Okay, so I have 2 problems...
1) A majority of my storage by data is being taken up by this storage called "Other". Like what does this storage contain and how do I get rid of it?
2) Second of all, a majority of my data is being taken up by "Documents and Data". How do I get rid of this without deleting the apps themselves?

cdrog wrote:
As per Meg St._Clair's suggestion I would also suggest backing up your phone and then reinstalling iOS then resync to your backup. Just for reference, my "other" is approx 2.5GB and I recently did a full restore on my iPhone.
I want to clarify: backing up and restoring from the back up will NOT solve the problem. You'll just be reloading it onto the phone. You need to sync your data then restore the phone as new, then sync the data back to the phone.

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  • Storage problem due to error Accessing to DialogRequestQueue in BatchProcessModel

       we are using the TS 3.1 BatchProcessModel for an application in a client and we've found an error. Until now they were producing only 2 shifts a day. Since one week they start the third shift implying 7 days/24hours production. After this week they got one message error and TS terminates (I attach the message). This problem is related to the DialogRequestQueue. This Queue is created at the beginning of the BatchModel (Create Dialog Request Queue step) and in the middle of the Batch Loop there's a sequence call step with the name "Wait For TestSockets -- GetUUTSerialNumber" that calls the sequence "ProcessTestSocketRequests". In this sequence there's a step called "Get Next Request" where there's a Dequeu operation.
       The error message that we get seems to be related to a storage problem, something like the Queue is not dequeued and get bigger and bigger, is it?
        Some idea how to repair this problem? Thanks in advance!
    Error.JPG ‏98 KB

    it a though task,with out disturbing how can we do.
    Option 1
    Use the method DELETE_VERSION_FROM_DB of the class CL_RSTRAN_STAT to delete the existing A version of the transformation manually in the target system.
    Ensure that the transformation is permanently deleted from the database; therefore, you should verify that the correct transformation ID is specified. so the the transformation get deleted in qulity for the particular source system
    Option 2
    Manually in the Quality system you can use RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL in se38
    Last optionis creating the deletion request from Development and importin the request.
    once this is done in the
    Create a new request in the Development , Add the old request which is already transported into the quality before.
    in the new request delete the object which are not required and relese it and import that to quality.
    now all the status will turn green.
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  • Storage Problem with Zen vP

    Hi folks,?I recently got?a Zen vPlus for Christmas, and with only 82 songs, 7 pictures, and [short] video, it appears that all of my 2 GBs are already used up. When I go into 'extras' and 'removable disc', it seems that GB is dedicated just to that, which seems strange because when connecting it to the computer, the 'removable disk U: dri've' appears to have no files on it. Has anybody had similar issues? More importantly, does anyone know what the problem may be with my storage? Surely the 2GBs have not been used up with so few files? After all, it is advertised as being able 000 songs... Many thanks for your help,?- CD

    It's not a storage problem, but your Zen has been configured to use gb of its space as removable storage. You can get it all back by going to Extras ---> Removable Disk --> Hold Back Button --> Selecting Disable. You can also switch the capacity, if you want a small portion of your space to be used for non-media files.

  • Storage problem with ML installation

    How can Imnotice if I may not have enough storage for the installation? All went smoothly but after restart I have had white locked screen with windmill for the past thirty minutes and I cannot do anything, nothing moves. Should I try forced restart?

    It's not a storage problem, but your Zen has been configured to use gb of its space as removable storage. You can get it all back by going to Extras ---> Removable Disk --> Hold Back Button --> Selecting Disable. You can also switch the capacity, if you want a small portion of your space to be used for non-media files.

  • I am trying to download a movie from itunes, but ithere's isn't enough room to download. I have a iphone4, have deleted every app possible. Slimmed down photos to hardly anything. I could never update to ios7 because of storage problems. Only 2.5 GB avail

    I am trying to download a movie from itunes, but ithere's isn't enough room to download. I have a iphone4, have deleted every app possible. Slimmed down photos to hardly anything. I could never update to ios7 because of storage problems. Only 2.5 GB available out of 5GB after deleting everything. I'm also out of town and cannot connect to a computer. I have wifi access though. Help?

