Startup from previous system?

I installed OS 10.4.2 over a newer version (10.4.6? on my iMac G5). I have the "Previous System" folder. I want to get back to where I was before I stupidly installed an older OS. How can I start up from the previous system? Thanks!

That is not possible from the Previous System folder. That folder is only there to provided for the recovery of files.Hence the reason that a backup is suggseted because if you had backed up with a bootable clone going back would be a matter of rebooting to the colne and restoring the clone.
You will need to reinstall the previous system from CD.

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  • How do I copy over files from "Previous System 1" to my current system

    I was having trouble with starting up my computer. I used a friend's computer to check Apple's Knowledge Base. The suggestion was to perform an Arhive and Install and to select the option of preserving my user and network settings.
    I could not locate my Panther Install disc (my previous OS was 10.3.9). However, I did find my Jaguar 10.2 Install disc so I decided to use that instead (my disorganization is truly exasperating).
    I thought once my system was again accessible (which it now is) I'd be able to reinstall Panther from the Archive even though I still can't locate my Panther Install disc. Is that possible?
    I am, of course, having trouble using many of my 10.3.9 applications as they are incompatible with my currently loaded Jaguar 10.2 OS. I am unable to print, get my email, or use countless applications.
    I'd sure appreciate help and suggestions as to how I might reaccess my 10.3.9 OS from the Archive so that I can avoid having to repurchase and reload Panther to get my original system back.
    Is there a simple way to copy/move my previous system from "Previous System 1" back to my current system?
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
    Luna Monte
    P.S. I foolishly neglected to maintain a back-up of my data onto an external disk. If I can get things back to where they were, I've learned my lesson.
    iMac Flat Panel   Mac OS X (10.2.x)  

    Welcome to Apple Discussions.
    As Kappy pointed out, you need Panther install disks to install Panther. However, you may be able to recover your data files from the Previous System Folder.
    You can purchase Panther disks from applerescue. Your computer will support Tiger if it meets the minimum system requirements for Tiger.
    Please don't hesitate to post back should you have further questions.
    Good luck.

  • AppleTv from previous system

    Hello -
    I upgraded to Lepard. I in the upgrade I lost all my itunes library and photos etc. I was able to retrieve the itunes library from "previous system". How do I retrieve my AppleTV movies from the previous system?

    Your movies should be in the same place as your music (in a folder called movies within the itunes folder).

  • How can I restore folders and files from Previous Systems folder

    I have been unable to migrate files (or even find the option to migrate files) located in my Previous Systems folder. I've been able to change the Privilege of these files to Read & Write (though my Permissions still indicate "You can only read.") and drag them from my previous Users folder to my current desktop, which creates a situation where I have them but am still unable to alter them (or delete them).
    thanks, all.

    Here's my exact issue: I've spent many hours converting vinyl records to mp3s, which were then stored in the iTunes folder of my previous system. Upon performing the Archive and Install, all of these files were located in my Previous Systems>Users>"X">Music folder, which initially could not be opened, prompting the notice, "The folder Music could not be opened because you do not have sufficient access privileges." So, I clicked "Get Info" and changed the Privilege from Read Only to Read & Write. From there I could open the folder, and as you pointed out, move these files wherever I chose. The problem is that I can't use them in any practical sense; I can't import them to my iTunes library and I can't delete them, being notified, "The operation can't be completed because backup items can't be modified." Which, would lead me to believe that I have yet to restore them properly.

  • Bookmarks from previous system all lost. Firefoxidn't sync when accesed from another system. The account didn't even exist. Why? Help me get it.

    My previous system crashed and I just got a new one set up. Installed firefox and tried syncing but my acount wasn't even recognized and I had to sign up again. Which led to all my previous bookmarks getting lost. Is there any way to retrieve all those bookmark data?

    hello theja, there has been a change in the sync account system in firefox 29. when you have set-up your account before that (which is likely the case when your credentials weren't known once you tried to sign in to the new sync), you'll need your old username, password and recovery key in order to connect to the old account!
    if you have that information available you could try the following procedure:
    # disconnect from the new account through the sync panel in the firefox options.
    # enter '''about:config''' into the firefox address bar (confirm the info message in case it shows up), right-click somewhere in that page & create a new string preference named '''services.sync.username'''with a value like '''fake''' and restart firefox.
    # afterwards you should be able to connect to the old account through the firefox options > sync panel. if this worked and you could import your data this way, please log out of the old sync account again and reconnect to your new account.


