SSRS report Excel Export file size is huge

Hello everyone,
I am facing an issue with SSRS report exporting  to Excel.
Issue : Exported file size is too big.
I have a matrix report ( parametrized report ) it fetches data from multiple table.
initially when
1) I select all parameters all values
2) load the report after that
3) exporting to excel
so exported file size was about 10 Mb to 12MB
Now, suddenly from this month exported file size is too big around 62 MB for same data,
I checked on different forums and tried the solutions but it didn't worked,
can anyone please suggest me on this.
My environment is
Visual studio (BIDS) 2008
SQL Server 2008 R2
Excel 2007

Hi UdayKGR,
According to your description, when you export a report into an excel file, the exported file size is too huge. Now you want to reduce the file size. Right?
In this scenario, do you export the report into excel 2003 file? When reports are first exported and saved to Excel 2003, they do not benefit from the file optimization that Excel automatically applies to its *.xls workbook files. The larger file size can
cause problems for e-mail subscriptions and attachments. To reduce the size of the *.xls files for exported reports, open the *.xls files and then resave the workbooks. Resaving the workbooks typically reduces their file sizes by 40 to 50 percent. Also please
try to install the Reporting Services 2008 R2 Service Pack 2 and reduce the merged columns in exported excel file. For more information, please see the links below:
Exporting to Microsoft Excel (Report Builder and SSRS)
regarding the size of exported report from reporting services to excel format
SSRS Export to Excel - Performance
If you have any question, please feel free to ask.
Best Regards,
Simon Hou

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    I getting below in export SSRS report in excel in Sharepoint. Please anyone can help
    Paramesh G

    Hi Paramesh,
    Based on my understanding, you comes across an error when you export the report from SharePoint.
    In your scenario, you should check ULS logs with the Correlation ID to see if anything unexpected occurred. If possible, you can provide the log for our analysis. About how to check the ULS logs, please refer to the articles below:
    SharePoint logging and troubleshooting using ULSViewer
    All About SharePoint 2010 ULS Logging
    If you have any question, please feel free to ask.
    Best regards,
    Qiuyun Yu
    Qiuyun Yu
    TechNet Community Support

  • SSRS Report - Excel Export - Timed Out issue

    Hi All,
    I have a report which has around 10k records. I am getting Timed out error sometimes when I try to export data to excel. But, strangely this happens most of the time. But, sometimes, i am able to download the excel. I have even tried download .csv..its works
    fine (i just tried couple of times).. I have even tried setting the Do not timeout report execution = true and even tried the other option of increasing the report execution timeout.
    Is there any other option in Configuration files that I need to make the changes?
    Kindly help me.

