Start-Up from Install Disk with Complications

Originally I had start-up problems (flashing folders with question marks), so after troubleshooting, I started up from the install disk. After going through Disk Utility, nothing appeared in the First Aid for me to Repair the Disk. So the next step would be to delete the disk, and reinstall completely using the cds. However, I cannot find advice on how to do this, and don't see my hard drive on the Disk Utility bar to delete. When I try reinstalling the disk, it asks me where I would like to put the hard drive, and nothing comes up. I love my computer and am desperate - please HELP!

To start up from your OS installer disk 1 insert it in the Mac. When it appears on the desktop restart and hold down the 'c' key. If that fails there may be a problem with the disk or you are using the wrong disk. Until you get a new disk you can do repairs by restarting and holding down the command-s keys until you see the white scrolling text on a black background. Then at the prompt type:
fsck -fy
hit return. If it repairs something do it again until there are no repairs needed. Then type"
reboot mac
hit return

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  • Problems booting from install disk with MacBook Air

    (I'm posting this here b/c it's been three days since I posted this in the /MacBook Air/Networking section and no one's touched it...)
    Somehow, the hard disk in my MBA has been corrupted, or something. First symptom I noticed - when booting up, I get stuck on that blank blue screen for, oh, 5 minutes or so, before flashing back to the grey Apple logo screen, then finally getting to the desktop. I tried repairing permissions via Disk Utility; it spun for 10 minutes without doing anything, so I stopped the process. The "Repair Disk" function in Disk Utility was not available for some reason, so I tried "Verify Disk." This failed. I forget the exact wording of the error message, but it said, in essence, that the disk was corrupted and I should run Disk Utility from the system install disk.
    Here it gets interesting. I have an MBA SuperDrive, so I first tried booting from there. I'd forgotten about holding down "c" I just held Option, selected the disk, and tried to boot from it. I got a grey screen with the grey Apple logo and a spinning gear; then the Apple logo was replaced by a grey circle with a diagonal line through it (like, from a "no smoking" sign or something) and a spinning gear... this persisted for another 10 minutes or so without going anywhere, so I forced a shutdown.
    Thinking the problem might be the SuperDrive, I tried to do the same procedure via Remote Disk (from an iBook G4 running 10.5.5). I followed the instructions, connected the MBA to my wireless network, it found the remote disk, tried to boot from it - but I got the same behavior. Grey Apple screen giving way to grey circle with a diagonal line through it, and an endlessly spinning gear underneath.
    What in the world is going on here?
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    You seem to have a lot of problems, the last being a kernel panic. This is often attributed to a hardware failure including the possibility of defective RAM.
    They are not easy to track down but here are some suggestions to assist you.
    What is a Kernel panic?
    Resolving Kernel Panic's by Dr Smoke
    However, try once again to boot from the install DVD and perform Repair Disk, otherwise, start on the troubleshooting.

  • Can't start up from Install disk

    I'm using a MacBook purchased 3/07. System 10.4.11
    I can't start up from the Install Disk for Leopard. I only get a screen with the apple logo and the spinning thing. I wait 10 minutes. Nothing happens. I've tried both using the Disk for the start up and clicking on Install icons but when it shuts down to restart....nothing.
    Can anyone help me?
    Thanks. Lois

    Hi Josef,
    I left it on for over an hour and nothing happened. Finally called Apple and after an hour and a half of all kinds of testing, restarts, zapping and I don't know what else, the nice man there talked to his supervisor and then had me test the hardware (hold down D when starting). Turns out there is a problem with my ram so now I have to take it to a local technician and if he can't fix it, it'll have to go back to Apple for repairs. Ho hum. I just hope it finally gets working to make all this worthwhile.
    Thanks again for your interest and help.

  • Why won't my iMac start up from install disk?