    I had problems with my HD and I had to re-install the system. I had to create a new user account to do that, now... how do I get back my user settings from the previous system??? like my email, keyboard sortcuts... etc.....????
    I see my previous system folder with the info but... what do i do with it??

    Create another admin account using the same username/password combo used on the original one, Log into it, drag your stuff from the Previous System folder, replacing the new stuff, open Accounts, and delete the user your created when reinstalling.
    BTW, typing in all caps is considered shouting and bad netetiquette, so please, stop doing that.

  • Restored OS, can't import mailboxes from previous system

    Dang. I've tried every which way to get email files from the archived "previous systems" folder over to my new email library. If I try to import mailboxes, it doesn't detect valid mailboxes to import. If I literally drag and drop email files to the new inbox, the files move over but I can't see them in mail viewer. The only way it has worked is to open each old file individually (they do open and read OK) and choose 'move to' from the message menu. I can then move the file to a mailbox on the new viewer and it shows up fine. But I have thousands of old emails and this would drive me nuts.
    Any input or ideas?

    Hi jdlaln, and a warm welcome to the forums!
    Not certain, but this can fix myriad Mail problems, & I think may make the ones you moved over show up...
    Safe Boot from the HD, (holding Shift key down at bootup), it will try to repair your Disk Directory while the spinning radian is happening, so let it go, run Disk Utility in Applications>Utilities, then highlight your drive, click on Repair Permissions, then move these folder & file to the Desktop.
    Move this Folder to the Desktop...
    Move this file to the Desktop...
    /Users/YourUserName/Library/Mail/Envelope Index

  • Can I copy newer system (10.6.8.) from previous system folder after archive and install with (10.5.4)?

    had trouble with extensions in 10.6.8 and had to re-install with original disks 10.5.4.
    Did an archive and install.
    In my (dated) Previous System Folder are Appl / Library / System / User folders.
    Copied my User folder back no problem.
    Can that also be done with the newer system? No info in support.
    Time Machine won't migrate because of newer system and I have only a disk image of Snow Leopard and can't burn double layer DVDs.
    When I tried to order SL DVD from Apple they told me it'll take 3 weeks ...
    How to erase and install Snow Leopard 10.6

  • Import Account from Previous System

    Through a series of stupid moves, I have ended up with a newly installed operating system that has a new account. But I need to import my previous account that is now part of a Previous System folder. When I try to use Migration Assistant, I am unable to to tell it to import from the Previous System folder that is on my current drive.
    Is there anyway around this? Should I copy that user folder to an external drive and bring it in that way?
    Any suggestions would be great.
    Thanks in advance

    BayArea MacFan wrote:
    Everything was going smoothly until it got to the Library folder--then the troubles continued. It seems that folder would not copy over to the Laptop without a permissions error.
    Make sure you do not confuse the root level Library folder with the library folder in your home folder. You should have had an image file of your entire original home folder if you followed the Apple procedure, & *while logged in as the root user* copied the entire folder into the root level /Users/ folder in one step. This would copy everything in the home folder over, including its Library folder & all its contents. There should be no permissions issues because the root user is "god" & has permissions to do almost anything.
    I assume you now have an image file of the original home folder on something other than the laptop's drive -- otherwise it would have been erased when you "wiped" your laptop. I suggest that you now do the following:
    1. When the install completes, create the first user account with some name *other than* the name of your archived home folder.
    2. Follow the 12 step procedure in How to get files from a previous home directory after Archive and Install very carefully.
    3. You should see the message mentioned in step 9 about using the existing home folder you moved to Users in step 7.

  • Post Leopard Installation - Transfer data from "Previous System" folder

    After the first attempt to install Leopard and got the evil blue screen, I had to reinstall my old Tiger from the original installation disks, then attempted a new installation of Leopard. This time I chose Archive and Install as one support article suggested, and chose Preserve user and network settings as instructed. This time the Leopard installation was successful, but now how do I retrieve my data (photos/itunes/mail)etc. from the "Previous System" folders?