    Hello everyone,
    It seems that we have a similar problem. Our configuration:
    Report server 2008 integrated in SharePoint 2007 on a windows server 2008..
    We have a report that doesn't work when it has to return to much data (when the render time is to long). We get an error in Sharepoint saying 'Unexpected error' when I make a big selection. However, this doesn't happen when I use the same selection for this
    report in the SSRS native mode. The report will render for a couple of minutes then but wil return a result.
    Here is the reportserver log for when I execute the report from the Sharepoint integrated mode:
    Report='/Financien/rsrapporten/budget.rdl', Stream=''
    library!WindowsService_11!1a5c!05/31/2012-10:36:10:: i INFO: Call to CleanBatch()
    library!WindowsService_11!1a5c!05/31/2012-10:36:10:: i INFO: Cleaned 0 batch records, 0 policies, 4 sessions, 0 cache entries, 4 snapshots, 32 chunks, 0 running jobs, 0 persisted streams, 657 segments, 657 segment mappings.
    library!WindowsService_11!1a5c!05/31/2012-10:36:10:: i INFO: Call to CleanBatch() ends
    rshost!rshost!64c!05/31/2012-10:38:52:: e ERROR: WriteCallback(): failed to write in write callback.
    rshost!rshost!64c!05/31/2012-10:38:52:: e ERROR: Failed with win32 error 0x04D4, pipeline=0x000000000E20BD90.
    rshost!rshost!1bc0!05/31/2012-10:38:52:: e ERROR: HttpPipelineCallback::SendResponse(): failed async writing response.
    rshost!rshost!1bc0!05/31/2012-10:38:52:: e ERROR: Failed with win32 error 0x04D4, pipeline=0x000000000E20BD90.
    httpruntime!ReportServer_0-5!1bc0!05/31/2012-10:38:52:: e ERROR: Failed in BaseWorkerRequest::SendHttpResponse(bool), exception=System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x800704D4): The network connection was aborted by the local system. (Exception
    from HRESULT: 0x800704D4)
       at Microsoft.ReportingServices.HostingInterfaces.IRsHttpPipeline.SendResponse(Void* response, Boolean finalWrite, Boolean closeConn)
       at ReportingServicesHttpRuntime.BaseWorkerRequest.SendHttpResponse(Boolean finalFlush)
    library!ReportServer_0-5!1bc0!05/31/2012-10:38:52:: e ERROR: Throwing Microsoft.ReportingServices.Diagnostics.Utilities.ReportServerHttpRuntimeInternalException: An internal or system error occurred in the HTTP Runtime object for application domain ReportServer_MSSQLSERVER_0-5-129829192776500067.
    , RsWorkerRequest::FlushResponse.;
     Info: Microsoft.ReportingServices.Diagnostics.Utilities.ReportServerHttpRuntimeInternalException: An internal or system error occurred in the HTTP Runtime object for application domain ReportServer_MSSQLSERVER_0-5-129829192776500067.  --->
    System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x800704D4): The network connection was aborted by the local system. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800704D4)
       at ReportingServicesHttpRuntime.BaseWorkerRequest.SendHttpResponse(Boolean finalFlush)
       at ReportingServicesHttpRuntime.RsWorkerRequest.FlushResponse(Boolean finalFlush)
    The report is set in Sharepoint to not give a timeout. I even increased the timeout in the web.config for the sharepoint farm.. Does anybody have any idea how to fix this?? BTW, I prefer not to let my users work with the report in native mode (this is a
    workaround, it should work within Sharepoint!).
    Ron Verhoeven

  • How do you freeze the tablix header row in an Excel export file in SSRS 2008?

    So this is totally killing me.
    I've found out how to make a tablix header row repeat on each page of a PDF export file in SSRS 2008 (which I won't even get started on because all I can say is that 2005 is way better), but I cannot figure out how to make a simple header row of a tablix
    freeze in an Excel export file.  The tablix is right at the top of the body and spans the entire width of the design area.  How in the world do you get it to freeze in the Excel export file?

    From your information, I get that you want to freeze the tablix header when view the report in Excel. Please follows
    these steps:
    the header row
    View menu on  top of the toolbar, then you will Freeze Panes
    Select one kind of Freeze based on your requirement.
    This link supplies the detailed steps If you have any concern, please feel free to ask.
    Of course,
    you could utilize the list control to display a certain rows on one sheet, then every sheet in Excel will have one header, the steps are following:
    Drag a list into report body, right-click
    Details in Row Groups panel to select Group Properties….
    Add button, then type in expression =ceiling(RowNumber(nothing)/25)
    in the textbox Note: 25 is just 25 rows per page, you could reset this value based on your requirement.
    Drag the table control into this list control.
    If you want to display every page in every sheet, you could add a page break to the table control in the list.
    Best regards,
    Challen Fu

  • LARGER Exported File sizes

    I recently upgraded to LR V2 (also use PS CS3)
    For some reason my exported file sizes have increased immensely
    Typically I would convert from RAW to TIFF with the following settings:
    11" x 17" print size
    compression: none
    Adobe RGB1998
    16 bit
    resolution 300 DPI
    These files would convert at about 90MB (manageable on my system)
    They are now converting at a whopping 400MB (aging system can't handle this!)
    Is this the new LR V2 standard, is there some setting I need to change?
    Any help greatly appreciated.

    No, you must be doing something wrong there. 300 ppi (NOT DPI!) at 11x17 and 16 bits uncompressed should be 90MB as you can calculate with simple math. If you enable compression (highly recommended for tiffs - it's lossless compression) you should be able to cut that in half.