    I get a gray screen, apple logo in the center with a spinning gear underneath it.  I have started my computer holding the c key, the option key selecting the install disk and startup disk in system preferences.  The iMac hangs every time.  The hard drive is in need of repair.
    thanks in advance

    Funny you should mention that, as that happened a few months ago.  When it did, I could still start up from the install disk, there was just no destination for the software to be installed.  I am currently running the iMac off an external drive via firewire.  Disk utility informs me that disk is now in need of repair, even though it seems to be functioning fine, I can't start my machine from the install disk without it hanging up.

  • Start up From Install Disk

    I can't start up from my Mac OS X 10.4 install disk. I need to to do some possible disk repairs. When I follow the directions for starting form another disk, I fail to get the DVD as a start-up option. It only shows me the MacHD, which is my computer. One set of directions says hold down the option key, the other says hold down the C key. I've tried both.
    Is there something I don't know about that could be interfering with the other start up option.
    Rick Kesler

    To start up from your OS installer disk 1 insert it in the Mac. When it appears on the desktop restart and hold down the 'c' key. If that fails there may be a problem with the disk or you are using the wrong disk. Until you get a new disk you can do repairs by restarting and holding down the command-s keys until you see the white scrolling text on a black background. Then at the prompt type:
    fsck -fy
    hit return. If it repairs something do it again until there are no repairs needed. Then type"
    reboot mac
    hit return

  • Finder crashing constantly - cannot start up from install disk

    Looks like I have a conflict between spotlight and the finder. The spotlight icon is missing from the menu bar and whenever I try to launch an application etc. from the finder it freezes & I get the spinning beach ball. The screen refreshes but the dock remains
    I have done all the usual tasks like repairing permissions,repair the disk, rebuilding the memory with DiskWarrior, Mainmenu tasks , Applejack, restarting, Tech Tool Pro etc.
    I have tried using the install dvd but I get to the restart page and it reverts back to where I was before and does not read from the DVD so I can't get to the installer. Have tried the disk in the internal and external optical drives without success.
    I also can't seem to restore the system with Time Machine because it says to use the install disk which
    my computer will not read from the disk.
    Short of doing a complete erase, is there any else I can do.
    The console is recording both Spotlight crashes and the Finder crashes every few seconds.
    Anyone with some suggestions, please.

    Because you have known good backups, I'd try to get the disks working and Restore from Backup via Installer as you were trying. Reseting the PRAM and NVRAM can help with startup issues (power down, wait 10 seconds, turn the computer back on and hold down commandoption+pr until you've finished hearing the second startup chime).
    Let the computer startup. Power down and try to boot to the install disk.
    If you still cannot boot to your install disk, try resetting your SMC by turning the computer off, disconnecting it from AC, removing its battery, pressing and holding the power button for 5 - 7 seconds, then letting go. Reconnect battery and AC, try booting to the disk again.
    If both these steps fail, verify the disk with another computer - can another computer boot to it? If not, call AppleCare for replacement disks. If so, book a Genius Bar appointment, there is a hardware issue.

  • Repairing disk problems - cannot start up from Install Disk!

    Tiger version 10.4.10
    I need to repair the startup disk. I have gone through the usual routines (holding down 'c', changing startup disk in system + attempting to change the startup disk using Utilities on the Install disk). On startup the Install Disk is by passed and the disk I want to repair effects the start up instead.
    I would appreciate any help!
    PS - Would Disk Warrior help with this problem?
    Regards - Pete S

    Hi There
    To repair the hard drive without the install disk you can do the following. Hold down the command + S keys at startup until you see a black screen with white text. Once the screen has fully loaded type fsck -f. Note the space between the k and -.
    Hope this helps

