Stock Transfer PO

I need some help on Stock Transfer Purchase Order? and could you pls expain me step by step, with what type of Movement types we used? pls give me in details.

Hi Ricky
Fallowing are the Steps for Stock Tranfer Order Procedure.
1     Creation of Stock Transport order     ME27
Supplying Plant
Order Type
Purchase Organization
Purchase Group
New purchase order
Material code
Storage Location
2     Creation of Outbound  Delivery     VL04
Shipping Point
P.O. Number
Purchase order
3     Change Outbound Delivery     VL02N
Outbound Delivery No.
Pick Quantity
Storage Location
Post Goods Issue
Movt type : 641
4     Goods Receipt                     MIGO
Outbound Delivery No.
5     Stock Overview                     MMBE
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Sanjay l

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  • Report for Missing qty in stock transfer

    how to Create a Missing Quantity list that gives the difference between sent and received quantities during Stock transfer. and send me tables involved in that, primary keys also

    suppose, if we transfer goods from plant to plant or St loc to st loc with in one plant, if some goods missed due to some problems, i need that info.
    diff beteen sending stock of plant 1 and receiving stock in plant2
    Where can i gte all this fields

  • While doing J1iex In case of Stock Transfer Duty is Getting Inventorised

    Dear Experts,
    In case of stock transfer of capital goods between 2 plants, when we are doing J1IEX (for the receiving plant) and tick the u201Ccalculate excise duties based on ratesu201D, the system copies the credit due amount to inventoried duty.
    Due to this the total duty becomes sum of credit due and inventorised duty.
    Why is the system copying the credit due amount to the inventorised duty in case of stock transfer only
    Edited by: Burzes Batliwalla on Jun 13, 2011 7:17 AM

    I am also checking this out with Burzes .Everything is ok with conditions,if we donot click  "calculate excise duty based on rates" . Nothing is inventorised.
    But problem starts when we tick    "calculate excise duty based on rates"   and duty gets Invetorised.
    which is
    Recalculate Excise Duty
    Recalculates the excise duty on the item.
    Select this indicator if you change any of the excise duty rates in the above fields. Then press Enter.
    The system then recalculates the excise duty amounts accordingly.
    Why is this happening.
    Anyone can send some useful suggestions

  • Error in MIGO durng intra-company stock transfer by STO

    Dear gurus,
    I am facing an error while posting MIGO during intra-company plant to plant STO.
    Settings for STO:
    SPRO >IMG > MM >Purchasing > Purchase Order>set up Stock Transport Order
    Define Shipping Data
    Define/assign Checking rule
    Assign Delivery Type
    Assign Doc type
    I have maintained the following pre-requisite master data
    1. Supplying/Receiving plants are created as customer/vendor master
    2. Excise details (customer/Vendor/Plant) data are maintained in J1ID
    3. Assessable value is entered in J1ID
    Process flow:
    1. ME21n - Create STO (PO type:UB)
    2. VL10B - Create Outbound Delivery
    3. VL02N - PGI
    4. VF01 - Create Pro-forma Invoice (Stock Transfer Invoice)
    5. J1IIN - Post Excise Invoice
    at the receiving Plant
    6. MIGO-Post Goods Receipt.
    After entering the excise invoice and clicking on CHECK buttin in MIGO, the following errors are appearing
    1. Excise Details are not maintained for Vendor .-Message no. 8I565
    2. Maintain Vendor for the excise invoice -Message no. 4F185
    3. Please check excise base for the item is zero ! -Message no. 4F121
    Please reply your valuable suggestions.

    Hi Anbu..
    Post Migo without excise entry and try in J1IG to post the excise invoice.
    In J1iG..enter material doc of GR ,Excise invoice no from Manufac plant,check own plant and
    Click Details to get the excise values as in excise invoice.
    Hope this works !!

  • Stock transfer PRs are not getting created in APO

    I have a plant-to-plant transfer is configured using special procurement type. When APO creates stock.PRs , it does not provide any numbers to PRs and they are not getting trasnfered to R3. CIF model for PIR & POs are running good.
    In CIF post processing these PRs as stuck and  I see " Vendor master data does not exist for plant A" . There is vendor master data created for plant A in R3 and material info record also exists.
    How to de-bug this post processing queue to see what is missing in vendor master data?

