Strange "Missing model" message.

After upgrade from coherence 3.3.1 to 3.4.1, we saw this error message occured from time to time in our mbeanserver application which monitoring the coherence cluster.
2009-02-13 10:46:45.287/7.783 Oracle Coherence GE 3.4.1/407 <Error> (thread=Invocation:Management, member=4): Missing model type=Platform,Domain=java.lang,subType=GarbageCollector,name=PS MarkSweep,nodeId=4
2009-02-13 10:46:45.288/7.784 Oracle Coherence GE 3.4.1/407 <Error> (thread=Invocation:Management, member=4): Missing model type=Platform,Domain=java.lang,subType=Runtime,nodeId=4
2009-02-13 10:46:45.288/7.784 Oracle Coherence GE 3.4.1/407 <Error> (thread=Invocation:Management, member=4): Missing model type=Platform,Domain=java.lang,subType=Memory,nodeId=4
2009-02-13 10:46:45.288/7.784 Oracle Coherence GE 3.4.1/407 <Error> (thread=Invocation:Management, member=4): Missing model type=Platform,Domain=java.lang,subType=ClassLoading,nodeId=4
2009-02-13 10:46:45.289/7.785 Oracle Coherence GE 3.4.1/407 <Error> (thread=Invocation:Management, member=4): Missing model type=Platform,Domain=java.lang,subType=Threading,nodeId=4
2009-02-13 10:46:45.293/7.789 Oracle Coherence GE 3.4.1/407 <Error> (thread=Invocation:Management, member=4): Missing model type=Platform,Domain=java.lang,subType=OperatingSystem,nodeId=4
2009-02-13 10:46:45.303/7.799 Oracle Coherence GE 3.4.1/407 <Error> (thread=Invocation:Management, member=4): Missing model type=Platform,Domain=java.lang,subType=GarbageCollector,name=PS Scavenge,nodeId=4
These only part of the HUGE error message it generated, and the type not limited to Platform, could happen to Node,Cache, etc.etc.
It seems these error message only occured if some of node were terminated unexpectly. (not always happened, though).
Any idea what going on and how can we get rid of those error message?

Hello Chen,
I think this has to do with an issue with JMX management.
There are two options. The first is to upgrade to 3.4.2 since it was
fixed in 3.4.2.
The second is a work around.
The work around is to turn the refresh-policy to refresh-expired
The default is refresh-ahead.
You can find more information in the section Configuring Management
Refresh Methodology in the following page from the User Guide.
Please let me know if this does not help.

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  • Missing part message in MIGO

    we have activated the missing part message in MIGO using transaction OMBC.
    All is working fine and we receive an notification in business workplace.
    The problem is that only one person receives the mail and we want that all MRP controllers get an notification.
    In transaction OMBC under "Mail user" we can only maintain one "Recipient Name".
    But what is the meaning of "Recipient for mail to MRP controller"? Can we here use position to maintain all controolers in the organization model of the PD (PD-ORG)?

    Hi There
    Specification of the mail recipient- System sends the missing part message to the material planner(MRP Controller) responsible for the material,, in order for this to happen , a user ID must be assigned to the material planner,,
    Specification of missing part expediter- if no user ID is assigned to the responsible material planner, the message is sent to the central missing part expediter responsible for the plant. This person is defined per plant,,
    So this is what happening in your place,,  maintain the user ID to the MRP controller,, then it will work fine,,
    Maintain the below settings--
    SPRO-IMG-Materials Management-Consumption-Based Planning-Master Data-Define MRP Controllers-Double click on MRP controllers-Maintain the field Recipient Name (User ID) then system will trigger the mail to MRP controllers...
    Hope it helps

  • Receipients missing in Message type ACPJMM ( message B1003)

    HI experts,
    I'm getting a strange error while i try to post a goods receipt or goods issue. the message says
    receipients missing in Message type ACPJMM ( message B1003)
    The Idoc is passed through a ALE layer and the message is assigned with three receipients, either enter the receipients or deactivate the message.
    And please remember that i am a SAP MM beginner and help me with the procedure for solving this problem....

    Can you please let me know how you solved this problem?

  • Receipients missing in Message type ACPJMM

    HI experts,
    I'm getting a strange error while i try to post a goods receipt or goods issue. the message says
    receipients missing in Message type ACPJMM ( message B1003)
    The Idoc is passed through a ALE layer and the message is assigned with three receipients, either enter the receipients or deactivate the message.

    please check note 332523
    When you post a goods movement, invoice receipt or billing document by means of the IDocs listed below, no quantities are updated in CO. The unit of measure is not transferred as a characteristic to Profitability Analysis.
    Additional key words ACLREC, ACLPAY, ACPJMM, ACLREC01, ACLPAY01, ACPJOU01
    Cause and prerequisites
    The flag for updating the quantity is not set.
    Implement the source code corrections.
    Source code corrections

  • When syncing iPod the PC lost power. once power restored synced iPod but the sleeve detail has been blanked. Also when syncing a 'miss-match' message is reported on iTunes. how do I get the sleeve detail back onto iPod?