    OK, Today I went ahead & booted & tried again & it worked this time.
    Not sure why it didn't yesterday. Maybe the servers were just overloaded? Several others reported similar.
    Also yesterday when I ran Speedtest it showd download at about 25 mbps, This morning just before I re-started the download it was showing just above 30 mbps.  So maybe the internet was less busy? Or at least the parts between me & the test server.
    & so far it is working ok.

  • Can I register a seagate wireless plus external drive as one of my iTunes devices to fix storage problems

    Can I register a seagate wireless plus external drive as one of my iTunes devices to fix storage problems?

    And or use it at the same time my ipod is using a public wifi source for the internet doing my homework?

  • Will Macbook Air(2012) with 256G storage flash have storage problem

    Will Macbook Air (2012) with 256G storage flash have storage problem described in "MacBook Air Flash Storage Drive Replacement Program"?
    In the web page, it says that Apple has determined that certain 64GB and 128GB flash storage drives used in the previous generation of MacBook Air systems may fail.  I wonder whether Macbook Air with 256GB flash storage may come into the same problem?

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
    No. 256 GB flash storage does not have that problem. However, it's important that you make backups of your data to keep your files safe

  • Storage Problems.  I recently purchased a Canon Vixia HF G30.

    Storage Problems.  I recently purchased a Canon Vixia HF G30.  I have the most recent updates for FCPX.  After importing 59 clips or 120 minutes of AVCHD footage at 59.94 fps/1080 with surround sound I am finding that my files are huge!!!??? Using FCPX editing this footage is eating up a ton of space on both my macbook pro's hard drive (500 gb) and my external drive which is down to 2.78 tb from 3.67.   What am I doing wrong?

    Thank you Russ and Bob. This will help me edit the video I took at my nieces wedding.  I'm still having trouble
    Russ, I m not sure if I chose to optimize at import.  However, that is very likely as I had to change the automatic import setting of 23.98p(?) and choose to import at 59.94i  1920/1080 with surround sound audio.  
    Russ, what setting would you recommend that I import my video at?   I filmed the wedding in AVCHD at 59.94i at 28 mbps.
    Do either of you think I should delete the Macintosh HD Projects and Events folder?   Trash my current event and project and start over?
    My old events and projects should be ok if I do this right?  They are in a separate folder and there is a backup folder as well.
    By the way the Macintosh HD Projects and Events folder has 345 GB of data!  I have no idea why that is.  I cannot figure out how to open that folder to view the content. 
    I updated FCPX after importing my AVCHD video the night before - I also noticed that when I updated Final Cut Pro X - it created two new folders.... the previously mentioned Macintosh HD Projects and Events folder as well as a Macintosh HD Old Final Cut Projects and Events folder. 
    As stated previously the Macintosh HD Projects and Events folder has 345 GB of data.  The folder for the Old Final Cut Projects and Events is 59 GB -  Prior to updating  FCPX I had moved all of my FCPX projects and events to my external drive along with my HVR folder which is currently 8.16 GB.   
    After updating FCPX and prior to joining this support community - I copied/moved both the Macintosh HD Projects and Events folder as well as the Old Final Cut Projects and Events folder along with the HVR Folder to my external drive - then trashed the existing folders on my macbook's hard drive.   when I opened FCPX to continue working on my newest project I got the read box of death on my project's clips and timeline - I was able to relink those files - but I'm still noticing that after continuing to edit - and with a timeline that is only 37 minutes long - I'm down even more GB on my macbook's hard drive as well as my external drive?  Most of this data is grouped in "yellow" or other data when I go to view "about this mac" then click on the storage tab.   At the moment the "yellow/other" data is taking up 105 GB on my macbook's drive and climbs quickly as I edit my footage.

