Strange behavior in Photos App

Hello guys! Is anyone having this strange behavior in Photos App?

Hey Ericmusic,
Thanks for the question. After reviewing your post, it sounds like you are having trouble with an app. I would recommend that you read these articles, they may be able to help you resolve or isolate the issue.
iOS: Force an app to close
Turn your iOS device off and on (restart) and reset
Use iTunes to restore your iOS device to factory settings
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  • How do I Fix Strange Behavior in Photos App on new iPhone?!

    I have the iPhone 6 Plus, and my photos app is acting very strangely.
    I first noticed something odd when I edited a picture and it took about 30 seconds for it to save the edited picture back.
    But then I noticed that when I delete pictures from the Recently Added album, the pictures seem to stay there until I back out of the album and then go back in - they don't delete in "real time" like they used to on iOS 7 ...
    What should I do? Thanks!

    Hey Ericmusic,
    Thanks for the question. After reviewing your post, it sounds like you are having trouble with an app. I would recommend that you read these articles, they may be able to help you resolve or isolate the issue.
    iOS: Force an app to close
    Turn your iOS device off and on (restart) and reset
    Use iTunes to restore your iOS device to factory settings
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    Have a nice day,

  • Strange behaviour of iPad Photos app/My Photo Stream with iOS 8.1 and Yosemite

    My requirement is surely simple and commonplace, yet is proving impossible to achieve thanks to Apple's weird design of the Photos app and the way My Photo Stream works.  I'm very technically savvy, but I'm quite prepared to admit I'm being stupid if someone can explain what I'm doing wrong!  I have an iPad Air running iOS 8.1 and a MacBook Pro Retina with OS X 10.10 (Yosemite).  I've enabled iCloud Drive on both.  iPhoto on the Mac is at v9.6.
    I have a selection of 109 photos from a recent holiday in a folder on my MacBook, which I would like in a folder on my iPad as a nice way to show them to friends.   iTunes may work but seems so incredibly clunky and old-fashioned I hoped I could do it over the network or via the cloud.  I would use (and often have used) Dropbox, which is reliable and logical but rather tedious as you have to save each photo one by one. 
    So, with a little research and playing around, I found that I could get them to the iPad using iPhoto on the Mac, with My Photo Stream enabled.  However, it doesn't seem to work.  The photos were all created yesterday so had yesterday's date (I'd removed EXIF data that contained various earlier dates).
    I've just done the following test:
    I deleted all photos from the iPad (using the Photos app)
    On the Mac, I deleted all photos from iPhoto
    In iPhoto Preferences on the Mac, I turned on “My photo stream”, with the two sub-options also enabled
    I imported the 109 photos into iPhoto
    On the iPad, in My Photo Stream, I saw the photos gradually appear over the next few minutes
    A  minute or two later, when no more seemed to coming, I found that 103 of the original 109 were in My Photo Stream.  So, strangely, 6 photos were missing
    Even stranger, in the “Photos” tab, under “Yesterday” 37 of them could be seen.  If I understand this correctly (which I may not), that means 37 of them had been copied from the My Photo Stream to the iPad itself.  Am I right?  Why only 37?
    On the iPad, I added a new Album called Summer 2014
    I selected all 103 photos from My Photo Stream to add to the album
    In the Summer 2014 album, I briefly see “103 Photos” at the bottom of the album, but this quickly changes to 66 as photos that briefly appeared now disappear, leaving only 66 left in the album
    Checking in Photos/Collections/Yesterday, I find there are now 66 photos (rather than 37 as there were earlier) - the same ones that are showing in my Summer 2014 album.
    If I attempt to manually add any of the missing photos to the album, nothing happens - the album refuses to allow any more than the 66 it has.
    In iPhoto on the Mac, if I click on the SHARED/iCloud entry on the left, I see all 109 photos, which I think means iPhoto has correctly shared them all, so I suspect the problem is with the iPad.
    Yesterday, when I was playing with this, the album allowed 68 photos.  I tried deleting one and adding one of the missing photos, but it wouldn't allow this either, so I don't think it's objecting to the number of photos so much as disliking particular ones.
    I've got 7.7GB free space on the iPad so I don't think it's a space issue.
    Can anyone help?  If it's a bug in iOS, iCloud or OS X, how can I report it, given that I'm out of my 3 months support for both my machines?
    Thank you!

