Still waiting for pre-order

an album that i pre-ordered a week ago is suppose to be released today but nothing is downloading yet. I feel like I've checked everything and still don't know whats up. maybe I'm just impatient :P

Seems like they are having issues with multiple pre-orders. I have the same issue and others are posting they do too on iTunes.
I got the e-mail to download the album last night - did not work - still not working all day today and no response to the Issue I sent to Apple - that is frustrating. At least knowing someone acknowledged the error and was working on it would this point not sure.
Also if you cancel pre-orders that included extras not in the regular or deluxe versions might void getting them.
Hopefully they will resolve or post something online soon.

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  • Still waiting for pre-ordered Droid X..

    I still have not received my pre-ordered phone Droid X from BB... They are still saying "sometime this week" and guess what?  Its already Wednesday and no word.
    Am wondering if I should forego getting my phone via Best Buy and go to Verizon online to order it.. But now Verizon is saying that they are delayed to and the phone will be available "by 8/3"
    which would be better - waiting for BB to contact me or just going ahead and ordering from Verizon?

    I am in the same boat!  They tell me to call everyday at noon to see if UPS has brought them, but so far no go.  They have no idea when they are getting anymore.  I have been pondering if I should just order one from verizon or wait it out as well.  I think i'm going to play may cards and hope best buy actually fulfills there pre-order (post delivery).  But you will have peice of mind with verizon on actually knowing when to expect your phone.  it's a gamble.
    If you do order one from verizon, then best buy gets one before yours ships with verizon, can you cancel the one from verizon?  Might be an idea.

  • 5 months + and still waiting for a phone line

    27/05/2013 Placed order for line and broadband. Paid for 1 year service in advance.
    This was to reconnect a line I had cancelled in in January as we started a major re-fit/renovation at our house and were out of it for 4 months. Transferred line to a new address at this time (different exchange)
    18/06/2013 Engineer scheduled to visit. - Waited in for 6hours, no one turned up, no contact made
    19/06/2013 No one got in touch. I telephoned. Problem with line. New appointment made for Monday 15 July 2013
    15/07/2013 Engineer did not turn up, no contact made again after waiting in most of day.
    16/07/2013 I called and told work on line not completed. They needed to do external work. Given assurance I would get a call on 21/07/2013 as work scheduled to be completed by then. It had been accelerated (had been told this before come to think of it)
    21/07/13 No one called, again
    22/07/2013 I called and told work still not completed but would be by 25/07/2013 so to call back and arrange an engineer visit appointment
    25/07/2013 I called , told work still not completed, would get a call by 29/07/2013 when work will be completed – to arrange another engineer visit. I filed online complaint
    29/07/2013 no call. I called, no update, call again in 2 weeks
    Numerous calls in August, and 2 online complaints. Now getting texts telling me there is no update and promising to get in touch by a certain date, they don't. New line needed as exchange reached capacity. Old line no good, have to lay a new one. Still being told order will be accelerated. Still waiting for the "advisor in our delays team to monitor the job and contact the engineers for a full investigation to be done so we can provide you with an accurate update."
    Still more calls in September along with numerous calls (me) and 2 from BT to say they have no update!
    Still being told the biggest load of rubbish as an excuse, eg me "but I had an active line in January" you "ah that is openreaches fault, they come and physically rip out and remove the wiring if a line is cancelled"   or: BT- "we cant talk to openreach ourselves, we can only email them" me - "that's funny as your colleague on the last call claimed to have spoken
    with them after leaving me on hold for 5 minutes" 
    October. Called today. ( now have a telephone number with a PIN number) Still no progress. They started digging on September 5th according to one email. I asked were they using a tea spoon, they even replied in email NO!
    What am I supposed to do now. I am to get an update "tomorrow", but going by all previous updates it will be we will call again in 10 days - the don't. Time spent waiting for engineers -  2 days, time spent on phone/emails etc - 5+ hours.