  • Ipon nano 3rd generation red. Sync and storage problems.

    I have just got the new iPod nano (product red) 8 GB capacity. When i started to sync with my Intel Macbook i got suprised with a sync and storage problem. It starts syncing and suddendly it stops and lock the iPod and the Itunes. The must surprising is that happens every time the storage capacity reaches about 300 mb of music. Does anybody got this kinf of problem?
    I have tried all the solutions I have found: formatting the iPod, connecting on a PC, restoring the factory settings and nothing works.

    You'll want to copy what is currently on the Nano to your iTunes library on the laptop.  Your iPod can only be synced with one iTunes library at a time. See this older post from another forum member Zevoneer covering the different methods and software available to assist you with the task of copying content from your iPod back to your PC and into iTunes.

  • Nokia belle FP2 c :drive storage problem

    i m havin a great problem with nokia 603 belle fp2 device ... I have updated almost 1 n a half years ago ... Since then i facing storage problem in c drive ... Automatically memory vanishes from c drive ... Though I don't install apps in c drive , im facing this problem ! I have to restore my device when memory in the c drive goes low ! Is there any solution ? Please help me ...

    Hi shafi4742, 
    Welcome to the forum! 
    Aside from the software update, did you install any particular app prior to this issue? Since the issue started after you updated the phone's software to Nokia Belle FP2, you may try reinstalling the SW using Nokia Suite. Just download it on your PC, and then connect the phone via a compatible USB cable. After that, launch Nokia Suite, and then go to SW Updates > Device Software Update > Reinstall current SW. You can download Nokia Suite from this link: Nokia Suite - Download and Support.
    Let us know the outcome. 

  • Aperture 3.5 + Mavericks external storage problems

    Aperture 3.5 + Mavericks external storage problems
    After upgrading to 3.5 and Mavericks, all my projects referencing files stored on NAS show blurry or black and not responding to edit commands. Sometimes Aperture crashes. The projects/photos were okay before upgrade. Also new projects on NAS show blurry or black or fail totally to import photos. If I move the same photos to the local drive, everything is just fine.
    I am using NFS to access the NAS.
    Reading through this forum I found some reports of similar behavior from people storing photos on USB external drives.
    This seems to be only when referencing files located on an external drive. No problems if files are copied to the Aperture library.
    Any similar experience?

    Referenced files on a NAS was always an gray area. While it worked for most users most of the time it wasn;t clear that Apple supported the configuration.
    The Apple documents on Aperture and non-locally attached drives can be read in a number of different ways. Of course the library definitely had to be on a local drive (and even here some users reported success with the library on a NAS) but referenced masters were never explicitly mentioned either way.
    Most users had success with the originals on a NAS but even with earlier version of Aperture and the OS there were always the occasional report of problems. When push-came-to -shove if moving the referenced originals to a local drive fixed the problems there wasn;t much else that could be done.
    Since the release of 3.5 and Mavericks it does appear that referenced originals on a NAS do not work at all in most cases.  The best we can do here, being just users like yourself, is to suggest you contact Apple and try to get through to the Aperture team and see if you can get a definitive answer.
    As for problems with referenced originals on locally connected drives, I'm not aware of any widespread problems. In the few cases I've seen it has come down to some issue with the OP's system.
    Having your whole workflow and setup knocked out from under you like this is really bad, unfortunately there isn't much anyone here can do for this problem.

  • Help with my iCloud storage problem? Weird issue.