    When syncing iPod the PC lost power. once power restored synced iPod but the sleeve detail has been blanked. Also when syncing a 'miss-match' message is reported on iTunes. how do I get the sleeve detail back onto iPod? wrote:
    ATA bus error means that data corruption occurred during transmission over ATA bus (SATA or PATA). This type of errors can be indicated by
    ICRC or ABRT error as described in the section called “ATA/ATAPI device error (non-NCQ / non-CHECK CONDITION)”.
    Controller-specific error completion with error information indicating transmission error.
    On some controllers, command timeout. In this case, there may be a mechanism to determine that the timeout is due to transmission error.
    Unknown/random errors, timeouts and all sorts of weirdities.
    As described above, transmission errors can cause wide variety of symptoms ranging from device ICRC error to random device lockup, and, for many cases, there is no way to tell if an error condition is due to transmission error or not; therefore, it's necessary to employ some kind of heuristic when dealing with errors and timeouts. For example, encountering repetitive ABRT errors for known supported command is likely to indicate ATA bus error.
    Once it's determined that ATA bus errors have possibly occurred, lowering ATA bus transmission speed is one of actions which may alleviate the problem.
    I'd also add; make sure you have good backups when ATA errors are frequent

  • "Missing fonts" message when the fonts are *not* missing

    I get the "Missing fonts" message fairly often for fonts that are not really missing. Then I have to specify the fonts that I used to create a given document, which are installed on my Windows XP system and have never left.
    Has anyone else encountered this problem? Is there any way to stop it from recurring? It happens every so often, not every time I open a document but every once in a while. It involves a particular set of fonts (Geometric).
    Any suggestions? Thanks.

    >I don't see any AdobeFnt*.lst files in my Fonts folder. But is that where to look?
    No. They're scattered through all of the Adobe application folders. Do a search for AdobeFnt*.lst (using the *) and it should find them all. They get rebuilt automatically as required after deletion. Don't delete any file ending in .db.

  • Videos with avi format do not open under Lion and receive "missing codec" message.  Worked fine prior to Lion installation.

    Videos with avi format do not open under Lion and receive "missing codec" message.  Worked fine prior to Lion installation.
    You may also need to install QuickTime Player 7.6.6 to open the files.

  • Nokia 301 Feature Request: Missed calls/messages n...

    I just bought a Nokia 301 dual sim phone. I'm satisfied with it except one thing - IT DOESN"T HAVE MISSED CALLS/MESSAGES NOTIFICATION. How come such important and basic function not implemented? No one will check his phone regularly and there is no way to know wether I have missed calls or messages. It should keep making a beep until I read it. I believe this function could be implemented easily in software, even by polling the status at a constant interval or setting up a counter which issues interrupts. Any Nokia staff can answer this questtion?

    This is a feature which the majority of phone users do not want, and that's why Nokia phones have not done it since the early 2000s when Nokia phones used to beep the morse code for SMS.
    There are two primary reasons why a person might not read a message at the time it comes in:
    He didn't hear it, maybe he was in a noisy place and didn't hear or maybe the phone is in a different room.
    He heard it but was prevented from reacting by other circumstances.
    If you are away from your phone, there are visual cues when you get back to it that a message has come in. If you are walking down a busy street with your phone in your pocket, there is also in the vast majority of phones a vibrate option to give an alternative kind of notification. If you are driving a car responsibly on a journey of some length, it would becoming annoying after a while if your phone was beeping in your briefcase in the back of the car, or if you leave your phone on your desk at the office whilst you are elsewhere, the repeated beeping could be just as annoying to other people.
    If this or any post answers your question, please remember to help others by pressing the 'Accept as solution' button.