    Hi MCM66,
    Thanks for posting and welcome to the community!
    Sorry for the problems you've had getting services reconnected. Hopefully the renovations were well worth it! 
    I can help sort everything out from here.  Click on my username and under the section "about me" you'll see the link to "contact the mods".
    Whenever we've received your details we'll take it from there.
    All the best,
    BTCare Community Mod
    If we have asked you to email us with your details, please make sure you are logged in to the forum, otherwise you will not be able to see our ‘Contact Us’ link within our profiles.
    We are sorry that we are unable to deal with service/account queries via the private message(PM) function so please don't PM your account info, we need to deal with this via our email account :-)
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  • New Nintendo 3DS XL Consoles available for pre-order at Best Buy! Did someone say "Majora's Mask"?

    I’m personally very excited to announce that Best Buy has now listed three New Nintendo 3DS XL consoles for pre-order on! Now, you’ll not only be able to enjoy your favorite Nintendo 3DS games on the go, but you’ll be able to utilize your beloved amiibo figures as well with the added NFC capabilities. This is just one of the new features of Nintendo’s new 3DS XL consoles.
    Here’s the most exciting part, in my opinion. Aside from a red and black option for the new 3DS XL consoles, Nintendo will also be releasing a Limited Edition Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3DS XL! As a long-time fan of the Zelda series, I’ve been waiting for Majora’s Mask to come to Nintendo’s handheld systems and now, everyone will be able to enjoy not only the game itself, but a 3DS XL console made specifically for it!
    Here are the links to each of the new Nintendo 3DS XL Consoles on
    Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Limited Edition 3DS XL Console >
    New Nintendo 3DS XL Console – Black >
    New Nintendo 3DS XL Console – Red >
    The new consoles will release on Friday, February 13th, so head over to via the links above to procure your pre-orders!
    Brian|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
     Private Message

    I was able to place an order for the new 3DS XL MM Edition via My order shows processing so all seems well. My question is in regards to when this will ship? I usually use for online preorders as they are shipped so that they arrive on release day. Is this the same with If not, would it be possible to switch to in-store pickup so that I can get the item on release day? Thanks.

  • Forbidden Screen - Error: "Still waiting for root device"

    Greetings to all! I come to you with my boot troubles as a supplicant, in the hope that someone can help.
    I have a PowerBook G4 15-inch, pre-Intel from late 2005. Until today it always worked and rarely hanged. All I've ever needed to do when in trouble was reboot. I've updated the Apple OSX software regularly and have never touched the hardware, except once 18 months ago to add memory. All I do with this machine is use it. It's been weeks since I installed any new software.
    There were no warning signs before the problem started today.
    FIRST SIGN OF TROUBLE: The machine was unusually slow, showing beach balls on every minor move. I powered down conventionally and later turned it on again. After a minute I got the "Forbidden Sign" grey screen, which I had never seen before. So I rebooted, and got that again.
    +I turned to the only other available machine (very old PC, unfortunately) to browse for solutions, and have so far tried the following:+
    1) BOOT FROM INSTALLATION DISK: Forbidden Screen. After a couple of attempts I removed the disk (by clicking trackpad on power up). At some point, in desperation, I even tried Disc 2.
    2) RESET PRAM (Command-Option-P-R on power up) : I got three chimes, then the grey screen. It stayed on the apple and gear for many minutes. At least it never went to the Forbidden Screen.
    3) FILE SYSTEM CHECK (Option-S on power up) : After a few steps it shows error messages (see below) and starts repeating, "Still waiting for root device," over and over.
    4) RESET NVRAM (Command-Option-O-F on power up) : I got a blue screen with text and was able to input "reset-nvram" (response: OK) and then "boot." Result: Forbidden Screen.
    5) SAFE START (Option on power up) : Forget it. Forbidden Screen. Same when I try it with "C" as some sites recommend. Same with or without the Install Disk in the DVD driver.
    6) POWER MANAGEMENT UNIT RESET (Shift-Control-Option-Power): Subsequent boot still produces Forbidden Screen.
    Here are some of the messages when I start up with Option-S:
    CSRHIDTransitionDriver::probe booting in single user .. do not match
    Extension "" has no kernel dependency.
    Extension "" has no kernel dependency.
    Apple PMU::CLOCK RESET! PMU WAS PROBABLY RESET SOMEHOW!! +(Yes, I did that, but it wasn't showing this before I did, and it WAS showing all of the following.)+
    Security auditing service present
    BSM auditing present
    rooting via boot-uuid from /chosen: +(I think the long code that follows is the serial number?)+
    Waiting on <dict ID="o"><key>IOProviderClass</key><string ID="1">IOResources</string><key>IOResourceMatch</key><string ID="2">boot-uuid-media</string></dict>
    PMUMS::start ERROR: failed to find IOATABlockStorageDriver
    Still waiting for root device
    Still waiting for root device
    Still waiting for root device
    +(etc. ad infinitum)+
    *So now I'm begging anyone for answers to these questions:*
    Am I doomed?
    Does anyone know what the problem is?
    This seems to be happening prior to disk access, as it happens with or without the Install Disk. So do I still have the hard drive working? Is my data on it?!
    Was resetting the Power Management Unit a bad idea?
    What can I do next?
    Nicholas from NYC