  • When I narrate my keynote presentation, why is the file size so huge?

    When I narrate my keynote presentation, why is the file size so huge?

    Here are the steps so you can see all the files that make up your Keynote…
    Go to the Finder and find your Keynote file and make sure that it has the .key extension on it. If it doesn't, click it and command i to view info and uncheck the box that says Hide Extension.
    Delete the .key and change to .zip and then click the use .zip in the dialog box that comes up
    Double click the new .zip file and it will change it to a folder
    Open the folder there are the files
    Close the folder and add .key to the end of the name and click Add in the dialog box (this will change it back to a Keynote file)
    You might be able to do this and convert the voice narration to a smaller format.

  • When Export ssrs Report to CSV file runtime filters not working

    The Runtime Filters not working when Export SSRS Report to CSV format

    Hi PatilPriti,
    As for my understanding, the filter worked fine when you preview the report,
    but it did not work when you export the report to CSV format. I tried to export the report to CSV file on my side, and the data was shown as expected. I guess the issue is due to the parameter or filter. please try to export to Excel format to test again
    and make sure you created the filter correctly. Please refer to the following
    blog about how to add a filter in SSRS:
    If the problem is not resolved, i would appreciate it if you could give us
    detailed description of your problem.
    It’s better to provide the table structure and some sample data, it will help us move more quickly toward a solution.
    Wendy Fu

  • Export to Excel Action in MS SSRS Report not exporting all data in Report

    I have developed a complex Report that has many expandable nodes in a table format. The report works fine.
    However, when I export the Report to Excel using Actions --> export to Excel, only the data in expanded nodes is included. The data in collapsed nodes is not included.
    I am looking for approach to include data in expanded nodes in Excel Export. The expanded data can be expanded in Excel.
    Any help in this regard will be appreciated.

    Hi Abhijit PS,
    Per my understanding you are experiencing the issue with the excel report which have add the drill down action, after export to excel only the expanded nodes included and the collapsed nodes is not shown, right?
    Generally, if we expand the nodes before export to excel then the excel will display the expanded details row and keep collapsed the details row which haven't expand, but we have the toggle "+","-" on the left of the Excel to help
    control the expand and collapse, when you click the "+" you can expand the collapsed notes to see the details rows.
    I have tested on my local environment with different version of SSRS and can always see the "+","-" as below:
    On the Top left corner you can find the "1","2", this help to control the "Collapse All" and "Expand All".
    If you can't see the "+","-" in the excel, the issue can be caused by the Excel version you are currently using, and also excel have limit support of this, please provide us the Excel version information and the SSRS version. You
    can reference to this similar thread:
    lost collapsing columns when export to excel
    Please try to export other drill down report to excel and check if they work fine, if they did, the issue can be caused by the drill down action you have added in this report is not correctly, if possible, please try to redesign the report.
    Article below about how to add  Expand/Collapse Action to an Item for your reference:
    If your problem still exists, please feel free to ask
    Vicky Liu

  • Export to Word file size is huge

    Sometime after the end of March, the "Export to Word..." action in Pages has started producing very large file sizes.  The Pages file itself will be 119KB, but after exporting to .doc, it will become 1.5MB.  I have to export Pages files to Word all the time, to submit files to submission systems that have max file sizes, so I've been unable to upload my files, which is obviously a problem (and didn't used to be). 
    To fix this I have tried... restarting.  I have deleted the Pages plists, restarted.  I have tried exporting on a different computer with the newest version of Pages, which produced the same file size result.  I have copy/pasted the text into a new file, tried again.  Etc, etc.  In the end, I had to borrow a friend's computer to pull the 1.5MB Word export into Microsoft Word itself and resave, to get the expected smaller file size of 47KB.
    Please help.  Or, if there is no solution, I'll report as bug to Apple Feedback.  Thanks!

    To my knowledge all Pages 5 Exports have been particularly bloated.
    Since I have not considered Pages 5 worth using for serious work I can't compare between Pages 5.1 and Pages 5.2 as to whether the problem has actually got worse.
    All I know is that Pages 5 files & Exports are massively bigger than Page '09 files & Exports.

