Start from a given location in streaming video

I want to load a streaming video from any point clicked on the progress bar. It it similar to what happens on YouTube. I am using Red5 server for streaming and netStream class.

If this is RTMP stream - you can just seek to a particular second right away. If this is a progressive video, you have to wait until enough video file is loaded.
What YouTube does is a server side thing. I suspect they use their proprietary streaming technology/protocol but I may be wrong.

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  • How can I stream files from the Default location (the streams folder)?

    According to flashmediaserver_3.5_config_admin.pdf (FMS 3.5.3), FMS determines the correct directory to use for streams in the following order:
    Virtual directory (as specified in <VirtualDirectory>)
    Storage directory (as specified in <storageDir>)
    Default location (the streams folder in the application directory)
    So I created a folder called streams in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flash Media Server 3.5\applications\vod.  I thought this folder would be the default location for the sample application vod.  I did not change any configuration settings for the application vod.  Everything was set by the FMS 3.5.3 installer.
    I copied  sample.flv into C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flash Media Server 3.5\applications\vod\streams and renamed it to sample6.flv.  rtmp://{fms ip}/vod/sample6.flv did not play in the sample video player installed by FMS 3.5.3.
    Is this a bug or the default location "streams" folder is simply not  "default", you have to set it somewhere in XML?

    Thanks for your reply!  I am weihua10.  I could not login into the
    account  that has the screen id weihua10 today.  I have to create another account with  screen id weihua30.
    Based on the configuration xml files (application.xml inside the vod folder), I can see C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flash Media Server 3.5\applications\vod\media is the Virtual Directory "/".  Yes, files put inside the media folder will play.  My question is where there is a default folder "streams".  Based on the document, it seems there is one beside virtual directories and storage directory.  But I could not find any.

  • Streaming video from an iPad mini to a MacBook Pro using Airplay

    How do I stream video from my iPad to my MacBook Pro?  I want to watch the video content of my iPad mini on my MacBook Pro.  I have a mac-based application called "Reflector." and it says an iPad can stream video using Airplay, but I have no idea how to start Airplay (or cause it to stream video to the MBP).

    I can't seem to edit my old message so I will add as a reply.  I think my question may not be very clear.  Here is an image of my iPhone screen (running 7.1.2 and I'm sorry it's so big):  (Continue reading below the big image.)
    But as you see there is no Airplay button beside the AirDrop button on the control panel.  I see this same control panel on all my iDevices (or at least there is no Airplay icon on any of them).  How do I get this icon to appear.  By the way, I am using a Cisco wireless router - not an airport router (could that be the problem?)

  • Windows 7 and Apple TV- can't stream video

    I can't stream video from itunes on a Windows 7 pc, to Apple TV (3rd generation). The ATV is only a week old but has been replaced with no luck. When I try to stream video, an error message pops up: "An error occurred while connecting to the AirPlay device Apple TV. The network connection timed out".
    - the ATV is not the issue as it was replaced
    - I can stream audio and photos from itunes, but can't stream video (which is in the proper format for ATV)
    - I installed itunes on an old xp machine and video streaming works!
    - both the xp machine and the Win 7 machine are on the same network, so the router must be ok
    - all firmware and software is up to date and everything has been rebooted (several times)
    - the error happens no matter if it is a wireless or wired connection
    Since XP can successfully stream video and is on the same home network as Win 7 and we know that both the ATV and the router are working properly, it seems to me that there must be an issue in my Win 7 config. Does anyone have suggestions??? Thanks!

    This is what is happening:
    With an iTunes playlists of about 13,000 songs, one song will start playing (with a huge lag before the cover art appears); when the first song is finished, a second will start with the cover art for the first song still on screen. Eventually the screen goes to black, the time bar for the seconf song will pop up and after a few beats the art for both and first AND second song appear on screen together. A moment later, the audio cuts out, the screen goes to black againand eventially the AppleTV homescreen pops up. I've tried the fixes I've read about on this board; restarting everything (AppleTV, MacBook, etc), closing and reopening Home Sharing on the all the devices, doing a restore on the Apple TV, etc. Everything worked fine until I installed the update.

  • Is it normal streaming video lagged through AirPlay?

    I just got new iPad and new AppleTV, I played streaming video on my iPad, (which is an app using wi-fi bandwith), I also turn on AirPlay on iPad and mirror to TV through AppleTV2. The router is AirPort, I believe the mirroring also use wi fi bandwith, the result is that the video is lagged so much and can't even watch.
    However, if I use AV cable connect directly from iPad to TV, the streaming video is normal, play perfect, so is it case normal? I don't know if streaming and mirroring use the double bandwith to cause the problem, any advice??