    (posted originally & still in iPad)
    I read the manual and did everything (to my knowledge) and spent 2 days researching this but cannot locate an answer. I sure hope it is something that is right in front of me that I am missing somehow!  Please see if you can help me. I am the only MAC user in the family, so I have nobody to ask. Thanks.
    Ok, I personally have an iPhone, and iPad2 and iPad4 all on my same Apple ID. (that is what you are to do, right? that way your apps purchased can be shared on all those devices and you don't have to purchase new, right?) (The iPod just croaked w/ white screen.)
    Ok, just this Friday 2/8, my iCloud told me the "cloud is full" to manage it.  Ok, so I go to manage it, but everything I do I notice does ZERO to release the space.  I worked two days releasing tons of space and nada. The icloud didn't move from full position. I did turn on and off my devices. I signed out of the iMac cloud.
    I see this:
    On my iPad (etc):
    TTL Storage 5.0GB
    AVAIL 281mb
    So I go to "manage"....
    for "Docs and Data" it ONLY shows 2 apps I never use (I do use notebook apps but nothing else shows here but these two apps):
    Writers App 12.5kb
    Tweed 0.1kb (since deleted so it only shows the first)
    Then, below that it shows (in my opinion the culprit!):
    MAIL 4.7GB
    Soooo, I went to iCloud on my iPad and iMac (took turns) and DELETED IT ALL TO ZERO. Zero in inbox. Zero in sent. Zero in Trash. It is a hollow trash can!
    I signed out of the iMac icloud.
    I come back and my "manage" area looks EXACTLY the same as stated above.  The mail still shows at 4.7GB.  It did not drop!!!  I had other "accounts" of emails originally on my iPad to check, as it is a big convenience to go to mail and choose the account and it is right there, but I deleted ALL those as well. THE ONLY mail program I have on my iOs is iCloud.  Even on my iMac, I turned it off.
    I have NO iWork.  DIdn't purchase that yet.
    I have a lot of APPS and at one time under "manage" it LISTED all the apps and I could turn them "on" or "off" for icloud storage.  I turned camera OFF and most all apps EXCEPT notebooks like Noteability, Evernote.  NOW, after deleting all my icloud email, I do NOT see them nor the option to "bring them into the cloud or delete them from iCloud useage" ONLY will show Writers App and Tweed (never use them). Not sure where that list went!!
    Is there some kind of GLITCH that I am experiencing?  I want my icloud experience.  Is there something I am overlooking?
    At one point I changed the settings to back up NOTHING and that FULL icloud did NOT change! And, it still showed the same thing as stated above with mail at 4.7GB.  Also, at one point I did ONE (count 'em) icloud back up on my new iPad4 and I DELETED that since I saw this issue as well. (Plugged into my iMac and used iTunes instead).
    Also, when I sign in on my iMac and in Sys Pref go to iCloud....I see this:
    It has on left this wording: "icloud account (button) and sign out (button)"
    on right: (on icon below another it reads:)
    mail, ctc, calendar, bookmarks, photostream, docs & data (off), back to mac(off), and find mac.
    And, to far left bottom "manage" when I GO THERE, it ONLY shows this:
    Mail 4.7GB (grrrr lol) <---there is nothing in the email box/any of them.
    that writing app mentioned above at 12.5kb
    Backup O
    There are NO apps shown at all (and I do have plenty on my iMac as well).
    I really want to have the cloud experience again (a person has told me I have it, but what I am saying is for it to work flawlessly as it has been for me, actually working ...being able to email and recv/read emails (bouncing now)...backup IF DESIRED (no chance now as it says it is FULL)...etc.
    Is this some virus-y thing or glitch or am I overlooking something?
    I would appreciate your help so very much.