    Thanks for your reply, Louie!
    In the meantime I have succeeded in booting via the Install Disc using Option on power up. The Hardware test shows nada wrong. Disk Util repair goes up to "Rebuilding Category B-Tree" and then fails. Frustratingly, the HD is somehow visible, because the diagnostics correctly identify it and give correct values for empty space. Right now I'm running the Erase Free Space option and it's working - how is that possible? I've gotten into Single User mode and tried various FSCK commands. Sometimes it comes back with the superblock error and "Bad Magic Number" which I believe indicates a corrupted block within the boot sector. I can't figure out how to reassign without reformatting and losing the data. This will cost me a few weeks of data, but really not that much work - still set me back by days.
    Next step will be to start taking it apart, as you suggest, starting with the easy matter of trying with just one DIMM or switching the DIMMs.
    Thanks again, and if anyone knows how to help - how does one reassign a superblock from the Single User mode?

  • What time is the iPhone 6 available for pre-order in Spain?

    What time is the iPhone 6 available for pre-order in Spain?

    mcnof wrote:
    I bet someone knows...
    So? You might be in for a long wait before they tell you.

  • Still waiting for up to date to be shipped?

    I was curious to whether or not any other people are still waiting for their Mac OS X Leopard "up to date" cd to be shipped. I ordered mine on the 23rd and it still hasn't even been prepared for shipment at this time. I have spoken to a customer service manager but the issue with my order escaped her. She was going to be contacting her supervisor to see if they could see what was going on. She said I should expect a call back tomorrow.
    I am being patient about the wait as i figure supply is exceeding demand, but I know of two people who purchased the "up to date" upgrade in the days after mine, and their cd's have already shipped.
    Has your "up to date" shipped or are you still waiting. When did you order the CD?

    I have ordered mine on 16th Oct..on the website it says shipped on 25th but its not here yet..:(
    I called Apple thrice. The tracking number they provided is no good as they have shipped it using regular mail. Once they said it is going to take 5 days to be here in canada. Then a crazy sales rep gave me few instructions how to install leopard instead of actually finding out what happened to my shipment. The third time they said there has been "some problems with some of the DVDs" so they cancelled the initial shipment and are waiting for the new disks to become available for shipment....whatever that means. He said he will get back to me via email in 1 has been 2 days already ! They have charged my credit card and the tracking site shows an invoice with all the number and stuff...Strange behavior from Apple...

  • Really poor customer service - still waiting for B...