    Mirroring always works fine for me, your network may have a problem such as interference.
    Interference can be caused by other networks in the neighbourhood or from household electrical items.
    You can download and install iStumbler (NetStumbler for windows users) to help you see which channels are used by neighbouring networks so that you can avoid them, but iStumbler will not see household items.
    Refer to your router manual for instructions on changing your wifi channel or adjusting your multicast rate.
    There are other types of problems that can affect networks, but this is by far the most common, hence worth mentioning first.

  • Hello. I've Apple TV 3rd gen and MacBook Pro 2013 all with latest updates. AirPlay works fine till I don't start streaming videos from YouTube. After that AirPlay icon from MacBook menu bar simply disappears. Could some help. I'm using 2 Mbps Internet

    Hello. I've Apple TV 3rd gen and MacBook Pro 2013 all with latest updates. AirPlay works fine till I don't start streaming videos from YouTube. After that AirPlay icon from MacBook menu bar simply disappears. Could some help. I'm using 2 Mbps internet connection.

    Same issue here- I can airplay my amazon prime library just fine from my iphone 5 but on my macbook- (mavericks, 15 inch 2013 retina with quad core i7, nvidia 650 M and SSD) it just sputters and lags.
    I have noticed web video is considerably worse than local content, giving me pauses of up to 2 or 3 seconds in which video stops but audio continues in the amazon player. Youku video, however, seems relatively stable. Our subscription speed is 25 mbps, so that should be plenty to stream SD video from Amazon and doesn't account for why it would be nice and stable from the iphone, but not the mbp.
    Playing light, locally hosted steam sidescrollers  like Limbo is better but gives periodic drops in framerate on the Tv. when mirroring the framerate remains steady on the MBP screen.
    Games airplayed from my iphone seem relatively stable, though with a noticably lower framerate on the TV than on the phone.
    It seems these issues have abated considerably since yesterday's Apple TV update, but are still curious nonetheless and I'm not sure that the update yesterday was specifically meant to address those issues or if I'm just getting a time with less network interference now.
    Comcast recently installed a new router/modem/phone combo, replacing our old separate modem and router setup. I'm going to test if putting the network on a different channel helps.

  • Streaming from a specific location within a file

    Hi everybody,
    I'm a newbie here so please be patient if this is a trivial
    What I need to know is the following: can I start streaming a
    video/audio file from a specific location (like a timestamp) with
    Flash Media Server?
    More precisely, the idea is this: I want Flash Media Server
    to establish a connection with another server (remote server) to
    receive some information like a file name and a time stamp. After
    this I want Flash Media Server to start streaming (to a simple
    client, like always) that file from that specific moment indicated
    in the "packet" it received from the other server. Can this be
    done? Is it hard?
    Thank you so much,

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  • How can I stream video from a 2006 MacBook Pro (1,1)

    I have a MacBook Pro Intel Core Duo from ~2006 (version 1,1) and I'm trying to figure out how to stream video to my TV. Is there a solution via Apple TV?

    Hey rattlesnake,
    Thanks for the question. I see that you are running Mac OS X 10.6.8, which is compatible with the latest version of iTunes (11.1.2):
    Apple - iTunes - Download iTunes Now
    Once you have installed the latest version of iTunes, you can utilize AirPlay from iTunes to an Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation):
    iTunes: Using AirPlay
    To stream music or videos from your computer to an Apple TV or AirPort Express:
    1. Connect your computer and Apple TV to the same Wi-Fi network.
    2. Open iTunes.
    3. Locate and click the icon to the left of the iTunes LCD window.
    4. Select your Apple TV, AirPort Express, or AirPlay-enabled speakers or receivers from the list of available devices that appears and begin playback.
    Matt M.

  • Cannot Stream Video from iPad on AppleTV - Media Server Apps via Airplay

    Need help on this one.  Am using iPad 4th gen - Apple TV 3rd Gen and iPhone 4S. (all latest firmware)
    Last week was streaming video via Airplay using GoodPlayer and ArkMC apps on iPad to stream from my NAS (WD MyBookLive) via DNLA media server to Apple TV - Worked Amazing
    Upgraded firmware on appleTV.
    I can no longer stream via Airplay from these apps - Airplay Icon appears - I can Select the Apple TV device for airplay (Checked - icon is blue). But no image on apple TV - video image stays on device.
    Full reboot of both AppleTV and iPad.
    Other software using server type setup (ex.:EMIT app) work perfectly and streaming directly from video on iPad works perfectly. (need to turn on the server on the computer though) or airplay enabled web sites and/or apps seem to work well also.
    Mirroring works but the video is not full screen and wrong ratio.
    Any clues ? I've lost this one.

