Stop executing work item

Hi All,
When the work item is sent to substitute we need to check the level of substitute. if substitute is lower
level than original approver then substitute  shouldn't  execute the work item instead it should be forward to higher/same level of original approver. Please help me out with your suggestions.

"but not able to stop executing the work item from deleted substitutee and his inbox is also not refershing immediately, if I close thebusiness work place and re open it again, I am not seeing the forwarded work item. This is working correctly but I want the work item to be deleted from substitute's inbox when I forward the work item to another substitute. Please help me with your suggestions."
This is just a problem with refreshing the inbox. It doesn't really matter because he won't be able to execute the workitem. The same thing would happen if he and someone else received a workitem and the other person executed it first. It's not a problem.
Is this UWL or SBWP?
Rick Bakker
hanabi technology

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  • Incorrect Link of Execute Work item in External Notification

    Hello Experts,
    I am working with the HCM Processes and Forms and used Standard Task TS17900101 in workflow, for Approve/Reject Forms.
    Everything is working fine (form gets approved/rejected from UWL).
    Now I configured, SWNCONFIG for sending the external notifications, and notifications are also being sent. But when pressing the "Execute Work Item" link from external inbox, I am getting the error:
    "Service cannot be reached".
    What has happened?
    URL call was terminated because the corresponding service is not available.
    Since, the task seems to be bound with Java web Dynpro application ApproveFormApp by looking at SWFVISU task visualization, Do I need to do any kind of addition in Services (SICF).
    Or I am missing something in SWFCONFIG.
    Kindly suggest asap.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Jimit Vadher

    Hi Rob,
    Thanks for the note number.
    Let me tell you one more thing is, I have created customized Web Dynpro ABAP application, bound it with the newly created custom Task (for User decision), and used inside the Workflow.
    So when I am sending the Notification of this custom task to External email, Correct link is being generated and working fine for agent.
    But this is not working only for the standard task (TS17900101), I mentioned in my question above.
    So still any service activation is pending? As per the Note, I checked ICF service and found it inactive.
    Is activation required for ICF service, as custom notifications are already going & working fine.
    Please suggest.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Execute Work Item: Invalid Link (SWN155)  for WD ABAP task ?

    Dear all,
    I have created a workflow task with WEBSERVICE object and configured task visualization with WD ABAP application.
    When i am executing the work item through  SAP Inbox , the application is triggering successfully.
    But when the work item is transmitted to Outlook through Extended notifications configuration i am getting the error
    Execute Work Item: Invalid Link (SWN155).
    We have already implemented the 1381164 and 1164090 OSS notes.
    We don't have UWL, the link need to be opened the WD application directly.
    I am unable to find the error.
    Please help to solve the issue.

    Have you checked OSS for possible fixes? It might that this was something that was clearly a bug, and not matter what you do, it will not work, unless you implement some fix.
    PS. The note is 966681
    Edited by: Karri Kemppi on Oct 27, 2009 9:26 PM

  • Execute Work Item: Invalid Link (SWN155)

    I am trying to configure Extended Notifications. I read and implemented the entries according to blog [/people/|/people/]. The problem is that I get a "Execute Work Item: Invalid Link (SWN155)" in my mails. My question is what I need to add to parameters INBOX_LINK_URL and WD_HOST to make this work. Please provide examples if you have a working scenario.

    Have you checked OSS for possible fixes? It might that this was something that was clearly a bug, and not matter what you do, it will not work, unless you implement some fix.
    PS. The note is 966681
    Edited by: Karri Kemppi on Oct 27, 2009 9:26 PM

  • FM to execute work items of non active substitutions.

    Dear Experts
    I have a requirement to execute work items for non active substitution from a report program.
    I know the FM SAP_WAPI_EXECUTE_WORKITEM  or SWW_WI_EXECUTE to execute Workitems assign to me or my active substitutions.
    I need to execute for non active substitution.
    What is the way to do this, is there any FM?
    Appreciate your help and valuable suggestions.
    Many thanks and regards

    You should use BADI
    To identify those workitem and then call the FM you have found to complete the workitem.