    WOW!  ***** NEVEMIND *****
    Thanks, I am happy to report my iPad is fixed but have to share with you what happened:
    I just went to Mass and prayed at Mass for guidance to help find the solution as I am sincerely looking hard and don't have the time (I know, who does, right?).  I prayed that if I couldn't find the issue that someone here would be guided to see this and assist me.
    Well, after I get home and feed the family, I go online again to look at my iCloud email box on my iMac and just keep looking...yes, it is completely white and clear. I see nothing that can be "MAIL" of 4.7MB.  So, then, I turned on my iPad once more just thinking I may have to give up on this and just live w/o it. I re-cheked my AVAILABLE storage for the last time and it was at 5.0!!! I was like "WTH?!!" Then, I re-opened my iCloud email on my iMac and it was still blank but just then my iPad AVAIL (storage) dropped to 4.9GB.
    So, as it is now, I have 4.9GB available for icloud storage. OUT OF THE BLUE after so many many hours and all nighters for two days. I'm beat.
    It seems in this case perhaps it was some weird odd GLITCH??  That the email deleted and space opened only showed up NOW (ie: a big delay from when I cleared it out yesterday night...about 24hours)???
    I will leave this here in case:  anyone at Apple sees that there is a problem with this and they are looking for other reported cases...they can update their manuals or update how their product reacts (more real time) OR if someone out there has had similar issues.
    Do all you can and refer to the official Apple iPad manual that is located in your reader.(or here: and
    also this Complete iCloud Guide is a good read: then search the forums and pray. ;-)
    I personally think my situation was a delay type glitch where I deleted the over-load and then when I corrected everything, it didn't click in till about 24 hours maybe after you did everything you can, wait 24 hours and see if it self corrects to the right storage amount?  Just putting it out there in case anyone experiences anything like this as it perplexes you when you seem to be following all the "rules".

  • Ipod not being recognized...Windows XP Mass Storage Problem

    I'm like many of you who installed the new Itunes 7 and is having the same connection problems. My 30g video Ipod will not be recognized on my laptop and itunes. I believe my usb cord is working properly because when I connect my ipod into the laptop it charges.
    I've tried everything that was said on this forum: the five r's, disk mode, updating drivers, etc.
    But I was wondering: I have the iCarPlay FM Transmitter Has anyone noticed, that when they connect their ipod into it, a error pops up on the screen: "USB Connection and Firmwire are not compatible"...something along that line. And now when I connect my ipod, the sound is absoultely terrible! It only comes out of one speaker in my car. My friend owns an ipod nano and hers works perfectly with my transmitter.
    Now my other question: I don't see my ipod in the device manager...but I do see is Mass Storage Controller highlighted with a big yellow exclamtion triangle. I click on it and try to install from the ipod cd and nothing happens, I can't even uninstall it. Do you think that's my ipod not working?
    Also, I've tried connecting my ipod to my two computer desktops and it's not recognized either and I also tried connecting my ipod to my sister's Mac computer and nothing happens.
    Any other suggestions to help my ipod? When the heck is Apple going to respond with a new update?
    I should of just bought the Zune instead of the iPod!
    Dell Inspiron 700m   Windows XP   laptop

    Follow the instructions in this link: Even if there are no updates available, follow the instructions to reload your USB driver. After that, go into Device Manager, right click on your iPod and reformat it (FAT32). After this go into iTunes and Restore your iPod.
    "I should of just bought the Zune instead of the iPod!"
    I know you are frustrated, but statements like this don't exactly motivate others here to help you. And if you think that would solve your problem, go to the Zune discussion groups.

  • Enhanced Storage Problem in Solaris Management Console Started in XManager

    I have Sun Fire 480 with solaris 5.9 installed on it. I use XManager 1.3.9 on windows 2000 workstation to connect to it and launch Solaris Management Console (smc). After starting smc I point to Management Tools -> This Computer (sf480dbs) -> Storage -> Enhanced Storage. At that moment Log In dialog appears and I give root user name and password. After a few seconds SMC disappears (exits). If I look at CDE Error log there is the following exception
    Thu Jul 31 21:00:36 2003 (/usr/dt/bin/dtexec) /usr/sbin/smc
    Exception while creating engine named for view: [email protected]
    at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance0(Native Method)
    at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance(
    at sun.reflect.DelegatingConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance(
    at java.lang.reflect.Constructor.newInstance(
    Caused by:
    ... 21 more
    Can anyone tell me anything what is problem?
    I am newby to solaris and any ideas will be appreaciated.
    Thanks in advance
    David Suladze

