Startup Disk menu can no longer detect the hard drive

I am trying to boot my dvd from the startup disk menu (the screen when you press alt and brings up Mac or Windows) as Paragon CamptuneX has adjusted my directory files when I expanded the partition size and it is required to boot from the windows DVD to reorder the directory. But for some reason, the startup disk menu cannot find the dvd drive? I can hear it spinning and there is no problem detecting the DVD once I boot into Mac OSX.......
Any ideas what I should do? I'm trying to avoid cleaning out Bootcamp, and reinstalling it all over again....

Okay, second question: How does this forum software work? According to the thread list, someone named MacWizard has replied to this thread, but I can't see it.
MacWizard, if you could email your reply to spearbrave at gmail point c0m so I can read it there, I'd appreciate it.
15" MacBook Pro C2D Mac OS X (10.4.8)

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  • MacBook Pro can no longer see the hard drive

    I've got a MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo, 15-inch.
    Okay, so I was chasing the nazis out of North Africa in Call of Duty 2 when the game froze. Command-Option-Escape was unresponsive, so I held down the power button to shut the whole thing down. When I brought it back up, I got the flashing folder icon.
    After yelling a few words I shan't repeat here, I booted off the installation DVD, then started up Disk Utility to try to repair the disk. However, Disk Utility only sees the DVD; it doesn't see the hard drive at all. Neither does Startup Disk or System Profiler. (The hard drive would be under the ATA section in System Profiler's menu, right? It only shows the DVD drive.) If I try to go ahead with the OS X installation, at the "Select a Destination" screen, where the list of disks should be is disturbingly blank. So according to every method I've tried so far, it's as if my hard drive has been entirely disconnected.
    This was my Christmas present, and I was hoping to get at least two years out of it, not two weeks. Anyone have any idea how to get this beautiful machine back on its feet again? I'm familiar with Unix and not afraid of using the command line, but I'm not sure what to try there.
    15" MacBook Pro C2D   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    Okay, second question: How does this forum software work? According to the thread list, someone named MacWizard has replied to this thread, but I can't see it.
    MacWizard, if you could email your reply to spearbrave at gmail point c0m so I can read it there, I'd appreciate it.
    15" MacBook Pro C2D Mac OS X (10.4.8)

  • NB200 -00L stopped during the middle of formatting, can no longer use the hard drive recovery option

    NB200 -00L is the model
    Power was down during the beginning of hard drive reformat,I had tried to press 0 (zero) during restart
    I had also tried to press F8 during it restart, then choose repair option, but it kept rebooting itself in a loop with no error message.
    I really would like to restore to the manufacturing settings.
    I had my usb drive, but the system does not recognize the mirror image on my usb flash drive anymore.
    Unfortunately, my model does not come with a dvd reader neither.
    What are my options?

    Netbook NB200-00L (PLL28C-00L011)
    Everything for that Canadian model is here.
    the system does not recognize the mirror image on my usb flash drive anymore.
    I don't understand what's happening. If you cannot boot from a flash drive with recovery media, it may  be that the drive does not have the proper contents. You can remedy that by ordering a new flash drive from Toshiba.
    See the section Restoring the pre-installed software from your created Recovery Media, which is on  p. 3-14 of your User's Manual.
    If you cannot boot from a known bootable flash drive, I would seek service.

  • Old MacBook Pro boots no further than the apple image and the ball spins aimlessly as if it cannot detect the hard drive

    My old MacBook Pro displays the apple image on start up then hangs with the ball spinning continuously. Seems it cannot detect the hard drive. Can I start up holding down certain keys to bypass the problem. Running snow leopard and don't have a start up disk.

    Try the procedures in this support article;
    You may also use the original install disk.  When you get to the point where the menu bar shows on top of the display, select Utilities.  The open Disk Utility from the drop down menu and try to repair the disk.

  • How can my daughter use the hard drive in the Time Capsule ...

