Stock Transfer of Blocked Stock Plant-to-Plant

I have an issue regarding Stock Transfer of blocked stock from one Plant-to-Plant.
I realize that blocked stock cannot be transfered directly.
But the issue here is that if we cannot transfer the blocked stock directly, that means we have to do transfer posting from blocked stock to unrest use then stock transfer using mov type: 301. Then in the destination plant, we transfer again to blocked stock.
If this is applied, then it will potentially raise other issues related to incorrect stock transfer by the other users once the material is released to unrest. use.
So, in short, that's why we need to have direct stock transfer scenario for this issue.
Kindly have your assistance
Thanks in advance

Hello Albert,
You are correct. We can not transfer blocked stock from one plant to another and you have to follow the same steps which you already mentioned.
As per the business logc, We can not move "Blocked" (Business term: Rejected/scrapped/spoiled) material out of our business unit except Retrun to Vendor or Scrap it. so it is also not logical to move "THAT kind of Stock" to another plant.
Hope this helps.
Arif Mansuri
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  • MM Stock transfer from blocked stock between plants

    Dear friends ,
    Could I transfer material from Blocked stock between plants but in Blocked stock ?
    I not found this movement types in ECC.
    best regards,

    It is not possible to move blocked stock between plants.
    You have to transfer the stock into unrestricted- then you can move it to the other plant- then again a transfer posting into blocked stock.

  • Blocked stock and GR Block stock

    Can anyone please let me know the difference between Blocked stock and GR blocked stock.  How to post stock to these both stock type and how valuation matters to those.
    Also for transfer posting from Stock type Blocked Stock  to Quality Inspection Stock or Unrestricted-use Stock, whether accounting document will generate or not....
    Please clarify me on this.
    Thank you

    Can anyone please let me know the difference between Blocked stock and GR blocked stock. How to post stock to these both stock type and how valuation matters to those.
    GR Blocked stocks means if you have doubt about the stock you can post these stocks to GR Blocked stock with mvt type 103.In this case no accounting documents generated.Once you gets clarified the doubt about stock you can move the stock to your stock with mvt 105.Once you post the document with 105 you can get accounting documents will be generated.
    Also for transfer posting from Stock type Blocked Stock to Quality Inspection Stock or Unrestricted-use Stock, whether accounting document will generate or not...
    Blocked stock is you are blocked these stocks for other movements This stock you can transfer mvt 343 & 344 blocked to unrestricted or unrestricted to block.In this cas you are moving the stocks with in storage location in single plant so thesre is no accounting generated.only stock status changed..
    Hope this will clarifies,

  • "Blocked stock" vs "GR Blocked stock".

    please give some detailed info about "Blocked stock" vs "GR Blocked stock".

    GR to the GR Blocked stock:
    1.     The material document is generated.
    2.     As the GR blocked stock is non-valuated stock, the no accounting document is generated.
    3.     The PO history gets updated and the open PO quantity is not reduced as a result.
    Can display GR blocked stock at:
    1.     Stock overview(At plant level)
    2.     PO history
    BLOCKED STOCK: Neither available for MRP nor for consumption...
    Hope it helps..

  • Diff between stock transfer order  and stock transport order

    pls any body tell me diff between stock transfer order  and stock transport order .is both are use for same pursose?pls explain

    very imp stock transfer and stock transport order

  • Stock Transfer order Block one supplying plant

    We are using standard Stock transfer Orders (UB) for transfer the stock from one Plant to another plant.
    Our receiving plant is 1000 and others plants available in the organization structures are 1100, 1200 and 1300.
    Standard SAP allows to order from 1000 to all the plant 1100, 1200 and 1300.
    We want to restrict to a user to create STO for 1300 plant. Means when the receiving plant is 1000, any user must not able to create any UB type Stock Transfer Order to supplying plant 1300.
    Please suggest, how we can achieve it without doing the Enhancements.

    Isn't it a help if you block the vendor master of that plant? This might be solution based on your organisational structure in SAP.
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  • Stock transfer between 2 projects of different plants.