    Just a quick post to see if a moderator could help me…or as a last attempt for BT to at least acknowledge my recent complaint (or apologize).
    I’d be interested to hear if other users have had similar problems (to any one of mine as it crosses different forum topics)…
    I’d like to think I’m writing as an objective and reasonable customer and a loyal customer at that.  Suffice it to say, in this competitive marketplace, I’ve not been impressed with BT in the last 3 months.
    My automated email complaints response is 110110-007990 (if that helps).
    Given my numerous attempts to make contact with the BT customer services team; I am doubtful that I shall receive the courtesy of a reply.  I do not intend to repeat my complaint in detail here but in a nutshell, following the home move team promising various things such as:
    1) a waiver of the line installation charge if I continue a full service package (which I gather is £127.99 for flicking a switch at the exchange);
    2) a reduction in my billing generally (as I was “out of contract” for around 6 months so I was paying a DD around £65 p.m for line rental, basic phone, Broadband opt 2 and basic BT vision);
    3) an expedited home move switchover within days (not weeks).
    However, none of this happened and like many recent posts my billing has gone crazy.  To cut a long story short BT have renegaded on all the promises made and the switchover service has been, at best, terrible.
    1) I was in fact billed for an install plus delivery charges (£8.98) for a superfluous BT home hub and BT vision box (which never turned up).
    2) My bills (and DD) have risen to a level which I simply cannot fathom as the BT invoicing system requires a degree in accounting to understand.
    3) And after ordering on the 3rd December, I’m still waiting for my broadband activation after the phone line was only activated late last week.  (To add insult I was told that an engineer would call (so took a day off to also receive the broadband kit) and allow access if required but it was cancelled and rescheduled twice).  Now hoping for the 18th Jan – 37 days after ordering – woohoo.
    I’m now seriously thinking of leaving …. There’s no incentive for me to stay now I’ve been charged and that charges have increased beyond the VAT increase.  I suppose one customer like me will not make a difference to the BT annual report, but if my experience is typical of how customers are treated; if I were a BT shareholder I would be worried.
    Go to Solution.

    Cheers. for the first 6 months it was a locked ip profile, always reset after phoning bangalor and speaking to the "have you reset your router" robots. for a few hours or a day or more, I'd get 2-3mbps then crash, back down to 135kbps. The mods here (after first banning me for reposting what they had mailed me) were quite helpful, I think they were/are frustrated that there is little they can do for genuine line quality problems, the ones that will cost money/time/effort to sort. Actually time and effort didnt seem to be a problem, I had no end of openreach blokes come to the house, sometimes 2 came at once, all with the same stories of woe, trackers in their vans, being sent out on useless jobs they had already reported were down to line faults/quality but being sent out again and again. And not just to me, I had the same guy just a couple of times but all were routinely demoralised with some kind of deep routed hatred for their managers that due to the trackers were now able to see where they were at any time.
    bonkers mate, like I care what they think of their manager. at first when i mentioned the problem with using the broadband and phone together, there seemed to be some interest but when the problem was confirmed, the umbrellas came up, broadband said it was the lline, the line people said it was the broadband. line people also said when they test, the bb will be unplugged and if there is no fault, i will have to pay 130-ish quid. thing is the phone works ok without the bb plugged in. i tried everything, new adsl socket, standing on one leg, the lot. then got a capped 500kbps rate for option2. at least then i didnt get back to 135kbps everyday.
    i signed a new contract in november, god knows why, Im now buying myself out of it.
    there's one born everyday eh?
    if bt were really interested in helping they would send out a smart person that would try and figure out why my neighbour gets 3mbps and i get 500kbps at a capped rate and 135kbps at the adaptive rate technology has done its business on my connection. I've had 3 routers sent to me, Ive bought a netgear all were no help. Its the line bt!!!! somewhere there is a fault. yes im far from the exchange, so is the guy next door!

  • Anyone still waiting for xgrade? Or: I still haven't received my discs....

