Standard report for invoices against a quantity contract

dear experts,
is there any standard report for how much invoices(billing) should be made against a quantity contract.
my requirement is suppose if  i enter a quantity contract number then it will display all the invoices against that contract with
invoice values.if any please let me know so that we make make our process much better.

Dear Amar,
In SAP, this contract to Invoice their is not standard report.
If you enter a quantity contract number, to get a list of invoices with qty and invoice amt
VBRK for Invoice qty amt
VBRP for Invoice number, dates...
VBFA to get the intial document number
VBAK - to get the contract number
VBAP - to get the material.
Its worth spending little time to create the report.
Ensure standard SAP contract to Invoice is like compartments

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  • Standard Report For Invoice Details

    Dear All
    I required a report as following
    Material No      Inv No I          nv Date.
    In there any standard report or any process through which I could get the data.
    Pl reply asap.

    I am not aware of a standard function that lists invoices by material number.
    So you would need to develop an ABAP or query to do this.
    Steve B
    P.S. Sorry for the duplication Issac, I was tyoing my response at the same time as you were. At least we both confirmed the lack of a standard report.
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            Stephen Birchall

  • Standard Report for missing parts at production order operation level?

    Hi PP Gurus,
                We have standard report for missing parts at production orders level.
    For our client, they need a report for missing parts analysis at production order operation level. Do we have any such standard report in the SAP?
    Please help.

    Hi Arvind,
          Thanks for for your response.
    1. List: Components,  Layout: Standard layout          set the Missing part
           It shows the component requirement/withdrawn  quantity for each operation of production order. It is not showing the commit quantity.
    2. List: Components,  Layout: Pick list          set the Missing part
           It shows the component requirement/withdrawn  quantity for each production order.
    3. List: Components,  Layout: Missing Parts List-Material View          set the Missing part
           It shows the component requirement/commit quantity for each production order. It is not showing the commit quantity at opertion level.
    4. List: Components,  Layout: Missing Parts List-Order View          set the Missing part
           It shows the component requirement/commit quantity for each production order. It is not showing the commit quantity at opertion level.
          We are unable to get the solution from all these 1 to 4 reports from COOIS.
    Do we have any option to change the existing layout (ex: 3 ) to get the commit quantity for operation with missing parts indicator?
    If avilable, what is the procedure to be followed?

  • Standard report for material document with excise

    Dear Gurus,
        Is there any standard report for which i can trace for all the incoming material grn whether excise is captured or not.
        i.e) a report with excise no, quantity and material document   
        thanks in advance

    J1i7 is the standard report which shows wether the part1 or part2 is posted or no posting is done, you can select the layout as per your choice by change layout.