    Hi All,
    We have two plants and each plant as multiple projects. Some time it is required to transfer stock between two project which are of different plants. Currently we are using MOVEMENT TYPE 415Q , where stock transfer is done using 4 steps. Our client is insisting to do it in SINGLE step.
    Please advice whether it is possible.
    Vengal Rao.

    Thanks Venkat,
    For the quick reply, but here I think using 415Q in MB1B  it has more than one step, and our projects are in different plants, I mean both project are of different plants.
    Please clarify.
    Vengal Rao.

  • Stock Transfer Between Excise and Non Excisable plants

    Hi Friends,
                                 I have created STO for excisable plant from non excisable plant. delivery created in excisable plant. But in non excisable plant, I am unable to capture excise invoice.I want the price in non excisable plant as Price+ excise. How to do this? please reply...

    Non exciseable plant will create a STO and give it to Exciseanle plant.
    The Exciseable plant will transfer post the stock
    Along with Excise , J1IS created.
    The receipt plant,The Non Excise plant will do the GR . the stock + excise will get added up in the non exciseable plant .

  • Stock transfer between stor loc. of same plant triggered by Sales Order

    Hello everyone
    I need some input regarding triggerring Stock Transfer between 2 storage locations of the plant from a Sales Order.
    Sales Org: ABCD
    Plant: WXYZ
    Stor Location: 0001 & 0002
    Now here 0001 is the Picking location for the Delivery Document.
    However 0002 is where all the stock is stacked.
    Physically they both are different buildings in the same vicinity.
    The Business wants the Sales Order to trigger the stock movement from 0002 to 0001 on a daily basis.
    So from a end user prospective, they will move the stock from 0002 to 0001 for all the items needed to fulfill the Orders due for Shipment for that day.
    What options do I have for this ?

    Well actually the Selling Org ABCD is of a different Company code .. it is a typical case of Intercompany Sales .. where the Plant WXYZ is belonging to another company code.
    I have setup the Intercompany Sales Process .. and want to trigger the Stock movement as mentioned above.
    I have configured the STO for storage location - stor. location in a Plant. ...
    However I am struggling to trigger a STO from a Sales Order.
    I tried using the Schedule Lines to trigger a Pur. Req ... however the Supplying Plant field remains blank (which is the same in this case as it is a stock movement between 2 locations of the same plant).
    The flow looks somewhat like this
    Sales Order -
    > Stock Transfer PR in Plant WXYZ -
    > Delivery Doc for the STO --- > MIGO to receipt the inventory in 0001 -
    > Delivery DOc for Sales Order -
    > Invoice for end customer --- > Intercompany Invoice
    If anyone has automated creation of a STO from a Sales Order .. please advice

  • Stock transfer for blocked materials

    I have blocked the material  for procurement in MMR, in purchasing view in "Plant-sp.matl status" field...
    Now when ever i am creating PR,PO i am getting error message as "Status "Blocked for procment/whse" of material XXXXX does not allow external procurement"...Till Here it is correct.
    Now my requirement is, i do not want to procure this material, but i want to issue and do stock transfers for the remaining materials which are lying in my premises.
    When i tried doing stock transfer i got error message that "Material XXXXX has status Blocked for procment/whse in plant XXXX
    Message no. M7092..
    I tried to change the message as warning in OMCQ,There i didnot found this message, so i created it and made it warning.
    Now when i tried Stock transfer again i am getting same error.
    Pl help.

    goto OMCQ and click n new entry and then add this message as folows
    version   00
    Application Area   m7
    Message number   092
    and make this as WARning
    or goto OMS4 and here for ur block indicator make the Purchasing msg. as A  i.e. warning
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  • Stock posting in block stock after grn for source inspection