    Well done lumacj! This is a good workaround. Forgive me if I offer a simplified version here (this works if original photos are in Photo stream):
    1. In "My photo stream", tap on select at top of screen
    2. Tap on each photo you want to send via WhatsApp (circle with "√" shows for each photo)
    3. Tap on square box with arrow at bottom of screen (Share) - NOT "Add To"
    4. Tap on "Save image(s)"
    5. Check that selected photos now appear on "Camera Roll"
    6. From WhatsApp, send photos as you would have normally

  • Weird email behavior in iPhone Photos app

    On the weekend I took a few photos with my iPhone and I emailed one of them to my family, and everything seemed to be okay.
    Now every time I open the "Photos" app it automatically opens the "New Message" window with a photo in the body as if I didn't already send the email. If I hit cancel and then "Delete draft" then next time I open photos, the same "new message window appears". I even tried sending off the email again to see if that would make it go away and it still comes up every time I open the Photos app.
    The photo that appears in the "New Message" window is one that I sent out on Saturday and already deleted from my Camera Roll yet it keeps coming up.
    I didn't have this problem with iPhone OS 3.x so it seems like a bug in 4.0 and 4.0.1. Has anybody else noticed this, or am I the only one?
    Any ideas?

    Ya I have this problem too! same situation. I sent a pic via email, it sent fine, now everytime I open the photo app it starts up a new email message. So far what I've tried and has been working for the moment is doing a hard reset on the iphone. It has cleared it up for the time being, we'll see if it returns or not.

  • Using the new Photos app on multiple devices - confusion!

    I find the recent way ios/Photos handles photos quite confusing. I am not too concerned about not having a Camera Roll, but seeing how not having this creates strange behavior when editing/deleting photos, I can see how the Camera Roll is definitely necessary or the whole thing needs revamped to handle things better.
    Here's my set up:
    iMac with iPhoto
    iPhone 5s with the new Photos app
    iPad Mini with the new Photos app
    The one things I DO like is that whenever I take a photo (or upload in the case of my iMac), the photo is duplicated across all devices. That means I could take a photo on my iPhone and then edit it on my iPad Mini which has a bigger screen. (Well, so I thought..but read below.) Yes, you could do this with Photo Stream, but having all photos in one place is a bit easier to remember and find. I also like that when I delete the photo on the device that I took it on, all photos on the other two devices are also deleted. Easy. Thanks.
    But that is where the ease of use ends.
    If I delete the photo on any other two devices (i.e. the devices that I did NOT take the photo on), it only deletes on the devices which I didn't take the photo on. In other words, it leaves the photo on the device which I originally took the photo on.
    To add to the confusion... if I edit the original photo, the edits do not get duplicated to the other devices! I see the original photo on the devices with which I did NOT take the photo but the edited one is on the original device I took it on.
    Let's add even MORE confusion....if I want to edit the photo on a device it was not taken on, I then get a notice that it has to be Duplicated before I can edit it. Well, okay, I do that and then edit it. However, I now have the original showing up twice on the device it was originally taken on...the original photo and the now duplicated photo--it's the EXACT same photo since no edits get carried over from the other device.
    I believe all of this is because of what happened when ios 9 combined the functions of the Camera Roll and Photo Stream together. It exhibits both behaviors but since you cannot be sure which photo was taken on which device, you have less understanding what will happen when you try to delete a photo or edit it.
    Here's the key headache....What happens if I want to make sure a photo is deleted from ALL my devices and I don't remember which device I took the photo on? I will have to check every device just to be sure! I can't even open up iPhoto on my Mac and delete it from the Photo Stream album because it will remain on the original device. So, I have to check all devices and also iPhoto on my Mac for good measure in case I actually uploaded a photo there--which I do since I am scanning in old photos.
    Key headache end up with duplicates of the photo if you edit the photo on any device on which it was not taken on. You also get different versions of the photo. You end up not knowing which photo was the original. To be sure to have all edited photos eventually on you iMac, you'll need to sync all devices physically to iPhoto.
    Who has time to track all this?
    What should happen is this...all of the photos, including their edits, should sync exactly on all devices. My Recently Added should look exactly the same across all devices and carry over any that is what I would call Continuity and Handoff! But as it stands, we don't have anything close to more like Pandemonium and MixUp!
    This is really a mess and way too confusing to keep track of. I can only hope this get resolved when Photos on the Mac is released.