    So, I am in Oklahoma and my daughter is in Tennessee...
    She has a Time Capsule where the Wi-fi base station quit working, but the hard drive may be OK.
    She bought an Airport Express to use as a wi-fi router.
    The question, then, is:
    How can my daughter use the hard drive in the Time Capsule to do Time Machine backups?
    Thank you very much for your insights.

    It can be done but is very messy. That is assuming the TC is still functional which I kind of doubt.. the wifi is seldom the only thing that will die .. so whatever problems it has the wifi would be the least of it.
    Anyway.. do a factory reset to get started.
    The Factory Reset Gen1-4.
    Unplug your TC. Hold in reset. and power the TC back on.. without releasing reset for about 10sec. When the status light flashes rapidly; release it.
    Be Gentle! Feel the switch click on. It has a positive feel..  add no more pressure after that.
    TC will reboot after a couple of minutes with default factory settings and will wipe out previous configurations.
    No files are deleted on the hard disk.. No reset of the TC deletes files.. to do that you use erase from the airport utility.
    If the LED is not lit then the TC is dead, not just the wireless.
    The setup for using the TC is explained in the bottom of this thread.
    TC in a second local network.
    The idea is to set the TC to provide router function.. and the computer plugged in by ethernet to as a second network.. but there are rules on how this is done which I have explained in that thread.
    I notice that Mountain Lion deals better with order of network priority than Snow Leopard used to .. so it might not need to have manually set gateway and dns.. although I would still recommend it. It simply stops the second network causing issues.
    It is much easier to simply purchase an external drive and plug that in.
    It is cheaper, faster and more reliable than using the TC for TM anyway.
    Plus a lot of the later machines no longer have ethernet ports.. and using dongles is far from neat.. although thunderbolt to ethernet is IMHO necessary accessory for anyone without ethernet.

  • Mac doesn't detect the hard drive

    Hello, my Powerbook doesn't detect the Hard Drive (tryied restarting, tryied Disk Utility from DVDs)... Yesterday and some days before I heard some clicking noises coming from the PB.
    I'm still under Apple Care coverage, I think they'll remplace it for me (won't they?), but the most important thing: does anyone knows if the data on the hard drive can be restored??... And if Apple Care will try to restore it or it will just remplace the Hard Drive?... do I have any other option?
    PowerBook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   1.5Ghz 512MB 80GB Superdrive

    Here's some answers. Everyone else here chime in if I'm wrong!
    Apple Care will replace the drive (unless they determine you killed it by intentionally abusing the PB itself, very unlikely).
    Apple Care will not transfer any data they find to a new drive, just replace it and very likely load a default Software Configuration.
    Here are some options. In both cases, be READY to start copying data the INSTANT the drive is recognized. If it comes up at all...
    - Restart the PB in Target Disk Mode by holding down the "T" key during the bootup process. If you can get the PB to load as a Target Disk, you can plug it into another Mac and copy off your files (or clone it if you want to get more advanced)
    - Have a local shop remove the hard drive and replace it with a new one. Reload the default software yourself, then put the original malfunctioning drive into an external firewire/USB case to see if it's still salvageable.
    Yeah, clicking noises from a hard drive are never good. I've had a couple drives go bad on me, and was lucky enough to have time to backup real quick - biting nails all the way. Let us know how you're doing with the repair,

  • I have 2 different MacBooks (owned by 2 people) connected to my Time Capsule. I want to use the Time Capsule to back up both MacBooks separately from each other. Can one person access the hard drive of the other person, on the same Time Capsule?

    I have 2 different MacBooks (owned by 2 people) connected to the same Time Capsule over a wifi network. I want to use the Time Capsule to back up both MacBooks separately from each other. Can one person access the hard drive of the other person, on the same Time Capsule? Is there a way to ensure that the files on the 2 laptops are kept private from each other? Thanks!

    If someone really wants to do something, it won't take them long to find out how to do it.
    Security on a Time Capsule is a bit like installing a lock on a tent. It will keep the honest folks out, but probably not the others.

