Substitution not happening for Asset Master

Hi Experts,
I have created a substitution rule in OACS to update Depreciation key based on the Evaluation Group while creating Asset Master Record. After this when i simulate the system was giving value for the LVA Key as designed but however when i run the actual transaction it does not populate. Currently the substitution is working for the other steps created under the same substitution rule for other fields in Asset Master record.
Also let me know if the default made at Asset Class level for the depreciation key has any impact on this substitution

Also i notice that when i create the asset in the test system with expert total trace, the substitution is triggered when the values is entered in the Time Dependent tab and the input for the substitution is available in the allocation tab. Even if the data is entered in allocation tab first, the system is triggering the expert trace with TRUE condition for the substitution but the values are not populated in the depreciation tab for the depreciation key

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  • Error when creating a bdc for asset master upload

    I am getting a warning message (AA186), when changing the depreciation start date to capitalization date. It says,
    "Different Order Dep. start date in depreciation area 01. Check"
    This error is a problem in creating the BDC for asset master upload. We have only one depreciaton area 01 (book dep).
    Please help.

    This is normal message you get when you try to change depn start date. I think this should not be a problem for BDC posting. This message can always be bypassed.

  • AA Depreciation area created but not appear in asset master

    Hi you all!
    I need to make a Depreciation area (which is a derived one - diffference between two others) visible in asset master data. I have tried but unfortunately I could not solve this.
    Dep area is created and visible in reports only  but it does not appear in Asset master.
    Can someone help me?

    Further to update:
    In OADB, you need to mention it as "Derived Depreciation Area".
    You need to give the depreciation sign.
    For example if you have 01 as Current Values, 02 as Historic Values, you can create 03 as derived depreciation area.
    That means 03 is the resultant of 01 minus 02.
    03 = 01 -02
    Please refer 1144500 and download the configuration notes to see how the derived depreciation areas are being created. This note is particularly for SORP requirements within UK for Public Sector Undertakings. You cannot us this configuration for countries / industries.

  • DTP error: Lock NOT set for: Loading master data attributes

    I have a custom datasource from ECC which loads into 0CUST_SALES.  I'm using DTP & transformation which has worked for loading data in the past for this infoobject.  The infopackage loads with a green status but when i try to load data, the DTP fails with an error message at "Updating attributes for InfoObject 0CUST_SALES Processing Terminated" & the job log says: "Lock NOT set for: Loading master data attributes".  I've tried reactivating everything but it didn't help. Does anyone know what this error means? We're on SP7.   Thanks in advance!

    Hello Catherine
    I have had this problem in the past (3.0B) --> the reason is that our system was too slow and could not crunch the data fast enough, therefore packets where loacking each other.
    The fix: load the data into the PSA only, and then send it in background from the PSA to the info object. By doing this, only a background process will run, therefore locks cannot happen.
    Fix#2: by a faster server (by faster, I mean more CPU power)
    Now, maybe you have another issue with NW2004s, this was only my 2 cents quick thought
    Good luck!

  • Screen Layout for Asset Master Data

    Hi all,
    we are using SAP ECC 6.0 with a base component 700 Level 15 and the Logistics and Accounting component 600 Level 12.
    I hope you can help me with the following tasks. It should be said that I am not an expert FI-AA, so you must bear with me.
    It is desired, that the Screen Layout for asset master data, should have an additional field "customer order" as a required field.
    So I go to the Customizing
    --> Financial Accounting --> Asset Accounting > Master Data> Screen Layout--> Define Screen Layout for Asset Master Data --> Define Screen Layout for Asset Master Data
    --> and then into the third level of navigation in the u201Cfield group rulesu201D (rule for R & D development costs and then logical field group time-dependent data)
    So there I should be deposited the "customer order" as a required field.
    1. The "customer order" is not available in any field group. How is it possible that I add the u201Ccustomer orderu201D to a field group?
    2.  I am not able to add any field, in the above transaction?
    I am very grateful for any help.