    Hi All,
    I have following scenario
    I am doing source inspection at vendor site i have maintained control key 0005 in material master & necessary certificate with certificate check required at GRN & UD stage
    i am creating a source inspection lot for a release po through t.code qi07 & then processing that lot before GRN
    Now when i am doing GRN for same PO it is giving me the following message  stage
    <b>A category ZC01(user sp. category) inspected certificate is required</b>
    Message no. QA312
    An inspected certificate must exist at the first goods receipt for a purchase order item.
    Check whether a suitable certificate exists for the purchase order and delivery, and create a certificate record with the status "Certificate checked and stored".
    If there is no certificate or no suitable certificate, this does not comply with the requirements in the material master record. If there is no inspection lot for this goods movement, the system posts the quantity to blocked stock or does not post the goods receipt.
    If you have created an inspection lot, the system marks the certificate check with the status "In lot". You must confirm the availability of an inspected certificate by the time you make the usage decision.
    after doing the GRN stock is being posted to block stock
    if i do not process the source inspection lot then the stock is posted to quality stock but this does fulfill the requirement of source inspection
    plz suggest soultion
    It's urgent
    Ashutosh Shende

    Hello Ashutosh,
    In the material master you have defined certificate type with the customizing setting indicator for  'Enhanced Certificate Processing' active.
    If you set this indicator, extended certificate processing is active for
    this certificate type. You can then manage the inbox for quality        
    certificates independent of the goods receipt.                          
    The electronic inbox of certificates for the purchase order is only     
    possible if this indicator is set.                                                                               
    This means you have to create a certificate in QM (Transaction QC51),   
    before you can update your PO with cert. enclosed.  
    If you do not want the enhanced certificate processing you have change  
    the indicator into inactive.    
    Another problem known here is if you have activated the 05 Inspection type in the material master, that it is not activated in all plants relevant although QM in Procurement is set in all plants.                                        
    I hope that this resolves the described issue.

  • Stock transfer from Reservation stock to Unrestricted

    Is it possible to post stcok transfer Reservation stock to unrestricted stock..
    Please suggest

    it is possible to transfer stock with help of reservation ,from storage location to storage location,
    plant to plant
    but from one stock type to other stock type ( ex.Quality to unrestricted )
    i don't think so
    Kailas ugale

  • Stock transfer with zero stock

    Hi all,
    Stock tranfer is happening with zero stock.
    Is there any way to avoid this ?

    Hi Jeyakanthan,
    If  you have already selected 'Block below negative quantity', please check Item Master Data ->Stock Tab: checkbox for
    'Manage Stock by Warehouse' is ticked or not.
    With it ticked, the system considers the stock in each warehouse and none of the warehouses can go into negative stock for this item.
    If this box is not ticked, the system calculates the overall stock availability and e.g. if you do a stock transfer for an item from  warehouse A to warehouse B, you will never go into negative stock in an overall view for this particular item although it is negative in warehouse A.
    To sum up, you need to check the box "Manage Inventory by Warehouse" in the "Item Master Data"  and at the same time "Block below negative quantity" checkbox in the Document Settings in order to block negative quantity by warehouse.
    I hope this answers your question.
    Ivy Zhang
    SAP Business One Forums Team

  • Stock transfer from Unrestricted Stock to Sales Order Stock

    We have one sceanrio where we are transferring Unrestricted Stock to Sales Order Stcok through TC: MB1B and movement type - 413.
    In this the material consumption account of the material hit is assigned in GBB/VBR. Also I have made this GL as cost element.
    But during this Stock transfer the system is asking for CO- Object. I dont wantt to have any CO-Object here.
    How can we resolve this.
    Or is there any other Transaction event key in OBYC that needs to be maintained.
    Please help.

    try with 413 E movement type

  • Reversing stock directly to blocked stock from prodcution order

    Hi Guys,
    Scenario is like this
    Good issue(say Material X -10 qty) is made to a prodcution order
    Now the requirement is reverse the stock of material X from the production order directly to Blocked stock & not Unrestricted use
    By 262 it will go only to unrestricted & not blocked stock
    Please explain me in detail how to configure this
    Thanks in advance,

    "Reverse" means that you do the opposite of your first action. You consumed the raw materials by 261 form unrestected, when you reverse it, the components will get back to unrestricted.
    There's no mvt designed for the purpose you want (in standard SAP) - as per my best knowledge.
    So, you have to reverse the consumption and then block the stock.
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