  • MacBook with new HD won't boot from Install Disk

    Hi there,
    My MacBook's HD went on me the other day - froze computer, grey screen, flashing question mark, loud beep, etc. I bought a new HD, installed it without any problems (I thought!), but now I can't get the computer to start with the original Install Disk. On start-up, I have a light grey screen, and can hear the fan running, but that's it. At one point, on start-up while holding down the D key, I got the Language selection menu, but my cursor was frozen in the left hand corner and I couldn't do anything but restart. Now nothing comes up or else I get the "You need to restart your computer...." message on a grey screen.
    Any ideas how I can get the Install Disk with Disk Utilities to work?
    Thanks .....
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    Unfortunately, it sounds like you have a hardware problem beyond the hard drive. Even if there was no hard drive installed at all, you should still be able to startup from the the original install disk. Do you hear a "chime" at startup? If not, then you definitely have a hardware problem. You should take your MacBook into a local Apple store and make an appointment with the Mac Genius (or another local Apple Authorized Service provider). If you can't startup from the original install disk by holding down on the "c" key or holding down on the "option" key and then selecting the install disk, you have a hardware problem that can't be resolved with troubleshooting here.

  • "You Cannot Install OS X on This Disk. OS X cannot start up from this disk".

    Hey, I am running Lion on a Macbook Air 2010 model and i recently bought Mountain Lion through the MAC App Store. ive had problems installing it as i cant install it onto my Macintosh HD (startup Disk). Ive opened the ML installer and its rebooted my mac into the installer Menu, but when it goes to install, it stops and says You Cannot Install OS X on This Disk. OS X cannot start up from this disk." i want to be able to install ML overwriting Lion on my MacintoshHD (startup drive), are there any solutions that can fix this problem?

    Glad to hear it!
    I ran into another problem: The USB cable I was using for my external backup disk was not reliable.  I kept getting "disk ejects" at various points during migration.
    I bought a new "2.0 certified" cable and it worked fine.  The first two attempts resulted in re-installs.
    I'm happy to report that after the 3rd re-install of ML everything appears to be OK.
    I disabled TM and keeping my last b/u offline for a few more days to be safe....

  • Won't reboot from install disk

    i can't boot from a bootable disk (my install disk or norton).
    i'll hold down the c button just like i've always been able to do before, but it goes straight to the login page, instead of starting up from the disk.
    if i try and go into account setting/startup disk it doesn't even list my bootable disk as an option...
    anyone ever heard of this?
    imac 2 Ghz Intel Core Duo   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  

    just a silly question - because I've done this.
    Is it the right disk? The one that came with your intel?
    I tried my G4 disk by mistake and it won't work.

  • Can't boot from install disk and I need to reinstall OS X 10.4

    I am trying to boot from the install disk by restarting the computer and holding down the c button. It won't start up from the disk. I get a white screen and an icon that is a circle with a line through it. I am having that problem on all my iMacs in my lab and I don't know why. Help Please!!! thanks.

    Sorry for all of the posts.. but it could be possible that the firmware is password protected - disabling users in the computer lab from corrupting programs? I found this article and it might help.. ( Some of the article is below....
    ALSO: if you use open firmware password... you'll need this:
    Startup Manager -accessed by pressing the Option key during startup
    Enter commands after starting up in Open Firmware -press Command-Option-O-F key combination during startup.
    How to troubleshoot a computer with Open Firmware Password enabled
    If you cannot access the Open Firmware Password application and need to troubleshoot your computer by:
    Resetting the PRAM
    Starting up in Single-user mode
    Starting up in Verbose mode
    Starting from CD-ROM
    Then follow these steps:
    Start up into Open Firmware by pressing and holding the Command-Option-O-F key combination during startup.
    At the Open Firmware prompt, type: reset-nvram
    Press Return.
    When prompted for your password, enter it and press the Return key. It responds OK.
    At the Open Firmware prompt, type: reset-all
    Press Return.
    The computer restarts and you are now be able to reset the PRAM and startup in Single-user mode, Verbose mode, or from CD-ROM.

