Statechart module: crashes when I want to save state

I am using the LV Statechart Module (version 8.6.0). LabVIEW crashes when I want to save a state (by clicking "OK" on the state dialog). The crash does only occur if I have some member VIs of a quite large class hierarchy in the state. It does not occur if I for example just wire through the simple error cluster that is part of my state data cluster.
Does anyone have an idea how I could avoid this problem?
The LabVIEW failure log file is attached.
Thanks in advance for any hint.
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lvlog07-08-09-18-04-09.txt ‏2 KB

Looking at this quickly, I do not know the core root cause, but I am guessing that you could work around it by putting your guard or action code into a subVI and using that subVI instead of placing the code directly in the guard/action. Something appears to be going wrong as we try to commit the guard/action VI you created for the state - I am guessing there is a bug in this process as it encounters some of the class stuff you are using, and using a subVI to wrap it will avoid this.
Any chance you can provide the files needed to reproduce this (either here or privately if you prefer). The stack tells me a little bit but we'll have a much better chance of resolving this fully in a future release if we can reproduce it here.

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    Definitely seems to be pretty whacky. I managed to save out the rtf of the member and import it into a new text member in MX 2004 and it still had problems but didn't crash. The odd thing was when I placed it on stage and selected the sprite the rect seemed to be mirrored above the sprite rather than the actual rect of the sprite.
    The height of the member was 38403 pixels so it's pretty huge. However when I set the boxType to #scroll I was able to display it properly without crashing.
    I can only suggest that you post a bug report and look at breaking down your help file into something more manageable. Maybe a hyperLinked index format?

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    Hey divyakarelia,
    Have you tried starting Firefox in Safe Mode? Hold down "shift" while Firefox is starting up. If the crash doesn't happen in Safe Mode, you should read [[Troubleshooting extensions and themes]].
    There is also a lot of useful stuff in the [[Firefox crashes]] Knowledge Base article. If you've recently upgraded, you might want to check out [ this article] as well.
    Hopefully this helps!

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    If the crashing happens when placing from/saving to new location with Yosemite, you maybe able to get round it by using the Adobe Dialog instead of the OS Dialog in the Place window (similarly for Save As in the Save As window).
    If crashing happens when moving objects, the issue may be caused by the Chrome Pushbullet extension, see this post #3 by Matt with the solution,
    or by the Adobe Color extension, see this post #2 byhexxstatic with the solution,
    or by the cache on the computer, see post #5 in this thread by Booklover with the solution,
    Or, when issues start to appear in general you may try the list.
    The following is a general list of things you may try when the issue is not in a specific file, and when it is not caused by issues with opening a file from external media. You may have tried/done some of them already; 1) and 2) are the easy ones for temporary strangenesses, and 3) and 4) are specifically aimed at possibly corrupt preferences); 5) is a list in itself, and 6) is the last resort.
    If possible/applicable, you should save current artwork first, of course.
    1) Close down Illy and open again;
    2) Restart the computer (you may do that up to at least 5 times);
    3) Close down Illy and press Ctrl+Alt+Shift/Cmd+Option+Shift during startup (easy but irreversible);
    4) Move the folder (follow the link with that name) with Illy closed (more tedious but also more thorough and reversible), for CS3 - CC you may find the folder here:
    5) Look through and try out the relevant among the Other options (follow the link with that name, Item 7) is a list of usual suspects among other applications that may disturb and confuse Illy, Item 15) applies to CC, CS6, and maybe CS5);
    Even more seriously, you may:
    6) Uninstall (ticking the box to delete the preferences), run the Cleaner Tool (if you have CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6/CC), and reinstall.

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    Installed AcrobatXI PRO 11.0.09  on seven computers and laptops. Two of them gives an error when you try to save a document in WORD, EXCEL, Power Point, or when exporting to... error: Save failed to process this document. No File was created.
    But all good saves in the format of TXT and jpg.
    I have uninstalled and restored and re-installed and updated and registry cleaned and removed using the special utility Cleaner Tool for Acrobat, but nothing helps.
    On one notebook with Windows 8.1 and Microsoft office 2013, on another laptop with Windows 7 and Microsoft office 2010, the same problem, although there are computers with Windows 7 and Microsoft office 2010 and everything works.
    Tell me where to find the problem and how to solve it.
    Thank you.