  • G/L Account is missing 1 / Message 131-46 / Out Going Excise - India

    Hi All,
    Please note I have created a Sales Delivery and copied it to Outgoing Excise Invoice.When I click on Add I receive following error message.
    G/L Account is missing 1 Message 131-46
    Now when I made the G/L account field visible, found that it was blank.
    To verify my G/L account mapping, I tried to create Goods Issue transaction with G/L Account field visible for the same Item and I found that it brings the G/L account over there.
    Awaiting for a quick response
    Samir Gandhi

    check this pdf / expert-session :
    Also check for the PDF of the same at
    Anywhere there is not set up a g/l account. (banking / stock / shipping / etc.) Check the documents and go through all kinds of set ups for g/l.
    Regards Steffen

  • G/L account is missing (1) -[message 131-46]

    I have created a new company and have all the master data uploaded. I have also set all the accounts on G/L determination. When i try to create a A/R Invoice from the SBO client application i get the error "G/L account is missing (1) -[message 131-46]". I am unable to understand which G/L is missing.
    If I try to upload same A/R Invoice through DIAPI i get a different error message "No item cost was found  [INV1.WhsCode][line: 1]"
    I am running SBO2005 SP01 PL29
    Thanks and Regards,

    I am not sure 100% what the issue is, but if you get the error "G/L account is missing (1)", one thing you should check for is a missing account in the item definition, in the supplier definition or in the GL Account determination.
    The issue occurs because there were no accounts defined when trying to add a marketing document. The document is added as a draft document, accounts were then set up and then the draft document was finally attempted to be added but the draft was not connected to the stock account. It is recommended to first define accounts, to delete the original draft document and create a new marketing document draft.

  • Missing File Messages / iWeb adding -1 to files names

    I am trying to create a website using iWeb '09 but I am have an issue with missing file messages. I created the site without an issue. Opened it up the following day and immediately received missing file messages for almost all pages on the site. iWeb appends a -1 to valid file names ex: IMG_12345 -> iWeb message = missing file IMG_12345-1. I am also receiving the missing file messages with the template images which are not being used on the website (dragged and dropped my images over template images).
    I tried to delete the pages then recreate them but that didn't work either. I also deleted the file (emptied trash) then restarted, held shift while rebooting, changed template to a different template then changed it back...nothing is working.
    Does anyone have any other suggestions?

    Another thing I noticed; I have two "domain.sites2" files, one in Users >> Folder >> Application Support >> iWeb and the other is in a personal directory. They are both modified today two hours apart. I just opened and closed iWeb and the file in the application support directory shows a modification not the one in the personal directory.
    The first five or so times I opened iWeb I had to acknowledge the iWeb welcome screen before it wouldn't come back. It seems that my iWeb may be corrupted and have to be reinstalled?

  • 'Missing part' message ar GR reporting

    Hi All
    Rather than set up an output for the 'Mat xxxxxx is a missing part' message, how can I report on the data on a daily basis?
    We have tried setting up an output email that was sent to the respective MRP controller but this was not practable for us
    Thanks in advance

    Follow the link and setup the workflow message
    http://www dot saptechnical dot com/Tutorials/Workflow/FrmMsg/WFMSG1.htm

  • Missing part message with transaction MIGO

    We want to use the warning message issued by the missing part functionality during GR. We are not interested in the e-mail configuration to the MRP controller. We added checking rule 03 to transactions MB01 and MIGO. We got the missing part message "Mat ######### is a missing part" while using MB01. However, we are not getting the message while receiving using MIGO.
    Does anybody know what we are missing? We are planning to use MIGO for our receipts.
    Thanks and regards, Jose Oyon.

    Go to tcode OMBC and maintain the Checking rule 03 for MIGO and MIGO_GR
    than you will see in MIGO
    you can make for movement type specific also.

  • I get a "missing fonts" message even if fonts are installed

    I work on a Keynotes document at my work office and bring it home at night to continue making corrections. Both computers have the same system (OS X 10.8.5) smae Kenotes version (5.3) and same fonts installed (Helvetica Neeu family and Joanna MT family). When I open my keynotes document on my home computer, I always get the "missing fonts" message as if they were not in my computer. I do get an option in that window to replace fonts by other ones but when I scroll down the menu, I only the family of fonts and can't access the different styles in that family.... Anyone had that problem????

    Hi Gary,
    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I have tried with a few version of Helvetica and have really made sure I brought the same fonts from the office to my mac (as well as Joanna MT). Fonts are not corrupted in Font Book and all software versions are up to date and similar from home to office.
    So I'm wondering if it would have anything to do with the use of templates (masters) in Keynote. Our document is constructed on a custom template and when I bring the document to my mac at home, the templates follow the document... but maybe i need to reload them or something?
    Anyways, I have decided to plan a meeting at my Apple Store with a Keynote specialist to show him the problem in person... Hope this will help resolve the issue.

  • "Missing plugin" message

    Recently bought a Macbook Pro and cannot access certain videos/images online. Get "missing plugin" message. Using Safari to access internet, Lion is installed, no Safari extensions installed.
    Same problem discussed here:
    Supposedly a problem with Adobe to which Apple Support is unable to propose a solution.
    Anyone know whether there is in fact a solution to this?

    * [[Using plugins with Firefox]]
    * [[Troubleshooting plugins]]
    Check and tell if its working.

Maybe you are looking for

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