  • 2011 MacBook will not restart from Install Disks

    I have had problems with my macbook grey screening and having to shut down by holding down the power button (I get the screen with the instructions how to reboot in 5 different languages). When I start it up again I get the panic report from the shut down.
    In Utilities, Disk Utility I ran the Repair Disk and received the message that the disk was damaged and I had to do the reapir from the install disk.
    So I put the install disk in (came with the laptop, 10.6) and I tried to repair the disk using the disk utility from the install disk. Two problems: when I insert the disk, restart while holding down the 'C' key, nothing happens (stays at the grey screen) until I let go of the 'C' key and then I get another Panic and have to reboot manually. So I tried inserting the install disk with the laptop already on and clicking on the disk to hopefully get to the disk utility or at least reinstall the OS, which leads to problem two: I receive the message 'Mac OS X 10.6 cannot be installed on this computer.'
    My laptop is currently running Snow Leopard 10.6.8. I just want to get the Panics to stop happening. Any ideas?

    Try here >  Tutorial: Avoiding and eliminating Kernel panics | MacFixIt - CNETReviews

  • Maverick upgrade issue : OS X cannot start up from this disk

    Hi all, everytime I try to upgrade to Maverick for my new mackbook air, I got this problem 'OS X cannot start up from this disk' (MACOSX). I tried deleting files to get more space, repairing disk and determine that it is not time machine issue, but to no avail.  I have 58 gb free space on my 128 gb SSD.  Can anyone help ? It is really frustrating.  I am not sure what is the other disk called OS X install ESD which is 5.42 GB total.

    sigge44 wrote:
    I'm trying to upgrade my tiger installation with leopard, but I get the message "Mac os x cannot start up from this volume". It is the internal disk and I have a Linux install too on that disk. Earlier I used Refit but I have removed it. Do I have to repartition? Partiontabel is GUID-partiontable in diskutil.
    Removing an app or bootloader like rEFIt or OS such as Linux does not ensure that the drive is back to where it was before you installed these programs.
    Even having a partition for TechTools eDrive will cause problems.
    First I would run DU and check/repair your HD and then run a file permission verify/repair and zap the PRAM.
    I would then suggest backing up Tiger and Linux with clones and completely erasing the HD using the full (not quick) erase and then installing Leopard and migrating your Tiger material back.

  • Mac os x cannot start up from this disk

    I have a 2008 MacBook Air which runs Leopard. I want to upgrade to Snow Leopard and then Lion. I have the Snow Leopard family pack disk and try to do the install but it say 'Mac OS X cannot start up from this disk' and shows a yellow triangle with a !
    I went to the genius bar and they told me to put the Snow Leopard disk in the superdrive and restart holding down C and it would then work - but it did not. I also saw on a forum about using disk utility and partion and resizing the partition then putting it back as it was originally and then re trying but I get the same message.
    Anybody got any ideas?

    Saw an article by Topher Kessler:
    The extract from that article below worked for me.
    Note when I first resized the partion (comment above) I did not 'apply', this time I did and then resized back to the original full size and hit 'apply' again. Although when the install starts it shows the size of the partion to be the smaller (temporary) size, it is not and the install completes with no issues.
    Boot from the Snow Leopard DVD and select your language. Then launch "Disk Utility" from the "Utilities" menu and perform the following steps:
    Select your boot device (the device above the boot volume name), and select the "Partition" tab.
    Resize the partition by selecting the volume name in the rectangular volume representation and drag the bottom-right corner of it to change its size.
    Click "Apply" to change the partition's size.
    Revert the change by dragging the same resizing corner back to the bottom, and click "apply."
    After this is done, quit out of Disk Utility and try installing Snow Leopard again. Since you are booted from the Snow Leopard DVD you should be able to continue immediately without having to reboot your system.
    Hope this helps others. Thanks Topher!

  • No install disks with MacBook Pro

    I recently purchased a MacBook Pro (mid 2012 model) and no install disks shipped with it. Anyone else have this problem? Is Apple no longer supplying install disks with its laptops?

    Nope, no longer supplying disks since Lion first shipped with late 2011 MBP. What you have instead is Lion (or Mountain Lion) Recovery partition. From here you can do all that you could do with installaton disc(s).

Maybe you are looking for

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