    Go to the App Store and check out the Purchases List. If iPhoto is there then it will be v9.6.1
    If it is there, then drag your existing iPhoto app (not the library, just the app) to the trash
    Install the App from the App Store.
    Sometimes iPhoto is not visible on the Purchases List. it may be hidden. See this article for details on how to unhide it.
    One question often asked: Will I lose my Photos if I reinstall?
    iPhoto the application and the iPhoto Library are two different parts of the iPhoto programme. So, reinstalling the app should not affect the Library. BUT you should always have a back up before doing this kind of work. Always.

  • Photos app doesn't display shared iCloud albums

    I've been using Aperture and iPhoto, and had a few shared albums on iCloud. The upgrade to Photos app didn't seem to go smoothly and I had some strange behavior and messages about connecting to iCloud when the app first launched. I don't recall what they were exactly.
    Now I can't view any of the shared albums in Photos and when I try to share to them, they are not seen as options. I can still view the shared albums on my iPhone. And I was able to re-establish shared albums in Aperture. But I can't see any way to get Photos to see and display them.
    I disabled and re-enabled iCloud sharing in Photos preferences, no effect. I am not using iCloud photo library and am not interested in upgrading.
    I eventually logged out of iCloud and removed all its data locally and then logged in again. Everything was restored except the shared albums.
    So far nothing I've tried has worked. Photos looks nice, but I can't access my shared albums.

    This post should be under iCloud on the Mac, not If any moderator can move it, that would be great.

  • I have a problem with my 4s camera which has come up recently. Everytime I take a picture and look it up via the 'Photos' app, it shows as blank. But when I click on edit on the blank picture, it comes up and I am able to save it back on my photo album.

    I have a problem with my 4s camera which has come up recently. Everytime I take a picture and look it up via the 'Photos' app, it shows as blank. But when I click on edit on the blank picture, it comes up and I am able to save it back on my photo album as a proper image. Besides, I have also experiences the camera working a bit wiered (slow and often blanks out the moment I am ready to take a photo). Any help on this pls?

    Hi Noob Søren
    There are a few things that are confusing in your question.
    As far as I know, you dont have to install Time Machine on this OS as it is already installed for you. You only need to connect a hard drive to your computer via firewire or usb, click on the Time Machine icon, Open Time Machine Preference in the drop down menu and select a disk: your connected hard drive.
    You can of course reformat this connected device, partition it into a few volumes to organise data if you so wish.
    I find it strange that your mac's hard drive is divided into two volumes... perhaps this was created through bootcamp?
    You can access the configuration of your hd through Applications/Utilities/Disk Utilities.
    Clicking on one of the icons on the right hand panel will bring the details of the contents of your hardDrive and volumes. From there you can decide to erase a partition, reformat etc....
    If your hd contains more than one volume, and one of them is empty, you could decide to remove it. Back up all your important data before doing so.
    Hope this helps

  • Strange Behavior from iTunes 7.2

    Running itunes - 7.2Recently had my itunes library “corrupted” or non functional.
    Spent a long, long time rebuilding the library (see below) and noticed some strange behavior that has me terrified that itunes is corrupted and I am going to loose all the hard work, etc..
    1. I have about 100 GB of music in various formats (apple protected/itunes store, mp3 (128 to 320), apple lossless, wav) and when I tried to rebuild the library by clicking on add to library it only added about 65 GB of the 100 GB. I had to go through and figure out what was missing and manually choose the specific folder when I added it.
    Major pain and very time consuming.
    So it is not adding songs correctly, but through way too much effort able to work around this.
    2. About ½ of the itunes store tunes I purchased are no longer apple protected format. Somehow they were converted to mp3 at 192kbs. Some of the songs play fine others are now not as crisp and make a poping sound or skip. How could this happen? Are these files corrupted? Will I loose them?
    3. At the top center of itunes the information bar, where the read out is for what song is playing and how much time has elapsed in the song, is not working. When I click on a song it starts playing but the elapsed time bar and counter never move, and when the next song starts playing the information never changes. It is stuck on what ever song you initiate play with by clicking on it and the information stays frozen.
    4. itunes randomly stops playing at the end of a song….If listening to an album it is usually after three or four songs and when listening to a play list it is usually after one song.
    I am afraid itunes is corrupted and will not function correctly and I am going to loose the hard work I put in trying to recover from the last crash.
    Any suggestions??
    Can’t wait for time machine. I hope it works as advertised. If so I could just go back in time to the last time iTunes worked correctly and go from there.