    Can you explain in detail your say plant A so I suppose there is plant named B in your scenario. which one is the source location and which one destination location?
    In Stock transfer from plant to plant scenario, key is to have correct settings for the system to do source determination.
    Assuming plant A as destination and plant B as source. First, The material should be maintained at both the plants.
    You need to have a purchasing info record(ME11) linking your material and the source plant B.
    I assume you are using external procurement type in your material master. Special procurement type 40 (stock transfer)should be maintained in material master.
    Then the system creates a STReq and PurReq using the source plant B. For the system to do this source determination should happen. To verify can check the following...
    When you transfer the purchasing info record, system automatically generates the external procurement relationships with  source location as plant B, destination location as plant A and info record reference.
    When you transfer material master data, the system auto'lly generates transportation lanes between plant A and plant B. (keep in mind transportation lanes should be manually created here)
    So in essence you have to check if all the above things are done by the system.
    Hope Im clear in this
    Mohan V R Chunchu

  • Urgent Condition Tab Missing In  Stock Transfer Order

    Hi All ,
                When I a m creating Stock Transfer Order from One Plant In one Company Code to  Another Plant in another Company code the Invoice and Conditions Tab Is Missing .
    How to get the Conditions tab, Do I have to do any Customization ?
    Please suggest me of how to go about .....
    Regards ,

    Hi Srirama,
    Yes, if you have only one Calculation schema then there is no meaning in assigning to different Porgs.
    In that case please proceed with the following configuration.
    This is done in customizing; IMG for MM > Purchasing>Conditions>Define Price Determination Process>Define Schema Determination>Determine Schema for Stock Transport Orders
    For the combination of the Schema POrg; doc.type( UB ) and Supplying plant
    you must specify the price schema to be used.
    Hope this will solve your problem.

  • GR no & GR date in stock transfer report

    Hi, Team
    we have developed report for stock transfer (from plant to Depot) in that up to Dec-12 all the relevant information showing correctly but if i run the report for the period 01.01.2013 to 30.01.13 all the Excise details i.e. Excise invoice no,Ex inv date, BED, GR no & GR date data showing blank
    i inform this to our ABAP consultant for this error and he replied that due diff. in period in FI & MM this data showing blank and after April-12 this data showing correctly .
    so kindly advice me how to resolve this issue
    attaching report screen shot for ref.
    pl find below details
    Input :-
    Receiving Plant
    Posting date (From- to)
    Paramanand Shinde

    Hi Sridhar,
    So, do you mean I need to take MSEG(BWART-Movement type field) first, and then MKPF(BUDAT-Posting dt) ?
    Thaks in advance,

  • Missing pieces during stock transfer

    Hello folks!
    I have a typical problem. i guess if u have worked for domestic deployment project, u wouldnt laugh!!.
    Well, i make a 2-step plant to plant stock transfer, say with 100 pieces. when i complete the stock transfer at the receiving plant, i find 2 pieces missing, how would system accommodate this loss?? it would constantly display the material as in transit.
    (the great Indian Scenario : There are thefts happening in the broad day light in the name of OCTROI. There WILL be a problem in the documents u r carrying with the goods at any given time unless u r ready to part with one or two pieces of what u r carrying. now there are 2 pieces with barcocdes are missing. how to destroy these barcodes legally. so that audit person has no problem with it/ or we have sufficient documents duly signed by the senior most employee in the client company to show why these barcodes have been destroyed)

    SAP suggest the following:
    1) either receive the missing parts and scrap them in the receiving plant or
    2) receive in the receiving plant and make a return STO to the supplying plant and scrap there.

  • Required Standard report for Deliveries Made vs Stock Transfer POu2019s

    Is there any standard report for Generate Daily Report detailing Deliveries Made vs Stock Transfer POu2019s...
    Plz help.

    Using MKPF table take all material document, then usign the doc no (mblnr) take data from MSEG table
    with movement type 641 and 642 in case of reversal (STO). 101 and 102 for (Delviery) .
    take STO po of above movement type from table EKPO with PSTYP (item cat, field ) = 7. Comparing sto and delivery details and you will get the output.

  • Authorization for certain warehouse in stock transfer

    I'm trying to create an authorization for stock transfer when To Warehouse equals a certain value. Is there a way to do it?

