Storage Problems.  I recently purchased a Canon Vixia HF G30.

Storage Problems.  I recently purchased a Canon Vixia HF G30.  I have the most recent updates for FCPX.  After importing 59 clips or 120 minutes of AVCHD footage at 59.94 fps/1080 with surround sound I am finding that my files are huge!!!??? Using FCPX editing this footage is eating up a ton of space on both my macbook pro's hard drive (500 gb) and my external drive which is down to 2.78 tb from 3.67.   What am I doing wrong?

Thank you Russ and Bob. This will help me edit the video I took at my nieces wedding.  I'm still having trouble
Russ, I m not sure if I chose to optimize at import.  However, that is very likely as I had to change the automatic import setting of 23.98p(?) and choose to import at 59.94i  1920/1080 with surround sound audio.  
Russ, what setting would you recommend that I import my video at?   I filmed the wedding in AVCHD at 59.94i at 28 mbps.
Do either of you think I should delete the Macintosh HD Projects and Events folder?   Trash my current event and project and start over?
My old events and projects should be ok if I do this right?  They are in a separate folder and there is a backup folder as well.
By the way the Macintosh HD Projects and Events folder has 345 GB of data!  I have no idea why that is.  I cannot figure out how to open that folder to view the content. 
I updated FCPX after importing my AVCHD video the night before - I also noticed that when I updated Final Cut Pro X - it created two new folders.... the previously mentioned Macintosh HD Projects and Events folder as well as a Macintosh HD Old Final Cut Projects and Events folder. 
As stated previously the Macintosh HD Projects and Events folder has 345 GB of data.  The folder for the Old Final Cut Projects and Events is 59 GB -  Prior to updating  FCPX I had moved all of my FCPX projects and events to my external drive along with my HVR folder which is currently 8.16 GB.   
After updating FCPX and prior to joining this support community - I copied/moved both the Macintosh HD Projects and Events folder as well as the Old Final Cut Projects and Events folder along with the HVR Folder to my external drive - then trashed the existing folders on my macbook's hard drive.   when I opened FCPX to continue working on my newest project I got the read box of death on my project's clips and timeline - I was able to relink those files - but I'm still noticing that after continuing to edit - and with a timeline that is only 37 minutes long - I'm down even more GB on my macbook's hard drive as well as my external drive?  Most of this data is grouped in "yellow" or other data when I go to view "about this mac" then click on the storage tab.   At the moment the "yellow/other" data is taking up 105 GB on my macbook's drive and climbs quickly as I edit my footage.

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    The on-off slider is on the top. Put the cam in a bag that is large enough and then there is no problem. Pressure does not switch the HF G30 on, you need to slide the switch, thus you need to exert precise directional pressure. Never had that problem so far, but that's because I'm using a rigid bag that also protects the cam.
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    Below are a few video editing programs you might want to consider (in no particular order):Corel VideoStudio Pro X8 (there is also an Ultimate version)CyberLink Power DirectorSony Movie StudioAdobe Premiere ElementsThose are just a few of the ones out there.  These would be considered more entry level or consumer oriented video editing programs.  These should be fairly easy to learn and use. I had my first experience with the Pixela software when I purchased the G20 and toi be honest I never gave it a chance as I am using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 and have used Corel VideoStudio Pro X8.  Both of those handled the AVCHD files without any issues. 

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    FYIGMO63:  I'm using Linux -- Debian (Squeeze). I don't own a Windows nor a Mac system.
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    I have 6 days left to return it at BestBuy, which I'd like to do if I can confirm that this is not possible for me, as I mentioned above, I have no Windows nor Mac computers here so I would need a generic USB Mass Storage solution that works in Linux.

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    I recently purchased a Canon Vixia hf r500.  I bought it because I was told you could stream video with it.  I run a weekly podcast where we stream the video live on upstream.  I've been trying to figure out how to use this as a webcam but I've been left scratching my head.  Is there anyone familiar with this camera and how to pull this function off?  
    When I plug in via USB the camera is recognized as a mass storage device but when I opened ustream the camera is not found. 
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    You may need to use the HDMI cable and a video capture device.  I'm not sure the USB port can be used for streaming video.  You might be able to use the optional STV-250N Stero Video Cable and connect it to a video capture device but I don't think the quality will be near as good as using the HDMI cable.  However using the optional cable and a compatible capture device would be less expensive than the HDMI option.
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    Macintosh OS10.4.3 and up users may be able to view the contents of a finalized disk or files recorded onto the hard drive (for hard disc drive models) on the computer when it is connected to a USB port on the computer. With a finalized disk loaded into the camcorder the camera should show up on the desktop as a mounted drive and files may be copied (dragged) from the disk using normal procedures. Any desired editing, playback or other features may require additional third party software.
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