    Try search the WEB for your display adapter drivers. However, most of new especially intergated graphics are still not supported.
    You may try to get it working with xsun, run kdmconfig and specify as display adapter VGA or Super VGA. I know that in some cases it helps.
    As well do the same with Xorg and run /usr/X11/bin/xorgcfg, try to find somekind of generic VGA in drivers that are listed there.
    As I know, smc runs only in graphical mode.
    I saved the settings and pressed F2 for testing. I could see the displayDid you see buttons on that display (something like "yes", "no")?
    xsun is very hard to set with most of display adapters and monitors, sometimes it shows only part of the screen, so you might not to see these buttons. However if you see them, press "yes" (or something like that, I dont exactly remember). Then reboot and your computer should start the GUI.

  • Storage Problem on MacBook Pro

    I have a MBP 250GB storage and I did a big clearout to free up space, so that I can partition the HD. When I get into Bootcamp assistant and try to select the amount of GBs I want to go to the Windows section, all I can get is 15 or 20 GBs. Which is crazy because when I right click on Macintosh HD it says that I have 177GB free and yet in Disk Utility it says I have 29GB free when I know that's wrong and I have no idea what the problem is.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Open Disk Utility>First Aid and Repair the disk.  See if that has a positive effect. 
    I would also download OmniDickSweeper (free) from the Internet and open it.  Compare that sizes that it shows with the ones from your MBP.

  • VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: Backup/Storage problems

    Please help!!!
    Ok. I'll try to explain this but it's kind of confusing so I'll do my best.
    OK, so a few weeks ago, (maybe 2 or 3 weeks I don't remember) I had about 30 GB free on my MacBook Air's Macintosh HD storage drive. I have a Windows partition that takes up about 48GB out of my 121 total GB. The mac part of my computer has like 72 GB. Like I said, I had about 30 GB free on my mac side; I had about 9-15 GB or so of pictures from my iPhone, photo stream, and laptop. I had about 18 GB of apps, etc.
    This was on November 10th I think, and the only thing that happened between then and like 1 week ago was free space went from 30>> 27GB or so.
    Problem: iCloud almost full from iPod backup, iPhone almost full from videos and pictures.
    Proposed solution: Move iPod and iPhone pictures to MacBook Air so I have space on iCloud, iPod, and iPhone.
    Anyway, for Christmas, I got a new Seagate 1 TB backup external drive thing. I thought this was plenty of room for my tiny computer. I decided to backup my computer. 
    Problem: I forgot to transfer my iPod and iPhone pictures >> MacBook Air >> Backup
    Proposed solution: Move photos from iPod and iPhone to MBA and go from there.
    On Christmas, I decided to just synch everything. I plugged in my iPod and put my photos onto my computer and deleted them from iCloud (at this point, I was trying to free up space on my iPhone). I had about 3.2 GB on my iPod of photos and videos, and I transfered them to my iPhoto on my MacBook Air. I deleted them off of iCloud. Then, I plugged in my iPhone, and I transfered my 6.5 or so GB of videos and pictures to iPhoto.
    What happened: I transfered all of my iPod and iPhone stuff to my MacBook Air. My iPhoto now has about 16-17 GB of stuff.
    Problem: My backup doesn't have my pictures. The last time I backed it up was before I had all my pictures on my computer.
    Proposed solution: Get all iPod pictures in one folder, get all iPhone pictures in one folder, move them to the backup.
    I didn't want to backup my computer with my pictures on it, because if I deleted them from my computer and backed my computer up again, my backup would delete the pictures it had backed up. If that makes sense.
    Proposed solution: Move folders to backup. Like so:
    After doing all these transfers all night until 12:30, I thought I was done. Then, this morning, I remembered that I still had to delete my pictures off of my computer, because they were now on a flashdrive (forgot to mention that) and a backup.
    1) I go to iPhoto, select all of my pictures, and I move pictures to trash
    2) I go to the trash bin/can/whatever it is and I click "empty."
    3) I thought this would free up the 15 or so GB on my computer.
    4) I go to Finder, and I realize that iPhoto has indeed shrunk from 16.9 or so GB >> 1.27 GB.
    5) I go to Finder >> Macintosh HD >> info >> says I have 24.38 GB free. I'm happy.
    I go to the upper left-hand corner, click the apple, hit about this mac, hit more info, hit storage... AND:
    My iPhoto went from 16.something >> 1.27 now. I deleted like 15.64 or 15.65GB. This is now under backups. My Photos and movies number shrunk, but my other and backups increased dramatically
    What happened/Problem: The exact amount of storage space I deleted from iPhoto is the amount for Backups (it differed by like 1 MB). Coincidence? How did this happen?! Why did this happen?
    What happened/Problem II: Now there is 23.65 GB under other?!?! All I did was move pictures temporarily to my computer and then I deleted them, and I also backed up my computer using Time Machine to back it up to my... backup.
    What finder thinks:
    My Question: WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED AND HOW DO I FIX IT. I thought this would free up space on my iPod, iPhone, and computer, but it took away free space on my computer. I've read online and I can't find a solution or answer. Finder and storage say completely different things. I don't know how much space I really have, and why they differ.
    What is this and what do I do to remove the other/backup space? I threw away the pictures and deleted the iPhoto pictures, but it thinks they are still there? I've tried searching finder, but I can't find out where all my space is vanishing to.
    Thank you so much for reading and please help! It would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.