    How could I do it with an approval procedure?
    You can create approval stages and template by using query
    Is it with a query?
    Will it be similar to a formatted search?
    Try this query for row level with only one item.
    Select Distinct 'True' FROM OWTR T0 inner join WTR1 T1 on T0.docentry = T1.docentry
    Where $[$23.5.0] = 'ExScrap'
    Note: Replace Exscrap with your warehouse name.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Vendor code in Stock Transfer Inspection Lot(08)

    Hi Everybody,
    I have noticed that when a Stock Transfer lot is created, the 'Data for lot orogin' tab in the Inspection Lot shows Vendor code in 'Data for goods receipt' section at times and at times Vendor code is not included in this section.
    Please throw some light on the situations under which the vendor code is included and excluded.

    I can't say for sure but I would compare the triggering document.  I.e. Exactly what material movement is used in each case and what type of document triggered it, (I.e. an STO order).  Than look at those documents and see if and why a vendor number is available.

  • Pricing Procedure in stock transfer orders

    I have a standard cost material which is to be stock transferred from one plant to another. (std cost in both plants). In this movement, I need the accounting document to generate an accrual to another account for Royalty that has to be paid at a later date to government.
    This is not a delivery cost for which I will do any invoice verification. It is only an amount to be accrued to this account for every movement.
    Example: Material at 10/- std cost in supply plant, 12/- std cost at receiving plant, when I am moving 1 unit, accounting normally will have cr inventory supply plant 10/-, dr inventory receiving plant 12/- and price difference 2/-.
    Assuming a royalty of 1/- per unit, the above accounting should have an additional entry cr 1/- Royalty account.
    I tried using stock transfer pricing procedure with a condition for Royalty (not delivery cost condition) with account key. But it is not hitting the royalty account.
    Can some one suggest how to setup the pricing procedure in such case for stock transfer?
    Greatful for any help.

    Any suggestions?

  • The Problem in stock transfer module

    Hi, experts
    The scenario i as follows:
    I add a new doc using the stock transfer module to adjust the stock qty in the two Warehouse.
    but get the error
    G/L account is missing [stock transfers-rows-warehouse code][line:1]],'19973'
    Appreciate any suggestion.
    Best Regars
    Eric Wang

    Please check if you have set the following accounts in the ItemGroup G/L Settings
    Inventory Offset - Decrease
    Inventory Offset - Increase
    Also, Check this link which explains the variuos stock accounts in B1.
    PDF File:
    Webex Recorded Session

  • Delivery Split in Stock transfer Order

    Hello gurus,
                        In Stock transfer order process, Delivery has been split. In purchase order we have two materials, while creating delivery in VL10B System is splitting the deliveries and creating two delivery no. instead of one delivery. I checked everything but i could not reach out the solution. can you tell me what could be reason for this delivery split in Stock Transfer Order Process.

    SAP have provided a report ZLE_ANALYZE_DELIVERY_SPLIT in note 355404.
    This report tells you exactly what is causing the split by highlighting the cause in red. It does not make any change to the database on your system (i.e. no changes are made on your system). I would recommend you implement this report.
    Often, I have seen the delivery time being the cause of a delivery split. So check the values of LIKP-LFUHR for each delivery. But the above report would tell you exactly.

  • Material loss in stock transfer

    Dear All
    can you please suggest how to compensate / adjust the material loss in stock transfer for
    1) inter copany stock transfer
    2) intra company stock transfer

    material loss in intra company
    please do the good reciept angainst the purchase order in reciving plant for the material actually recived at your end and for the material which has been lost in transit recive that one with movement type 103 and now you can do the return delivery for the same via 124 so that issuing plant cn scrap that quanityt at there end as they need to bear the cost becuase material was lost from there end
    or u can also go this way that recive the material in full by 101 movement type and then scrap the material which is lost in reciving plant

  • Shipping Tab in Stock transfer Purchase order

    while making a PO,there is Shipping Tab appears in Stock transfer order though all concerned settings are done.
    1.Shiiping condition is attched to customer.
    2.Ctreate material for both the plant.
    3.Create vendor and customer settings.
    still the shipping tab is missing in PO ,please suugest me.

    Check the shipping point determination setting in
    SPRO-Logistics execution-Shipping-Basic shipping functions-Shipping point and goods reciept point determination-Assign shipping points
    Also check  SPRO-MM-Purchasing-Purchase order-Set up stock transport order-assign delivery type and checking rule
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