  • How can I completely wipe the hard drive with out the Mac OS X disc? I don't need any of the info on the computer.

    How can I completely wipe the hard drive with out the Mac OS X disc? I don't need any of the info on the computer.

    You can't unless you have a bootable system on an external drive you can use. Otherwise, you need either the original disc that came with your computer or a retail copy of Snow Leopard DVD. The latter contains 10.6.3, so your model must be capable of booting from that or an earlier version of OS X.
    You can purchase replacement discs from Apple:
    Apple Store Customer Service at 1-800-676-2775 or visit online Help for more information.
    To contact product and tech support: Apple - Support - Contact Apple Support.
    You can purchase Snow Leopard through the Apple Store: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard - Apple Store (U.S.). The price is $19.99 plus tax. You will be sent physical media by mail after placing your order.
    After you install Snow Leopard you will have to download and install the Mac OS X 10.6.8 Update Combo v1.1 to update Snow Leopard to 10.6.8 and give you access to the App Store. Access to the App Store enables you to download Mountain Lion if your computer meets the requirements.

  • Go Flex TV media player can no longer see the external drive on my airport

    Hi there I have an external hard drive hooked up via usb to my airport extreme. I recently purchased a goflex seagate media center for my tv. At first the seagate recognized my external drive with no problem. Streaming files from the hard drive with no problem. Now the media center cannot see or log onto the drive it. It still connects to internet via my airport, I can stream you tube however it cannot see the external drive. I can access the external drive with my mac book via the airport extreme with no problem. I'm at a total loss any suggestions would be helpful.

    Okay, second question: How does this forum software work? According to the thread list, someone named MacWizard has replied to this thread, but I can't see it.
    MacWizard, if you could email your reply to spearbrave at gmail point c0m so I can read it there, I'd appreciate it.
    15" MacBook Pro C2D Mac OS X (10.4.8)

  • Power supply dead? Can I get at the Hard drive?

    I recently had a storm which blew one of my external firewire drives (it goes on but won't mount) and when I tried using my older G4 (Quicksilver, with OS10.3.9, and Classic) to boot up in OS9 and try my Norton Utilities, the G4 froze. It did it several times. I eventually pulled the power cord. When I plugged it back it, there was a spark (at the plug in point on the G4, not the wall outlet. Since then, it won't power up.
    I tried booting it up in firewire disk mode and using my Intel MacPro, but no dice.
    I did a search and have seen discussion on what sounds like my same problem. I hold the power button and the light goes on, but goes right off as soon as I let go.
    I tried pressing the PMU; I saw a lot of discussion about the CUDA button but it seems these are one and the same thing. I removed the small battery and tried to get a replacement but have not succeeded as yet. Though I don't think that's the problem. It might be the power supply.
    Anyway, here's my question: can I use the power supply and/or battery from an even older Mac, a PPC 8600?
    And, whether or not that works, can I yank the hard drive from my G4, along with a second internal drive I put in (slave) in order to get data of it? (I'll give up trying to fix the G$ itself if I can just get my files off it.
    *While I'm at it, can I take apart the external firewire drive that won't mount, and get at the files on that in some way. I tried Data Rescue ll but the drive still would not mount so that was useless.
    Any help on any of these will be greatly appreciated. (Yes, I do have a nice big powerful UPS but the G4 and the external were no plugged in to it).
    noodle--head grrum...PY

    To recover your hard drives and data (including the external) get yourself a housing, and insert a drive, and move data to a different computer.
    You'll want a firewire external housing with the Oxford chipset. I can recommend any of the FW or FW combo housings by OWC on the following page:
    You will need a QS power supply-others won't work.
    If you end up wanting a power supply for the QS, check eBay, or the following:
    As for the battery, as long as it is the same 3.6v and form factor, any will do:
    The Radio Shack P/N is 23-026.
    G4AGP(450)Sawtooth, 2ghz PowerLogix, 2gbRAM, 300gbSATA+160gbATA, ATI Radeon 9800   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   Pioneer DVR-109, ExtHD 160gb x2, 23"Cinema Display, Ratoc USB2.0, Nikon Coolscan