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    After the latest Security Update 2012-001 (Mac OS X 10.6.8) my Adobe Photoshop CS 8, Dreamweaver 8, and InDesign CS programs crash when I try to save a file. HELP!!!

    Apparently some are reporting that this causes the older PowerPC (PPC) applications that are supported in 10.6 via 'Rosetta' to crash upon attempting to open/save/print using any dialog box, or fail in other similar ways such as simply not printing or quitting, or freezing/hanging/crashing of the application.
    I have read of some companies that have indeed submitted proper bug reports to Apple, but that is not a guarantee of a bug-fix being issued.
    You might wish to read:
    If you are unsure if you are still using PowerPC apps, if the application is currently running, look under the 'Activity Monitior' (in Applications -> Utilities), or alternatively you could check in the System Profiler, Applications. Check the column "Type".
    Here is a fairly simple way you can restore you system and restore you applications functionality again, if you don't have a recent clone or good Time Machine backup that you can restore from. If you do, restore from your backup prior to having installed the Security Update 2012-001.
    Time Machine restore:
    If you are restoring a backup made by a Mac to the same Mac
    With your backup drive connected, start up your Mac from the Lion recovery partition (Command-R at startup) or Mac OS X v10.6 installation disc. Then use the "Restore From Time Machine Backup" utility. Select the backup prior to your issues, and it will be restored back to the state it was in at that time.
    If you can't easily restore from a backup, you can instead do the following:
    - You first start by reinstalling your OS X 10.6.x, this will preserve all your user data, your applications, no worries there.
    - Then install the Mac OS X 10.6.8 Update Combo v1.1 (links provided below)
    - Make sure you're printers are showing up correctly in your system preferences, if not, re-add the printers
    - Then finally, run the Apple Software Update (by pulling down the Apple Menu), and install any and all remaining updates, except do not then re-install the Security Update 2012-001. It is possible that you may have to reboot after installing some of the updates, and you may even need to run it a 2nd time to make sure that you've got all updates, except NOT the Security Update 2012-001.
    Links for 10.6.8 Update Combo v1.1:
    or the link to directly download this 1.09GB combo updater:
    Daniel Feldman
      Certified Member of the
      Apple Consultants Network
      Apple Certified (ACHDS)
      E-mail:  [email protected] 
      Phone:   1-408-454-6649
      URL :

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    Repair permissions and restart your computer.  If this does not work, zap the pram.  You should now see your external hard drive. 

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    This site is already LIVE and need to make some updates for today .. I've emailed to [email protected]  attaching the screenshot and the MUSE FILE.
    Their answer is not clear ... I don't know if they will do something or I should do something in addition to what I sent ... PLEASE I have a compromise with my client and feel totally unsupported by you.
    Screenshot HERE
    MUSE answer here

    I had something similar happen to me yesterday and after contacting Adobe Support, I had to send in my file so they could repair it. There are several other cases of issues when downloading the update, uploading files, etc. If you can open the file inside the new 2014.3 update, make changes, but cannot save or upload to FTP,'s probably a file error issue that occurred after the 2014.3 update. The tech told me to downgrade back to the previous version for the time being so that I can still work and update the website. That requires an older file that was not converted after the update though. Hopefully you back up your muse files.
    To downgrade and work around this, uninstall the Muse app. Delete preferences. Go back to the CC panel/dashboard and install the previous 2014.2.1 version at the bottom (you'll have to click on the little arrow/gear icon just above the muse install button to select "Previous Version."
    This worked for me. Hope it helps

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    I am now able to open AVI in QTpro, but it crashes when I try to save or save as or anything really.
    Desperately seeking help. Thanks

    Download VLC Media Player & Perian to play your .avi files inconjunction w/QT.

  • My AppleWorks spread sheet has started crashing.  I upgraded AppleWorks from 6 to 6.2.9, but it still crashes when I try to save changes or print.  I run 10.6.8 Snow Leopard.

    My AppleWorks spread sheet has started crashing.  I just upgraded AppleWorks from 6 to 6.2.9, but it still crashes when I try to save changes or print.  I run 10.6.8 Snow Leopard.  This same spread sheet does not crash on my other two Macs.  Please help, I use this spread sheet daily in my business.  Jeanie

    Did you apply the security update to this Mac & not the others? If you did, check Software Update again. Apple has released an updated security update. This has fixed the problems caused by the first version.