  • Execute Work Items with Outlook  (WF)

    Abapers, where i can find information about execute work items with outlook??
    Can you suggest me some links?

    Take a look at the documentation for report RSWUWFML or RSWUWFML2.
    Or if you want a richer integration with Outlook, like e-mails disappearing when the work item is finished, then take a look at

  • Problem with executing work item from the inbox

    Hello All,
       I'm able to send mails from R/3 to Outlook along with the attachment to execute the work item directly from the outlook.
    However upon clicking the Exectute work file I get an sap gui popup with the description " Not all data for SAP  GUI shortcut is available. System description and GUI start parameter are unknown. Entering the missing data."
    Clicking on the OK button, leads to another window for SAP logon details. After I chose the right system and on Clicking OK, it opens up the logon prompt. Entering the logo info opens up the work item correctly.
    We are on ECC 5.0 with SAP GUI 640 patch level 18 on it. Any suggestions about what am I missing to directly jump into an sap screen provided a session already is open in SAP.
    Thanks and Regards

    Hello Uday,
    Sounds like something is wrong in the SAPLogon <i>on the client PC</i>. The system sends out a shortcut, and when it's opened it does not relate to a unique entry in the saplogon. Either it's called differently or you have two entries for the same system with different parameters.
    Hope that helps,

  • How to re-execute Work-item !

    Hello Friends,
    I need to figure out on how to re-execute an work item if my workflows is struck up somewhere in between..
    For eg there was a problem somewhere in the middle of workflow( say some agent Determination was improper...) due to which my workflow is stuck up in between........
    How do i get myself out of this issue ?
    <removed by moderator>
    Edited by: Mike Pokraka on Jul 16, 2008 3:18 PM

    Hi kar,
    but rule will come into the picture only if error will in agent determination.... if there will be error because of some othr reason then
    after restart ..... whole workflow will start or only from faulty workitem?
    Regards dev

  • Cannot execute work item from email after autoforwarding

    Hi All,
    I just beginning with workflow. We configured autoforwarding work items by using report RSWUWFML.
    After running the report, can receive mail in outlook.
    The mail saying
    ' You can execute it using the link below:
    But I cannot execute the link. How to solve this issue?
    Your help appreciated.

    Hi Aditya,
    In my system, the report's option 'with executable attachment' is grey out and I cannot select it.
    I would try to upgrade the report to a newer version and then try again.

  • Execute Work Item from CRM 5.0 IC Webclient

    Hi all,
    I'm using ICWebClient in CRM 5.0.
    When I try to execute a work item in the ICWeb it displays a blank page in the work area (with a 0 on the upper left corner).
    I've configured the transaction launcher ITS url as explained in the help (http://<server name and full domain>:<port>/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/CRM_CIC_RABOX/!)
    I have activated all the ITS services and if I try to launch the webgui it works properly. Is there something missing? Has anybody any hints for me?
    Thank you,

    I've found a solution.
    I've been told that this problem is occuring
    because the Work Item ID is not being passed correctly to the BOR basedtransaction.
    The solution in my case is:
    (1) Goto SPRO -> Customer Relationship Management -> IC Web Client ->
    Basic Functions -> Transaction Launcher -> Configure Transaction
    Launcher (wizard)
    (2) Give the launch transaction id in the 'Entries' screen. The launch
    transaction id is Z_ACTION_EXECUTE_WORKITEM in my case.
    (3) Keep all the parameters same in the further screens until you reach
    the 'Transaction Parameters' screen
    (4) In this screen, the value currently being passed to Object Key is
    //selectedAUI Workitem/WI_ID. Change this to
    Goto last step and then say 'Complete'.

  • Issue with Work Items for a User

    HI All,
    I have an issue with workflow.
    One of my user stopped receiving work items in his inbox. I checked table SWWUSERWI and found 0 entries for the user. So i guess there is no problem with the display setting in SBWP.
    What could be the probable reason and where can i find if those workitems that are generated for him that he has not received.

    There can be many many reasons. You need to understand the workflow and work with an example (an item the user says they should have received). Then try to follow the agent determination logic based on the data contained in that example and verify that everything matches up.