  • Can no longer connect to hard drive via HH3

    Please can someone help me....the bt customer services have been the least useful people ever and had me pulling my hair out
    I have an external hard drive plugged into my HH3. First plugged it in, in December, set it up, connected to it with all my computers and laptops via (map a network drive). Worked flawlessly until a few weeks ago. Now all of a sudden I cannot connect to it.
    I have tried mapping to it, but it is no longer there. However if i login to the BT Home Hub it is appearing there as a connect device. Have deleted it from here and then plugged it in again. That didn't work..
    Have tried both ip addresses suggested: and .253 but neither worked.
    Have plugged the hard drive directly into my laptop and it is working fine. Something has changed somewhere, after a firmware upgrade on the home hub maybe? 
    Any suggestions?
    Many Thanks.

    Are you trying to power the drive from the hubs USB port, or does it have its own external power supply?
    There are some useful help pages here, for BT Broadband customers only, on my personal website.
    BT Broadband customers - help with broadband, WiFi, networking, e-mail and phones.

  • Can anyone help. I need to reuse my SDHC cards and transfer footage from an ongoing profect to a hard drive. Can i edit from the Hard drive or am I better transferring info striaight from camera to time line

    Hi I am using a JVC GY-HM100 camera which is meant to work well with final cut pro.  I have an ongoing project but need to save money and resuse the SDHC cards that are currently full of footage.
    Would I be better off transferring the footage straight to the time line (as rumour has it you can do this with this camera) or store the footage on a hard drive and edit it later without risk of losing the footage.
    Many thanks

    Thanks Linda,
    Here's some more info for you:
    This is my pet checklist for questions regarding FCP X performance - you may have already addressed some of the items but it's worth checking.
    Check the spec of your Mac against the system requirements:
    Check the spec of your graphics card. If it's listed here, it's not suitable:
    Make sure you're using the latest version of the application - FCP X 10.0.3 runs very well on my 2009 MacPro 2 x 2.26 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon with 16 GB RAM and ATI Radeon HD 5870 1024 MB. I run it with Lion 10.7.3.
    Check that you have at least 20% free space on your system drive.
    If you have not already done so, move your Projects and Events to a fast (Firewire 800 or faster) external HD. Make sure the drive's formatted OS Extended (journalling's not required for video). You should always keep at least 20% free space on the Hard Drives that your Media, Projects and Events are on.
    If you are getting crashes, there is some conflict on the OS. Create a new (admin) user account on your system. Do NOT import any of the settings etc from the old account - simply use FCP X from there - if it runs a lot better, there's a conflict and a clean install would be recommended - but remember, if you reinstall the system, and then use Migration Assistant (or anything else) to import all your old settings etc etc, you may well be importing the cause of the conflict in the first place.
    Keep projects to 20 mins or less (about half that for Multicam). If you have a long project, work on short sections, make them into Compound Clips and then paste these into a final project for export.
    If you ever experience dropped frames, I strongly recommend you use ProRes 422 Proxy - it edits and plays back like silk because the files are small but lightly compressed (not much packing and unpacking to do) - but remember to select 'Original or Optimised Media' (FCP X Preferences > Playback) just before you export your movie, otherwise it will be exported at low resolution.
    If you have plenty of processor power, for the ultimate editing experience, create Optimised Media - most camera native files are highly compressed and need a great deal of processor power to play back - particularly if you add titles, filters or effects. ProRes 422 takes up much more hard drive space but is very lightly compressed. It edits and plays back superbly.
    Hide Audio Waveforms at all times when you don't need them (both in Browser and Storyline / Timeline). They take up a lot of processor power. (Use the switch icon at the bottom-right of your timeline to select a format without waveforms if you don't need them at the moment, then switch back when you do).
    Create folders in the Project and Events libraries and put any projects you are not working on currently, in those folders. This will help a lot. There's a great application for this, called Event Manager X - for the tiny cost it's an invaluable application.
    Unless you cannot edit and playback without it, turn off Background Rendering in Preferences (under Playback) - this will help general performance and you can always render when you need to by selecting the clip (or clips) and pressing Ctrl+R.
    The biggest single improvement I saw in performance was when I upgraded the RAM from 8 GB to 16.