    Dear all,
    I want to come back to my problem listed above.
    In the APC Values Posting  (Transaction ASKP) the costs have been assigned to a WBS element. Now, it should not be assigned to a WBS element, but to a customer order.
    For that I created in the asset master a new customer's own field "Customer Order".
    For this I have implemented the customer enhancement AIST0002 (Customer fields in asset master).
    The new field "Customer Order" is now available in the asset master as desired.
    So far so good.
    Now, the new field "Customer Order" must be specified and activate as an Account Assignment Object.
    Is this possible and how can I add my new field to an Account Assignment Object?
    Thanks in advance for any help.
    Martin Buthmann

  • U2018Transaction type not relevant for asset postingu2019

    while using tcdoe f-58 down payment to vendor giving error message  u2018Transaction type not relevant for asset postingu2019

    Hi ,
    could you please go to transaction code OAYB and select the TTY grp 15 + choose specification of asset classes.
    Please confirm if the asset class (for the affected asset) is assigned to the TTY group 15 and also please verify the chart of depreciation.
    Incase if the asset classes is not assigned to the TTy grp 15, then we need to maintain it.

  • Change/ Add screen in Group Box specify tab layout for Asset master Record

    Hi All,
    I need to add or change group box in specify tab layout for Asset Master Record. Please advice where i can change or create new Group Box.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Try at below path:
    Financial Accounting (New)>>Asset Accounting>>Master Data>>Screen Layout>>Define Screen Layout for Asset Master Data.
    here you can change the layout for the same.
    Kind Regards,

  • Table name for Asset master

    hi folks,
    can u share the TABLE NAME FOR ASSET MASTER
    Thanks in Adv

    hi Prasad,
    ANLA                           Asset Master Record Segment              
    ANLB                           Depreciation terms                       
    ANLBZW                         Asset-specific base values               
    ANLC                           Asset Value Fields                       
    ANLE                           Asset Origin by Line Item                
    ANLH                           Main asset number                        
    ANLI                           Link table for investment measure -> AuC 
    ANLK                           Asset Origin by Cost Element             
    ANLP                           Asset Periodic Values                    
    ANLQ                           Period values from dep. posting run per po
    ANLT                           Asset Texts                              
    ANLU                           Asset Master Record: User Fields         
    ANLV                           Insurance data                           
    ANLW                           Insurable values (year dependent)        
    ANLX                           Asset Master Record Segment              
    ANLZ                           Time-Dependent Asset Allocations         
    hope this helps

  • What is maintanence level in  screen layout for asset master record

    hi everyboby,
    can anyone explian this
    when I'm defining screen layout for asset master record to  make business area as required entry it was throwing msg like select maintanance level. what could be the reason?can anyone help me on this.

    thanks for reply again.
    If i select  business area as optional (main no,sub no)and supress for all fileds (only selected main no) ,I'm able to save screen layout.If i set BA as required select mainno,sub no check box and save it shows the same  error msg.Anyway  i can create asset master now.thanks

  • Group Asset for Asset Master

    Hiii gurus
    We are uploading data from April ' 07 till now..while uploading data i have entered the closing balances of assets and for group assets..
    Now in the month of April & May ' 07 , in Asset master template i forgot to enter Group Asset no. in Asset master data ( AS01 ). And the assets also capitalised in  the relevant months.Now i have to give ( Assign ) Group Asset no. in Main Asset  , but the field Group Asset in Main Asset is Suppressed.
    Plsss tell me how to make link between Group Asset and Main Asset after the acquisition ???
    Thanks & Regards

    Try at below path:
    Financial Accounting (New)>>Asset Accounting>>Master Data>>Screen Layout>>Define Screen Layout for Asset Master Data.
    here you can change the layout for the same.
    Kind Regards,

  • Some times firefox does not opens facebook and google pages and this does not happen for other sites. Iam Currently using windows xp and using 3.6.3 Firefox version.Please help.