  • Report for showing pending (ageing) quantity according to store location w

    dear ABAP Gurus,
    I have made a roport for showing pending (ageiing) quantity acc to location wise.
    and i m sending here the code i made for same.Tell me if sme amendments required.
    Report for showing pending (ageing) quantity according to store location wise:   
    1.     Fields on selection screen (input screen) : Plant code From to , Material code From to , Current date, Numbers of days(for display the ageing(pending) balance for a given period,Storage locations from to.
    2.     Field in the output List : Material code , Material descriptions, Balance quantiy,Balance value ,Consumptions date. 
    the code is:
    TABLES: mara,mseg,makt.
    TYPES: BEGIN OF t_mara,
    matnr LIKE mara-matnr,           "material number
    maktx LIKE makt-maktx,           "material description
    ersda LIKE mara-ersda,           "material creation date
    lgort like mseg-lgort,           "storage location
    bwart like mseg-bwart,           "goods received or issued
    menge like mseg-menge,           "value at movement type
    werks like mseg-werks,           "plant
    END OF t_mara.
    DATA: i_mara TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF t_mara with header line,
          itab type standard table of mara with header line,
    *wa_mara TYPE t_mara,
    v_date TYPE i,                      "age in days
    GI type mseg-menge,                 "goods issued
    GR type mseg-menge,                 "goods received
    bal type mseg-menge,                "balance
    total type i,
    grace type i,
    g_quan type mseg-menge.
    SELECT-OPTIONS: p_matnr FOR mara-matnr.
    select-options: p_werks for mseg-werks.
    select-options: p_lgort for mseg-lgort.
    REFRESH i_mara.
    SELECT mr~matnr                        "mara-matnr
    mk~maktx                               "makt-maktx
    mr~ersda                               "mara-ersda
    mg~lgort                               "mseg-lgort
    mg~bwart                               "mseg-bwart
    mg~menge                               "mseg-menge
    INTO corresponding fields of table i_mara
    FROM mara AS mr INNER JOIN
    makt AS mk
    ON mrmatnr = mkmatnr INNER JOIN mseg AS mg on mkmatnr = mgmatnr
    WHERE mrmatnr IN p_matnr and mgwerks IN p_werks and mg~lgort IN
    total = 0.
    IF sy-subrc = 0.
    *CLEAR wa_mara.
    LOOP AT i_mara.
    if i_mara-bwart = '101' .
    GR = total + i_mara-menge.
    total = GR.
    i_mara-bwart = '102' or i_mara-bwart = '122'.
    GR = GR - i_mara-menge.
    if i_mara-bwart = '261'.
    GI = total + i_mara-menge.
    elseif i_mara-bwart = '262'.
    GR = GR + i_mara-menge.
    bal = GR - GI.
    if bal GE  GR.
    grace = 30.
    grace = 10.
    g_quan = bal - GR.
    v_date = sy-datum - i_mara-ersda.
    WRITE: / i_mara-matnr ,i_mara-maktx,' is ',v_date,' ,days old  and
    stored at' ,i_mara-lgort ,   ' with balance =', bal ,'the grace time is
    ', grace, 'and' ,'grace quantity is ' ,g_quan.

    That sounds like a nice report.  What about it?!

  • SAP Standard Reports for FICO

    Hi there,
    I'm new to SAP Finantials and i do not have access to the sap menu to check o Information Systems wich are the SAP Standard Reports for FICO. Could you help me on finding the names of these standard reports both for receivables and payables?
    Thanks in advance,

    1.  Structured Account Balances (Balance Sheet & P&L Account  in FS Version Format)                                          S_ALR_87012279
    2.  GL Account Balances (Totals & Balances )             S_ALR_87012301
    3.  GL Line Items                                        S_ALR_87012282
    4.  Statements for GL Accounts, Customers & Vendors      S_ALR_87012332
    5.  Document Journal                                     S_ALR_87012287
    6.  Compact Document Journal                             S_ALR_87012289
    7.  Line Item Journal                                    S_ALR_87012291 8.  Display of Changed Documents                         S_ALR_87012293
    9.  Invoice Numbers assigned Twice                       S_ALR_87012341
    10. Gaps in Document Number Assignments                  S_ALR_87012342
    11. Posting Totals Document Type wise                    S_ALR_87012344
    12. Recurring Entry Documents                            S_ALR_87012346  
    13. Chart of Accounts                                   S_AL:R_87012326
    14. GL Account List                                     S_AL:R_87012328
    15. Display Changes to GL Accounts                       S_ALR_87012308
    16. Financial Statement Version                          FSE2  CASH & BANK REPORTS 
    1. Check Information List                                FCH6
    2. Check Register                                        FCHN
    3. Check Number Ranges                                   S_P99_41000102 
    1. List of Internally generated Excise Invoices          J1I7
    2. Capital Goods Transfer of Credit                      J2I8                        
    3. List of GRs without Excise Invoice                    J1IGR
    4. List of SubContract Challans                          J1IFR
    5. CENVAT Register                                       J2I9 
    1. Bill Holdings (Bill of Exchange Receivable List  with ALV facility)
    2. Customer Balances in Local Currency                   S_ALR_87012172
    3. Customer Line Items                                   S_ALR_87012197
    4. Due Dates Analysis for Open Items                     S_ALR_87012168
    5. List of Customer Open Items                           S_ALR_87012173
    6. Customer Evaluation with Open Item Sorted List        S_ALR_87012176
    7. Customer Payment History                              S_ALR_87012177
    8. Customer Open Item Analysis (Overdue Items Balance)   S_ALR_87012178
    9. List of Customer Cleared Line Items                   S_ALR_87012198
    10.List of Down Payments open at key date                S_ALR_87012199
    11. Debit & Credit Notes Register u2013 Monthly              S_ALR_87012287
    12. Customer wise Sales                                  S_ALR_87012186                        
    1. Vendor Balances                                       S_ALR_87012082
    2. Vendor Debit/Credit Memo Register                     S_ALR_87012287

  • Standard  report(for open PO order items) with estimated Delivery dates

    hi friends
    i would like to know if there is any standard  report(for open PO order items) with estimated Delivery dates on it.