    First of all I hope that you have a good b/u of all your tunes - either on ext HD or on DVD. Don't forget to b/u the iTunes Library and .xml files at the same time.
    Have you tried to reinstall iTunes? Drag the app to the trash and remove the iTunesX.pkg from HD>Library>Receipts>iTunesX.pkg. Using a fresh .dmg of iTunes 7.2 reinstall.
    Have you repaired permissions with Disk Utility?
    Is your Quicktime up to date? At least version v7.1.5.

  • Sending mail with attachment from Photos App get stuck in Outbox

    As it is described in the title, the photos I have previously selected in Photos App ( by clicking send > by mail ) get stucked in my Outbox.
    In opposition to some other discussions, I can edit/delete that stucked mail, and even send it if I manually click again on "Send" from the outbox !
    Other funny conclusion : If I copy&paste the photo and compose a new message from the Mail App, the same mail isn't stuck.
    I tried to delete/reconfigure my Exchange Account, it doesn't change anything.
    Google Mail account configured with Exchange Account.
    Synchronising Mail&Calendar
    Push activated
    (It definitely worked properly before)
    Device: Iphone 4
    Carrier: Orange France
    Country / Language: FR
    OS / Browser / build number (if applicable): iOS 4.1 8B117

    Please run Word in Safe Mode to test if it's 3rd-party add-ins related:
    Press Win + R and type “word.exe /safe” in the blank box, then press Enter.
    If there’s no problem in Safe Mode, disable the suspicious add-ins to verify which add-ins caused this issue.
    We can also refer to the link below, to learn more and check the possible settings that may affect this behavior:
    Melon Chen
    TechNet Community Support
    are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this
    interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time.
    Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.

  • IPhone 6 Plus - screen swipe problem in photo apps

    I am having issues swiping at at the bottom of my screen, but strangely it only seems to be in photo editing based apps, which suggests it is is some kind of software issue. My wife also has the same issue with her iPhone 6 Plus so I know it is not just my phone.
    For example, in Snapseed the filter options are all along the bottom of the screen but when I try to swipe though them I often get no response or it opens the filter I first touched and swiped on (as if I have tapped it rather than swiped). The same goes for many other photo apps that have filter options to swipe through at the bottom of the screen, including the actual Apple photo app when in edit mode.
    In the case of Snapseed, I do manage to swipe the filter options along if I can just touch the area between the actual filter icons, but it is a very small space and hard to touch without hitting one of the icons.
    Its not a screen sensitivity issue as I have no problem with response when tapping, also I have no problems in other types of apps, just photo editing ones. The BBC weather app require swiping through the days at the bottom of the screen and is fully responsive.
    I am hoping it will be noticed and corrected in future software updates either to iOS or the individual apps, but for now it is massively frustrating.
    Anyone else?

    I've also experienced this same problem using snapseed.  It's really frustrating to use the app.

  • Strange behavior in report Output

    Strange behavior in report output , please some one help me out of this problem.
    I am using Oracle order capture rdf file ASOPQTEL.rdf.
    My working environment:
    Windows,apps instance .Now this rdf file is working fine in my work Environment.
    when this same file is deployed in client environment (UNIX and different apps instance from my working environment apps instance)
    for some cases it is giving output.
    for some cases it's throughing error.

    Please specify what kind of error you are getting and what is command you are firing on Unix.

  • Strange behavior of the Macbook pro display

    Hi to all
    I'm using my MacBook pro, and notice some strange behavior after open several windows or applications, I don't know how to explain, so here is a photo:[email protected]/
    I have tried: go back to 10.4.6 / create a new account / Hardware test... and Nothing.
    Any suggestions?

    I am having the exact same problem(and no one is replying to my post either), I read in another post of someone who had a somewhat similar issue and someone commented that it was bad VRAM and warranted the logic board to be replaced. I'm hoping this is not the case, or at least hoping the problem does not get worse because I am in school and can't be without this computer for 2 weeks while it gets repaired..I'm hoping I can last til the holidays...
    pictures of my problem:
    Sometimes I can make it go away by moving windows, and sometimes that makes it worse... this computer is only 100 days old...come on us out!