    Hi all,
    I ordered my XGrade discs on 2/7, and they were shipped on 2/29. I am in Los Angeles. I still haven't received them, and I am getting a little antsy.
    THe email describes media mail as '3-7 days' (I am beyond that now) and I don't think it can be tracked....
    Is anyone else still waiting for their crossgrade discs to arrive, with a similar ship date as mine ?

    Media mail IS totally dependent on the originating post office. Some have managers/supervisors who say: If it comes in today, it goes out today. Others could give a rat's behind, and they let it pile up in a big hamper. When it gets too heavy to deal with, they load it on a truck to go to a sorting station.
    don't get me started on the postal service. If junk mailers had to pay full freight on all the [email protected] they send, OUR rates would still be about 14 cents for first class.
    When did we all stop being citizens and start being consumers? We are subsidizing the junk mailers. My favorite revenge is taking one mailers stuff and putting it in another's prepaid envelope and sending it. If we all did that, maybe SOMEONE would wake up to the whole stupidity of junk mail.
    OK-- off soapbox now.

  • Who else is still waiting for FedEx?

    Been sitting around waiting for FedEx.  Are a lot of you still in the same position? Or did most of you get your phones?

    Still waiting and my order status just changed to say that it is going to be shipped on 10/21.  I preordered last Friday at 5am to make sure I would get mine today.  Not cool!

  • Destiny DLC shader for pre order of advanced warfare.

    I see a few people receiving this from best buy for pre ordering advanced warfare. I received a pre order as a gift how can I take advantage of the blacksmith shaders? Do you need a receipt number or something. Thanks

    Hi RayMustachio & VinceG,
    Thanks for reserving and purchasing your copies of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare with us! I hope you're both enjoying the game so far.
    It's my understanding that Blacksmith Shader redemption codes should have been sent to all eligible customers as of yesterday morning. If you still haven't received yours though, then you'll want to send a message to our Gaming-BBY inbox that contains the following information:
    Message Subject: Game Title & Platform
    Message Body: Include...
    • Proof of purchase (Customer Service PIN from in-store receipt or order #)
    • Email address (the one you provided for the code)
    Please ensure you provide all of this information to Gaming Support for the fastest service.  Armed with that information, our gaming team will be able to quickly assess the situation and provide you with a resolution.
    Aaron|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
     Private Message

  • Alice: Madness Returns NOT available for pre-order?

    My local Best Buy doesn't have Alice: Madness Returns available for pre-order. So I checked online, and it's not available online for pre-order either, for any of the consoles or PC. Do you intend to sell the game in your stores or even offer a pre-order for it?

    If you still have this issue, please respond back since it's been several days. On there is an icon to check local stores for the inventory. Worse case, you can always contact your local store to see when they might be getting it on the self. Some items do not display as in inventory due to returns/displays/glitches and they MAY have it in stock.
    Hope this helps!
    - Disclaimer: While Agent Bender is currently employed at GeekSquad, ALL posts made by Agent Bender are her personal opinions, and do not reflect the opinions or policies of Best Buy or GeekSquad. -

  • Single User Mode: Still waiting for root device

    iMac G4.
    I reset the NVRAM, PRAM. It won't attempt to boot from anything but a OS 10.4 cd; booting from OS 9 cd just leaves me at the flashing question mark icon.
    If I try to boot from OS X cd, it comes back with the prohibitory sign.
    If I try to boot into single user mode, it gives me a bunch of "...."has no kernal dependency lines, then a 'still waiting for root device' line, and repeats that.
    Something to the effect before the 'still waiting for root device' is "Waiting on <dict ID="0"><key>IOProvider-Class</key><string ID="1">IOResouces</string><key>IOResouceMatch></key><string ID="2">boot-uuid-media</string></dict>"
    Any help please?

    Nevermind...I found out that the hard drive was bad...still puzzles me why it wouldn't boot from CD though, as I thought they all should even if no drive is present.