    Personally, I say you forget about the data allocation feature of "About this Mac." I swear, someone in Cupertino designed that feature to drive up support calls more than provide insightful information on your storage allocation.
    You are correct that the "backup" component is the local snapshots of Time Machine and that flagged as allocated space frees up in the event that you need the space. In Apple's defense that functionality of Lion & Mt. Lion is pretty neat. Even though it just gives people another excuse to be lazy about not keeping a good and proper external backup solution.
    Notice my Backups allocation, it's Zero KB. It's always Zero KB. There's a terminal command to stop OS X from creating the local snapshots, it'll require you to authenticate in terminal to process the command.
    The command - sudo tmutil disablelocal
    In the event you change your mind and want to re-enable it, the command for that is as follows -
    sudo tmutil enablelocal (you'll be prompted for the admin password again)
    For what it's worth, there's no harm in disabling this functionality. It's just extremely important that you maintain current backups of your data at regular intervals should you decide to disable this functionality... you know like you had to do with every other version of OS X (pre-Lion).
    Regarding the "other" category, here's a pretty good write up.
    Personally the accuracy of the reporting categories are a bit wacky. Even more frustrating is that you can't dive into what exactly is considered "other" or see it color categorized in Finder. Perhaps that'll be a feature of OS X 10.9 - Ocelot*
    *I have no idea if Apple will even release an OS X 10.9 or what it'll be called, it was a joke. You can call off the forum police.
    If you're looking for an accurate representation of what's on the drive, where it's located in the various folder directories and exactly how much space it's using then a program like:
    - Daisy Disk
    - OmniDiskSweeper
    - Disk Inventory X
    - WhatSize?
    All will be much, much better for those purposes. I used ODS for years and love the product, I just recently started using Daisy Disk after a recommendation from someone on these message boards. All of them are "free" but many of them require you to pay to enable features. But for the purposes of inventory, categorization and displaying of your data that functionality is free.

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    Can anyone know the std SAP function module/BAPI that is being able to leverage for calculating the Open Balance of a GL Account? Thanks in advance Kumar

  • Payment methods help

    i created a new apple id on the computer and when i go to use it on the iphone i have to review my account and it asks for payment method, is there any way around this.