  • Exported mp3 file size is huge!

    Does anyone know how to control the size of an exported song? For a 5 minute track I'm getting a 60Mb MP3!! I'm guessing this is done by setting the a different bit rate for the exported song but can't find any options in Garageband to do this.
    With such huge file sizes it makes it difficult to share the song through my website.

    No, you're not getting a 60 MB MP3, but a 60 MB AIFF file, and that's the regular size for uncompressed audio files. The bitrate in GB is fixed, and you wouldn't want to change it. Instead, convert the file into an MP3 or AAC in iTunes.
    (Come back if you need help with doing that.)

  • Export file size for youtube

    After reading some of the comments regardind new users I am a little hesitant to pose my question . This is my first post.
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so here goes.
    I have a Panasonic X900 video camera which produces excellent shots at full HD1080i .(PAL  AVCHD))
    The file coming from the camera is a .M2TS which I gather is a mpeg variation. A typical shot of 3 minutes is over 300meg.
    I usually create a sequence from the clip and then edit the clip.
    So far so good when I am exporting for use on a DVD.
    I have been asked to video someone doing a dance sequence and to place this on YouTube.
    (Original file size 300meg)Trying numerous settings, the smallest I can get my output file is using H.264 with a YouTube SD 360 wide screen Preset and this gives me 28meg.
    I see numerous .MP4 videos on YouTube of 10 minutes or so and they are still only around 50meg and have reasonable full screen quality.
    I have tried importing one of those and creating a sequence from it but they are normally NTSC and 29fps .
    On the above basis, if I filmed a 9 minute clip and exported it as H.264 etc it would still be approx 70meg.
    I have tried reducing the target bitrate and it certainlyreduces file size but poor quality.
    If this is the best that can be achieved, then so be it.
    Any suggestions on how to get a reasonable quality result while keeping the file size reasonable would be appreciated.

    After reading some of the comments regardind new users I am a little hesitant to pose my question . This is my first post.
    We wont bite.
    Well constructed full questions with detail and hardware / software info will usually get a good response.  Screen and frame grabs are helpful.
    "Attitude" can  sometimes get a bit of a kicking.
    Welcome to Forum.

  • Excel output file size is large - How to make it small in size?

    An Excel file out put is too large when I get it from application. If I copy and paste the same content in an excel sheet , the size is too small.
    How can I fix this?
    Excel output size from application - 12.4 MB - 4500 records
    copy paste file size - 827 KB
    Oracle EBS
    BI Publisher Desktop Version -
    Thanks in advance.

    BIP generates an XHTML output with mime-type xls and thus Excel is invoked when it is downloaded. XHTML is text and therefore it is lenghty. When you copy and paste it in Excel you save it in binary format and compress.
    My suggestion is create an excel template instead of rtf. Not sure if this is possible for EBS (open a ticket with Oracle Support to confirm you can use excel templates in EBS the version you have).
    In this way your output will be a truly binary file with size much more smaller.
    ps. If this answers your question then please grant the points and close the thread

  • Why is the exported file size so small?

    I just spent the last few days watching about three hours of Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 tutorials and almost all five hours of the Adobe Encore CS3 tutorials on with the awesome 30-day trial that I received for purchasing these two programs. I pretty much got to the end of authoring my first DVD with Encore, but the file size is so small that it doesn't even take up the full size of a single-layer DVD and I was expecting to be using double-layer DVDs.
    Here's why I didn't post this in the Encore discussion: My two file sizes are 10GB and 8GB. I have them both as single timelines in Premiere Pro and exported them each to Encore. But why does the file size decrease to just over 1GB for each of the files in the Export to Encore option in Premiere Pro CS3?
    I begin a brand new project in Premiere Pro, import the 10GB .avi, and then do the Export to Encore with "DVD Double Layer", "Author with Menus", "Entire Sequence", "NTSC High Quality" with the quality level switched from 4 to 5, Video Codec = "MainConcept MPEG Video", 720x480, 29.97 drop frame, Lower, Standard 4:3, VBR, 2 Pass, the default bitrate settings of Minimum Bit Rate = 1.5, Target Bit Rate = 4, Maximum Bit Rate = 7, and then whatever GOP Settings are set to M Frames = 3 and N Frames = 15. Without any video editing at all, it estimates the file size at 1.7GB.
    If my goal is to get the file sizes closer to 4GB and 3.5GB, can I fiddle with any of these settings without screwing up the ability for all DVD players to read my disc? I thought it would probably be ideal to have them closer to 7GB and 6GB, and then let Encore downgrade the quality to fit all of the content on the DVD with very little room to spare. But why is there no default to keep the video resolution at the absolute best possible?
    Should I be exporting to a Movie instead of exporting to Encore?