    Some times the fire fox does not open google and facebook pages but it does not happen for other sites. Iam currently using Windows xp and iam using Mozilla Fire fox 3.6.3 .Please help
    == URL of affected sites ==,

    You can try a direct connection and select No Proxy in the connection settings.
    You can find the connection settings in "Tools > Options > Advanced : Network : Connection"
    Also do a malware check with a few malware scan programs.<br />
    You need to use all programs because each detects different malware.<br />
    Make sure that you update each program to get the latest version of the database before doing a scan.
    * - Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
    * - SuperAntispyware
    * - Spybot Search & Destroy
    * - Ad-Aware Free
    * - Windows Defender: Home Page
    See also "Spyware on Windows": and [[Searches are redirected to another site]]

  • Automatic Batch Determination is not happening for New Sales Order Type

    Dear Experts,
      I have created a new sales order type ZBPY - For Free Sales, but automatic batch detrmination and batch pick up is not happening for new sales order type,  but it is activated for all the other sales order types in Production Server, can any body let me know the steps how to map this new order type to batch management and let it behave like other order types.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi Saravanan,
    Kindly check the following steps for automatic batch determination.
    1. First check the material is maintained with batch in the warehouse management.
    2. Maintain new entry for search procedure for batch determination with the new created doc type.
    3. Maintain new entry for automatic batch determination for sales order or automatic batch determination for delivery ( This depends on the business process of our client, whether they want to determine the batch with sales order or at the delivery level. check this and make new entry)
    4. Create Batch using T.code MSC1N with proper date of manuf. and SLED.
    5. Create Batch Search Strategy using T.code VCH1 with proper strategy type.
    6. Maintain stock with active batch. check this with t.code LS26 or LS24.
    Ravishankar M

  • Substitution exit for asset master is not getting triggered.

    I have created a substitution exit program ZGGBS000 having exit U215 and U216. If the Asset affirm value is initial , then WBS elemnt value will copied to asset affirm value field in the table ANLA.But it is not getting tiggered, when i am trying i save the asset in AS01 tcode. Kindly help.

    Please try thes exits:
    Enhancement     AIST0001     Exchange number range in master data maintenance                    
    Here we can export both   ANLA-ANLN1  ANLA-ANLN2 and Import  VALUE(I_ANLA) LIKE  ANLA STRUCTURE  ANLA
    AIST0002  Customer fields in asset master
    Alternative exits:
    AFAR0003 External changeover method
    AINT0005 Dummy for extended syntax check. Do not use.
    AISA0001 Assign Inventory Number
    TRAN0001 User exit for asset transfer
    AAPM0001 Integration of asset accounting and plant maintenance
    AIST0002 Customer fields in asset master
    AMSP0002 Determine relationship type for two company codes
    AIST0001 Exchange number range in master data maintenance
    AFAR0004 Determination of proportional values for retirement
    AINT0004 Change amount posted for certain areas
    I hope this may helpfull.
    Thank  you,

  • Tab layout for asset master

    hi kings
    I am unable to find the tabs in assets accounting.  Because at the time of asset master creation i am getting only 4 tabs. So i want to add some more tabs in the asset master. So how it is possiable to maintained the laout tab in the asset master.

    hi EC
    I am explain the problem :
    At the time of  asset master creation i can found it only 4 tabs i.e general,time-dependent,Allication,Depreciation areas.
    But i want some more tabs like Origin,Insurance,Networth tax. in Asset master records.
    As per my knowledge i am maintained the one layout and in that layout cantains the all the tabs in asset accounting. That layout has been assign to respective asset class.
    Eventhough i am not gettting the all the tabs in asset master. So i do for the my issue.

  • Summary Tables for Asset Master?

    I need to create an asset/insurance data report, using SAP Query, which shows the asset master record balances only (acquisition and posted depre'n) as at report selection date. 
    Are there any summary tables for fixed assets that are equivalent to GLT0, KNC1 and LFC1 for GL, Customer and Vendor? 
    Thanks in advance for any assistance.
    Best regards,

    I am not sure about ANEP or know how to use it.  It only has data records for the fiscal year when there is posting to acquisition values field u201CAmount postedu201D for the asset. No data records for other years with posted depreciation.

Maybe you are looking for