    There should be no need to sync the files. A previous system folder happens when you do an archive and install, so what's in that folder is identical to what your Mac was when you last did one. Presumably you've changed a lot of things since then and wouldn't want to go back.
    Unless there are a few files you deleted and want back, then just copy them over. Then delete the entire thing, it's using up disk space.

  • How to transfer Address Book from previous system to new one?

    I had to reinstall Mac OS X and chose to archive my "previous system".
    How do I get my address book back from my previous system? I lost EVERYTHING:(

    Look in your archived user folder. You can just move the yourUserName/Library/Application Support/AddressBook folder to the same location on your new system.

  • Problem accessing iphoto pictures and other files from previous system.

    I tried to install Leopard, upgrading from Tiger, using the install disc.
    The cpu hanged on blue.
    I tried all the disc permissions protocol, with no immediate success.
    Overnight it somehow came up and was usable, however, I could not access my files in iphoto and open office etc
    In the 'previous systems' folder on my HD it is still there and of the correct size, however I cannot access it-it is grey and has a cross through it.
    I ran disc permissions before and after uploading combo updater X10.5 from the apple site.
    It still would not grant access.
    I re-installed the system running disc permissions before and after and archived the HD.
    I then carbon copied (using that software) the HD to an external HDD and erased and installed leopard.
    I still cannot access the old photos in iphoto and the new iphoto has no photos in it.
    Any suggestions as to how to resolve this? The priority is to access the old photos again, preferably still in their folder and album form. Though accessing all old files would be still better.
    Thanks-I've been going at this for a few days now...
    Best wishes,

    It's solved now-thank you
    This is what was done:
    1) Quit iPhoto, if it is already running
    2) Open a Finder window to show Backup HD>Previous Systems>Users>Pictures
    3) Open another Finder window above or below it and navigate to Macintosh HD>Users>Pictures
    (It's easier to keep track if you have both windows in column view)
    4) Drag and drop the old iPhoto Library onto the new Pictures folder. It will warn you that if you are about to replace "iPhoto Library". Click "Replace" - it may require your password.
    5) Open iPhoto
    Thanks to a person on another forum named Leewave, who came up with it just now.
    Thanks to all and best regards.

  • Ical data from Previous System

    I recently had to 'Install and Archive' my G4 10.2.8, in doing so it archived most of my data in the new folder 'Previous System'. I now open my Ical and can't seem to get any of my previous data. Does anyone know where the past Ical data is stored once the system has been archived, and where should I put it once I have found it.
    Thanks for any help you can give.

    There should be no need to sync the files. A previous system folder happens when you do an archive and install, so what's in that folder is identical to what your Mac was when you last did one. Presumably you've changed a lot of things since then and wouldn't want to go back.
    Unless there are a few files you deleted and want back, then just copy them over. Then delete the entire thing, it's using up disk space.

  • How can I rescue prefs, bookmarks from "previous systems" archive?

    Upgrading to 10.5 caused my ibook to no longer boot. I had to archive and reinstall 10.4, which took all my preferences, browser bookmarks, etc. and shoved them in a "previous systems" archive. I then managed to finally upgrade to 10.5 and want my bookmarks back, but can't get into the Previous Systems>username>Library>Application Support folder because the computer says I don't have sufficient access privileges. What the heck?! How can I get in there and rescue my bookmarks, etc?

    Unfortunately, none of this helped. I changed permissions to 'read & write' but it didn't change a thing. tried using the disk utility to repair permissions--just got the windmill spinning forever and eventually canceled it. Quite frustrated. Tried mounting the archive to get in that copy of the folder, but it too wouldn't let me in.

  • Need to pull bookmarks from previous system

    Mac bluescreened and I rebuilt. I have the back up previous system folder. How do I go about pulling my old bookmarks into my new system.

    Safari's bookmarks are located in the folder ~/Library/Safari/Bookmarks.plist, where ~ is the item in the Finder's sidebar with the house icon. Locate the copy of this file in the previous system and move it to the same location inside your current home folder.

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