_alv/
    wa_fcat-fieldname = 'AMT1'.
    wa_fcat-tabname = 'ITAB'.
    wa_fcat-do_sum = 'X'.
    append wa_fcat to lt_fcat.
    and then pass it to reuse_alv_grid_display function,
    Santosh Thorat

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    Hi All,
    how to get total number of days , for example if month eq 05 then need to get total number of days until MAY 31.
    and how to get total number of days in a month.
    Thank You,,

    Hi Sridhar,
    Pls Try to search before posting general questions.
    Try this,
          i_datum_bis                   = p_lv_date1
          i_datum_von                   = p_lv_date2
         e_tage                        = p_e_date_difference
         days_method_not_defined       = 1
         OTHERS                        = 2
      IF sy-subrc  0.
    MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
             WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
    Sunil kairam.

  • How to get the previous state of my data after issuing coomit method

    How to get the previous state of some date after issuing commit method in entity bean (It should not use any offline storage )

    Is there any way to get the state apart from using
    offline storage ?As I said the caller keeps a copy in memory.
    Naturally if it is no longer in memory then that is a problem.
    and also what do you mean by auditlog?
    You keep track of every change to the database by keeping the old data. There are three ways:
    1. Each table has a version number/delete flag for each record. A record is never updated nor deleted. Instead a new record is created with a new version number and with the new data.
    2. Each table has a duplicate table which has all of the same columns. When the first table is modified the old data is moved to the duplicate table.
    3. A single table is used which has columns for 'table', 'field', 'data' and 'activity' (update, delete). When a change is made in any table then this table is updated. This is generally of limited useability due to the difficulty in recovering the data.
    All of the above can have a user id, timestamp, and/or additional information which is relevant to the data being changed.
    Note that ALL of this is persisted storage.
    I am not sure what this really has to do with "offline storage" unless you are using that term to refer to backed up data which is not readily available.

  • How to get total of any field in sapscript?

    Hello ,
    i m making sapscript...
    How to get total of any field in sapscript?

    Yes, you can define a variabe in your print program and pass it to the SAPScript.
    Define L_SUM in the Global data.
    Now, in your SAPScript, create a text element in MAIN window
    /E TOTAL
    Total,, &L_SUM&.
    Go through below link

  • How to get total at each hierarchy

    Hello Gurus,
    Does anybody know how to get total at each  level.
    I mean, if I have the following structure...
    Level 1
    Level 2
    Level 3
    Level 4
    Level 5
    At level 5 we have the following calculation
    Volume      Price    Amount(From Formula Volume * price)
    5                 2           10,00
    6                 3           12,00
    7                 4            28,00
    My question is how to get  a sum of (10,00 + 12,00 +28,00 = 50,00) at level 4?
    Thanks in advance.
    With regards,

    Does anybody know how to get total at each level.
    I mean, if I have the following structure...
    Level 1
    Level 2
    Level 3
    Level 4
    Level 5
    At level 5 we have the following calculation
    Volume       Price       Amount(From Formula Volume * price)
    5                     2                 10,00
    6                     3                 12,00
    7                     4                  28,00
    I am getting following results : It is adding volume and price then multiplying volume * price and giving results.
    18                  9                18 * 9 = 162,00
    But I have to get sum of  ( 10,00 + 12,00 +28,00 = 50,00) at level 4.
    My question is how to get a sum of (10,00 + 12,00 +28,00 = 50,00) at level 4?
    With regards,

  • How to get total available RAM

    How to get total available RAM of the system. I used Runtime.getInstance().totalMemory(), it is not giving total memory of the system. I appreciate any help on this pl.

    If there would be any operating system command
    displaying the desired result,
    we could execute it as runtime command and parse the
    But I don't know if such a command exists.
    I tried "mem", but it does not show the value I
    expected.For windows XP the following command (either in the cmd window or executed by Runtime.exec) will provide the physical memory size.
    systeminfo | find "Total Physical Memory"I don't know if it works in other Windows versions.