    ME2M (by material)
    ME2L (by vendor)
    ME2N (by number)
    Use selection parameter WE101 for open GR
    and scope of list EINT (scheduling lines)

  • The standard report for BOMs of a material with a selected period?

    Hi Gurus
    Is there any  standard report for BOMs of a material with a selected period?

    You will have to develop a report for your requirement,
    The following tables will be used for the report

  • Standard report  for solve inconsistencies with user SAP.

    Dear Experts.
    We have a problem with a user(ZEST) that in the portal when I open a service(application) display a  blue Window of Internet Explorer without display information.
    We have copied this user((ZEST) TO (ZEST2 )with the same roles , however   this user  new work fine.
    My question is:
    There are a standard report  for solve inconsistencies?
    We have deleted the user and have created it of new, however this not work.

    Run the t-code SA38
    Specify the name POWL_D01
    In selection screen specify the user id in USER field of which your facing issue
    Click on Execute
    Run the T-code SA38
    Specify the name POWL_WLOAD
    In selection screen specify the user id in User input field of which your facing issue
    Click on Execute
    Now you check it issue will solve.

  • Standard report for period end stock report

    Hi all,
    My client is looking for a SAP standard report for material.Their req is as follows.
    Open Bal (Stock)
    Add: Purchase/Production
    Less: Sales/Consumption
    Closing Bal(Stock)
    I have sugegested them MC.9,MB51,etc....but they are not satified.
    They are not willing to go for a 'Z' report too....
    Can any one suggest me whether their is any function module or bapi or badi thro' which i can fullfill my clients req. or any other better alternative like report painter,set,etc which suit my requirement.
    (can you please let me know from table i can get these datas......just for knowledge purpose)
    hope that anybody will guide me...
    We are in 6.0 version
    God Bless

    Try Standard Report MB5B once.

  • Standard Report for Payment Proposal:Open Items

    Hi all
    Is there any standard report for to display Payment Proposal:Open Items?
    I know we can see them in F110 but I am wondering if there's other related report.
    Thanks in advance.

    Check following report. it may help you
    S_P99_41000099 - Payment List

  • Is there standard report for planned and actual devlivery date?

    Hi Guru,
    Could you help me to find standard report to compare planned delivery date in PO and actual delivery date (GR Posting date)?
    I wonder, Is there standard report for planned and actual delivery date?
    or I have to create a customizing report.
    Thank you very much.

    i dont think it is possible to see both in one pan so try to create some Z report
    u try ME80fn here u have to change the views ,in del shedule view u can see the delivery dtae and in PO histry view u can see the posting date

  • Required Standard report for Deliveries Made vs Stock Transfer POu2019s

    Is there any standard report for Generate Daily Report detailing Deliveries Made vs Stock Transfer POu2019s...
    Plz help.

    Using MKPF table take all material document, then usign the doc no (mblnr) take data from MSEG table
    with movement type 641 and 642 in case of reversal (STO). 101 and 102 for (Delviery) .
    take STO po of above movement type from table EKPO with PSTYP (item cat, field ) = 7. Comparing sto and delivery details and you will get the output.

  • Sap standard report for delivery document block.

    We want to block delivery document for further processing that picking and PGI.
    For that we are looking for sap standard report if available so we could provide it to client.
    so we need
    SAP standard report for blocked delivery document.

    As far as my understanding there is no such report but you can try with report MATERIAL WHERE USED LIST
    Please find t-code for this as due to system unavailable i am not mentioning t-code for same

  • STandard Report for GL Account balances

    I am looking for a standard report for GL Account balances in the following :-
    Opening Blanace          Tranasactions during the month                               Closing Balance                       
                                          Debit                       Credit

    I am looking for LINE ITEM WISE REPORT for GL Accounts in the following format:-
    Opening Balance  
    Transactions during the month (DR  and Credit )        
    Closing Balance

Maybe you are looking for