Status (Outstanding Invoice) No working for Process Purchase Order(BBP_POC)

Hi All,
          We have the filter condition outstanding Invoice in the transaction BBP_POC (Process Purchase order) for the field Status....Can any one tell me which indicator is responsiable for this filter......
          i have observed that for the outstanding confirmation is relative to the Final Delivery(No confirmation required) indicator in the purchase order. But the Final invoice indicator is not affecting the filter....
          Is it a standard behaviour or something is missing...?????

<b>Please go through the related pointers below -></b>
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<u>Hope this will help. Do let me know.</u>
- Atul

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  • Invoice verification(MIRO) for blanket purchase order

    Dear All,
    I am tring to enter invoice via. MIRO againest a blanket purchase order. The blanket purchase order is a Frame workorder  with account assignment category 'U' & item category 'B'. I am getting error 'Enter G/L Account'  while entering invoice varification in MIRO.  I am entering the Amount in the 'Acct assgt' column (error mark). However the GL account & cost center field is gray out. System not allow me to enter the GL account & cost center in MIRO. Also I am unable to change the account assignment category from 'U' to 'K'  in MIRO.
    Can some one guide me how to resolve the above problem.
    Your earlier input would be highly appriciated.

    Please check the Variant being used as per the Standard All the fields are in Entry Mode only.
    Please use the Layout  7_6310 All information & Check
    Check in OLMRLIST  the Layout for transaction MIRO & Program SAPLMR1M
    Please ensure that you use Document type FO in Creating Blanket PO's
    Thanks & Regards

  • What does the 'Complete' button do in 'Process Purchase Order' (BBP_POC)

    Hi forum people,
    Does anyone know exactly what the 'Complete' button does in the 'Process PO' transaction in SRM v5.0?
    I am in extended classic mode and clicked the button only to find the header status updated to show completed, but nothing else at first glance!
    Thanks a lot,

    This is a slightly different question but it's related to the same PO 'Complete' button.
    We have a number of different scenarios where the commitments need to be released in the backend ERP system but we're not able to either becuase the POs were accidentally completed or they are in error status in SRM.
    We're running SRM 5.0 in extended classic.
    Is there a risk to corrupting the PO data if we reverse the complete status via a custom program in order to then manually set the two indicators?
    Our users completed the SRM POs without  setting the item level  'No more GR expected' and 'No more Invoices expected' values.

  • Status Change for Purchase order in Process Purchase order

    Hi All,
    We have implemented SRM 4.0 with Extended Classic scenario.
    SRM does provide standard status for Process Purchase order worklist (such as Ordered, Held, Error in Process etc.). Is there any BADI i can use to overright my own status message for the PO.
    To give brief background of the requirement. Client wanted status to be changed to "Cancel" For POs whose all the line items we have deleted or "Close" when Last delivery or Final Invoice check is ticked.
    I am aware that i can use BBP_DOC_SAVE_BADI as structure BBP_PDS_ITEM i can get items deletion indicator. But will i able to change the standard Status message?
    Presently even though all line items marked delete still shows PO as "Ordered" status.
    Kindly let me know if i can acheive with anyway.
    Thank you

    Hi Masa,
    Thank you for your response. I have few doubts about the configuration which you have suggested.
    - Define Status schema for User status will create a status Profile in which i have to include my own status. In the document of Define Status Schema it specifies that After creating User profile you have to assign same profile to transaction types. (I.e. BUS2201 or BUS2121 etc).
    My concern is will my own status profile over-write the standard status which is coming? such as Ordered, Created, Transmission fail etc.
    If so then do i have to create status profile to include all the Standard Status message in it as well?
    - Other thing i found that Ordering PO goes through many standard status message (COMP, CRTD, CTRA, DCOM, ORDR) and always the last status in the Hearder will display on  ITS level. Is my understanding right?
    - I found that there is a standard system status message I1045 (BECN Cancel) Can i use this through BADI?
    Kindly let me know.
    Thank you once again.