    Apparently what is happening, and this was brought up in another thread, and what I suspected was happening as well, is that the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch is not streaming the video itself directly to the AppleTV (it might be streaming it if it's audio only, haven't confirmed). What it's apparently doing is, is telling the AppleTV2 to download the video and play it on its own, starting with xx:xx timestamp directly from youtube or your iTunes library. This is why it's only working with your iTunes library or the built-in YouTube app. And also why it wouldn't work with the camera roll, because it isn't streaming directly from the iPhone. So it's not exactly what we were originally thinking or expecting.

  • Only part of a Y/T video will load; NRK (Norway) streaming video won't start at all.

    When watching a YouTube video, the download works for a minute or so, then halts. Once the playing reaches the limit it pauses as if waiting for buffering. It never resumes playing.
    With streaming video, for example from NRK:
    - the video will not load at all.

    you can use the seek method to start play from cp x.  unless you're using a streaming server likefms or redhat, you must wait until the video has loaded up to cp x.
    you can use a cp listener to check when cp y has been reached.
    you can control the seekbar if you make your own.  ie, you can't use the flvplayback seekbar.

  • Streaming video from MobileMe weirdness

    I have an iPhone 3G running 3.1.2. I'm on Rogers in Canada as this may be pertinent.
    I have a number of home movies uploaded to my MobileMe gallery using iMovie. They range from 50-200Mb and were created with iMovie "mobile" preset. From the gallery I can stream these videos to my iPhone on Wifi. When I try to stream over 3G I get an error message "Cannot Play Movie-This movie could not be played". At one time I'm pretty sure I was able to do this, but it stopped working, possibly after an iPhone firmware upgrade. I suspected that this was some sort of hobbling to limit 3G bandwidth use, however the weird thing is that I created a personal webpage in MobileMe and linked all of these videos to the webpage using MobileMe widgets in iWeb. When I access the videos via the webpage, the videos stream just fine over Wifi or 3G. Same movies, same location, only with a link in between. I really can't figure this out.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated


  • Streaming video from phone

    I want to stream video from phone's cam to a server.
    I found MMAPI, with RecordControl I can:
    Player player = Manager.createPlayer("capture://video ?encoding=gray8");
    RecordControl rc = (RecordControl)player.getControl("RecordControl");
    ByteArrayOutputStream output = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
    catch (Exception e)
    this way the video is in "output" only after "commit()", then I could send it. Is there any way to have real streaming??

    What do you understand with "real streaming"? Do you refer to frequency of transmission? The real time streaming is "not so real". If you put a small sleep time you will get a higher frequency and it will simulate a "real-time" streaming. To speed up your transmission, use UDP protocol instead of TCP, because media streaming in all techs is on top of UDP.

  • Streaming Video from a serial camera using JMF

    Hello, I have problems implementing video streaming with a serial camera.
    The data for a frame of the camera is like an array of RGB integer values starting from the first pixel until the last. I've implement the code to get the values and store in an integer array.
    how to generate video from the data i get?

    If you really want to do it yourself using TCP/IP you will have to read the standard :
    Another way is to use NI Vision Acquisition Software, it include all the VI you will need to do image acquisition.
    More doc :
    Acquiring from GigE Vision Cameras with Vision Acquisition Software - Part I
    Acquiring from GigE Vision Cameras with Vision Acquisition Software - Part II
    Hope this helps
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  • Unable to stream Videos from Mac and IPad 3 to TV

    My Apple TV (1.Generation) is starting to work bad after an update.
    I am no longer able to stream videos from IMac nor IPad 3 or IPhone 4.
    Can anybody give me a help.

    Not sure if I'm missing something here. AirPlay is the newer audio video streaming technology Apple implemented into their devices. Airplay video from a computer requires a newer Mac running Mountian Lion and a 2G or higher ATV. Streaming video from iTunes to a 1G ATV still works, it is similar to AirPlay but is technically not the same thing.
    Streaming video from an iPad or iPhone to an Apple TV is using AirPlay and also requires using a 2 or 3G ATV. These are hardware limitations no HDMI cable can fix.
    If you can not stream video from iTunes by selecting it on your Apple TV you have a problem. If you are trying to send video to the ATV by selecting it on a device you need a new ATV and/or computer.

  • How to stream video from FCS/FMS on Flex 2.0?

    Has anyone figured out how to stream video from FCS/FMS on
    FLEX 2.0?
    I've been working with all the sample code I can find,
    especially the
    FLEX 2.0 samples found in the Adobe documentation, but I'm
    having a heck of a time getting any of them to work.
    If any one has any working code that streams video from
    FCS/FMS using
    FLEX 2.0 that I can work with I would greatly appreciate it.
    Chris S.

    Some thinks that where helpful for me:
    NOTE: Only try and attach the Video and start the publishing
    of the video after you have a successful NetConnection.

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