  • Photo app is showing right order while iPhoto app isn't

    Today I bought iPhoto for my iPad. I really like the app and the features it has! I imported a bunch of photo's from itunes (aperture) to my iPad. The normal Photo app is showing the events and the photo's in it in the right order. The date the pictures were taken. The iPhoto app is not showing this right order. I don't know which order it does show, but my photo's are in a very strange order. It is also not sorted by title.
    When I make an album in the photo app (because this isn't possible in the iphoto app) this is also showing the right order. When I open the iPhoto app the album shows up, but the photo's are in the same strange order as the events folder.
    Not only the pictures in my event folders are in disorder but also the events itself are not showing the right order. The normal photo app is doing this fine.
    I hope someone can help me with this!
    Best regards

    This is a common complaint for iPhoto for iOS. Photos arranged one way in albums in the Photo app are arranged differently when those same albums are viewed in iphoto for iOS. So far there is no way to correct this. I was hoping the an iPhoto for iOS would correct this. Perhaps it might some time in the future but the iPhoto for iOS update that was released recently did not address this problem.
    You can leave feedback for Apple here:

  • Strange behavior after using NIK plug-ins

    Every once in a while I encounter this strange behavior of Aperture. I first process the NEF's in Aperture (white balance, Exposure, Enhance... and, when needed, Cropping) and then I fine tune the image with the NIK plug-ins; when needed DfIne 2.0, Viveza, Color Efex Pro 3.0 and Sharpener Pro 3.0 Output Sharpener.
    If I look at the processed picture then, I get a perfect presentation of the photo;
    But when I press Z to zoom into a 100% preview I get this;
    When I select the Loup in the normal view mode I get this;
    This doesn't happen with all my pictures, yesterday I processed a series of 8 pictures an 6 of them showed this behavior the other two acted normal and I can't see what I did differently whit these last two.
    When I export the strangely behaving photo's to a Tiff or a Jpeg, I get perfectly normal pictures.
    The original NEF behaves normal. I have seen this behavior with NEF's from a Nikon D200, D2x and a D300. I have Aperture 2.1.2 running on a 2.33 GHz Intel Core Duo MacBook Pro running Mac OS X 10.5.6
    Does anybody know what's happening and if so, how to solve this problem?

    I did some testing and what I found is too weird to be true.
    First this mashed up look doesn't only happen after using NIK plug-ins, it also happens when making a roundtrip to Photoshop, given that certain conditions are met.
    Give it a try yourself. Crop an image to an uneven pixelcount dimension, for example 4227 x 2797 and make a roundtrip to Photoshop. Then have a 100% view look at the new image in Aperture. You'll have a mashed up view, at least I do.
    Now crop the same original image to an even pixelcount dimension, for example 4228 x 2798 and make an roundtrip to Photoshop once more. When you have a 100% view of the new image now, you'll see a perfectly normal photo.
    Do you think Aperture developers are reading this forum?

  • Faces out of order in iOS 8.1 photos app

    Has anyone else encountered a problem where faces (which I tagged and organized in Aperture and iPhoto) are completely out of alphabetical order in the iPhone photos app?
    I've tried unsyncing, resyncing, and deleting the 'iPod photo cache' from the iPhoto/Aperture library. To no avail. Another strange thing I've noticed: In iTunes I can no longer choose to sync my iPhone photos with Aperture OR iPhoto. Now Aperture is the only option and I can not see iPhoto in the drop-down menu.
    I've talked to AppleCare and they don't have a clue yet, but are trying to figure it out. Anyone else having this issue?
    MacBook Pro retina
    iPhone 5S

    "You are not allowed to create or update this content"
    There restrictions on how often we can post here. You have to wait at least 30 seconds after submitting an answer or a new post, before you can post again. And you can only edit a post, within 15 minutes after submitting it. And sometimes the forum software may have logged you out, then you need to sign in again.
    Has anyone else encountered a problem where faces (which I tagged and organized in Aperture and iPhoto) are completely out of alphabetical order in the iPhone photos app?
    There is no way to change this. iOS 8 does you give no control over the ordering of photos and Faces albums for synced albums. Syncing of photos from iPhoto and Aperture with iTunes is not well supported in the iOS 8 It will be replaced by iCloud Photo Library. If you enable iCloud Photo Library (Beta), iTunes Photo Sync is no longer possible at all.

Maybe you are looking for