  • No Inoice Varification for Service Purchase Order

    I want Service entrries to be generated for service purchase order but I don,t want Invoice Varification (MIRO) for that Purchase Order or Service Entry.
    Pl let us know how can I configure this.

    Not sure, why there is such a business requirement...
    However, standard SAP has not provided any such facility for Item cat (D) service, any possibility to suppress IR.  You may try creating an account assignment cateogry ( Copy ofr K - Cost Cneter) and deselect Invoice Receipt checkbox in the config of new account assignment category.  Assign the new a/c assignment category to Item Category D. 

  • Define status for backend purchase order in SRM7.02

    i am working in SRM 7.02 classic scenario using PI.
    When the SC is converted to Backend PO, some PO XML are failed due to various reason. Instead i need to create a PO in held status.
    For the same, we have settings 'Define status for Backend purchase order' in SPRO. If we maintain the information in this setting that is enough..??It will work??
    1.I heard there is some enhancement need to done for the same to work ...??if it is what is the enhancement ???
    2. if it is work, then all PO will be created in Held status or only error PO will be created in Held status?? remaining in released status ???
    Kindly advice me ..

    As far as,  BAPI_PO_CREATE1, you need to pass
    MEMORY_UNCOMPLETE = abap_true
    MEMORY_COMPLETE   =  abap_false
    for POHEADER, pass,
    MEMORY = 'X'
    for POHEADERX, pass,
    MEMORY = 'X'
    Though you will be using ESOA for this, this knowledge would help.

  • My touch id is not working for app purchasing loading up my ipod touch back up

    my touch id is not working for app purchasing after loading up my iPod touch back up to the iPhone 5S

    Yes, you will need to call Apple at this point for further assistance.
    Apple ID: Contacting Apple for help with Apple ID account security

  • Error when posting invoice for Asset purchase order

    we are getting the errore message account determination for asset posting with keys not defined in chart of accounts,when posting an invoice for asset purchase order.
    Can any one see why this error is coming and what will be the solution.

    Hi Prabhakar,
    Here is the reply,
    we have 10 line items,in which 3 items are freight related and other 7 items are related to goods reciept.
    i am trying to enter invoice for 3 line items at a time with two relevant to goods reciept and other related to non goods receipt(freight related).
    accounting entries generated after the GR are as follows,
    asset under construction account,and GR/IR account.
    Let me know the details is sufficient or not.

  • Table to show thw invoice for a purchase order

    In which table we can see the invoice for a purchase order?Or in which t code.

    Go to table EKBE in SE16/ SE16N and give the PO number and value "2 (Invoice receipt)" in the filed "Transaction/event type, purchase order history"

  • Set the final invoice flag for a purchase order

    I want to know how to set the final invoice flag for a purchase order.
    I tried BAPI_PO_CHANGE but it is giving me error.
    Help me.

    I think ur BW report shows the cleared Invoice no. The second invoice no. might not have been extracted to BW system. Check your order no. in Cube whether it has two invoice nos.

  • How to Park the single invoice for multiple purchase orders

    How to Park the single invoice for multiple purchase orders?

    brother this is possible to enter one Invoice fro multiple purchase order.
    call transaction MIR7, select " purchase order/Scheduling Agreement" from the PO refernce Tab. then click on arrow. give your purchase orders here.

  • Capacity evaluation working for process orders

    Hi Experts,
    Is there any possibility of get capacity evaluation working for process orders.
    If yes, could u please brief/explain me on the same.
    Thanks in advance..,

    Also can assign in recipe, for material flow for production & capacity planning check the link,