    After I installed and registered my software, I received this email twice for both Premiere Pro and Encore, and I would imagine that it would only make sense to receive this same type of bonus for Production Premium:
    "Thanks for registering - claim your benefit today.
    Adobe Systems Incorporated [[email protected]]
    Thank you for purchasing and registering your copy of Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. You now have a wealth of creative tools at your disposal. While taking advantage of online and printed resources we also encourage you to select a complimentary benefit. At Adobe we want you to get the most out of your software it's our commitment to you.
    Check out Adobe Bridge Home*, a feature of Adobe Bridge CS3.
    Get access to product tips, training videos, product news, and other creative resources all in one place. Simply click the Adobe Bridge icon within any application to get started.
    You got it, now get more.
    Hypatia Sans Font:
    Developed for customers who register their Adobe Creative Suite® 3 product, these unique and stylish fonts were inspired by the 1920s and '30s. Receive Adobe's new type family (a US$169 value) for free. Training:
    Take advantage of a free 30-day Online Training Library® subscription, including in-depth Adobe training in easy-to-use video format.
    Classroom in a Book® Series:
    Deepen your skills with this series of self-paced training offering step-by-step explanations, time-saving techniques and insider tips. Receive up to a 40% discount on Adobe Press' Classroom in a Book series."
    Thanks for the tip, Steven! I will try that now.
    - Matt

  • Bloated PDF Export File Size

    I just exported a 2 page file that contained 3 graphics and
    text. The file was an 493K in size and could not be made any
    smaller using Adobe Pro 7.0. This is amazingly large since the old
    Buzzword graphic PDF output was 393K. I then exported the file as a
    Word document and then printed a PDF output using Adobe Pro 7.0 and
    the file was only 95K.
    This new PDF export feature is a disappointment. It produces
    way larger file sizes than any PDF produced by an Adobe desktop
    application. Why is it so inefficient?

    Sorry to hear about your disappointment about this feature.
    This problem is known and I think Adobe/Buzzword team would be
    improving it in future releases (though I don't know their
    time-line or feature priority). This was the first cut
    implementation of this feature - and nobody knew what folks would
    want to see improved first. I guess now we know :).
    What would most likely be the problem: Fonts embedded inside
    the PDF are subset-embedded but not fully optimized and that would
    have led to big size. Fonts are difficult beasts to tame, and I am
    sure they would be tamed someday.

  • Preview:  how to find export file size?

    Odd that I didn't find a thread on "save-as".  Are they squashed? 
    I lament the loss of "Save as…", but I would be willing to accept the use of "Export…" wholeheartedly if I could predict the file size. 
    One of the main ways I use Preview is to normalize images without a lot of heady image editing;  colour tweaking, size, ratio, resolution, then save JPEG's for use in iTunes cover art.  The end of this task was normalizing an image file size as a JPEG.  Now, all I see is a slider that gives me a relative file size and no indication of the absolute range I'm working within.  The only way I view my desired file size is to export, then use Finder "get info" to see the file size as disk usage. 
    Is there a way to do this inside the Preview application, as a parameter of exporting, like I did before Lion? 

    Thought I'd complete this thread that I found unresolved.
    In subsequent versions, the absolute value is at the bottom of the export dialogue box. If it was there or toggled at the time I asked then I couldn't find it, but it is now so problem solved.  Currently running v8.

Maybe you are looking for

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