  • Work items not appearing in NWBC work overview

    I am using NWBC work overview to execute work items (EHSM3.0 - Incident management).
    I have a custom workflow with one custom task (of type Standard). When the workflow gets triggered I can see the work item for my custom task in R/3 inbox (which we access using Tx SBWP). But the same work item is not appearing in NWBC work overview.
    When I replaced my custom task with standard task TS00500003 in the workflow, it did appear in NWBC work overview.
    I added an entry in table IBO_C_WF_TAS for my custom task with following details but it did not resolve my issue.
    Application ID: EHHSS_INBOX
    Task ID: <custom_task_no>
    Default Action: INCIDENTEDIT
    Is there any other setting/config I need to do in order to view work items (for custom tasks) in NWBC work overview?

    This is a job of portal consultant to launch SAP GUI for portal UWL workitems  also similar to SAP SBWP.
    Your portal consultant will be the best guy to answer.

  • Work item deletion

    Hi Team,
    when ever a PO orPR is created, based on the release strategy  appropriate person will get the work item, then they have to execute the work item from their SAP inbox , then it will go to next release person ,
    But they are releasing from transaction ME29n or ME54n directly, in this case they want to disappear the work item from their SAP inbox. How it is possible, can you please guide me? Ex. if 1st person releases PO/PR from ME29N or ME54N without executing work item from SAP Inbox, it has to disappear from their inbox and the remaining process as do as i developed in my workflow. Can you please help me.
    I observed the function module SAP_WAPI_FORWARD_WORKITEM, but how can we pass the work item id to the above F.M based the PO or PR number or other possibilities.
    Please guide me

    You can use a parallel step and wait activity in that step with the Release event and you need to pass the PO or PR number as respectively with Workitem completion option.
    By, this if a PO or PR gets released by any option the workitem will be completed and will disappear from the user's inbox.

  • Forwarding 'Wait Step'work items using SWIA

    I need to forward work items of one user A to another user B urgently, using SWIA.
    The work items are in executed state. This is after a fork step in the workflow, where the executed work item is one branch of the fork.
    As these items are executed, we will have to forward the work items that are in ready state.
    The work item for the other branch of the fork is in ready state. However this is a wait step, and hence I am not able to forward this item.
    Kindly advise as to how should I forward these items.
    Best Regards,

    Hi Smruthi,
    Dont confuse with the wait for events and dialog work item. There is no direct link between the wait for events and the work item.
    Only dialog work items needs the user action and dialog work item's only can be forwarded to other user's.
    For this, the work item should have the status of 'Ready'. If the work item has the status 'In process' that means, the user opened the work item and still he didnt take ant action on it.
    In this case, using SWIA you can manually change the status as 'Ready' and then you can forward the work item to the other user's.
    To forward the work item use the function module 'SAP_WAPI_FORWARD_WORKITEM' or use the SWIA transaction.

  • Work item Inconsistancy in Inbox

    Hi all,
    In one of our material master workflow scenario, there was a problem due to changed password of WF-batch. Hence workflow has come to a hault.
    After the new password was known, we used synchronize password option and the workflow started working.
    We have come across a scenario where user receives a work item notification inwhich material mentioned is say "ABC" , however when he executes work item, a different material say "XYZ" is shown.
    I have checked the container thro' workflow log and in log it shows a material "XYZ" instead of "ABC".
    I am not able to guess how this material is there in worklfow when it was sterated with material "ABC"
    I have referrred the thread Re: Work item inconsistence in SAP inbox
    (<b>Note:</b> Workflow was started before WF batch pasword was changed. Then due to password problem workflow was not in working condition, and afterwards, WF =batch pasword corrected and workflow functioning was resumed.)
    Is my problem also related to asynchronous data clearing?

    Have you checked, if the workflow was originally started for ABC and the container got mixed up or if it ought to be XYZ all along?
    Was it just that one time that the workitem says ABC in the description but is actually working for XYZ?
    Might be a problem in refreshing. Can the error be reproduced?
    I ran acroos someting similar once and had forgotten to refresh a data element in my function module which was used in the workflow. Might be a possibility too.

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