  • My C665 S5046 no longer recognizes the hard drive

    I booted up my toshiba C665 S5046 and it goes to a screen stating I need to use a boot disk?  Any idea what happened or what can I do as a work around?  Does this mean the hard drive is bad?

    DaddyPaycheck, thankyou for the reply. It appears there might be some physical damage which worries me. But what perplexis me is that the drive receives power... it takes the disk (won't eject it.. even on restart, but it takes the disc), and when I boot into open firmware, I get "unable to eject the drive volume"... or something like that... The point being that it appears to believe that there is a drive, but doesn't know what to do with it.
    That being still won't recognize in the ATA of the system profiler.

  • How can I securely erase the hard drive for PowerBook G4 running 10.2.3?

    I'm about to sell a PowerBook G4 12-inch running 10.2.3 after I erased the hard drive via the the original software install and restore disk. There was no secure erase option like there is in subsquent versions of OSX. Is there a way I can do a 7 (or 35) time erase on this machine? Thanks!

    See this Apple note. Secure erase was added in 10.2.3, but in a different place than later releases.

  • Disk Utility can't verify or repair hard drive

    I started up my Tibook using the install disk and ran disk utility to try and repair my hard drive and it went through the verification process and then said that there was an error and it could not repair the disk. It says that it needs repaired, any suggestions?
    Also, when I come back to my computer after being gone several hours, I'm having trouble getting the computer to respond. It's not supposed to go to sleep or go to screen saver, but when I come back, the programs take a long time to respond - any ideas on how to fix this?
    thanks in advance.

    This is what Disk Utility says when I try to verify:
    Verifying volume “Hard Drive”
    Checking HFS Plus volume.
    Checking Extents Overflow file.
    Checking Catalog file.
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 479297)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file Overlapped extent allocation (file plications/ Help/pgs/eco85.html)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 640270 /Applications/ Help/pgs/eco9.html)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 640272 /Applications/ Help/pgs2/dev.html)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 640273 /Applications/ Help/pgs2/dw.html)
    640273 /Applications/ Help/pgs2/dw.html
    ped extent allocation (file %@)",1)
    640274 /Applications/ Help/pgs2/kbshortcuts.html
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 640275 /Applications/ Help/pgs2/la.html)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 640276 /Applications/ Help/pgs2/sp.html)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file Overlapped extent allocation (file Japanese.lproj/Backup Help/pgs2/tips.html)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 640278 /Applications/ Help/pgs2/toc01.html)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 640279 /Applications/ Help/pgs2/toc02.html)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 640280 /Applications/ Help/pgs2/toc03.html)
    640280 /Applications/ Help/pgs2/toc03.html
    640281 /Applications/ Help/pgs2/toc04.html
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 640282 /Applications/ Help/pgs2/toc06.html)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 640283 /Applications/ Help/pgs2/tocstart.html)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file Overlapped extent allocation (file /wn.html)
    Overlapped extent allocation (file 640286 /Applications/ Help/shrd/nav.js)
    Checking multi-linked files.
    Checking Catalog hierarchy.
    Checking Extended Attributes file.
    Checking volume bitmap.
    Volume Bit Map needs minor repair
    Checking volume information.
    Invalid volume free block count
    (It should be 2799915 instead of 2799941)
    Volume Header needs minor repair
    The volume Hard Drive needs to be repaired.
    Error: The underlying task reported failure on exit
    1 HFS volume checked
    Volume needs repair

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