  • System Profiler crashes when I try to save.

    System Profiler crashes when I try to save. It starts to save it then crashes and I can't view the report.

    Hi Lindsay, and a warm welcome to the forums!
    Could be many things, we should start with this for safety...
    "Try Disk Utility
    1. Insert the Mac OS X Install disc that came with your computer, then restart the computer while holding the C key.
    2. When your computer finishes starting up from the disc, choose Disk Utility from the Installer menu. (In Mac OS X 10.4 or later, you must select your language first.)
    *Important: Do not click Continue in the first screen of the Installer. If you do, you must restart from the disc again to access Disk Utility.*
    3. Click the First Aid tab.
    4. Click the disclosure triangle to the left of the hard drive icon to display the names of your hard disk volumes and partitions.
    5. Select your Mac OS X volume.
    6. Click Repair. Disk Utility checks and repairs the disk."
    Then Safe Boot from the HD, (holding Shift key down at bootup), run Disk Utility in Applications>Utilities, then highlight your drive, click on Repair Permissions, reboot when it completes.
    Try deleting this file & reboot...
    Does it work now?

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    Hi, Many thanks for replying, it's much appreciated. I started Firefox in safe mode and found I had the full right click menu on a pic on my home page. However, after moving around the web, I've found that the problem still occurs in eBay and it doesn't make any difference in safe mode. still no full menu. After returning to normal mode, I find that this still stands i.e. I do get the full menu on other sites but not in eBay. As I often want to save a pic in Ebay and can do so in IE, I'm baffled as to why this one site is giving problems. As this is where I've mostly been trying to save pics, I didn't realise that it was a "one site" problem and not applicable to everywhere else. If IE didn't work in this respect, I could blame the eBay site, but it does, so that just makes it more puzzling - and very annoying! I have tried accessing Ebay direct, rather than clicking on the toolbar, but this makes no difference. Any further thoughts would be much appreciated. Joy

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    OS: Win XP pro with service pack 3 32bit
    iPodService module crash when iTunes 10 is in installation process. System says that they can't run module. iTunes is run but work incorrect (for example I can't postpone my purchases from the phone to iTunes). I think that the problem of incompatibility of iPodService module with Servise Pack 3.

    I am having the same problem. I am running Windows XP SP3. I got the same message about not being able to start the iPodService. It offered me the chance to ignore the problem so I did. Big mistake. iTunes seemed to work ok until I tried to upgrade to OS 4.1 on my iPhone. Apparently the service was needed for that because the ugrade failed and my iPhone is completely hosed. I can't use it at all.
    I uninstalled iTunes 10 and tried to find iTunes 9.2.1 on the Apple site but can not find it anywhere. I can only find the Mac version. I found the Windows version of 9.1.1 iTunes. So I downloaded and installed it.
    When I started iTunes 9.1.1 it complained that the library file was created with a later version of iTunes (makes sense because I had version 10 installed). So I deleted all the itl files. This blew away my library of course which ***** but I figured I could recreate it.
    So when I hooked my iPhone up, I tried to do a restore on it so I could get my iPhone going again. No luck. I got a message saying that it rquires at least iTunes 9.2.1.
    So now I am COMPLETELY SCREWED. My iPhone is dead in the water. My iTunes library is gone. And I see no way forward.
    iTunes 9.1.1 won't work for restoring my dead iPhone
    iTunes 9.2.1 for windows cannot be found anywhere on the apple site as far as I an tell. (would love to be proven wrong on this!)
    iTunes 10 won't install on my machine.
    I looked at the system event messages in windows XP. In the application events I see:
    Faulting application ipodservice.exe, version, faulting module ntdll.dll, version 5.1.2600.5755, fault address 0x0001b21a.
    Product: iTunes -- Error 1920. Service 'iPod Service' (iPod Service) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services.
    In the System events I see:
    The iPod Service service failed to start due to the following error:
    The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.
    In the security events I see no errors or warnings, just info messages. None seem to be related to the iPhone or iTunes.
    I disabled my Symantec Firewall and Antivirus. Did not seem to help the iTunes install. I'm gonna try again just to make sure

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