  • How to get total numbers and total price in query reports

    how to get total numbers and total price in query reports.for example:
    particular item is issued 3 times a week...I need total quantity of item issued
    my query...
    SELECT T0.[DocNum], T1.[ItemCode], T1.[Quantity], T1.[Price] FROM OIGE T0  INNER JOIN IGE1 T1 ON T0.DocEntry = T1.DocEntry WHERE T1.[ItemCode]  Like '%%[%1]%%'  and  T1.[U_WOType]='[%0]'

    Try this:
    SELECT T1.[ItemCode], SUM (T1.[Quantity]) as [Total Quantity], SUM (T1.[Quantity] * T1.[Price]) as [Total Price] FROM OIGE T0  INNER JOIN IGE1 T1 ON T0.DocEntry = T1.DocEntry WHERE T1.[ItemCode]  Like '%%[%1]%%'  and  T1.[U_WOType]='[%0]'
    Group By T1.[ItemCode]

  • How to get total number of licenses

    Hi everyone,
    Who knows how to get the total number of licenses, I am using SBO 2005 PL07+VB.Net. from SDK help file I saw there is a SAP Business One License API, but I cann't find this API from object browse, who knows which file contents the license API.
    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Kathy,
    Since (un-?)fortunately the license server has been moved from DCOM to CORBA, this information is currently obsolete (I still hope we will get this information through the SDK some time in future...).
    As an interim solution you will have to get this information from the B1LicenseFile.txt file through some small application you write (you could have e.g. a service that writes the information you are interested in into some table in some database - and retrieve this information through a SQL statement).

  • How to get totals at top in script????

    Hello Experts,
    I am developing Account Statement script .
    There are many text elements exist in script like 510, 511, ..............580.
    I want totals of debit, credit, opening and closing balance in first text element i.e 510 and in std it is calculated in 540.
    Can you plz tell me how to get this values in 510?
    Plz help me!!
    Thanks & Regards,
    Edited by: PATIL MANISHA on Jul 19, 2010 12:09 PM

    hi ,
    you can collect the final total value into anthore variable in the driver program ,print that into your text element 510 . if you don't want print actuval text element just you can use condition fo aviod that , try this may be it help you.
    Regards ,

  • How to get total number of nodes in a JTree?

    I am trying to get total number of nodes in a JTree, and cannot find a way to do it.
    The current getRowCount() method returns the number of rows that are currently being displayed.
    Is there a way to do this or I am missing something?

    How many nodes does this tree have?
    import java.awt.EventQueue;
    import javax.swing.*;
    import javax.swing.event.TreeModelListener;
    import javax.swing.tree.*;
    public class BigTree {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            EventQueue.invokeLater(new Runnable() {
                public void run() {
                    TreeModel model = new TreeModel() {
                        private String node = "Node!";
                        public void valueForPathChanged(TreePath path,
                                Object newValue) {
                            // not mutable
                        public void removeTreeModelListener(TreeModelListener l) {
                            // not mutable
                        public boolean isLeaf(Object node) {
                            return false;
                        public Object getRoot() {
                            return node;
                        public int getIndexOfChild(Object parent, Object child) {
                            return child == node ? 0 : -1;
                        public int getChildCount(Object parent) {
                            return 1;
                        public Object getChild(Object parent, int index) {
                            return node;
                        public void addTreeModelListener(TreeModelListener l) {
                            // not mutable
                    JFrame frame = new JFrame("Test");
                    frame.getContentPane().add(new JScrollPane(new JTree(model)));
    }But for bounded tree model using DefaultMutableTreeNode look at bread/depth/preorder enumeration methods to walk the entire tree. Or look at the source code for those and adapt them to work with the TreeModel interface.

  • How to get total number of pages from .doc file without using Office interop?

    Kindly help me in getting the total number of pages from a .doc file not .docx file using C#. I know how to get by using Office interop but I do not want to use Office interop.
    So, without office automation in C# let me know how to get the total number of pages from a .doc file.

    Hi Ashok,
    >> I know how to get by using Office interop but I do not want to use Office interop
    Could you tell us why you don't want to use Office interop?
    As far as I know, this is the easiest way to achieve.Hmmm,this is my answer
    Best regards,
    We are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time. Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.
    HERE to participate the survey.