  • Good receipt problem for subcontracting purchase order

    Good receipt problem for subcontracting purchase order
    with account assignment type ‘E’.
    After update to ECC 6.0. Do good receipt for subcontracting purchase order with account assigment 'E'.The system show the error message(KI235)----Two cost elements (Change in Stock (Subcontracting)&Outside processed fee) haven't CO account assignment.but the field status  for sale order is option entry , when I default cost center for the cost element  in OKB9.the system post the material document and generate the following accounting document.
    Doc.Type : WE ( Goods receipt ) Normal document
    Doc. Number    5000056065       Company code    1000         Fiscal year     2007
    Doc. date      2007.12.04       Posting date    2007.12.04   Period          12
    Calculate Tax
    Doc.currency   HKD
    tm PK Account    Account short text   Tx Cost Ctr   SaleOrder               Amount
    1 89 13500000   Stock-Work in proces                   1007823  10             274.4
    2 96 21210010   GR/IR Clearing                             1007823  10             205
    3 91 41010102   Chg in Stock(Subcon)    10901099  1007823  10            274.4
    4 86 41031000   Outside processed fe     10901099  1007823  10            205  
    5 99 13500000   Stock-Work in proces                    1007823  10            69.4
    6 81 41010101   Cost of Prod (Subco)                      1007823  10           69.40
    My problem is:
    When use MIGO to do good receipt for subcontracting Purchase order, for consumption account((Change in Stock (Subcontracting)-41010102&Outside processed fee--41031000) ,why the system don’t recognize the sale order filled as CO account assignment?

    Dear fanny chen
    Did you get a solution for your open question?
    I`m facing the same problem, so any help yould be appreciated.

  • Confirmation Control Work Flow  in Purchase Order

    Hi Gurus,
       Can anyone explain me about the Confirmation Control Tab Work Flow in Purchase Order.
       If i select the Conf. Control in Purchase Order, next what process has to follow?
       Thanks in Advance
    Prabhakaran M

    Hi Prabhakaran
    The Confirmation Control tab has a field for selecting the COnfirmaiton control Key for the PO Item. This key Determines which confirmation categories are expected for a PO item (e.g. order acknowledgment, shipping notification).
    There are four categories delivered in the standard system, which decides whether you need only a ASN for a PO Item, or ASN with a rough GR, or Rough GR only etc.
    Once you have this key set up, system expects you to create that document for this item before you process the GR or Invoice.
    You can also set up automatic ASN creation if you have EDI Integration with the vendor.
    Benefit of ASN is that you ve the confirmed delivery dates and quantities well in advance and warehouse/Inventory team can plan their operations accordingly in advance...
    I hope this clarifies your questions
    Virender Singh

  • Customization to "Carry Out Sourcing" & "Process Purchase Order" Screens

    Hi, we are using SRM 4.0 and wondering if following screen customizations are possible
    <b>Carry Out Sourcing queue</b>
    Is it possible to use some of the existing Fields/Area to show key information within the queue that are important to Buyers such as Total PR Value, Required Date, Comment Field (for Buyer to write notes or status)? The fields Category and Quantity are not that important to us than the other fields mentioned above.
    <b>Process Purchase Order queue</b>
    Is it possible to use some of the existing Fields/Area to show key information within the queue such as Requestor Name, Required Date, Comment Field (for Buyer to write notes/status)? These are more important to us than the Purchasing Org. and Purchasing Group fields.
    The above requested fields will tremendously help the Buyer in managing the queue by making it easier to assign low value orders; by enbaling other Buyer/s to view cart status when covering for someone without drilling down per requisition/line. The comment field within the queue will help to immediately show why the order is on hold, etc.
    I would be interested to know as well if you have any suggestions on how we can assign low value orders to junior buyers faster and more efficiently and if there is an automated way to do it.

    Thanks - Here is the quick clarification. We are not using Sourcing Cockpit (eSourcing, Bidding) functionality in SRM. By "Carry Out Sourcing", I meant the area where Buyers look for workload and add approved requisitions to their work area. That is the screen we are trying to customize. Is there a template for that as well and is it easy to customize without breaking the code.
    Also please advice on customizing "Process Purchase Order" screen.
    Lastly, is there an option to autoamtically assign the Approved Shopping Cart to a Buyer based on the dollar amount?
    Thanks in advance;

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