Start-Up from Install Disk with Complications

Originally I had start-up problems (flashing folders with question marks), so after troubleshooting, I started up from the install disk. After going through Disk Utility, nothing appeared in the First Aid for me to Repair the Disk. So the next step would be to delete the disk, and reinstall completely using the cds. However, I cannot find advice on how to do this, and don't see my hard drive on the Disk Utility bar to delete. When I try reinstalling the disk, it asks me where I would like to put the hard drive, and nothing comes up. I love my computer and am desperate - please HELP!

To start up from your OS installer disk 1 insert it in the Mac. When it appears on the desktop restart and hold down the 'c' key. If that fails there may be a problem with the disk or you are using the wrong disk. Until you get a new disk you can do repairs by restarting and holding down the command-s keys until you see the white scrolling text on a black background. Then at the prompt type:
fsck -fy
hit return. If it repairs something do it again until there are no repairs needed. Then type"
reboot mac
hit return

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