  • How to get total number of result count for particular key on cluster

    My application requirement is client side require only limited number of data for 'Search Key' form total records found in cluster. Also i need 'total number of result count' for that key present on the custer.
    To get subset of record i'm using IndexAwarefilter and returning only limited set each individual node. though i get total number of records present on the individual node, it is not possible to return this count to client form IndexAwarefilter (filter return only Binary set).
    Is there anyway i can get this number (total result size) on client side without returning whole chunk of data?
    Thanks in advance.

    user11100190 wrote:
    Thanks for suggesting a soultion, it works well.
    But apart from the count (cardinality), the client also expects the actual results. In this case, it seems that the filter will be executed twice (once for counting, then once again for generating actual resultset)
    Actually, we need to perform the paging. In order to achieve paging in efficient manner we need that filter returns only the PAGESIZE records and it also returns the total 'count' that meets the criteria.
    If you want to do paging, you can use the LimitFilter class.
    If you want to have paging AND total number of results, then at the moment you have to use two passes if you want to use out-of-the-box features because LimitFilter does not return the total number of results (which by the way may change between two page retrieval).
    What we currently do is, the filter puts the total count in a static variable and but returns only the first N records. The aggregator then clubs these info into a single list and returns to the client. (The List returned by aggregator contains a special entry representing the count).
    This is not really a good idea because if you have more than one user doing this operation then you will have problems storing more than one values in a single static variable and you used a cache service with a thread-pool (thread-count set to larger than one).
    We assume that the aggregator will execute immediately after the filter on the same node, this way aggregator will always read the count set by the filter.
    You can't assume this if you have multiple client threads doing the same kind of filtering operation and you have a thread-pool configured for the cache service.
    Please tell us if our approach will always work, and whether it will be efficient as compared to using Count class which requires executing filter twice.
    No it won't if you used a thread-pool. Also, it might happen that Coherence will execute the filtering and the aggregation from the same client thread multiple times on the same node if some partitions were newly moved to the node which already executed the filtering+aggregation once. I don't know anything which would even prevent this being executed on a separate thread concurrently.
    The following solution may be working, but I can't fully recommend it as it may leak memory depending on how exactly the filtering and aggregation is implemented (if it is possible that a filtering pass is done but the corresponding aggregation is not executed on the node because of some partitions moved away).
    At sending the cache.aggregate(Filter, EntryAggregator) call you should specify a unique key for each such filtering operation to both the filter and the aggregator.
    On the storage node you should have a static HashMap.
    The filter should do the following two steps while being synchronized on the HashMap.
    1. Ensure that a ConcurrentLinkedQueue object exists in a HashMap keyed by that unique key, and
    2. Enqueue the total number count you want to pass to the aggregator into that queue.
    The parallel aggregator should do the following two steps while being synchronized on the HashMap.
    1. Dequeue a single element from the queue, and return it as a partial total count.
    2. If the queue is now empty, then remove it from the HashMap.
    The parallel aggregator should return the popped number as a partial total count as part of the partial result.
    The client side of the parallel aware aggregator should sum the total counts in the partial result.
    Since the enqueueing and dequeueing may be interleaved from multiple threads, it may be possible that the partial total count returned in a result does not correspond to the data in the partial result, so you should not base anything on that assumption.
    Once again, that approach may leak memory based on how Coherence is internally implemented, so I can't recommend this approach but it may work.
    Another thought is that since returning entire cached values from an aggregation is more expensive than filtering (you have to deserialize and reserialize objects), you may still be better off by running a separate count and filter pass from the client, since for that you may not need to deserialize entries at all, so the cost on the server may be lower.
    Best regards,

  • How to get the SQL statement

    I cannot figure how to get the text(SQL statement) from a system view(i guess it is in a system view... but witch??). 'Till now i have the sql_address and the sql_hash_value..
    I know it is possible.. EM does it ... so i should be able to do the same..
    ps:I use 9.2

    v$sql ?

  • MCBZ report how to get total stock qty calculation?

    Dear Guru,
            if i checking one material in Tcode:MMBE having unrestricted stock is 356 & reserved qty is 56. After this when i am executing report MCBZ-- Current stock reqmt list & get Total stock qty is 120 for same material.
    can any one tell me how it is calculated (i.e. Total Stock).
    My requirement is we want to see a report which shows diffrence bewtwwen satfey stock & total stock. so i am using this report, if any othere suggestion then please reply me.
    Best Regards,

           You can see in MD04 t-code here u can find safety stock and inventory stock.

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