  • 10.6.8 Netboot - "Still waiting for root device"

    Hi all,
    I am having trouble with one particular 10.6.8 Netboot image that is hosted on a Mac Pro running 10.5.8 Server.  (The main 10.5.8 Server is currently hosting about 15 other Netboot and Netrestore images that work with no problem.)  I built the image on a 10.6.8 Server using System Image Utility from a fully updated 10.6.8 restore image on an external hard drive.  The external drive was started up on MacBook, MacBook Pro, and iMac systems ranging from Late '06 to Early '11 revisions.  Software update was run on every startup, but came back fully up-to-date every time and never encountered problems starting up each from the external drive.
    I then ran Disk Utility permissions repair on the external drive from the 10.6.8 Server Mac Pro and built the Netboot image in System Image Utility.  Although I am fairly new to this process, I have already successfully built several 10.6.8, 10.7.5, 10.8.5, and 10.9 Netrestore images as well as one 10.9 diagnostic Netboot that all work perfectly.  I followed the same process when creating the 10.6.8 Netboot image.
    The image I created, called 10.6.8 Diags 3.0, shows up in the Netboot list, but when I attempt to boot it shows the Apple logo for a bit before showing the "circle slash" symbol.  Verbose mode shows that it hangs when starting and repeats "Still waiting for root device" over and over again and never does anything.
    I have rebuilt the 10.6.8 Diags 3.0 Netboot image several times to rule out the possibility of corruption durring image creation.  I have also tried to create the image from a Firewire attached external drive as well as building the data on the external drive into a .dmg on the 10.6.8 Server and then creating the image from that.  All methods of creating the image yeild the same "Still waiting for root device" error when attempting to start up on any system supporting the 10.6.8 kernel.
    Netboot settings in Server Admin are the same as other Netboot images that are functioning: enabled, diskless, Intel (grayed out), and NFS.  I have verified that all enabled image index numbers are unique and even tried several different index numbers on the problem Neboot image.
    Again, all other Netrestore images I created on the same 10.6.8 Server work just fine when added to the Netboot directory on the 10.5.8 Main Server, but the Netboot image of 10.6.8 Diags 3.0 does not.  I'm not sure what else to try at this point, any ideas?

    Ooooh. I've been reading similar pages on and just assumed it was one of those. Remarkable how my google searches didn't find that one. Thanks for the pointer, and I'll go try it.
    Thanks again, Dan.

  • HT1577 how do a get a refund on a ridiculously slow downloading rented movie for my apple tv dispite a 5mb/sec down load speed? my first experience with appletv movie rental. no good. rented at 4:30pm. still waiting for standard def movie to finish at 8:1

    how do a get a refund on a ridiculously slow downloading rented movie for my apple tv dispite a >5mb/sec down load speed? my first experience with appletv movie rental. no good. rented at 4:30pm. still waiting for standard def movie to finish at 8:10pm. Not good enough.

    Thanks for the pointers folks. Yeah, 1.5GB is pretty poor isn't it? There are other suppliers, but you have to get a their phone line installed to access the internet so it's an £85 setup fee plus a day off work for a guy to come round and drill a hole in your wall before you even get to the monthly costs.
    Don't get me wrong though - I'm certainly not an Apple basher, but am equally frustrated with both them and the ISP.
    Virgin Media spend all kinds of money advertising their broadband as the fastest in the UK, but don't tell you (up front anyway) that you'll be cut off if you actually try and use it.
    Apple on the other hand carry on with their 'it just works' mantra, but with Apple TV this only applies if you meet certain criteria (again, not mentioned up front).
    I guess it aint a biggie, as i was gifted my Apple TV, and love all the other stuff it does, but from the number of posts on this forum can see that there's a lot of angry customers out there who want explanations as to why they're having similar problems to me.
    Will be very interesting to see if Apple release any kind of software update that turns the flash drive from a buffer to permanent storage, to at least ease some of the pain...
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    I have eight calendars in iCal of which five appear to have transferred successfully. Three have not- they're 164KB, 131KB, and 33KB in size; some go back over 5 years. Attempts to import result in a message saying 'iCal can't read this calendar file

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